There is a Catholic cabal currently infiltrating right wing movements

and attempting to deradicalize and misdirect our efforts and attention, it may be controlled by the Vatican, government agencies, or they may be independent, but they exist and they are currently attempting to subvert the pro-white right.

They are attempting to get us to drop our pro-white, ethnonationalist aims and beliefs and have us identify more so as Catholics or even Christians than white or even Germanic, med, slavic, et cetera. Ultimately this would cause the right wing to be halted in growth and would be operating under a false narrative (Atheists, Pagans, and anti-Christians against Christians and Catholics as opposed to anti-whites against white people and our civilizations).They are also a large part of the optics crowd. They want to put us back to sleep and they use antisemitism as a lure (Although the Jews are an issue).

They want us to all become born-again Christian civnats and deactivate the woke right wing. Here are a few people I have recognized to be part of this group, but know that anyone who repeatedly brings up Christianity when talking about attacks on white people or leftism may be part of this group.

There are more that I missed, it is important to know that characters like Milo Yiannopoulos are also Catholic and a lot of these people will speak positively of him (particularly Nick).

If you are Pro European you must focus your attention on real problems such as mass non white christian migration, race mixing, desertion and other christian degenaracy. The real enemies Jews and their slaves.. Followers of rabbi Yeshua bar yosef.

Don't let neo-judaists have their way. Avoid these superstitious Jew worshipping faggots. Name the Jew. Blame the Jew.

Also friendly reminder that Jews have a festival celebrating the destruction of Greek Paganism and European heritage.

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How is this any different than the last +2000 years?

Will the mods do something about yet another kiked christian d&c thread? Let's find out!

Exactly my point.

Yeah, cry louder christcuck. Bend your knees to dead rabbi on a stick and pray that mods ban )))me(((

There is no d&c when it comes to Christians because they are already conquered by the (((enemy))) right down to their very souls. To unite with a Christcuck is to become conquered as well. Any pro white group that does not exclude Christians and work against the influence of their Neo Judaic religion will never achieve results.

Exposing chistianity is vital part of pro white activism. The destruction of neo-judaic cult christianity is essential for the survival of the White race.

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choose one

Catholicism is now thoroughly jewed, as is most Christianity.

130 years ago Christianity was fervently anti-zionist, now it's the complete opposite.

if you can get a wife out of it and secure a future blah blah it might be worth it

consider joining a group like this instead of committing murder/suicide

if you would do something more useful than murder/suicide then this is probably not the best group

Holy shit that tug of war jpg tho XDDDDD

I'm not worried.

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HOLY SHIT…LMAO…the FEDFAG was the OP, now he is gone.

This is how the so called "populist right wing" is in Europe. They are zionist, and their so called "defense" of Europe is essentially about protecting the purpoted "judeo-christian roots and values" of Europe. Race is a taboo altogether. It's nothing new. Salvini in Italy is like this, and even then the vatican is against him for not being accepting enough of refugees, with some priests exhorting majors to ignore his new laws. They are all about "integrating" the niggers aka putting lipstick on a pig and keeping the replacement going.

Whenever "judeo-christian" comes out, it's the neon bat signal for enemies.

I was mildly surprised only when I heard Marie Le Pen say "Greek and Roman roots" for a change, can't remember which context it was, that's not something one hears much anymore from these politicians.

Hate to break it to you user, but shes fucking a kike right now. The kikes are infiltrating all rightwing groups so they can use us as a weapon against muslims so the jews can expand greater israel.

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Rulers of evil

Why does E Michael Jones think he has a right to speak for Polish people?

Hes a shill

You didn't specify which type of Catholic, but you seem to be a butthurt magician.

Roman Catholic Mass is a magic ritual designed to neutralize all of your evil. It apprears to be working.

Ιησούς Χριστός Κύριος

Catholics are just really good at hiding our power level. Kikes killed Christ after the Romans washed their hands of him, there is no doubt.

Catholics aren't happy unless they're killing Whites over filioques and imputation.

In Poland they do it constantly. Mainstream Catholic civic nationalists are so cucked that they don't even call themselves nationalists - one of their leaders said that word "nacjonalista" has na connotations and they should use "narodowiec" instead which means literally a "nationalist" but it was created by actual Polish nationalists in the '30s.

They like to boast about their BASED disabled Dr. Bawer Aondo Akaa who has a disabled Polish wife and says that Poles are not fascists, they also have based Asians and blacks on Independence March and BASED Syrian anti-Muslim Miriam Shaded with 100% huwhyte tiddies.
They also like to bring up the based multicultural and tolerant Commonwealth, ignoring the fact that it was one of the factors leading to it's doom (infighting with Tatars and Cossacks, Jews jewing their usual job).
Many of them argue that Polish nationalism is only about Catholicism and racialism is a stupid pagan concept.
One of leading figures in Polish Catholic nationalism was Roman Dmowski. He planed to polonize Ukrainians, Belarusians and Lithuanians (funny thing is that some radical nationalists burned Greek-Catholic churches which only resulted in ukrainization of Greek-Catholic Poles). Those civnats praise Dmowski, but forget that he praised Mussolini and called native Australians apes.
Whenever they run out of arguments they bring their favourite quote by priest Kazimierz Lutosławski, pre-war cucked nationalist who "improved" Dmowski's polonization idea:

"Polonized Germans, Tatars, Armenians, Gypsies, Jews belong to the Polish nation, if they live for a common ideal of Poland. Negro or redskinned (Amerindian) may become a real Pole if he accepts spiritual heritage of Polish nation contained in it's literature, art, politics, customs, if he has a unbreakable will of improval of national well-being of Polish people."
After 2017 Independence March the press spokesman of All-Polish Youth, Mateusz Pławski stated on his Twitter that "we are racial separatists, no race is better from any other one, and they shouldn't be mixed. Black man cannot be a Pole." Someone wrote on official Twitter of All-Polish Youth that "saying that Ngro is a Pole is some mumbo jumbo", there was one word missing in "negro" and press made fun out of that. Pławski has been removed from the organisation, cucked leaders Bosak and Winnicki apologized for him and said that he was unelegant, MSM bashed nationalism anyway and civnatfaggots had yet another occasion to brag about their bassed nignogs and priest lut'o-slave-ski.

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Christcucks everyone

I mean't bad connotations

I hate Christians.

Just say jesuits. They are the primary kikes of catholicism.

Where do you think all those Jesuit astroturfers come from? Zig Forums is a Luciferian board.

low iq white christians can be co-opted. some actually believe whites are the real jews and that jews are the serpent seed.

read hunter

Zig Forums follows Hermes/Thoth newfag. at least refrain from using kike recreations of white gods. Lucifer is Prometheus

Do you have even so much as a shred of evidence to back that all up?

I love E. Michael Jones for the sheer amount of cognitive dissonance he causes in so called WN Christians. He takes Christianity to its logical conclusion. He is Christianity personified.

all kikes do

But Fuentes hates Israel and denies Holocaust numbers.
Also I don't think Bearskin is Catholic or even Christian, only Shawn is.

Fuentes is a spicnigger and he is too young to be worthy of note.

Christianity is neo-Judaism.

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Attached: Christianity - (((Christian))) Rome.png (1744x2800, 378.16K)

Hermes/Aphrodite of course

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Funny because Christians are willing to genocide Europids for the sake of Jews, because of their love for the Jewish people.

Those are some mighty fine capitalizations you have their kike.