99% of humans are slaves. We have feudalism

How can people be such slaves to work 9 hours per day for 40 years? Just count the amount of hours you are losing for slavery.
I don't even think of wagecucks as of humans, you are robots, slaves, ants, without brain or consciousness.
Not a single free men would allow something like this, he would prefer to make a revolution and kill those who enslave him, or even die during revolution, than to be such slave like wagecucks are.
There is so much wealth and factories in the world, that we all could work two days per week and still have houses, food, fun. But for now that wealth is in hands of your owners, lords. We have feudalism.


Hierarchies are nature faggot, but it’s not all about wealth. This kind of jew tier thinking leads to communism and capitalism, both sides of the same problem. Kill (((yourself)))

No one wants to work for free.

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Your post is mediocre but you at least tried so its an acceptable effort for a child.

Generally speaking though you are correct. Little has fundamentally changed since feudalism.
The nature of what is valuable has, the nobility have, the conditions of the serfs and the particulars of their servitude have both changed.
But fundamentally it is still a system wherein a hereditary group control (to use a gommie term) the means of production and use this to sustain a profligate lifestyle with undue political power. Contributing little to society (even the old feudal lords farmed out the work of fighting to their vassals)

The masses now washed rather than unwashed are still required to submit themselves to the lord and serve him. Increasing his wealth in exchange for their survival. With their descendants doomed to the same.
The only ones who break this cycle are those who either luck out somehow through the means the lords have made to give "hope" to the masses or who distinguish themselves to their lord in some manner and been elevated above their class for it.
Alas in the modern era the cities do not offer a way for a serf to become a freeman. Even self employment is typically out of reach for most.

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You don't understand jack shit about human nature. Some might work two days, others will work 7 because they want more for whatever reason. To block people from working more would require some next level enforcement, which defeats the entire fucking purpose. Fact of the matter is you have a shit understanding of human nature, and therefore any "solutions" you have born out of the ignorance will always be total shit. Get some understanding of the world faggot.

Go back to making videos Naked Ape

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Fuck off kike.

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almost nobody want to work 7 days per week. people have to work 5-7 days per week, they are forced by capitalists, jews, system. if you say you want to work 3 days per week, jews will refuse to hire you, or will hire you but you won't have money to survive.
if we took the wealth and profits from the jews back to us, the people, we could work 2 days per week and still have high standard of living


Whatcha sliding moshie?

Want to have a Revolution with me, user-san?

literally same thread with exact same first reply

I work 7 days a week because I work for myself and I enjoy my work. Not everyone is a lazy ass pleb who doesn't want to maximize their potential like you faggot.

figure out how to make money online. I have my own house, I put in 2-3 hours of work per day and occasionally I go to the post office to ship stuff. I don't make thousands every week, but more than your average wagecucks. I don't buy your feudalism argument. Go the fuck outside, and learn how the real world works.

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Try again faggot

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sweet blogpost newfriend

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OP is correct. People are just mindless robots, idiots, and keep thinking that we have to work constantly, and that working 70% of your life here on earth is healthy and natural.

If you actually do the calculations of your time spent, the average person is indeed working around 70% of the time they are here on earth, discounting sleeping and other misc bodily functions.

Yes, you are absolutely correct. We do have enough general wealth in the world that we could probably work 2 or 3 days out of the week and society would run smoothly.

Fuck off, commies. Captialism is far better than collectivism since it incentivizes the high IQ people to be productive. Geniuses need to be rewarded for what they achieve. It's better for everyone, given how essential they are. An important rule when it comes to humans is that the root of any population or group is responsible for half it's productivity, and half of that is responsible for a quarter. So, out of a group of 10k, 100 people is responsible for half of the output, and 10 of them for a quarter. You need to reward the best. It's what keeps society moving forward. If you stea… redistribute all their wealth, people will eventually starve by the millions, due to productivity collapse, like in the Soviet Union, Cambodja and everywhere else where you commies have taken root. Peasants don't know their role in life and how dependent they are. If they want to murder and steal from their betters, they deserve the resulting hardship, like in Venezuela.

This is correct, should be common knowledge but it isnt. Even worse if you have debt you are literally slave by the old definition. If you did well in college some occupations have certificates. Under the old system they were titles of nobility or to practice on behalf of. Example The
"Bar" exam. BAR(of/from) Some laws don't apply to you depending on how you set yourself up commercial vs public.

you are not human, you are worthless piece of shit. you lost at life. you are not maximizing your potential, you are maximizing jewish profits
why such shit like you even live?
also, if you love work so much, why do you charge money for it? work for free

le world would be perfect if literally everything that makes a human a human didn't exist

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Nah. Nature is fractal and holarchic. Heirarchy is an abitration that places demarcation upon spacial, temporal, material, and energetic diffusions from an immutable conscious presence as procession.

what are you talking about, capitalists are not the high IQ people. they are corrupt and greedy piece of shits that inherited fortune or paid bribes

before we had capitalism, we had high IQ people, they were scientists, inventors, philosophers. they invented technology which later corrupt capitalists stolen and used for their personal gains, they also now use technology against us, look at police and orwell states of US or UK

I agree with that, but capitalists are not the top or smartest people, they are greedy corrupt piece of shits that only think how to steal from society, brainwash people and destroy them

Reminder that socialism is stupid and absolutely not in the average white man's interest. It's just reduction in freedom and the transfer of money from productive men to invading browns, women and sub-80 IQ losers.

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Conflating human nature with the natural world doesn't make you sound intelligent, faggot.

No, I wasn't necessarily talking about capitalists. Dude, in any society there's a set number of clever dudes. My whole point was that they're essential, since they produce so much, and you should keep them happy. If you take their money and give it to others, which is what socialism is all about, they'll be lacking in motivation, and your society will suffer.

its true. especially in America. the federal government are terrorists and slavers. they hate Americans and want them all further enslaved. America is the prison capitol of the world, but that still isn't good enough. the white house is simply a plantation house. swallow this pill user.

Not really all Americans mate and they aint even american. Example again BAR exam. Old medieval title for bench/bank. However even older for those that practiced loaning. The owners of these institutions are well known here.

Quit the game op. If you want muh materialism you are bound to the division of seperating means from ends and all the conditionals it begets and is begotton. If you accept the fact that all objects are for a subject as an a priori, conceptual distinction of work and play dissolve while simultaneously setting the precedent of reestablishing the ideal as the origin and destination of material interaction. Shit rebalances and the apparent cocophony of nature is seen as a perfect harmony, in turn reflecting itself unto itself.

Lolwut? If human nature didnt come from nature, where did it come from? If it came from somewhere or thing foreign to each other, how can they interact without a more fundamental source they are bound to?

Oops. I meant, the root of the the first root is responsible for a quarter, not half of the root.

found a jew
we did not even propose socialism, we just criticize current feudal and capitalist system

you are typical jew who tries to scare us like this:

totally wrong. you can redistribute money, but that doesn't mean everyone has to have identical wealth. you can still reward people like inventors, scientists, but not greedy jews that steal from society. you can reward people that improve society with resources like money or little girls.

we can remove white house. I know a few methods to achieve this

The people here aren't as socialist as you think they are.
You clearly are. And it's a terrible idea.
If you increase taxation, you're taking more money from white men, and giving it to browns, women and morons. That's really all you're doing. I told you this. It's the essence of how socialism works.
You're very wrong. Anyone with any understanding of human nature can tell you this. If you take away the reward, people won't bother.

There is a magical land where people never have to work
It's called pre-industrial revolution west, or modern day Sub Sahara Africa
Yeah we work most of our lives, but it's not for nothing, it's a consequence of having modern conveniences. This shit doesn't maintain itself.

Businessmen are often extremely valuable and productive. You have a very reductive, simplistic view of their roles in society. For example, the people that funded large corporations in the West have done incredible things.

we criticize jewish capitalism system, jew
there was no proposition, but socialism will for sure work better
there was not a single time when socialism managed by white people failed

false. right now it's only white men who are heavily taxed. richest jews and corporations don't pay any taxes. we need to tax wealthy people and corporations, but lower taxes for working class

we have to reward inventors, scientists, people that improve society. not fucking jews that steal from us, destroy society, push SJW and other shit

it is for nothing. money and stuff you buy is useless if you don't even have time to use it. your life is a failure
you work to have money to buy car. but you only need car because you have to drive to work. don't you see the idiocy here? if we didn't work or work less, we wouldn't need so much shit and spending so much money
also we can buy less and consume less. we don't need new smartphone, TV, car every year. we don't need those at all
instead we can use free time for free fun, without paying jews for it. we can fuck our wife or daughter. we can. we can go for a mountain trip. we can swim in a river. we can spend time and have fun without sending a dollar to fucking jews.

WE NEED TO BOYCOTT JEWS. do not work, do not spend money, do not fill jewish pockets

Any increase in the size of the state will be paid for by white men, as it always has been. What you're saying about the endless pockets of corporation, which are only owned by jews, is delusional.
In America, the working class doesn't pay any taxes. And let's be real: The dumbest 50 percent of any modern society hardly produces any wealth per capita. Noones stealing from them; they're just not very useful. They're live good lives due to their betters, which are the ones that generate wealth. You have this romantic notion about money-grabbers at the top, but it's really the other way around.


80% of people are mindless lemmings that will never think for themselves no matter how much truth you provide for them. This is not some new phenomenon and has been true for all of human history. The only question that is to be answered is, assuming you are actually among the 20% who have at least some capacity to think for themselves, is whether you want to adopt the doctrine of total apathy (the black pill), the doctrine of tyranny (the kike pill), the doctrine of a shepherd (the white pill).

While your assertion da joos is legit, the "we" in your statement belays the subversion you've relyed upon to remedy your own acceptance of their impositions. We are free as ordained by our Creator. The choice of delegation for someone to choose for you remains a choice. You acknowledge your own knowledge as a reciprocal notion of certitude as opposed to the fact that knowledge remains a faith as evidenced by Agrippa's trilemma of the dialectic as axiomatic, regressive, or circular argument. This mirroring the identity you seek in "we"-ness, the "them"-ness required to define it in thought and action, and finally the veey historical testament you cocreated with the post.

ny has a 2.5 percent property tax so we can baby sit mexicans that don't know how to read or right, then you go to college and it's filled with fucking asian, education is the biggest joke in this country, it is absolutely something that we shouldn't have to pay for when we get nothing in return except larger bills and outsourced jobs

There is only truth as is, as could not be otherwise. There are those who must conceal it, with it, to define and manipulate it. These are the joos. They will be btfo naturally. Take heed and get right. Your Creator is immanent.

A new age is coming.

At least half of that time is surrendered to the government.
Even feudalism was better than what we have now.
Kings protected their nations, unlike now.

pay no mind to the niggers still living in grammar section 8 brick fortress fucking some brain dead lemming on tax payer dime…with 314lbs welfare queen suckles her 6th niglet

So is this to suggest that instead of this structure built to secure Europe, the current structure maintains the security for which group then?
What is the true threat? It can't be the serfdom.

Dat Private Prison money.

Do we already have a one world government?

We seem to have traded NK for Iran in the matter of less than a year. Almost like it was planned to have NK peak much prior to Iran. Now Iran will be center stage as a global threat for 5+ years.

And then China. Maybe Vietnam will have Nuclear Weapons someday.
All the while reshaping the world's laws.

dat MLK blvd BS

one thing has fundamentally changed since feudalism.
In feudalism, people worked for their white, brave masters, on honor based contracts.
In capitalism, people work for their jew bankers, and get nothing back.

yeah. Problem is you got caught between rotschild jewry and marx jewry, thinking those are the only possible options.

No dude. We have capitalism. Feudalism when the Land and "People of the Land" is are major factors of production. Capitalism is the the factory is the major factor and the fact that most of the world's food comes from factory farms is prove that we are capitalist. Capitalism doesn't mean free markets, Socialism is just state owned capitalism which is a type of capitalism. Communism is the absurd idea that nobody owns capital or productivity and a universal collective owns and shares everything according Talmudic scheme that nobody can explain logically but trust goyim it will work this time.

Capitalism is the major factor of production is the industrial factory and the trading networks that are produced by this mode of production.

You correct that societies still have masters and servants. So what? They always have and always will and only the set of assets which produce value has change since civilization began when first with owning women you conquered, then land and the people, then land, machines, and people, now land, machines, people, and people's information. The only thing that has and will ever change is are the characteristic of the assets which produce value and the ability to control and manage those things will always present in a hierarchy producing servants and masters.

The essence of a functional civilization is to go back to the to first and most important asset. Seizing and controlling the means of reproduction. "Grab em by the pussy" is the most fundamental and important part of the dominance hierarchy.

Societies collapse when pussies are not properly handled and kept in the proper place but allowed to wonder around uncovered and talk nonsense or worse have any sort of political power. Western Civilization used to understand this but became too wealthy to understand all the other assets rest upon the strict control of the pussy.

We don't really have capitalism either that's the point it really is just expansion of fuedalism/mercantilsm. Like shitty DLC packs from the "The Banc". Asset production and allocation matter very little when the institutions can still inflate or deflate values. You will always run into a trust problem over time in a debt based slavery system.

This will be self-evident, when faith in institutions and money is at its lowest. An 8th alternative will emerge.

You lazy sped fuck, pick up a tool and use it… A phone isn't a tool for hard work you spedfag.

Also sage and report cuz what the fuck has this thread got to do with any political interest?? Dopey autist.

Absolute nigger talk. Doesn't make sense.

Bill Gates inherited his money? News to me.

Daily reminder that free trade destroys nations.

Bill Gates had access to computers years before the public had access his parents had connections at Intel and his private school had them too. Both parents being well off. His parents also made their family hyper competitive which encouraged cheating if not caught.

Bill Gates has the spirit of a jew look at Seattle worst then its ever been in history he could change it for the better even with all the faggot leftist but instead he acts like a sadist. While playing captain save a sub-human in a Africa. Knowing inflicting more niggers on the Earth is the best way to bring pain to the world. Admitted in several ways he enjoys the power over other then any of his money. So hes not a good example of success because he won't admit all the shady shit he did to get there or his sadism but, instead give himself backpats then claim how he (((donated))) his wealth with all the (((other billionaires))) because they love humanity so much that they keep a army of wage slaves. Then spend all their love money to help NGOs transports low iq shitskin violent invaders.

Any tips? I am learning coding to get to this personally. I just want a valley in the woods to live.

and only you are not

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99% of humans CHOOSE to be slaves.

This is not only an accurate summary of the post and poster you are responding to, but also an accurate explanation of, and response to, the current lefty / socialists / commies / anarchists / antifa / radical dyed armpit hair feminists and all the related idiots. They have never lived in a world outside of starbucks / jew college / their bedroom at daddy's mcmansion but they think they know how to run the world.

The pyramid has no top.

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It’s not just working 9 hours a day. If our family, genetic and procreative processes ie culture as well as property ownership in homogenous communities weren’t completely sabotaged 9 hour days wouldn’t be a bad thing. The problem is the 9 hours a day of the current kike led finance/economic system has been purposely manipulated to deny is of just that
. Which means it is no longer serving any real function other than being an instrument of foreign subversion

Uh. What?

show me what good for society those businesses provided:
Goldman Sachs

what are you talking about? it's only working class that pays any taxes. richest jews and corporations don't pay almost any taxes
corporations are even subsidized by the (((government))) with out money

there is also doctrine of terrorism and assymetrical warfare
you can win against opponent that is much nigger in numbers

there is nothing absurd in it. we could take ownership of corporations and factories, distribute ownership amount people and pay dividens to them

this already happened. jews control it

Getting a credit card = choice.
Buying shit you can't afford = choice
Racking up debt = choice

Stop choosing to be a debt slave.

9 hours a day? more like 12! im lucky if i get 6 hours of sleep a night. i dont even know what planet im on half the time and i operate heavy machinery! ah ha ha ha ha!!!

80% of people entirely lack the agency to ever be anything other than slaves. This is something that has always been true, the bulk of the population are always mindless sheep in search of the nearest shepherd.

You are the exception. It can be done but it's risky, requires a ton of hard work, and plus you aren't necessarily set for life yet. Survivor bias. Still, I'd encourage anons to pursue your path if possible rather than make some faggot rich.

Now we pay taxes to feed the invading hoards. Imagine funding your enemy's military. Our current system should just be called Bullprepism.

Exactly. The consumerist mentality of buying shit because that's what everyone else is doing or even worse in order to keep up with them is pathetic. If you're going to go into debt or take out a loan it should at the very least be a way to leverage your velocity in a business venture or something that you are very sure of or you understand that it's a managed risk. If you take out a loan to get a car so you can drive to a high paying job that could make sense. If that car is a BMW when a low end grocery getter would have sufficed, you are a bugman and should be ashamed of yourself. Another thing that's really fucked up is the boomer mentality of spending every red cent they own on that dopamine rush up to the very moment of death, rather than a generational transfer of wealth. It's so greedy, when they could be using some of their wealth to help the trajectory of their ancestor's life and create a lasting legacy instead,.

Feudalism is preferable actually

I always say this, in the early 1900's America a man working a single job could feed like six kids and his wife. Through government expansion and jewery every excess of wealth the citizens have created since probably like 1913 has slowly been sucked up by the state.

Literally viewing your life through the lens of production. Sad.

Actually, if we had real feudalism, we'd only work 6-7 months a year.

That's the price of the welfare state and with social security set to implode where no future generations after the boomers will see a dime, you better prepare for the great fall of the American empire as the new fall of Rome with unpaid pensions and flooded with foreign barbarians.

When you vote for a woman or a non-white, you vote for the jew.

However political parties are just factions of jews. Left hand vs. right hand. Red vs. blue. Communist vs. capitalist.

This is why we support the Third Position.

That's true BUT…
as previous anons have said, most of society are relatively mindless products of their time. We can talk all day about about personal resposibility, but things are the way they are. An economy built on credit and irresponsible spending will suck most people in. That's why we need to take control and create a FREE MARKET economy with government controls, not a capitalist one. Capitalism is one of the worst things to happen to our race.

Fuck off kike.

Thems a lot of big words without actually saying anything.

You're thinking like a kike. There should be a power hierarchy, but the differences in material wealth should be modest. Clever aryans do what they do our of pure interest, and/or for community respect.

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Fucking kek

Not all humans,BUT very much.

i hate the system.

"How the few control the many"

1. Ownership - Guy has an apple, another wants it. Conflict happens.
2. Leadership - I'm the boss, gimme that apple. Conflict happens.
3. Laws - You must give me that apple for this is how it's meant to be. Conflict happens.
4. Law enforcement - Gimme that apple by law or these guys will kick your ass. Conflict happens.

At this stage the violent response towards the one seeking control of the other was forced back as far as possible, but the huge size of civilizations still created too much collateral damage of slaves defending their goods. So the question was raised "how can we make them "believe" to give us their shit for free?

5. Religion - the deity speaketh "share those riches for free and in return you get as many empty promises as you want"

To catch all the non believer the controllers created mantle terms like atheist or infidel, thereby making everyone defined by not being followers of a doctrine. Fast forward and thousands of years of religious indoctrination have crept into the subconscious structure of everyone, and the atheists are now naturally longing for the same natural traits of (blind)faith and morality, but unlike the believer they don't have anything to direct it towards. In comes capitalism/materialism/idolatry/symbolism, and with that the atheists became the most fundamentalist group of worshipers of them all. Materialism/hedonism over everything.

6. Materialism - The hedonistic way of attributing worth to items aka Ownership. And the circle is back at the beginning.

These people enable tyranny and corruption. How can you have a robust society when it is full of people without agency?

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If you dont want to be a nigger of the ratjews find a nieche.

you can just call them jews, you know

Wagies are a stopgap for their industries inevitable full automation. Afterwards they will be culled and exterminated by automation.

And within 10 years 90% of people will have sold their share for shiny bow or a fancy party hat. We know this happens because of the lottery; the majority of people who win the lottery lose it all within an insanely short amount of time because they are subhumans. We know this happens because of high-flyer men who get bankrupted by lawsuits, alimony, etc; and within 5 years they are wealthy again.

People are not equal. Some people will naturally rise to the top, some will sink to the bottom. There are issues of nepotism, and social mobility; but in general it is very difficult to keep the top man down or the worst man up. You can see the massive problems the West is facing today as unworthy jews are in high positions due to nepotism; the whole system is on the brink of collapse and everyone from all walks of life are hateful of politicians and the world-at-large. These unworthy jews will not retain their position forever; and the worthy white men that they displaced through blackmail, bribery, usury and kangaroo courts will not be kept down forever.

You commies are the dumbest people on the planet. In reality, non-stupid white men in Western countries are very rich and the brown races/women are desperate to steal their money.