School shooters are NOT disproportionately white

Someone posted a bunch of pictures of school shooters claiming they were white Christians. In fact none of them were. Not even one.

Before I could reply with the debunking photo the post had been pulled. Now OP may never learn the truth the media has carefully hidden from him.

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Here's a bonus photo.

The mental problems are caused bc they still practice cousin marriage, as part of their religion, like another group of people, who also go on frequent terror sprees.

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Eric Harris was white, I guess.

True, many are not white.

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elliot roger is half asian, so theres no need to point out hes not white. How is Eric Harris a jew though?

James Holmes isn't a jew. You had to be a jew to be a counselor at the camp, but not a volunteer, as he was. I remember when the whole thing went down and the email from the camp saying you had to be a jew was posted on some anti-jew website, and then retracted the next day when they figured out he just volunteered.

I'm also not so sure about Elliot Rodger, going to need a better source. I even watched his dad's gay documentary about various religions, and in the portion about Israel and judaism, he said nothing to suggest that he was one.

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Eric Harris was Dylan's puppet.

The truth is Whites are better at everything including being criminals, serial killers and spree shooters.

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I can't find it, not sure if it was removed or if it's just jewtubes new algorithm, but one of those weird Columbine-obsessed channels had a good video effectively making that case, even though the media narrative was always that Eric was the evil one, and Dylan was just the poor little depressed jewish boy who was a follower.

Even aside from that, Eric deserves less blame since he was on jewish anti-depressants, which undoubtedly guided his actions, while Dylan was just a jew being a jew.

klebold hunted Christian females, he approached pretty girls in the hallway asking if were Christian, and shot them if they answered yes.

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dylan might not have realized it consciously, but subconsciously at least he realized that "sperm is cheap and plentiful, eggs are rare and expensive." It only takes a few white males to repopulate the race, but a whole 9 months to make a baby. Thus he murdered beautiful white girls.

This is also why we are bombarded with a constant chorus warning us against marriage and reproduction with."WESTERN" [Read: WHITE CHRISTIAN] women.

Also it should be noted Brenton Tarrant was secretly a Muslim to which he converted in Pakistan. The ahmadiyas sect mosque he shot up are persecuted in pakistan.
Also remember Pakistan is a very close ally of crypto kikes Saudi Arabia, you can see Tarrant keeping mostly quite about Israel in his manifesto.
Just like anti-trump posters were banned in 2016,2017 any anti-tarrant posts here on fed/pol/ will get your posts deleted.

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You don't know that, he may or may not be. His mind was certainly possessed by Jewish ideas or pharmaceuticals, probably both.

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4/ are white, 1 is white/asian. the other is white/mediteranian. you disprove your own claim retard.


If that's your opinion on James Holmes, what's your opinion on his buddies (the guy who threw the smoke grenade before the shooting and the second shooter)?



Also remember the first mosque had recruited the Jones brothers for ISISrael, so yeah fuck off.

I dunno man, definitely seems like disproportionately white dudes

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school shooters are NOT MK-ULTRA mind control robots!

Into the oven you go Shlomo

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Eric wasn't Jewish; the first and last image contradict each other.

Anyone else think elements of the White authorities and White media are preying upon jewish citizens in order to provoke them?

Maybe Whites are in fact, preying upon the jews as we speak, and the persecution is really antisemitism in the upper ranks of the White Establishment, say in Texas?

The Oklahoma City Bombing was such an obvious false flag.

Although Loughner is a jew, that is disinformation.

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In the united states most shootings that kill 3 or more people is considered a "mass shooting"; black mass shooters don't get as much media coverage because in black areas it is more or less business as usual.

fucking share this, im tired of ppl saying that white men make more shootings than blax

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To the average dumb person; Nicolas Cruz was just another white boy that shot up a school

The thing about lanza is probably wrong. It's well known that jews commonly take local surnames in wherever they infest to blend into the populace, many of which are indo-european in origin. Barbara Aiello, a well known italian jew is in the same situation. Aiello is oscan in origin and commonplace amongst locals, but her family took it to avoid persecution and now she brags about how all "aiellos" are jews.

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Check out Johnny gats video titled

I'm not convinced any of these mass shootings are fake but the one above is interesting.

Skip part 1 go to part 2

This is easily explained away by knowing scientific fact: jews are the most mentally ill of all populations among homo sapiens.

It is no wonder the yids are so angry at nature and seek to make it twisted as their inbred jewish minds.

Backwards sandniggers will always be backwards sandniggers no matter how much they pretend to be white or convince us how much more civilised they pretend to be compared to their fellow sandniggers.

Somebody put my nigga DeWayne in there

If he was a Muslim he would have fought to the death

Right, that's how they get to Allah. Also if he was a Viking he'd have fought to the death, as that is how you get a ride on the Valkyrie Express. Doesn't matter. You're refuting with a specious claim something that itself a spurious claim.

No need to conflate christian and white. Just say white if you mean white.

How come media never mentions the jewry of sociopathic shooters?

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