July 4, 1776: Its Okay To Bear Arms

Flier Proposal: Finger Gun Emoji + "July 4, 1776"



Maybe add the 2nd Ammendment Text:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

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The possibilities with this meme are endless:

The left will associate gun ownership with "whiteness". Reeing will stimulate firearms purchases

calls for banning finger guns will backfire on the left

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Most celebrities have done this "VIOLENT HATEFUL SYMBOL"

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Both California and Florida have ruled in their state Supreme Courts that making a Finger Gun is protected "political discourse"

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Since it's protected political speech, we can use it against other protected political classes

Welcome to clownworld.

Mimes with Finger Guns memeing a Massacre



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Final Suggestions For Possible Hand Designs

Less Is More: just a finger gun emoji and an ok emoji

No Words. No Part 2.

"July 4, 1776"

"Guns Are Okay"

the text of the 2nd ammendment

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Antifaggot doesn't support the 2nd Ammendment

Transgender People and Gays have the Highest Suicide and Self Harm Levels

You are legally able to mime: Kill Yourself

The fingerguns are fake.

the bullets are real

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And If anyone tries to say you're advocating violenceโ€ฆsay:

I don't care if you're gay, trans, or Queer, I just think whoever designed that outfit should be shot

attack their PRIDE

I'm shooting fingerguns at you

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Pow! Ha Ha!

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Glownniggers should be afraid

we have finger guns to point them out :]

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The Finger Gun Throughout History:

So many images are already seeded in people's minds

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Sage negated, fuck you, glowniggers. This is a really good idea.

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this whole thread stinks like a psyop

Sounds like a good idea.

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Prove you're not a kike fed creating a false story for the media to use for profit and propaganda. I'll wait.

Pew pew pew pew

Braaaaaps are just really fast pew pews

Ya don't say. got some beans to count?


Thanks Friendo, Don't let Feds Ban Finger-Guns!

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Glownigger #2

Apparently Pro 2nd Ammendment RHETORIC is a "Psyop"

Try harder Feds

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Fuck off reddit.

Kill yourself with a finger gun faggot.

I'm not advocating for violence. This is a Pro 2nd Ammendment Troll Operation

Don't come back kike.

Trump is pulling Americans into a false sense of Security.

He's banned bump stocks, he's talking of banning silencers, and he's said "take the guns first, due process later"

We need the Media to create the panic, not the President.

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Special Delivery for the Fed who tells "Jew!" as he strikes you

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The whole point is to Provoke the Left into greater and greater levels of "Political Correctness"

We have to Sweat out the Fever

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Bump cuz this is good shit for once, usually these operations seem forced, but this one is actually viable, and has a good angle behind it.

thanks dude. It's because I'm a shit for brains millenial and not a Fed

The meme is powerful, because the "Finger Gun" is a really old and has been integrated into many other symbols

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If we need to provoke the media, use German-Made Finger Guns

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Fucking BASED, another worthless gayop that will accomplish nothing that you faggots will suck yourselves off over because a couple fags will get angry. All the while, white genocide and total jewish control will continue completely unimpeded because you'd rather try to do some unfunny meme than actually fight back.

Remember that your jewish tricks never work here.

Also reminder that your FED funded 'project' will be exposed next month, the people on your "job" are already sweating bullets, they know they are fucked.

Kill yourself, faggot. This literally Pulls off the Mask.

You are legally able to point out degeneracy and corruption with a Finger-Gun.

People Kill for a Flag

People kill for a Cross

people kill for a crescent moon

people kill for a 6 pointed star

Symbols are Meaning user

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Keep removing and I'll keep posting Jew.

Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon they use to exterminate Whites.

6/4/1776 "It's Ok To Bear Arms"

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Ones promoted by (((White Nationalists))) only serve Jews

This Meme Campaign isn't about White Nationalism, It's about the 2nd Ammendment. Your right to own a gun, carry it, and defend yourself.

If the Media attacks/associates it with White Nationalism, it will only spread faster, as the Internet will see the Jew Outcry and Strike at the Consitututional Citizen's Right to self defense.

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Poster Design #1

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Your D&C tactics not working here driving you nuts there, lil' feller?


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Clearly I'm a Sole-Poster driving this thread, but nothing I'm saying glows.

It infuriates them

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On a Physical Level It's enjoyable and fun to make finger guns.

This turns the Left into an Anti-Fun Party

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Bump For Reload

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Make Disney Sue Zig Forums for Intellectual Property Violations

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The gayest thread on Zig Forums

Edit these meme to have a finger gun to his head and you will possibly create an entire new meme where fingers are pointed to heads representing guns, which itself is valuable

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If the Government Retaliates it becomes Ghandi Clownworld

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Be careful about calls to violence user, I understand what you are saying.

I think it would be better Optics to Shop Politicians holding a finger gun to THEIR OWN HEAD

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Jesus Pointing Out It's Ok To Bear Arms

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On a Physical Level It's enjoyable and fun to make finger guns.

This turns the Left into an Anti-Fun Party

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Watch out for These GunSlingers

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Watch out for These GunSlingers Gifs

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More Violent Leftists Gifs

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Handguns Are Okay

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Reminder what they did to the gun emoticon in Unicode.


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Google prefers multiple kills per shot, obviously.

Why is that jew wearing a large hat? Why is it threatening me?
These people fucking deserve whatโ€™s coming


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Stormcucks at it again helping the Jews.

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Thats offensive

Offensive Free Speech is Protected by Guns

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checking these double-dubs because nig forgot

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White Power Dubs


is this the emoji guys?

I'll make a sticker of OP's suggestion and put it up in a random location in Ontario. Don't care if the idea is stupid I'll do it.

we should also be making some waifu memes about this

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Checked. Now you got to torpedo slim

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WOOOOOOO Thanks user. Do it on University Campuses for Maximum REEEEEEE

That's the emoji, Together they are known as "finger bang emoji"

Finished making design. Will print it out in a moment and show you guys. I've made three different designs so far based on feedback in this thread.

Also one user suggesting I put it at a university. Okay lol.

Operation Finger Bang

We will be recapturing a symbol the left has perverted with sexual connotations

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We will remove this sexual connotation

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New batch of pro-gun stickers fellow insurgents against ZOG!

mat rixtxri745dfw.onion/neo/uploads/190624/MATRIX_234048_XPx_Pro-GunPolStickers.jpg

(remove the space)

What you think of these?

post em on the surface web

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More Memes

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subscribe to pewpewdiepew

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Just Symbols

No Words

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He was pretty smart to be sure , I couldnโ€™t possibly agree with him more.

That is so complete misogynistic and raycisss mmmmmmmmmm reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

More Symbols

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To be edited:

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