Post-WW2 National Socialist parties and groups

When exactly did so called "Neo-Nazism" begin? What is the history in the immediate post war years to form successor parties or other National Socialist parties in East or West Germany or other parts of the world?

I know the Socialist Reich Party saw themselves as the true successors to the NSDAP. Were there any other parties who made this claim in Germany in the early post war years? And does the NSDAP have a party that could be considered a successor to it today anywhere in the world?

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When the word "nazi" was dirty enough you could just slap it on anyone to ruin their lives/careers.

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then lurk for 2 years you fucking newfaggot scum. It has always been in the hearts and minds of people who refuse the artificial public political consensus.

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"Neo-Nazi" was put in quotes for a reason dumbfuck, as in what would typically be referred to as such by history. And Iam a National Socialist myself, I don't mean belief or survival do the ideology of course it never died but actual political organizations such as the Socialist Reich Party formed by E
Otto Ernst Remer specifically in the post war years and then up to today. These groups tended to be dissolved by the state pretty quickly inside Germany

Nice derail attempt though yid

Speaking of Remer, this is an excellent interview with him that he speaks quite a lot about The Führer in amd even says that he explained to him once why he had to invade Russia:

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"Nazi" is a slur for any NSDAP member, and more often than not, an adjective for every German during the Third Reich. "Neo-Nazi" is a slur used to deplatform anyone with "problematic" views, as said, just calling someone a Neo-Nazi puts them on the backfoot, and can ruin their lives. Anyone with a shred of dignity and self-respect would refrain from using either as they were intended to be derogatory and shut down any actual discussion and change, and it's working, the Jew knows it's working, just stop using it and ignore anyone who calls you either of these things, don't even attempt to defend yourself when someone calls you a Nazi, Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, Racist etc. That's what they want, they want you on the defensive.

He did put "Neo Nazi" in quotes so he may be asking about the LARPniggers without dads who pretend to hate people so they can be part of a group, not realizing that National Socialism is against hurting, unjustly, any of Gods creations.

Also, knock it off with the German symbolism and shit if you use it. Quit using the Swastika, quit speaking German, and quit using inherently German symbols and shit for National Socialist movements. Bugs the shit out of everyone when someone yells "SIEG HEIL" and they're American. Call me a Jew all you want, but the average person looks at this shit and thinks of all the Jewish propaganda spread about cringelord "Neo-Nazis" flying Swastikas and getting tattoos that was "Blut und Ehre" and such. I know I just said not to go on the defensive. But cut this shit out if you're not German. If you're American in particular, just stop worshipping Hitler. We need a NatSoc for our own people, Hitler didn't give a shit about Americans, he shaped his ideology around what was best for Germans, and we should do the same for our own nations, stop stealing German symbols and sayings and make your own.

America isn't our country anymore user

In the United States, we have the Republican Party led by President Donald Trump who are pretty close to being nationalist

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Fuck off optics cuck. True National Socialsits no matter where they are from should use the Hakenkreuz and Heil the Führer. You should be flying the swastika before the Black Sun. Fanatics are what is needed, not normalshits

I used the slur "Neo-Nazi" once again in quotes only to denote post-WW2 National Socialism as I wrote it in the title. No one is advocating for it as a serious label for today's National Socialists or any in fact its simply to convey the idea of the topic, control yourself fucking spergs.

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Fake news

Trumpublicans and Neocons are not the same, the latter falls into the Deep State along with centrists and liberals who want to destroy the Trump administration as payback for knocking them out of power

Any real neo-National Socialist party that gets established in modern Germany gets immediately shut down by the BfV glowniggers, or if they can't shut them down, like the NPD, they infiltrate the shit out of them. With that being said, the only organization that I would have a modicum of trust in today would be Der III. Weg, but I'm not 100% sure about them, either.

NPD hasn't really been infiltrated in that sense, the members are scrupulously careful to avoid giving the government any cause to shut them down, and they can tell pretty easily who's a glownigger by the ones committing crimespeak.



Why, the >>>/fascist/ board there knows about it.

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Got a huge amount of respect for NordFront and pretty much all you say here is true except maybe…
Then why are they flying green arrow banners instead of the Hakenkreuz? You can say they want to have own symbolism and their own ways and that would be totally valid but I can't see why any truly NATSOC organization would not at least also be flying the swastika in some form. (Unless literally illegal and punishable by jail time in their country in which case being careful and discreet is a must)

Because although they are Germanic, they are not German (in the modern sense).
Look at their website, they truly support the NatSoc cause.
But remember what happened in WW2:
Since they propose a pan-nordic alliance, flying the Hakenkreuz would just confuse the heck out of everyone.

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They must be careful I understand but the Hakenkreuz would be totally appropriate and I believe necessary for any National Socialist group, sort of how many fly the Black Sun beside the Swastika. I think should it should certainly be at least one of the banners they fly, along side their own banners. And I have read much of their website and I understand they try are National Socialists