Stalin executing biologist

According to Stalin supported the execution of biologist and banned fields like neurophysiology or cell biology.
I have two questions:
1) First of all, did that really happen, or is it just exaggerated?
2) At least to my knowledge the theory of evolution isnt in conflict with marxism. Why then is so often met with disdain in leftist (both liberal and marxist) circles?

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Only in Zig Forumstard fantasies. The fuckwits have somehow managed to stupid themselves into thinking that evolution means that race is real despite their own sources contradicting them.

Whenever leftist talk about problems and evolution is mentioned as potential source of the problem, there is always a significant amount of people who either underplay or outright dismiss these explainations. I got banned a couple days ago from Zig Forums for just saying race is real (lets not make that the topic of the thread please). And some months ago another thread was made which focused on women and the reasons for their mate preferences (or something along those lines). The first 150 replies only talked about capitalism as root cause, and after that there was a signle guy who mentioned hypergamy.
I just want to know why evolution is antagonized around here.

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Except my sources dont contradict me, and the idea of populations being seperated for up to thousands of years, leading to seperate races due to diffrent selection pressures is in perfect alignment with the theory of evolution. I dont even make any value judgement, so fuck off yourself.


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Yes they do.

Nobody on the Eurasian or African continents was ever biologically seperated.

Which amounts to a blink of an eye in evolutionary terms.

Bullshit it is.

And still long enough to make a diffrence, or do you think peoples skincolor is conditioned by society?

blacks are black cuz they ate more fish.

What actual differences constitute race? Inb4 "I can't define it, but that doesnt mean it's not real." What it does mean is that the descriptor that you are using is worthless for any kind of analysis.

We could talk about Autism Level averages and how they are relevant, but this thread would probably get locked for that. So lets just stick with superfical shit like diffrent blood pressures or skin thats more resistance to ultraviolent light.
Race isnt even that important right now. Im more interested in the second question from my OP.

This poster is more than likely a "race realist" screwball, but the basic point he's making here is true. Yes, of course "race" exists, insofar as genetic differentiation happened when population mobility was limited or nonexistent over most of the world, and the definition of "races" at any given moment corresponds to something physical.

The problem with race isn't that it doesn't exist, but (aside from the invariably absurd exaggerations of very minor differences/similarities in intelligence or other traits between them) that it's completely arbitrary and wholly lacking in practical significance, much like the lines on a map typically used to slice up turf those populations lived on.

Historical human genetic and geographic diversity can be cut up any number of ways, all equally valid in spite of being wildly different. Biological science aside, the lengthy history of racial/cultural/national/etc categories being radically revised to fit political expedience bears this out.

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Liberals aren't leftists, and no it's not. One of the most important evolutionary theorists of the last several decades was a Marxist.

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Never heard of that, could you go into more detail?

Denial of the theory of evolution has always been a religious conservative thing. What the fuck are you smoking, OP?

Remember, the Great Purges took place all over the USSR, from Politburo and government functionaries to random workers in towns and villages. There were plenty of lists Stalin looked over, but he wasn't being asked for permission to execute some guy in Yakutia.

To give an example of how far the Purges reached:

Another example, from Robert Thurston's "Life and Terror in Stalin's Russia," 1996, p. 128:

Primarily the enlargement of social spheres, from clans, to tribes, to city-states, to feifdoms, to empires, to civilizations, etc. Britain is a pretty typical example:
>then eternal perfidious anglo

This isn't to say such processes are necessarily slow. Probably the most striking recent example are Slavs, who were categorized by Western racists as subhuman, and vigorously genocided by the Nazis, but less than 50 years later began walking around wearing swastikas hand-in-hand with Germans as fellow huwites.

As it should. Dustbin shit like that and this thread are in violation of the rules.

They are not. How do people still take Autism Level seriously is beyond me. You have to be a special kind of retard to do it.

It's not exaggerated. Stalin even commanded the execution of his tutor, Jan Sten, because little Joseph was too stupid to understand dialectics. Sten noticed through didactic bridges to political problems that Stalin seeked for autocracy which made Sten prefigure that his pupil will commit judicial murders. Ironically, the oldschool Bolshevik Sten himself fall victim to his own prophecy. Unscrupulous as Stalin was he didn't spare innocent children of his domestic political opponents. Trotzki called it out: the "Jesuitical maxim of Bolshevism: “The end justifies the means.” Stalin was a krypto-Jesuit, at least unconsciously.

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He was busted for falsifying data to support his ideology. Marxism is inherently unscientific and talmudic since it is just a secular tikkun olam


I thought it was Lutheran? Whatever. My point wasn't that he was a practicing jew he may have been since many jews did false conversions to avoid persecution while secretly practicing judaism . My point is that he was biologically Jewish. His brain was developed based on instructions encoded in his Jewish DNA, and all hos his neurochemical processes were governed by said DNA. The same neurochemical processes occurred in his brain while he formulated his ideas that occurred in the brains of the rabbis who formulated their idea of tikkun olam

No, in fact he wasn't, and there was a critique of that team's claims that the media largely never bothered to report on. They only ever cared about the juicy story of someone challenging some popular politically correct belief, not about the subsequent vindication of Gould's original points.

But that spat frankly makes no difference on his very important contributions in the field of macroevolution. Stasis is the rule, not the exception, throughout most of evolutionary history, and it was Gould and the writings of a couple other authors (one other of whom was also a Marxist, Richard Lewontin) that got the evolutionary biology community to come to terms with it.

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That retard who said race isn't real because of single locus allele variation. Edwards shat all over him


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Tough talk but I don't suppose you can say anything substantive about Edwards argument, much less the population genetics studies in the last couple decades that disagree. You seem to have internalized all the cherry-picked arguments in the field that support your own ideology with none of the nuance of a healthy scientific debate. Next I expect you to post some PCA study "proving" the existence of race.

Despite the fact that he had a whole lot more Prussian ancestry than he did Jewish ancestry? Are huwyatt really so feeble that they immediately get overwritten by the tiniest drop of non-huwyatt blood? If that is the case then it would seem that they are being naturally selected for extinction by virtue of their inferiority.

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You haven't said much about Gould's arguments. Just linked a paper that can be summed up as "Well maybe Gould was biased, but so was Morton."

The core of the paper is more like "Lewis is disproving things Gould never said." but whatever…

You should just give the paper a read, it's like on theory and not too intimidating.

*light on complex theory

Stalin was a good gentile, that's why he supported the executing of biologists because they were experts in biology and that did not suit the Jews at all, because they wanted to weaken the white race so they could enslave and exterminate it later.

Never heard of that one


Biology is bourgeois, fuck off




Scientific illiterates like OP think that evolution = race therefore leftists do not believe in evolution. It's about what you can rightly expect from people who think that memes are real.

This Frolov shit again.