Hardcore White Supremacy

It's about time that we, non-retarded White persons, stop pussying around our true cause in this fight. The reawakening of total White Supremacy. I want us to go out there and show no-holds-barred with our support for the White race. Print out overtly White Supremacist fliers, say nigger as much as you want.

Just don't be an idiot when doing it.

Show the subhumans that have invaded America that we are still. here and still in charge. White Supremacy has ruled this land before, and right now we are just in a temporary set-back. Show them that we never left and nothing they do can stop us. Remember most importantly, we need to make White people feel powerful again.


No more of this gay ass pride shit. Only White Power. Good luck brothers and sisters.

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Can we say nigger as much as Zig Forums does?

Say nigger to your heart's content!

You guys don't already do this?

user, I…

the kikes can manipulate shit all they want but it doesn't change the reality that White people will always be in control.

Civilization follows us and only us wherever we go.

OP If you're serious, you need to retake the White Flag as a unifying symbol for Whiteness

The White flag should not be the international sign of Surrender


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Mutually exclusive things in public anyway.


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Not all the time.

I'm not talking about games like this lol. Although our memes where we turn innocent symbols into hate symbols is pretty cool.

I'm purely talking about intimation though.


1. The colour black.
None of these mean African.
I use 'Nigger' to mean "nihilist" or "blackpilled".

do you mean intimation or intimidation?

Intimation: an indication or hint. More
the action of making something known, especially in an indirect way.

That's what the Flag does. It let's you nonverbally declare allegiance


The Opposite of a Rainbow Flag is a White Flag

This is the natural extension of Operation Capture the Flag

Make it the symbol of Zig Forums

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So it was foretold. Praise Kek

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Damn, you're determined. It's been years since you first tried this.

Go fuck yourself.

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Natural selection: Will the aryan race survive another 100 years?

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The Aryan race is doing very well in Latin America, with 700 million proud Aryans ready to talk redpills

Drink some antifreeze. It's good for you. Take some of your blackpills as you guzzle it down.

White Power!

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It's clear that some races are superior to others, but I don't want to rule over them, I just want them out. I want a homogeneous white nation with high IQ and low crime with closed borders. Supremacy implies rulership which is why kikes use "supremacy" to demonize any and all white advocacy. Kikes desire rulershitp. Kikes desire supremecy, I desire survival. Do you understand the difference? Do you understand why kike media uses that word all the time?

Nobody is going to support white supremacy. White people suck. They will support burning down synagogues though since they found creatures that suck at life even more. We need flyers with maps of synagogues that still need to get burned down.

hey rabbi whatcha doin?

Found the pedophile worshipping sandnigger.

Southern Brazil has the highest population of Germans outside of Germany. The Reich is down in South America waiting to be strengthened.

Nope USA is the highest with 46 million Germans, Brazil has nothing like those numbers. Also you would have to get them DNA tested, I wouldn't trust anything from Brazil to be pure.

why shouldn't we have a flag?

You sound brain damaged. We control absolutely nothing.

That is because you are a kike.

((( )))
Are you a mutt or a kike afraid of the coming Reich?

Whatever, no Reich is coming out of 'brazil' the nigger and violence capital of the frigging planet. We are armed and ready. You are what? Ay caramba salsing your way to the 'voting ballot'? Also, your population is too small to make a difference. 12,000,000 includes women and children. How many fighting age men do you have?

Yeah yeah yeah I'm kike JIDF shill yeah yeah yeah

No, you're clinically insane. Nowhere do whites have any power. You have no argument and nothing to support your claim.


Shit, I forgot to add the reddit strawman clause.

Can't forget that one, mb.

You personally have more fear than you have power. Power is not 'given' by other men, it is given by God to all human beings. You are completely cucked to the kikes user.

I'm not American. Commenting anyways: How do you think this will change the laws? Illegals having children, getting citizenship and civil rights, etc.?

Seriously, we had such provocative behaviour in all western countries for decades. Hurting more moderate politicians and activists. You still want to do the same thing over and over again? The Whites in South Africa showed Gorilla heads as symbol for black people on their rallies, how did that work out for them?

Power is realizing that we're ants in this universe and accepting reality for what it is.

Striving for an ideal is nice, but when there is no hope of achieving that ideal it becomes a waste of time and effort. The system must collapse. Only in the Spring can progress be made.

Read Camus

The Jews commonly advertise this sort of "activism" that achieves nothing, puts you at risk of being outed, and makes you feel like you've done something useful.

You can put up a million posters in every single city. It'll just reinforce the normie's views that the "alt right" needs to be taken down a peg, and likely end in legislation against your expressions.

Nobody is going to be swayed, or made to feel powerful in a powerless situation by spamming nigger posters around. This is chess, this is a shill thread, and it benefits only the kikes.

Stop falling for this nonsense.

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communist detected

OP is right. Whites are the ones truly in control of America. America is whiteland.

The reason the the media tries to stop people from saying the word nigger is because the word nigger breaks the spell which whites are under.

Nigger is a magic word that wakes white people up to the truth of Black racial differences and it awakens white racial consciousness.

This is why they don't want whites saying it to each other.

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Just say kill the nagged


Just say kill the nigger


So go do something about the jews, coward.

You're fooling no one.

Finally another user who isn't entirely lobotomized! This is exactly what I'm talking about, beautifully said.

Hello Shlomo

Now we know that the aryans truly did conquer the world as the atlantean empire 12,500 years ago, just before the younger dryas. White Americans are Solutreans. Our history is tremendously more ancient and profound than we know.

I have pareidolia, and so I spend too much time looking at Africa on a map or clouds in the sky. I also want Trump to liberate the South African boer from their kaffir government. Damn this nightmare clownworld…

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The thought vibrations of the White race and the power of their words still hold weight in the land and this is rooted in the white conquest having left an impact that whites still benefit from.

The world is good, whites may need to circle the wagons and form communities like we did when we were pioneers. We were a minority here in America only a couple hundred years ago, so we have been in this situation before, we know how to survive.

We just have to re-awaken racial consciousness and establish a scholar class who can be a light to the people. In a period of intense human destruction there is also a massive wealth transfer to the people who are still sane.

In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king, so if we are surrounded by nitwits, we only have to be half-wits to be getting good deals. Those of us who stay sane can benefit massively from the destruction happening. I don't necessarily like the bad stuff happening though, but we can benefit from it.

White Culture must be preserved.
The Jewish Religion is being used as a Lighting rod.
Most Jews are Normal.

Dont Judge Sit Back for a Moment and Think about The Devil Who Corrupts Normal Jews and Christians Like You and Me.

Its Not the Jooz, Not the Normal ones.

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Fuck off moshie, you aren't fitting in.

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bump fuck niggers

I no longer care about religions or ideologies. To me this is now only a question of survival of the aryan race. Either you are pro-white or not, those are the only two sides here.

So easy to spot jews

lol, here is your (you), kike

can we have a >100 IQ requirement for the ethnostate

Reminder that these paid shills are allowed to post here.

reverse psychology bumping is getting boring you nigger


Why is their slide thread still here? Surely those who made it have taken the screencaps for their "Zig Forums White Supremacy" articles already.

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Suicide now.

Bump because you don’t belong here.

White supremacy isn't happening again. There needs to be total separation.

They'll arrest you for flyering. Don't assume you have free-speech in this country anymore.

That's why everyone needs to migrate to the darkweb.

Get a proper VPN

Use NSA-free OS (Ubuntu, Debian or similar)

Never get caught. NEVER. Change IP regularly. And never use the same computer for shilling as for work/sparetime.


All the sticker labels have sold out in my area, I have to go travel further away to find some… I ran out of stickers also and maybe will run out of ink soon too.

Why do you want to share a country with non-whites?

Nice strawman. Suicide now.

You'll never be Aryan, you spicspamming nigger shit.

No matter how many times you hop IPs, and agree with your own nigger ass. You won't ever get this retarded meme to stick. We all know too many fucking spics, nigger.

No matter how much you try to fit in, your still just a fucking beaner, you stupid spic.
Do you enjoy this abuse? Because you attempt this same dipshit nonsense on EVERY thread, EVERY damn day.

Is this place infested with new AI, or is this nigger really this fucking OCD retarded?

Right on, OP! No more pussies, and opsec faggots. Stand tall, stand proud, speak firm, and honest.
Show them what comes next. If you still feel fear this late in the game, you will never be worthy of your Race.

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Okay, kill yourself.

It's not a strawman. White supremacy involves sharing a country with non-whites, and legally and socially privileging whites over non-whites (an impossibility at this juncture).

And I was just wondering why you would want to attempt something so futile again.


Okay, you’re done.

What makes you think in an era of universal education and instant communication non-whites will accept political subjugation? Why not just remove them?

You're not answering because you're butthurt.

White Supremacy IS the biological truth that White people are the highest level of evolution and the most superior beings on this planet.

While it is also true that it can be a system of White rule over subhumans, it is but a lesser definition.

This indeed we do need. A thousand churches burned down in France last year. Not enough synagogues and mosques are being burned down. Also any building that dares fly the rainbow flag should be burned down.

Okay. You’re done. Kill yourself.

Ive seen the future. There are no brown people.
No clue how it happens, but it will.

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The chinks will kill them


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McNigger's not welcome!

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ubuntu/canonical is kiked
gee thanks user you cured my autism

Aside from the "white people are terrorist" article, the one of the right WE RESIST, wtf are they resisting? They already have fucking rights and laws dedicated to their perversion, wtf else do they want???

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Don't eat out anymore because niggers in the kitchen.

I am glad whites are being genocided.

Accelerationism for the win.

Why? Because you're a fag?

This notion is a trap. No one will be like "OMG! I am just totally now seeing how fucked up everything is!!!!"

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if anything they would will be more like this fag:

It worked in Weimer Germany. Hitler realized that he can get communists to join his group by calling his group the nationalist socialists.

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Yeah bro, attractive white people make everyone else feel like shit in comparison.

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