Keith Raniere of NXIVM is our guy?

Apparently he's a halocaust denier and believes women should be subordinate submissive to their men? Is Raniere a pol bro?

If you don't know already, Keith Raniere and his NXIVM corporation were found guilty recently of sex worker trafficing and child porn something or other.

Found this article:

…apparenlty he was big into halocaust denial. Was he made a target because of it?
But at the same time, he was funded by at least $65 million from two daughters of Edgar Bronfman (President of the World Jewish Congress from 1979-2007).
But at the same time, Bronfman hated him for corrupting his daughters with holocaust denial ideas.
I also hear Allison Mack is jewish, but you can't find any info about that very easily; they appear to be hiding it, or she isn't jewish.
But at the same time, Allison Mack, from what I can gather from this series of interviews, , appears to be a perfect model of the demeanor that would be expected of a woman on pol. And is it just me, or is she one of the most beautiful you have ever seen. She's fucking radiant… or maybe just hiding her inner bitch…

Are we supposed to believe that Keith Raniere wasn't just some type of alpha male with his own society thing going?
and many girls fell in love with him and some branded themselves with his initials (the problems of an alpha male),
and he fucked them from time to time when he was weak, but generally was tryin to use his alpha male powers for good, and he was tryin to teach women to be submissive to men and understand their weaknesses as women…
…and some of the girls got butt-hurt when they saw him give into weakness and bone some young vulnerable girl that idolized him when he probably shouldn't have, and so they took revenge by doing the whole woman thing and bending the truth and forgetting what actually happened… etc.
Sounds about right.

Without knowing all the details, it seems on the surface to be just the typical case of alpha male enjoying himself and jealous females turning on him.
Can an alpha male funnel his power into a scientifically organized extraction of that power for whatever purpose, without getting in legal trouble?
Or was he actually just a pimp using NXIVM as a front company to literally run a high end brothel system?
But now we have to factor in that he was a halocaust denier and could have been set up.

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Why do you niggers just take random articles like that seriously? Try to think critically.

OP is just a cuckchan rapefugee thats shiposting you goddamn autist

How do you know that something has some connection to some Jewish operation:

200+ books on the holohoax lie!wKIhEa5S!4Y7jsNwtKp5kzOeJOPA_yw

Just because this degenerate has one worldview that aligns with reality does not dismiss his disgusting behavior of selling white girls into slavery. He is a piece of shit!

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Oh gee, look who's OP

They arent really "alphamales" in a broad sense since the cult is a version of isolation so then they could be alphamales.

It is more like presenting an alternative, somehow cohesive version and getting the importance highness preying on uneducated people or mongoloid sheep people.

Is Allison Mack jewish? I need to know this before I continue falling in love with her.

I feel like we're being trained sometimes to be attracted to jewess qualities. Isn't the new wonder woman also jewish?

We really need a non-Jewish media station. I can't be internet searching every time I come across another girl I like.

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Are you expecting me to take you seriously, nigger?

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I'm sayin there is a lot of conflicting information here to bring suspicion, and this news story is big enough that it warrants a pol thread investigation.

Like look at this article for instance:

Article states that Mack helped bring a girl who was contemplating suicide into NXIVM, and convinced her to be celibate for 3 months.

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Stop, nigger. Just stop.

Why is this thread still up?

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No body here calls is “denial” because denial implies a something true to deny. Thats how you know OP is a fucking jew and should be hunted down like the rest of his kind and shipped back to their shit hole country. Whats that? Jews dont have their own country? They only get thrown out of others because they always try to subvert and manipulate native cultures? I wonder if thats because they are too fucking lazy and weak to create anything of their own?

How does that make you feel Op? That your entire culture is a collection of theft and child-rape stolen from other civilizations? I bet the 8200 Sonayim dont talk about that much do they?

read a fucking book

OP here.
Not jewish. Why would I be concerned about Mack being jewish, if I was jewish?

This thread is a question of whether or not Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, and NXIVM were actually sex trafficing and abusing young vulnerable girls…. or if they stood up to the jew and got smashed.
Raniere deserves a pol investigation… we all know how butt hurt jews get when you start questioning their precious halocaust.
If that's true, then we need to stand by Raniere because we all knw that like to conquer us by targeting one group at a time. Therefore, we must defend each other.


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damnit, forgot to sage

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This thread is a question of whether or not Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, and NXIVM were actually sex trafficing and abusing young vulnerable girls…. or if they stood up to the jew and got smashed.

hail hitler. the halocrouts was exagerated.
hail the alpha male.
Retrial for Raniere, outside of jewish controlled courts.
There is conflict of interest.

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You have to go back from whencever you came.

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