Deep Web Happenings

It figures that with all the newfags any real disruption would go unnoticed by you retards.
DeepDotWeb got seized last month, silence since.
Dred and Darknet Avengers have been taken down by an ongoing DDOS attack utilizing a weakness in tor that doesn't appear to have a fix coming soon.
Thought some actual news might be interesting to distract from all the redditfags and (((shills))).

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People that usually use the term "rabbit hole" are hyperfocused. But usually many rats can go down a rabbit hole. It is more like a liquid. The rat dispersion gives indication of the depth and shape of the rabbit hole.

Tor itself is just like the clearweb, onionsites can be taken down when the government decides to remove them from the directory authorities.
Tor is still centralised, and, as with everything else, is either run by weed-smoking leftist hippies or the NSA; in any case, they do take down onionsites supporting wrongthink using the directory authorities.
It doesn't take a genius to realise that Onion routing, being created by DARPA, would have something that gives the US gov't an advantage.

The code is open source, if you're going to run a site like that, roll your own.

If you can't figure out how to defend DDOS, then you probably shouldn't be running a site in the first place.

I swear, most of you are ignorant as fuck when it comes to this stuff.

It's been down for over a year now.

What has?

Didnt tor start with US military cunts having a save way to communicate with each other.. So in order to dillute i would calculate the magnitude of "other persuits" which surely has a mathematical function, and i would limit the potencey by the group that develops it which is usually by diversity, which makes the time vector weaker. Like light that goes through goo.

I wonder if i can make mirrors that deflect by the inclination of a single atom to enlongen the the distance travel of said light.

Please, enlighten us on how to stop the Dread and DNA ongoing DDOS attack that is exploiting an previously unknown vulnerability in the host resolution protocol.
Look at the fucking picture retard. The Tor project is trying to fix it and can't so far.

Or if i have parallel levels to that to increase precison in case of missiles.

No, you don't have enough space. You could use coherent light, but you'll not get the randomness you're looking for.

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This doesn't really make any sense.
Onion routing is encryption and random routing inside a network.
Of course it can be compromised and taken down.
This isn't about "OMG a Tor site got taken down" DDW has a clearnet portal too.
There is a pretty interesting ongoing DDOS attack using a 0day exploit that the Tor project itself is unable to mitigate so far.

Onion routing isn't a silver bullet, but it can be used as an effective part of a chain of steps to keep you anonymous for individual actions.

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All I'm saying is, unusual things are happening and there is disruption on the dark web too.
Whoever is responsible for this knows what they are doing, which is impressive in and of itself and worth talking about.
This isn't just a bot net or slow loris DDOS attack, it's fucking good work by some asshole.

What do you mean by that?

No it really isn't.
It's probably some fag mad he can't fuck Whitey.

When you're (((retarded))) nothing is.

do you really think you are anonymous? tor was created by the govt, the nsa has tools capable of finding out who you are in tor, intel has backdoors in their cpu . no one is anonymous

Tor project is making progress to resolve the ddos issue, somebody (probably speedstepper) donated a huge amount of btc requesting it be spent on fixing the ddos issue and you can be sure the USA government is going all out to fix it. The thing to remember about Tor is that drugs and sexual perversion and social validation of these weaken the cohesiveness of a nation and that is why Tor exists. If governments can take down a tor site through simple ddos then that would be a set back for the project that intends to introduce everybody in the world to hedonism and perversion no matter what an individual government says.

The deep web has likely served its purpose and the DDOS attack are by design. Like how Usenet became clogged with garbage and spam right around the time news that Bubba was getting is knob polished by some fat jewess.

user, where I live you can just use Tinder for degeneracy. It really that bad now.

Kike shills are sliding this thread pretty long and hard. Something must be happening.

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Tor works to separate IP from routing
And it fucking works, unless you let jewscript run wild in your browser.
Onion services have always had two unfixable vulnerabilities: 1) ddos and 2) host leaks. This does not affect infinity posters.

Also, the specific Onion Routing protocol Tor uses was created by Paul Syverson and some other Navy nerds; it was a personal project. The proof of concept was ordering pizza (cp) without being flagged by the feds; it worked.
Then it was handed over to two tendie-loving MIT students who made a browser to interact with the network and called it Tor.

Feds can't shut down shit faggots. Tor or no Tor.
VanillaTor: proxy > tor > tor > tor > clearnet
Onion: proxy > tor > tor > tor > tor > tor > .onion (tor)

Also if you can't fuck with Tor controller but you need a new entrance:
sudo su
killall tor
rm -rf /var/lib/tor/*
#this nukes the contents of the Tor folder; Tor starts over

Read the white papers and the "fixes" before you spread fud like this.

That's not exactly what happened. Several dark net markets ('DNM', per the keyword SEO games), got a little too involved with -their- news sites, and the two of them experienced breach of data via classic intersection, along with VPN leaks. Yes, there may have been some DDOS, likely from the Chinks?, but regardless, there was account leaking because idiots thought 'news' sites was legitimacy – laughable, considering who owns major (((news))) playing that same game: 'its reported so its now legit and i can get paid for leaking my story but oh noes imma not involved no sirreee' etc.

Several news sites went down, circa 2-3wks ago. Same with torrent news sites, and coin news sites. And then still others went down as people scattered around.

Overall, aside from disrupting decent information flows, which is annoying, it appears nondiagnostic at this point in time. Free low hanging fruit for force granted agencies. May said agencies attack more non-Americans for a change. Still a dirty business.

Here is some reading for newfriends about "by design" Tor vulns:
Users Get Routed: Traffic Correlation on Tor By Realistic Adversaries.
Practical Vulnerabilities of the Tor Anonymity Network.
A Peel of Onion.
Bridging and Fingerprinting: Epistemic Attacks on Route Selection.
A Model of Onion Routing with Provable Anonymity.
Locating Hidden Servers.
Metrics for Traffic Analysis Prevention.
> etal2003.pdf
Hiding Routing Information.

How do you faggots ever expect to know anything unless you read.