Communist Oligarch George Soros Wants Banks To Politically Discriminate Against People

As if the censorship of conservatives isn’t already too much, a group of far-left political activist groups, including one funded by George Soros, are calling for the financial blacklisting of wider sections of the political right.

The groups held a protest at Mastercard’s annual general meeting (AGM) on Tuesday, demanding that the international credit card giant financially blacklist a large number of prominent conservative voices and organizations.

SumOfUs and Sleeping Giants circled the venue with a billboard stating: “Putting hate groups out of business? #Priceless.” reports:

According to a press release published by the two organizations, this was coupled with a speech from Sleeping Giants co-founder Nandini Jammi, “addressing the need for Mastercard to take swift action by cutting off its services to these hate groups.”

Sleeping Giants, whose founders initially refused to take accountability for the organization’s words and actions by remaining anonymous, was set up in 2016 by far-left political activists with the sole stated purpose of defunding Breitbart by spreading lies about it. The identity of its other founder, former advertising professional Matt Rivitz, was revealed last year.

Sleeping Giants coupled these smears with targeted social media harassment campaigns against corporations whose ads appeared on Breitbart News.

Over time, Sleeping Giants expanded its targets to encompass any conservative media with which its organizers politically disagree, including Fox News shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Daily Caller, Dennis Prager, and the Daily Wire.

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Hahaha. Your capitalist idol fall down and down and down.

Everybody hate Soros capitalism..

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He was a teenager in 1933 at the start of WWII
things that make you go hmmm…..

I bet he financed hitler and caused WW2 altogether . KEK

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Okey then. We’ll all just withdraw our accounts and keep it in a safe.
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==16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.==

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I told you they're trying to corner us all and turn us into a stupid brown mass that only think about sex.

The only things his experiences during WWII prove are that the Holocaust should have happened, and that you can't ever trust someone with a jewish wife (Bambauch, who pretended he was his gentile godson).

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Strange. All they seem to be accomplishing is gathering an intelligent White Mass that only thinks about killing our enemies in numbers too great to count. Weird.

The joke is this already happens, all this surveillance and data they collect is already used to assign you ratings in whatever they deem important.

Need a loan? Need insurance? Getting Adverts at home or online? All the data on you is used in qualifications for any number of financial services, we already have chinese social credit scores we just dont admit it like the nips. We already have total surveillance.

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It is when Europeans have their backs against the wall that we pull off our greatest achievements. The kikes don't win this.

Maybe that is the key, maybe we need to make people feel a sense of urgence? Maybe we need to just "tickle" them with the idea of hopelessness,despair and doom? Maybe that will activate them to hurry up and feel incentivized enough? How do we make people feel like they are pushed against the wall without an exit? How do we proceed from this?


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Yea, OP… you identified the important component behind this kikes behavior.

This is actually anti-free market policy.

White Nationalism is Pride.
Talking about those Who offend Us is Only the First Step.

I am Openly Pro White, Unapologetically Russian.
Отава Ё – Сумецкая

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When Soros dies, it won't make much of a difference. He's a mid-level kike, at best, who serves as a frontman for the Rothschilds.

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Soros shills go to >>>/fascist/ to be reformed.

I like how more and more WN boards are popping up. This is a good thing. It makes it harder to dox people and control the viral spread.

Soon they'll be living 150 years and up through biotech only they can afford.

I don't know why people haven't hunted these people down (in minecraft). Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

Hell, (((they))) are already using advanced tech not available to the plebs. I can't wait to reclaim all our pilfered wealth and knowledge.

Is this guy Soros untouchable, or something?

They already do.
Der Volkslehrer for example has already had several of his donation bank accounts shut down, some in Germany, some in Poland…

I don't think he's a Hindu.

His children will take over for him and will be just as bad as he is.

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Non-whites question why there's a rise of white nationalism when refusing to serve white people. They must be replaced.

Well also, he knows just as well as anyone else how old he is. It would be fairly naive to assume he has no plan for the future in case he dies. If you were to stop him, you would look to who is going to be in charge when he is gone. Same goes to shit like the Rothschilds.

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The shitskin is also anti-Tulsi too, she should pay:

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what do these people refer to when they say "liberal democracy"?

Imbecille. There's nothing that prevents a loathsome marxist like soros from making money. He's using a good system for free trade to do evil.

Capitalism is jewish and the road to socialism/communism.
Read "On The jewish question" by Karl Marx.

The only one that is able to political discriminate is the appraiser. When I used to do shorts sales I never got a short sale for less than $250k. Meanwhile everyone else’s was appraising for $100k. Even when my properties went to auction they sold for far less than appraised value.

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Generally I realized the latino processors were getting much higher appraisals than black processors in the business. Whites got the lowest. Appraisal value always went (lowest to highest)
1. White
2. Black
3. Latino

Let me not go into detail about certain Jewish groups either. They perhaps were tied to Hispanics that they’d perferred REO.

Basically perhaps they were playing better short buyback prices for whites and blacks. Until they got caught. It’s always been like that ultimately it’s quantity. The bank will get caught if it gets caught hiring same appraisers over and over and over. It’s always up to the appraisers.

Ultimately it means handing over homes for free and losing money.

basically to the polish resistance a Jew is a Latino that wants to get reparations in Europe for their transgressions. Those that aren’t Latino have their own groupings and basically pay $200k+ over asking price on real estate to stay together. In my family extension there are 3 Jewish sects or denominations. 2 of them don’t like the other. They just laugh and keep up with the crap. 2 others don’t relate are relatable and don’t look alike. They are in a different section.

if the banksters do something so immorally and blatantly political, it will be the begining of their end
new white and nationalist banks or credit unions will appear, the requirement for entry will be to be blacklisted by (((them))), those banks will prosper like they were nsdap after weimar, and in time they will ruin the roths system

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"liberal democracy" is the prime government for the Jews control because it gives the normies the false sense of security, representation, and "free choice" they have under it so that they can never truly rebel against it because of bread and circuses while the Jews rule behind the scenes through their shabbos goy candidates too be their puppets.
Democracy is simply rule of the mob and the Jews want a dumb low IQ population that is given over too consumerism and materialism so that they're not a threat too the status quo which is why they promote immigration and racemixing since nonwhites like bigger government, banning free speech, gun control, and multiculturalism.
Liberalism otherwise known as Classical Liberalism which is what most people in the West believe in(for right now) such as liberals, conservatives, and libertarians who have little differences in between. These ideologies all promote the false idea of egalitarianism which has brought disastorous outcomes for the West.
Jews hate ideologies like National Socialism, Fascism, Monarchism because it enforces collectivism among the natives in the country and roots their nepotistic ethnocentrism which is why the 3rd Reich, Fascist Italy, Tsarist Russia, and Imperial Japan are heavily demonized by Kikes in the media and academia


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When jews own both sides, it ends like this. The "brilliant financieer" Soros just recieves money for his social actions by "winning" the financial game - rigged from the start. No wonder he "won" with jew controlled Bank of England - quick transfer of wealth from the english goyim.

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Go read 200 Years Together, it's a great book about Communism.

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Soviets were just a small piece in a much larger game. Marxism didn't die with the Soviets; they were no longer useful, and as such, their original puppet masters turned against them and destroyed them once they transferred to the US.

Marxism is only a method, something with which to enact a plan of complete control for an elite cabal.

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From a kulak that lost his land. I wonder what he will say about it :)

Fairly ironic for you to proclaim that what he says is worthless due to being a kulak. Considering the fact that Lenin never worked any labour intensive job (or really ANY difficult job) in his entire life: he was a university student that briefly worked for a lawyer and was financially supported with significant amounts of money by the German government in his goals for regime change. A true champion of the working class, I would say.

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Gyuri, akarsz velem talalkozni ha jossz Budapestre?

En raerek barmikor. Meg kell beszelnunk a jovot.

Soros is some kind of glownigger and is used as front for them to finance subversive shit they can't finance themselves openly.

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Just like JP Morgan. In his lifetime he operated like he was the most powerful man in the world. When he died he was only worth $10 million. A virtual nobody. He was the front man for greater powers.

I don't get what's the problem either. If anything, you should all be already doing this instead of financing their system.

As I understand it, Soros has less than 2 months to live, but his son will continue the family tradition of doing what they're told by their betters