How to kill Google

Want to fight internet censorship?
Want to actually damage Google where it hurts?


Nobody likes ads, especially YouTube ads. Nobody likes to be forced to see random shit they don't care about while getting their entertainment. So: don't push politics. Don't bitch about censorship. Don't bother with the muh publisher or muh platform crap.

Just make sure everyone knows how much better youtube is when you're running ublock origin. Even on your mobile you can just install firefox and install the extension. Way more enjoyable than using the app with ads.

The people you like have already been demonetized anyway. Just get it to a point where even the least technologically literate are watching their silly videos ad-free.

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I don't like any YouTuber eceleb and I've used adblock for years because I'm not a boomer. Your thread is bad and you should feel bad.

Already using google chrome ad blocker.

The point is not Zig Forums users. The point is to have the normies using it.

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Back in the day using an adblocker was basic internets knowledge.
As in if you knew how to get online you knew to use an adblocker.
But now oy vey these kids

Google is really the only thing America has to be proud of, rabbi. Why would I want to hurt them?

There is only one realistic way to kill Google.


Shit thread otherwise.

I don't know if I should laugh or cry, captain obvious. Are you really telling me that you were browsing the net without adblockers up until now?

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Just boycott Android and use Ubuntu Touch instead.

Non-discriminatory appstore
Is free to create forks
Doesn't have bloated spyware included
Is free from jewish influence
Isn't controlled by the NSA
Is DRM free.
Device independent system updates
has "While-in-use permissions " (So NSA can't spy on you forever.)
FREE to publish app to official store (android and iOS take $100 a year)
Has the UNDO feature
has Desktop sync
lets you do Local full backup
Browser extensions
Browser force enable zoom
Optical character recognition input method (camera to text)
Offline maps
On device picture info (including Exif data) (So you don't dox yourself)
Zero knowledge encryption (Android has backdoor to American Government via PRISM)
Call recorder

Switch to the non-kosher Mobile Ubuntu now goyim. Android itself has become too pozzed. And Java is controlled by Oracle and its main client the Department of Defense.

The problem is banks. Problems with pharmaceuticals, poisonous food, Google, war with China/Iran (and Jewtin) etc stem from there.

woops. forgot image

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Go for lineageOS instead of buying overpriced librem5.

You're not going to get the normies to meddle with their OS or switch to a new phone just to hit Google's revenue. It needs to be lazy fast and instantly satisfying. It's better to get a lot of people to slightly change their habits and block ads, than to get all those features to a very small number of people.

Actually I don't think those people should be on the internet.

well, if you want a superior mobile OS, at least you know which one it is. don't let blue pilled androidniggers fool you with their racket appstore.

>watched video of (((Android))) "totally" being gotten rid of and replaced with Ubuntu
So it still has google boot manager. Which necessarily means google still has complete 100% control of your device.

Use AdNauseam instead and cost them shekes instead.

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Not necessarily. There are different types of images to use with the root. You could basically use any kind of logo when booting.

Either way, its unfair to force people to buy a new phone just to update their OS. Ubuntu is the approved OS here, unless you enjoy having a PRISM backdoor installed without your notice on the android. I can't believe people keep buying new phones just to upgrade their OS version..Android is basically a legal cartel and a racket.

user, I…

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it keeps crashing my browser though.
It would be fun to have a highscore website of who managed to ruin the most revenue for google KEK.

Already do that which is why they are trying to kill the api origin etc. use to block ads.
This is how

Why not just use Brave? Doesn't that have all ad blockers, etc, installed?

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So do we have an optimal plan yet? What do?

The default ones are shit, but if you add ABP and ghostery you're good.

How is it for mobile?

Just use Brave you stupid faggot, and stop relying on spotty third-party software with (((gibs me dats))) freemium bullshit.

Brave literally has an ad blocker built into the browser.
t. brainlet nigger

Better than (((Chrome))) and Soyfox.

Don't use Brave. It's a botnet

This, OP is big dum.

why? I use it on mobile

That trick where it divides out payment based on which websites your go to means it has to track which websites you're going to.

Let them do that. You're tracked anyway. What about ad nauseum. That was a huge meme a while ago, how's that for hitting google in the balls?

is not standard referral?

Also stop using Youtube. Especially for background music. There are many streaming music services out there, I like Minnesota Public Radio and Classical 24.

Slashdot Items Tagged "chrome"

Stop using GMail.

Stop using GMail. Stop using youtube. Use invisious. Use uBlock Origin. Spread this news.

Zig Forums 2019


Tell your boomer family.



this; ublock is for faggots

Brave has all that good shit in it and yeah if you haven't been blocking ads since 2000 or so then you're a tard.

Just stop using Google products, else this shit is never gonna go away



I thought this was a 'how to kill Google' thread anons, not a 'babby's first privacy fixes that obviously won't take hold in the normiesphere' thread.

Ad blockers are convenient. Google's business model (and moderation of content) relies on correctly serving mined metadata to advertisers. So get everybody to serve them bogus data.

But how to do that?
Make it work to everyone's favour.

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Actually if you really care about damaging their revenue you shouldn't block ads. You should instead run a script which actually randomly clicks on ads. The companies pay Google for a click-through on the hope that you buy something, when you click and don't buy you make devalue the entire system. Or something like that, I can't remember the exact details…

Yeah, this is the kind of thing I was talking about here .

There is a problem here…


install google killer

run this script every day


What does it do? This script opens 2 tabs in your browser and automatically searches the top 1000 keywords for Google Ad Sense on Google.
After running it for a day Google's profile on me became so fucked it started serving ads in a different language . You can set it up to run on an old pc or a browser in the background. Just let the script run 24/7

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remember that if you run this too hard google will spam you with a captcha and eventually perma-block your ip.

if you have a dynamic ip address which you most certainly do this could be a good thing. the next person who gets your ip address in rotation is going to be permabanned from google services.

Good info.

I came here to post this too, actually. This user's right, Adblock is weak shit. If you want to take down Google, destroy their metadata by pretending to be classes and races that you aren't and use their AI against them.

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That's a good thing. They just blacklist you from their tracking. Since you don't actually log in and use gshit it is a win-win.

Ublock Origin and Umatrix are default picks if you're going to use an adblocker. That way you can not only block ads but also protect yourself against malicious site features assuming you aren't braindead retarded when it comes to computers. There's also the added bonus that you can see who exactly is trying to get shekels off of you.

Sounds pretty fucking neat

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The best way to kill youtube is using Vanced on mobile and adblock on pc

Vanced us the same youtube app , but without any ads and even can play music in background

You're not killing anything by using any adblocker. Especially not by using Adblock, which whitelists certain ones by default.

really want to hit joogle and yidtube where it hurts, are you sure user. Its really even more simple then installing any software. Simply never use them, never refer to them, and never link to them ….. just stop using them completely. There are many alternative sites which provide the same services, and some are actually better depending on your needs.

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Encourage the normies use Brave or Vivaldi instead until the Zig Forums fags build something from the ground up.

Lol, you faggots think Google has to make money? They are run by Feds, owned by Jews and crucial to controlling the world. If they need money, they’ll be given it, via a government hosting contract that is never used, or a pork DARPA project, or a Federal Reserve cash injection (real thing they do “for the economy”), or a loan from a Jew bank that never has to be paid back.

Don’t you dumb niggers get that money is power, and the Jews print the money? Control the fountain, control everything downstream.

[citation needed]

Guys lets just demonetize Walmart while we are at it.

Boycotts only work when its corporations doing the boycotts.

Lots of websites use Google's ads, analytics, search function (as in a search bar for their own website made by Google) and other services. So when you proclaim that you are hurting Google by not using one of their least profitable features, you are demonstrating how fucking little you know. Youtube has been a massive drain in terms of resources before Google ever bought it (not even slightly profitable, just slowly bleeding money), now it is even more of a drain because Youtube demonetises everything in sight. They didn't buy it to make money, they bought it in order to have control.

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This will hurt small businesses more than it hurts Google since they will still have to pay for bot clicks.

on what phone though?

then maybe small businesses shouldn't be using jewgle.

Just stop consumerism altogether.

Galaxy S5

I mean, how the fuck else do you expect to reduce the value of clicks on Google's ads? If there is no reason to leave or go to someone else then obviously the value won't go down.

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They should be using whatever brings in business. I'm guessing this stunt is a result of Google ads starting to take too much business from the usual kosher media channels.