Tulsi is in a (((Cult)))

Tulsi's husband (((Abraham))), a Washington DC based cinematographer who is from New Zealand, is also a full time member of a Jewish run Hari Krishna cult called "The Science of Identity".




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Lmao, anti-Tulsi shills are delusion.

This is the cult leader and her husband.

Also posting in positions and voting record:

1. Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Act of 2018

2. Iran sanctions

3. prevent US from selling Syrian (((rebels))) weapons


4. support increased American intervention in Middle Eastern conflicts beyond air support

5. Appeal Obamcare


6. Supports Military aid in Africa for Ebola outbreaks

7. Full gun control and confiscation

8. Voted against "child can feel pain" abortion bill and supports after birth abortions

9. Supports OPEN BORDERS. Voted against all funding for ICE during Obama years. Fully against deportation

10. Voted for all "equal pay gender discrimination acts" forcing employers to pay women more.

11. Supports free housing for LGBTQ. Is on the LGBTQ board of Congress

12. Ocazio Cortez levels of (((Climate Change - Rothschild scam))), including The OFF Act transitions the U.S. to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2035 (at your expense, not the elites)

13. Supports raising income tax

14. Supported Obama's NET Neutrality act

15. Supports Patsy Mink legislation that opened the door to gender equality in sports (forcing tax payers to fund things like women's basketball college programs, that can also be played by giant black trannies).


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itt: JIDF

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You don't understand. The Krishnas were taken over by Jews. The new leader of the entire religion is also a Jew accused of pedophillia. 8/pol/ had a thread on it.

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She blames Saudis for Israel's actions and supported giving weapons to Syrian (((rebels))) under Obama.

Only since 2016 did she become anti-war and talk like Ron Paul

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works for me

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Her father was also a Senator


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She voted for Sanctions against Iran under Obama multiple times. See sources I listed

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holy fuck is she ugly without makeup to lighten her skin

Seems like she's changed her tune to Israel?

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No not mommy tulsi!!!

Aren't those CIA backed cults just a way for Jews to control goyim in positions of power? Kind of redundant for someone who is directly in their chain of command.

Check out her website. She says she loves Israel

Tulsicrew BTFO how will they ever recover?

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She's literally a female Obama


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Hegalian dialectic in manipulation of politics you fools

However culty OP thinks the Buddhists and Krishnas are, they can't have any more Jewish involvement than Christianity, so what should I worried about?

Sorry Biden, but I'm not biting, try harder.


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That's not Hegelian dialectics idiot, it's anti-dialectics and false dichotomy that kikes push.

Pathetic (((Alt-Right))) shilling. Ignoring everything and distracting

Jews actually run the Krishna cult. And the "Science of the Mind" is run by a Jew hippie. She's a CIA baby.
Her daddy was a Senator

Check her webpage
Check her voting record

>Pathetic (((Alt-Right))) shilling. Ignoring everything and distracting
Forgot pic

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This place just gets more leftist every year

And Jared and Yael Kushner are in Chabad, and even before running for president, the Trump was a Chabad donor. I'm a lot more concerned with that, than someone being a Hari Krishna. "Education Day" doesn't commemorate the birth of some prominent Hari Krishna, and Congress didn't recognize some set of Hari Krishna laws as " the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded" in 1991.

When it comes to cults, the ZOG Emperor has Tulsi beat.

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It's funny this got anchored but the pro-Tulsi thread is alive and shilling.
(shitty OP with shitty sauce though)

Butler's Web: Krishna, Politics, and QNET's International Pyramid Scheme

Butler's Web, Part 2: Who is Gabbard's Guru?

Should we play "Six Degrees of Separation"?
I'm sure Hillary and NXIVM are pretty close to the (((Science of Identity))) foundation.

Can we play it with Trump? Trump to Roger Stone, who was a lobbyist for NXIVM. But I guess that doesn't count, right?

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Not to mention that Trump and Stone's relationship started through their shared mentor, Roy Cohn, the jewish pedophile who sabotaged McCarthy. John DeCamp even mentioned him in The Franklin Cover-up.

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Jim wants to turn this into votecucks board.

Many Religions are Cults by definition.
n. A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.
n. The followers of such a religion or sect.
Smoke dat ICE mon, yah?

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why the fuck does she have a name given to panjeet street shitters?


Haha christcucks are fucking mentally retarded

so is she a Hindu and therefore a street shitter?

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