Friendly reminder

Friendly reminder
t. Mussolini

Peace was never an option, Mussolini knew it, Hitler knew it, so why do so many people think that there is a peaceful solution to our situation? Do the Tibetans believe that the Chinese will allow them to democratically attain their freedom? Do the Palestinians believe that the Israelis will allow them to democratically attain their freedom? No sane person would ever argue this to be the case, yet many so-called "white nationalists" continually argue that our pathway to freedom is via the ZOG-controlled ballot box. Why?

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It's because many people want to try literally anything they can that isn't violence first.
I think they're wrong with this approach; but it is completely understandable, as using violence would mean the complete destruction of any sense of security/comfort in their daily lives.

Voting is retarded, and so is trying to immediately war your way out of things. The best solution is, and always will be, to fuck off to fortify a cluster of independent but allied nationstates in various regions (preferably close enough to have uninterrupted trade). Everything that follows is only natural.

The problem is, a giant chunk of you faggots don't want to work together to do anything other than bitch about MUH JOOS.

It's a shame.
We have both yet we do nothing with them. There are millions of Americans who would vote for an end to White Genocide were they given a chance. But we will never be allowed that chance.
And there are many times more than 50 thousand rifles sitting around but Americans never use them for anything other than shooting beer cans.

It's so strange.

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And how the hell does that work?

Gather some funds, buy up some land, form small-scale communes and grow the fuck out of some food, timber, etc. Gather as many resources as you can. Go from there. It's not rocket science, you dingus. People have been doing this shit for millenia, it's only recently that people are afraid of doing so.

Once you realize that most of the new "White nationalists" or people trying it on like a hat in the age of Trump are really just boiler plate conservatives who are aghast that the niggers they shower with money at sportsball games and their nigger grand kids don't like them, it makes a lot more sense.

They like being bombarded with coca-cola commercials. They think you're a faggot if you drive a fuel efficient vehicle. If Pradeep the streetshitter wants to send someone else's kid to die for israel cause he don't like muslims neither, then he's as American as apple pie and he can shit where he damn well pleases.

The "talent pool" for lack of a better term is unfathomably shallow.

it's hardly protest vs persuasion anymore
just begging, crying, nagging, chucking tantrums vs educating the retarded, informing the ignorant, negotiating peace with eternal enemies, and waiting for unreasonable people to see reason

Good thread to come back too, been gone since before imkikey got ousted. Hopefully the number of people who still buy into some kind of "political revolution" is dwindling, and they're preparing for action of one kind or another instead.


Do you have a better idea?

They are scared to die. Rightfully so, war is messy. But when the time comes you need to make the choice to sacrifice yourself to a greater cause, or watch your people perish.
The “alt-right” and votecuck “white nationalists” need to find their collective balls

Could just be waiting for some kind of justification, like a "we clearly won by vote but oligarchs ignored it" like brexit

I really fucking hope so. It just feels like to me we’re a bunch of dudes hanging out on the sidelines, getting all amped up waiting for a fight to break out so we can rush in and break some skulls. Only problem is the trigger never comes.
Dumb metaphor I know but it’s a weird feeling.

honestly, too much german/english, not enough french. At this point I consider the american revolution of 76 to be complete and total lightning in a bottle.

I'm convinced the only reason Trump was allowed to win his first election was because they knew it'd turn to shit if he didn't. That, and shillary is an unwanted pariah even amongst them.

Your metaphor isn't dumb, it's spot on.
Hundreds of thousands are ready to go (to some degree at least), but there obviously hasn't been a proper reason for everyone to get started yet.

Shitler was a Jew agent, drug addict and mentally ill.

Oh boy, you MUST be right! I'll take your word at face value and NEVER look into that. Thanks, Dr. Schlomo Shekelbergensteinowitz!

here's your (you)

Trump probably won honestly. Trouble is Trump is yet another neo-liberal at his core. He's hardly a fascist, or even close to one, by the wildest stretches of imagination.

Buy gun and shoot kikes.

The Jews won WWll all because of Shitler.

I'm saying they didn't use the electoral college to overturn his win because they knew it'd absolutely blow back up in their face. The tension was REALLY fucking high.

Trump won because he is 200% turbo yid. You couldn't find a more tikkun olam candidate if you tried.

Are you White today?

Today I'm a Jew and boy oh boy are we Jews terrible people. Just like Nazis. So I suggest doing what I'm doing and support BDS which is becoming more popular!

Stop Racist Nazi Apartheid Israel (ES)

Trump is the last shot for peace. and it's not looking so good at the moment. he is going to backstab us our them in the end. TBH if you were a Nazi trying to single handedly remove Jewish power you would have to appease them until you could make your move.

it also gives 5 more years to wake people up. the less people on the enemy side the better.

Trump isn't a secret national socialist. It really ought to be an automatic ban for anyone who keeps suggesting it, even if they try to be cryptic or wishy washy about it. Would clean the board up big time.

Those who truly believe they can win a war by laying their back to the ground & their belly to the sky will die with their their back to the ground & their belly ripped to ribbons
Weakness can only be removed surgically, in a practice called euthanasia

Many strong men struggle as their peers are weak
They try, they hope, and they do their damnedest, to attempt to convince their fellow can of the truth they can't see
However, their weak peers will be their downfall, like lead shoes on a swimmer, weakness is a black hole to strength, devouring & consuming all living, and only spitting out death in it's wake

Do not fool yourself into trying to save the suicidal
Though you should always tell them of their error, you shouldn't ever truly involve yourself with them, as they will die taking you with them

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Alright, let's assume you do this. The average AR15 (which is a shitty gun, but it's cheap) costs about $600-$1,500, depending on where you buy it from/who makes it/etc. Next, we'll need ammo. AR15's typically use 5.56 rounds, which are roughly $4 per 100 (although you can likely find cheaper). According to a recent US census, there's about 5 million jews in the US (likely more due to it mainly relying on jews who openly identify as jews) - so you would need 5 million bullets, or $200,000 USD on bullets alone. This doesn't take things like cartridges, magazines, etc into account. You could go with 9MM ammo instead to bring the cost down to about $175,000 USD (you can find 1,000 9MM cans for about $35), but then, you're using 9MM ammo. In any case, this assumes you hit with 100% accuracy - and unless you're Finnish and fighting against retarded slavs, this is HEAVILY unlikely. Still, we'll give your retarded Übermensch fantasy the benefit of the doubt, and assume you have about a 50% fatal accuracy rate. That's still $400,000 for ammo, assuming it takes an average of 2 bullets.

Now, we'll have to take fuel for travel into consideration. At its cheapest, you can find gasoline prices to be $2.50 (obviously much more in shitty states like commiefornia). So with a car that has a 40 mile-to-gallon highway efficiency and has about 15 gallons, you'll be making stops about every 600 miles at least. This doesn't account for the frequent stops, food breaks (which we'll be lenient and pretend you just grew and/or smoked all of the food yourself), etc which drastically reduce efficiency, but still. That's about $37.50 every 600 miles - and you'd need to be doing a LOT of traveling (the trip from California to New York, for example, is about 3,000 miles with no stops - good luck having no stops). Even assuming you managed to do it in about 60,000 miles total, that's $3,750 USD - at the CHEAPEST gas prices in the BEST fuel efficiency in a car that would easily cost $20,000 and up (Kia Forte, capable of 40 MPG highway, is about that much depending).

So thus far we've spent about $424,350 USD buying the cheapest gun, ammo, and car options with insanely unrealistic efficiency and absolutely no other costs included, at the CHEAPEST rates available. Next, we have to account for time. The average highway speed limit is anywhere from 60 to 75 MPH, but we'll be generous and say you can haul ass at 90 MPH consistently and with no stops for your entire 60,000 mile trip. That's still about 666.666… (heh) hours. Of JUST DRIVING. That's almost a month of nonstop driving.

Or, you could spend $424,350 USD and 1 month to REALISTICALLY buy a piece of fucking land, travel to it, and start growing a family there and invite those you trust to create a commune on that land. For frame of reference, you can easily find 10+ acre, ~$300,000 properties with homes already on them in states like South Dakota and Iowa.

You stupid fucking cunt.

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Yeah, spending $425000 to shoot all kikes the USA sound better than spending a single cent on land, who will get taken over by ZOG as soon as you try anything?

Who is the stupid cunt?

And going on a one-man genocide would be the safer bet?

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Bump for S'Truth.

Yes, because you are a mobile target.

You are going to get waco, good job, genius.

I think we found another jew, fellas.

I like the part where he calculates the cost of millions bullet, and distance to god know where in Cali.

Tarrant couldn't even fucking kill more than 51 people in a tiny little island with shit police reaction time and no sweeping military drones galore. And he had far more invested and planning.

Meanwhile, not getting waco'd is a lot fucking easier to prevent, and is already happening in multiple regions. Stuff like the NWF and dozens, if not hundreds, of unnamed and under-the-radar communes most definitely exist. The trick is to not LARP and turn your shit into a literal cult, or be a retard and try to sell any weaponry (even if it's deactivated). Also, again, have more than one community - it's a lot harder to take down a cluster of interconnected communities than one centralized community.

Alright, how do you get access to any of that shit, then?

A one-man genocide? No, that wouldn't be very effective.

Donald Trump received 62.9 million votes in 2016, 88% non-Hispanic White.
The entire US military active and reserve forces amount to just over 2 million; mostly White, many of whom would prove unreliable in a civil unrest scenario where pitted against a nationalistic White faction.
The numbers speak for themselves.

A one-man genocide won't result in anything but a corpse; but a many-man genocide? That's called a revolution. And they've worked plenty of times. - t. American

In 1924, Adolf Hitler was in prison for a failed military coup.
In 1934, Adolf Hitler was Chancellor of Germany.
In 1944, Adolf Hitler was Chancellor of Germany immersed in conflict with the sinister (((over-power))) which had come to dominate the Western world from the shadows.
He lost, sadly… But do you think ANYONE saw it coming to that in 1923? In 1920?
You wouldn't believe how things can change in just 10 years, but no amount of time is going to make enclavism any less suicidal, because withdrawing from the fight is almost-never the way you win the fight.

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You enclavists are all going to get killed if the people who don't join your enclavist movement don't find some way to save you. I hope we can find a way….

…. I won't lie about your chances, but you have my sympathies.

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all me tbh

Who said that forming an enclave is withdrawing? If the fight comes to you, that's when a reasonable revolution can actually begin. You're fighting for more than just a loose ideology that the rest of the world would already have reason to hate you for - you'd have land, something tangible and understandable to fight for.

So do your shit and start your commune then? This faggot is naive.

I will just buy gun and kill jews.

pleasure pain principle and apathy.
the pain doesn't hurt enough to get out of an apathetic state and move to action.

Lol you are gonna get waco and turn into a pedo by the media.

Happy not killing a single kike or doing anything at all.

This is an English speaking board, achmed.

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Now you? You do not have my sympathies.
You deserve what you're going to get.

Me. Because it is. Any attempt to deny that is pure cope.

You're already dead, you just don't know it.

No matter how much time passes, no matter how many 'reasonable' cope-posts you present, you're not going to be any less suicidal in your promotion of enclavism.

I hope you realize that in time. It might just save your life.

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I speak English tho, yid.

You understand exactly what I say and you are scared of it.

Yeah but he ended up dead upside down. The power of jews is money, need a million financial warriors to take over the supply chain of all things replacing jews.

Lol financial warriors, jews letting you jew them.

Newsflash: kike can't use money if they are dead.

Exactly. You don't know the power of what having land really entails.

All of your arguments present nothing more than rhetoric and non-truths. Give some fucking facts - some statistics, some logic something that shows it's possible to escape this hellish prison designed over the course of many generations.
failed miserably and gave the perfect excuse for every jew to kvetch for millenia.

Then try speaking English, shitskin.

I already speak English, yid.

Go on, start your commune. Nobody is stopping you.

What are you waiting for, go fight jews' mutt army and police with your 50k militia, it's a better alternative, yeah?

It's a goal I intend to work toward, yes. What are you working toward? What have you done for your people? What food have you grown, what houses have you built, what lives have you saved?

Tell that to the corpses at Waco

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Yeah, it actually is. I'm planning myself. The thing is attacking is a lot easer than defending.

Tell me when your commune is up lol

I kill my enemies for my people.

There is no point in building shit in hostile terrority. Pacify it then build, otherwise, it is a sand castle.

The suggestion /w the voat link isn't about defense or going off in the woods, that's your mo.


Again, Waco could've easily been avoided. They were careless and didn't think the feds wanted any excuse to bust their door down with a tank, so they slipped up and let the feds do exactly that. Still, it serves as a powerful lesson - never let your guard down.

ID's are a thing, retard.

Well, my MO is about killing and social chaos, learning from the taliban.

Make society a living hell and make the police state shows it true face.

No innawood or muh white homeland can solve that.

Yeah, man, the US is going to leave your white ethnoland inside its border alone. Tote honest.

Ah, so you're a special brand of retard. You do realize that whole concept is pushed by marxist kikes in order to create the chaos they need to prop up their autocratic death machines, right?
I bet you think ISIS actually wants to fight Israel

Where did I say that?

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Yeah, I want them to prop up the death machines so people can fight against them. I am more scared of slow boil than physical conflict.

And yeah, the taliban is highly successful in retaking land.

Your plan is an ethno commune out of bum fuck nowhere, correct?

you don't say

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Your lessons are from a puppet rather than the puppet master, who also created the puppet you look up to. 0/10

Your link led me to this which just makes me think I'm MORE right than before.

Oh my god this lolberg shit is still being shilled… Dear God… Please stop making me feel WORSE for you, you typing corpse.
Self-imposed concentration camps are not the way to survive being demographically displaced due to the policies of a small group of hyper-wealthy jews and their shabbos pawns. That's some factual content right there, I tell you hwat.

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posting in an ebic fed bread

Yeah, that is my plan.

What is your?

Yeah, the taliban controlling Afghanistan is worse than ZOGbots. Not.

Muh enclavism.
You do realize that whole concept is pushed by marxist kikes in order to create the easy targets for extermination and to urge Whites to withdraw into 'parallel communities' as they gradually lose more and more power, right?
Has been making the US military look like the joke it is for years now.

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Hello deradicalization officer.

How many have you deradicalized today?




Always, always the same bullshit.

We really ought to learn from the Taliban and the Viet Cong.

You must be trolling.

Nice strawman. It's not about lolbertarianism, it's about the value of having the space to grow food, the ability to have shelter, and any other resources directly under your control.

Again, strawman. I know you think that having something to tie yourself down to is somehow some form of weakness, but it really fucking isn't. You need a home to go to. You need a place to fortify and retreat to.
That's literally the point of going off the grid. Survive. If any stupid faggot trespasses, you shoot to protect your property.

A lot more detailed and thought out than yours, you shortsighted mongoloid.

I get that you're aping my words like the braindead shitskin you are, but no, the idea of private land ownership is antithetical to the public land ownership that marxism espouses. The only reason lolbergism is allowed to exist at all is because they intentionally sap the political party of any power, but it works as a nice funnel for naive and idealistic hopefuls who still think political action can somehow rectify anything.

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Yeah, I'm not trolling, and the taliban controlling Afghanistan is better than ZOGbots controlling it.

I'm sad your favorite brand of baste afghan doesn't beat the taliban, but it's the fact, my yid.

Thanks for the deep insight there anonymous jewish federal agent #89e876.

What are you waiting for? Why aren't you posting images of your 'financial warriors' BTFOing the kikes with their own system through concentrated buying power on the open market?
What EXACTLY are you even talking about with this 'financial warrior' shit anyway?

Someone's fucking mad.

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OK, please explain to the class your plan?

How do you plan to defend your land when ZOGbots descend upon you?

inb4 I'm gonna go taliban it up

Yeah, mad at kike.

How do you do, fellow goyim?

Who controls the taliban?

Wait… holy fucking shit, are you afghani? I've never seen anyone unironically praise afghanistan for being anything other than a shithole or kike puppet state.

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Dude, what the fuck?

An afghani leader.
Yeah, they are doing a bang up job sending the ZOGbots out of afghan, with just AK and RPG-7, IED and technicals.

I mean, shit, you're literally praising the (((taliban))) for supposedly making a joke of the US military, so clearly you admit it's possible to at least survive an onslaught in a defensive position.

Nice strawman.


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>I mean, shit, you're literally praising the (((taliban))) for supposedly making a joke of the US military, so clearly you admit it's possible to at least survive an onslaught in a defensive position.
The taliban retreat and then reform.

They have a whole mountain range to hide from.

They do not have a single piece of open range farm where they defend to the death.

They also attack, infiltrate, suicide bomb ZOGbots and other afghani until they submit to taliban rule.

Do you do those?

Who DOES control the taliban? You tell me.

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>you're literally praising the (((taliban))) for supposedly making a joke of the US military


Proper reason is ZOG police state.

We need ZOG to reveal their true form. A complete breakdown of society and comfortableness.

Ah this yid isn't interesting in arguing.

This right here.


I've provided the link which goes over what it's about, people can check it out, you can keep calling everyone a yid.

The info isn't for you, you should do the one man militia leroy jenkins get shot by a mall cop after killing a door routine. Don't let me distract you from your mission.

OK, yid.

Let people check it out then, I'm gonna make fun of goyim trying to jew jews in their game.

My point is that you need to present a better fucking argument, rather than resorting to shitty strawman arguments to argue against things I'm literally not arguing for.

Or make literal fucking bunkers, which is surprisingly easy to do.
I'm honestly astounded anyone thought living in South Africa after it got taken over by niggers again was a good idea. Same with living in any major US city.

You give those dumb faggots too much credit. The davidians got played by the feds through years of concentrated effort on the feds' part, while the davidians fucked off and did nothing about it.

On whose fucking authority and prophetic wisdom? I don't trust a single goddamn word you say, you fucking snake.

That's why you buy more and more land, dumbfuck, and fortify the shit out of it. South Africans thought they wouldn't need literal citadel walls to protect them.
Again, this is assuming WAY too much, and still only valid for a single, centralized community, which I'm not advocating for at all. Centralized, singled-out enclaves are absolutely easy pickin's. That's why you form multiple, with as many people as possible, and form a pseudo-confederacy among them.

I'm not. It's not about land "rights", it's about creating things of intrinsic value rather than perceived value.

I don't know where you're getting that from, but alright

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So what's your plan now?

Building a fortress/bunker in bumfuck Iowa?

And you think the feds are gonna leave you there in your bunker fortress?

Holy shit, this shit gets more LARPy as it goes.

So now, not only one land, but multiple lands into a pseudo-confederacy?

And you expect the feds to just let you do it? What about the cost involved?

Hooo boy.

This is why lolberg is dead.

You should get a tshirt made for when you go on your shooting spree, and a hat. Really stick it to your arch enemies "Down with reddit! Fuck you liberals!"

Nah, I'm gonna an AR15, 5 mags, a good plate to hold these 5 mags and go to town.

My bullets will stick it to them, no need for a hat LOL

Upon further inspection, those posts you can really be summarized as

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Why the fuck would I openly discuss specifics of a plan on a board known to be regularly browsed by glowniggers? I'm willing to discuss broad ideas, but seriously, a lot of shit can be worked out in details, yes.