An American Civil War Would Leave Israel Vulnerable

If it's one thing the US government fears the most it's a people united against them. The greatest threat to the American government is its citizens.
Make no mistake: This land belongs to the people. Period. Not the government.

The government's power comes from how it is perceived, not how it's perceived by the rest of the world, but by its own citizens. It's power comes from and is sustained by your perception of it. If you fear the government as all powerful, you have surrendered and forfeited your constitutional rights — The government fears you, intrinsically, as it is impossible for them not to fear you.

We are citizens of the United States not citizens of the American government. We govern ourselves, and the government is there to govern those who do not or cannot govern themselves, on our behalf.

With that out of the fucking way:There is no way American military forces could defend Israel 'and' fight a civil war. And since the America is HQ, they wouldn't be operational globally as they would be all tied up here. The Military could not fight a Civil War and maintain global operations — that means assisting and fighting for Israel would cease.

The greatest threat to Israel and Jews at this time in history, is white Americans, because if you go to war with your own government, Israel is fucking done.
And Jews globally, are fucking cooked.

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Correct. The arguments that the American people need to be all kumbaya and work to reform the system and blah blah blah, never made any sense. You know what fucks globalism good and dead? White armed uprising.

God makes Nations; people make governments
One is sacred; the other is profane.

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are … endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…. That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men…. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. … Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
Declaration of Independence (1776).

Not only is israel done but Germany will finally be out from under the yoke of the occupation army that has held her head underwater since 1945.

Is it so bad that the United States has to destroy itself to rid itself of the Zionist parasite?

When you have a tick you don't slash your wrists,

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The United States must be destroyed. People who want to keep it around are all nigger lovers.

A man can dream.

funny you say that.

some of the people who would carve up the United States would give the blacks their own nation.

The United States died with Kennedy, brah. The Federal Reserve was the start though.

No. The current standing American government needs to be abolished. The United States rule; the power of the people, needs to be reestablished.

You can dream.but it's futile.

Israel has nukes. Iran does not.

The way to destroy Israel is give the Palestanians right of return.

They overwhelm the Zionists with their numbers and vote to dismantle Israel and re-establish Palestine.

Support BDS.

How can you give palestinian right of return?

The only thing that prevents civil war is an outside war. People tend to momentarily forget civil conflicts and focus on the outside "threat". This is why the Jew is trying to instigate a war with Iran, it would be a very long war and a very bloody one for White lives. The more Whites die, the weaker war are, obviously, and the longer we wait for the day of the rope, the weaker we are, because the Jew will have more footsoldiers in our nation.

Russia has nukes. Russia is to Iran what America is to Israel.

Arm them with something more effective than a brick?

You're a nigger lover.

I believe a Civil war will create a world war. Once America is tied up in it's own civil conflict, the other world powers are going to take advantage of the situation.
Israel is 100% fucked in that scenario.

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This tbh, a few hundred conexes filled with a.k's, ammo and stingers would go a long way

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All Israel has to do is sell parts of the country to China.

The US was destroyed by kikes, but yes, we need to collapse to reset everything, just as you flush toilet that has been shit in.

IKR…we could even ship them across the Atlantic to gaza.

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Israel has power in the US, but they don't have that much power. The US Government could try and sell land to China, but any Civil War that simply ends up with the winner taking control of the "US Government" will be a failure. If our side wins they're going to have to convince that new state they should have whatever land the government tried to sell.


This tbh.
Hitler made the jewish state possible
This is the approach.

Literally what niggers and kikes want.

This is the last hope of the white race.

found the kike

the jews are more like those bugs from the mummy

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Voting has proven too be useless. Trump was THE LAST CHANCE White America the real America had at a 2nd chance at greatness and too set a stepping stone towards getting America free from the Jews through civil democratic means. Now he wants "immigration in the highest numbers ever", global enforcement of feminism and faggotry, preventing any nationalist from speaking up against the status quo by banning them on social media and through social ostracization and now we are stuck with milquetoast civic "nationalists" aka bluepilled boomers and gen xrs who still think nothing is wrong at all now that Trump is in charge while he continues too stab us in the back.

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we also give wildlife their own natural preserves, and then we hunt them



Long b4 that newfren

Bds fag again.

Reminder hitler Was voted in. Everthing is reactionary to malevolence and accepting/serving benevolence.

I love that angry screencap rant. Thing of beauty.

it died after general sherman strolled through atlanta bringing fire to the land

Explain how we can win through another election when the border is being literally flooded from Trump doing fuck all too stop it? You do realize if Texas goes brown it goes blue too? In the next decade mark my fucking words America will be a 3rd world country because of cuckservatives, neocons, leftists, and kikes doing everything in their power too stop us. I don't doubt we would win in a race war scenerio since it's mainly those of us that are into prepping and guns along with libertarians/prepper conservatives that might see the writing on the wall. I can also confirm that more and more Whites are starting too get what's happening but are still falling for Trump because many would rather not admit publicly that voting out of this is over now. IMO whites should set up private real estate companies and screen people who share the views into communities while also not giving off that it is politcal openly or else FEDs will swarm too it like flies to a carcass.

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Columbus was a jew. The seeds were planted before the get go.

You are not doing anything other than talking to me about a solution that "we" require. Yet you are not engaging in the solution you advocate alone. There is a we involved for the successful attainment of what we mutually agree on as benficial. You just voted by talking fren.

whoa whoa Columbus didn't found a nation. My people came here right after Columbus and long before this was even a twinkle in the founders eye…we have history here user. That never did and still doesn't involve the kikes. Our people MADE THIS PLACE.

boomers dying off will leave Israel vulnerable since the only people who support Israel are the retarded christian boomers. Once they die off, israel is completely fucked

Texas is already blue. Drumpfstein will find that out in 2020.

Yeah, we made everyplace, and (((they))) destroyed all of em with infiltration and subversion. Now we've got the world stage. Last battle.

Part of my family were also Texas Rangers…we win by being more ruthless and violently cruel to all other nations who betrayed us for the kikes intention of genociding us than anyone has ever been in the history of this planet. We target the weak and innocent, women who are capable of giving birth to the next generation as well as girl children. We have to be more ruthless to others than we have ever been in our history and it has to be for total extermination. Europeans have forgotten what it takes to survive and survival is key, it is EVERYTHING in this game. The lion doesn't pity the fawn of its prey. It kills to survive, it kills what is required, it has no remorse for survival and no empathy for those who openly intended on genociding us and our offspring. Already niggers are doing this to our offspring and we are not 'doing anything' in return. This has to change if survival is something we intend on doing. There must be an unstopping unrelenting push to the extermination of all our enemies on this planet. Not one child or person should be spared. Total all out war to the best of our ability.

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Africans wouldn't be here if not for the (((jew slave ships)))
Thr symptoms are evidenced to distract you from their origin

The most important and key issue of all issues is that we must not permit any type of jew, even 1% jewish in our ranks. They will follow their genetic program and they have no control over it no matter what they say on the surface or what they think, when that time comes they will betray us because of their genetic programming which favors kikes over any other people. So weeding out the kikes who will damage us, turn traitor on us or murder us from behind the ranks is going to be the most vital element of all in securing a future for White children.
14/88 anons, I'm going to bed

very true user. the kikes knew even back then that niggers were the most dangerous biological weapon on this planet and they used them as that. Last Battle!

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We all want to be free from the yoke of one who'd depeive us from our efforts. We all know there can be no effort and action without accountability toward the others we stake our identity for/against. As the jew declares race ware now and is forever against us, we must reciprocate kindly unto the ideal of our self and its manifestation through that which defines it. Natsoc is an ideology that israel holds in practice, but with foreign provocateurs to submit and siphon for it to be so. White Natsoc was and is about relying on one's self and relation to Creator with blood as testament.

Violence isn't like voting. Done wrong, like if you did it on a random whim like an emotional nigger, all it does is waste life you could be spending making/raising a family, self-improving, or otherwise getting your affairs in order. As proven by Tarrant the only shootings that are actually meaningful are those that are practiced and achieve more than single-digit kills. It's not like you can start a race war by snapping your fingers either – otherwise, people'd be out there fighting already.

Violence, like anything effective, takes TIME to prepare for. Voting, comparatively, is simple to do but doesn't actually accomplish anything except give power to hucksters who will turn on you once the office is secured or otherwise are manipulated to serve Jewish interests. Like what happened with Trump, but also before him with faggots like Bush.

It'll get worse b4 better mate. We operate by taking the heel or trusting those who have it. Regardless, you're both.

It's actually much easier to imagine at a local level.
In each of our cities/towns, there are x number of armed citizens and x number of armed traitorous scumbags.
Thinking of my town, I'd say it's 70-80:1 even if not a single sheriff flips sides (which is not going to happen)

Just expand that and you get some kind of idea of just how outnumbered these traitors are. They are terrified of losing the narrative, it's why they are here and it's why they will be shutting down this board (to no avail) soon.

forgot my picture. Pictures get attention. I learned that from JIDF! Thanks jews!

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I like the sound of what you are saying and it sounds great and all but there has to be something the Jew has up their sleeves. Perhaps a golem such as China to attack misbehaving goyim? iDK. Maybe that’s all just propaganda like nuclear bombs to keep us passive. I pray every day for this to happen. Before you call me a cuck for praying and not doing. Using your mental energy and projecting outwards into the world as real effect, it’s what magic is and what elites do in their rituals.

Gentlemen this is a shill. If not it'd be open to discussing it's irrelevant assertion to detract from the established conversation.
Getting short schlomes?

(basic information showing we vastly outnumber the government)

We vastly outnumber you fucks. Profoundly so, or you wouldn't be hired to steer us off course. Unless you care to explain how showing that we vastly outnumber the government in a thread about the government fearing its people is "shilling?"
You won't be doing that though as you posted this to detract from my elementary explanation as to how we GREATLY OUTNUMBER THE GOVERNMENT. Right here in THIS POST


The jew has nothing up his sleeve that you didn't give him. You are in this moment becoming a creation to the principles of all creation or the arbitration of an ignorant bias unto its created's arbitration.

Whenever in my post did I say I believe it wouldn't change anything? I'm just explain why the other guy wouldn't "lead the way" when he says violence is the only option, and I for my personal part agree. It's better to bide your time until you're ready to go out in an efficient blaze of glory than to immediately boil over only to accomplish absolutely nothing like the Encyclopedia Dramatica shooter who was stopped by a sofa.
In all my time on this board, I've seen so many posts wanting or awaiting the opportunity to kill traitors and enemy races, only tempered the knowledge that Feds want mindless violence so they can manipulate or entrap you and, again, they stand to lose valuable things, people, or time if they fly off the handle immediately. Even beyond Zig Forums, increasing pockets of sympathizers such as the 25% of Illinois citizens who supported a literal NatSoc (Arthur Jones) last year or the 9% of Neo-Nazi sympathizers in the screencap
make it clear that there ARE people ready to take matters into their hands – but the time and circumstances simply aren't right at this time.

Taking the helm by force is something we inevitably have to do sooner or later, since we cannot trust those currently in power (Trump, Bolsonaro, etc) or those CAPABLE of taking the helm after to act within our interests after we stop being useful to them – being backstabbed after pinning our hopes on a legal savior is why people have grown so cold to Trump after all. Besides, what other answer do we have to the existential problem facing the Western countries and the white race at large?

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Nobody "gave" the jews anything. They stole everything they have. Fuck you, arrogant bitch.

iran is waiting for you, amerimutt soldier
and terrorist attacks
and crackdown

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Have you ever inquired to your rabbis/pharisees why your cult is maternal?

Its because the last time you fucks overstepped your boundaries we killed ever single man jew on earth. Where did we go wrong? We left some women.

We will never make that mistake again. Ever.

The love we have was diluted by your self hatred, and gave you an empathy to exploit. We are beyond this now Sirius. This age is now in declination.

Why do you continue to cling to the State?
The State wants you dead.

I won't be

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tbh I'm just so damned tired of nothing really being achieve politcally for us. I know small acts of violence will never fucking solve anything unless its a prime target that will make lives uncomfortable for the normies from backlash by the left which will recruit more too our side. However I'm still on the fence who is the most accelarationist candidate maybe Trump should get reelected too show normies that the conservatives are NOT on their side just as the last election showed them that leftists aren't. It's all so tiresome and just depressing nothing is ever done too change it and I don't have the means too really change anything since my life is just shit rn.

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It's always been you. Plan or strike, it's you. God watches the clicks of the maker not the ticking of clocks.

Not the lying jew fuck mods are banning shit they don't agree with by labeling it porn.

You mean he ended investigations into them by the feds, right? Because that's what actually happened.

You kikes are so desperate it's pathetic.

Everything you see on (((their))) sites was put there for you to see. Never forget that. Use whatever time we have left to strengthen yourself and prepare for the worst. There will be plenty of time for fighting when the fighting comes.

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Everything you see on (((their))) sites was put there for you to see. Never forget that.
And dont forget you went there to see it and vindicate your identity as you see it in opposition.


Nigger I've posted my picture on this site. You think I care if I'm doxxed? I've been begging for the traitors to show up at my door. I am proud to stand up and refuse the invasion. Hell, I'd tattoo a fucking swastika on my head if I thought it would do more good than harm.
You guys make me sick. Fucking cowards, every one of you. Not even that, you're in a group of 100 being picked on by a bully of 1 and cowering. It's disgusting!

You stupid cunt, you tried this before. You will never get rid of oldfags like me.
Of course after they pull their bullshit and ban you for nothing, when you slap the fuck out of them they cry OFF TOPIC!!!one!1oneMATZO
I'll eat your fucking liver jew….

True. But truth is not liable.

There's a time and place to meet when we can into harmonics.

Ur gay, should quit.
Night folks, godbless and speed.

If the Rights are so unalienable, why do they need to be secured by a government? Why is every other noun capitalized? Did the founding fathers even bother to proof-read their constitution? If they had, they might have noticed its glaring stylistic and logical errors.

If you have a cyst of tapeworms embedded in your liver and they're multiplying like crazy and the cyst is going to eventually burst and you'll die howling like a dog that's been hit by a truck then you need radical surgery immediately and the prognosis is that you only have a 40% chance of surviving the surgery.

Boycott Sanction and Divest.

Cut off Israel's money. This worked against South Africa.

The afrikaners caved gave the Blacks a political voice and got voted out. (not saying it's a good thing, just saying it happened)

Now it's the zionists turn.

This idea is good too. I actually like it better, but it's much harder to convince normies to support.

Reminder that there are shitskins here who only came for the antisemitism, ignore rampant anti Israel shilling, do not fall for pro mushit shilling and remember that shitskins literary want to destroy your homes, brainwash and circumcise your children and replace your race.

America has been fighting determinedly against the white race since 1917 and actively helping its enemies even earlier than that. More, it was founded on concepts of liberalism and republicanism inspired by the French Revolution. America is a jewish nation, and whites living under its dominion must be freed, or free themselves.


It will. With the US busy sorting out a civil war. The Chinese will invade Australia in a heartbeat. They don't want to pay for our iron ore, coal etc and need our land to grow food for all the ant-people.
We'll be under their nightmare social credit system too and then suddenly all these fucking leftists will wish the US would come and save them.

Yeah except we don't have a tick but a giant fucking vampire sucking the whole European race dry.

The United States IS the tick that's plaguing the world, so, yes

This goes well with the irony that there is no Freedom when there is Government. They are antithetical to each other. I was telling an user the other day that I want to be free to put a cap in a degenerates head if I see one, rather than having to go through 'due process' and the long EXPENSIVE government legal proceedings that only protect the guilty.

tl;dr there are too many ironies in our current language and world model to even be examined. We are surrounded every day by things that would stagger the mind with their cognitive dissonance if they were examined. This 'system' of kike civilization is such a fucking nightmare that it could and should easily be classified as Hell.

Congrats on being brain damaged, you fucking faggot.

Don't tell normies. Simply do it. Run guns to Gaza by private pleasure cruiser just to see the kikes get a taste of their own medicine. If I had a boat, I would do it just for fun to watch what the israelis did when the Palestinians shot back. IDK the Pals in the USA must hate their own people because they don't give them aid this way either…it is not even that complicated to figure this shit out but instead they leave their own people to be genocided in the remnant of their homeland. No wonder the kikes think they are going to win the planet. No one from any race will fight or stand against them.

This is something I've been considering lately. If the US truly did get embroiled in civil war, our army would be too tied up to defend Israel, and the entire rest of the world (likely muslims first) would line up to attack it.

Why is this a bad thing? The US is the most anti white country in the world

This is why jews get so freaked out at even the idea of a US civil war

This is also why they are here in these threads trying to tell everyone that 'everything is ok' 'follow the plan goy' and 'it doesn't matter if a feral foreign nigger ate one (or many) of your women'.

My question is why are they purposefully setting it up so that civil war is inevitable?

They can't help it, that's why they have been expelled from almost 200 countries threw out history

300. Still, it seems too simplistic. They've played a good game up to this point, I can't see the answer just being "we couldn't help it, lmao."

The forces fighting for the Liberation of the White Nation from that thing called "America" will offer the ZOG-niggers their own territory in the Southeast. It is highly doubtful they will take it, and instead, most of the politicized ZOG-niggers will fight on behalf of the ZOG.
And when we genocide them, we're going to tell the whole world we offered them their own territory, if they just wouldn't fight for the ZOG.
And no one will feel sorry for them when they're gone, not even the niggers in Africa.

united states of jews

They worship lucifer and think he's a beacon of honesty. They're literally retarded. They jewed so hard 2,000 years ago that every single male jew was wiped off of earth and they can't figure out why their cult is only of a maternal lineage.
They're not smart. They think they are because they're maniacal, but they don't realize that if the rest of us had no regard for the well-being of others, we would have murdered them long ago and been living on other planets by now.
They really are dumb as shit, user. I know it's hard to believe, but imagine how much money you would have if you had absolutely no conscience? The only pursuit in their lives is money and influence and they do not care how they get it. They're blinded by it. Fuck it wasn't even 100 years ago white people sent them packing and they just don't get it.

They're fucking retarded.

Not the destruction of the white man? You're obviously being a misleading kike. Filtered.

With 1/3 of the working age population degenerated on drugs, a peer military foreign invader who has managed to foment civil war in the US would have an easy time of it once past perimeter defenses. Prove me wrong.

When they do those graphs, do they contact the Pentagon for shipment information or do they take tally at raves?

levels of drugs are elevated in city sewer water. random samples of medical blood draws and donations. 1/3 of everybody working age is on some illegal drug. add to that pharma drugs that are psychoactive and literally a majority of people are not in their right minds. they cannot think clearly. no ability to reason and observe with any fidelity to the real.

There will likely be a tipping point that would have to occur in America before civil war broke out and most likely it would be over guns.

How are we going to handle this anons? Do a hard reset to the original (+10 amendments), then make certain unamendable modifications to ensure the same (((parasites))) can't get a foothold here ever again? Things like congressional and court term-limits, no votes for women and non-whites, that kind of thing?

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Violence always destroys the weak. And the weakest of all are the jews. Thus, violence is the only solution that works against the subversive jews. Kill them all. Kill all who depend upon them. Kill all who support them.

Without the 12th Hilary would be the president of the senate right now