Start Calling Leftists Dictators

There was a thread a while back about how the term 'Leftist' isn't memetically powerful enough. It is adequately descriptive, but not very meaningful and easy to shrug off.

The word 'Dictator' is very descriptive:

It is also full of meaning, and negative connotations. Most important of all, it's TRUE. The truth is like a mirror, you can deny what you see but you still see it. If someone says you deserve to be silenced or locked up for your opinions, or tries to do so, calling them a dictator is absolutely correct.

Start calling leftists dictators, and their ideology dictatorship. Watch as their seething rage confirms the power of distilling truth into words.

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Just call them cucks, that seems to work

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Well, it makes them angry, it doesn't show them up as what they truly are at heart though. Exposing a corrupt being's true nature will make them 100x more angry than just throwing insults.

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Better idea: start calling leftists Hitler.

Hitler is the devil himself to these people. Not dictator, Hitler. Brevity is the soul of amygdala hijacks.

No, that is not a better idea.

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You deserve a daily dose, goldstein.

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Liberalism weakened because liberals weakened in their commitment to integrity. Being the bastion of disloyalty, they began punishing anyone who “hated” - ie, anyone they were told to hate. They learned to stalk and “help” people through traditional hyperconservative methods, while importing new hyperconservative populations. They destroyed their own ascendancy because they weren’t honest enough.

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Daily reminder that meatcucks get the rope.

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>supporting (((monsanto)))

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Call them what they are, bolshevists. And we should be simultaneously striving to render the hammer and sickle as being an offensive symbol.

Technically… kinda. Lobster and shrimp are technically insects. And their flesh is recognized as meat. But, I dont think I ever heard of anyone surviving on shrimp alone.

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ahahahahha go read the (((article))) it's hilarious. Like 4 of the 7 "reasons" are because ebin blogger/propaganda/epersonality totally convinced brits to eat less meat.
One of the seven reasons is the well proven false bullshit of "meat is unhealthy".
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this will be the new 'the left are the real racists!'


Totalitarian is more fitting.

At this point they want to force everyone to accept their narrative. Even the immigration is forced. They want us to see it as freedom of settlement, but it's just forced integration and being forced to give up our culture. That's totalitarian as fuck. Don't even call them commies anymore, they know what they are. Call them totalitarian because they'll like it less.

I used to be somewhat liberal then in libertarian an-cap territory until I realized how harmful open borders was, then I researched why then understood how harmful it all was: liberalism, equality, and pretending everyone was equal, that it all actually harmed minorities. From there I was open to many ideas than before and race realism became apparent and not just some irrelevant and buried issue that anti-freedom people cared about. It answered all my questions. Whites create the most free and prosperous societies.

Liberals, especially the staunch, very active and divisive liberals, have an inferiority complex that can only be satisfied by feeling morally superior. There is no convincing this type of liberal, you can only change his mind or win against him with incentives. You must not create incentives for his moral high ground. In other words Uncle Ted was right. If you want to hurt a liberal with words, you make them feel very inferior and make all their moves to progress social change seem redundant or even harmful.

So far the term anti-white will be the most effective before the final stages of collapse. As of right now, I'm so sure though.

leftists are not dictators;dictators actually have power (men willing to kill and die for them)
leftists are genetic dead ends, dysgenic corruptors and killers of children, solipsistic narcissists, predators and parasites, petulant children who demand everything and offer nothing, needy but not deserving, ungrateful heirs of civilization, useless citizenry, and undesirable sexually or socially (more herd-like than pack-like)

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