I've been doing a bit of reading on the IRA and its history, as well as the splinter groups that formed after the Good Friday agreement. One thing that struck me is that most, if not all, of these IRA spinoffs are filled to the brim with selfproclaimed Marxists and leftwingers.

Why hasn't there been a nominally right-wing organisation fighting for Irish sovereignty? Are the Irish the real kikes? Am I wrong to hate the English?

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You are wrong to hate the English. However, the reason why the IRA were pro-Marxist is because of the costs associated with being an open nationalist and the benefits of nominally supporting Marxism. If you declare that you're a Nationalist, the world will unite to destroy you. If you claim you're a communist, you'll get free money from empty headed liberals who are too stupid to notice that you're a nationalist.
But the drawback is that your organization attracts communists.

While you are studying the IRA, doubtless you have other organizations in mind to study. Nationalist organizations fighting what they view as a colonial power oppressing their rights. Most claim to support communism because doing so earns you more support from people besides your own ethnic group than not doing so.

Here is an example;
Say you're a Basque and you're fighting for Basque Nationalism. If you leave it at that, non-Basques will probably not donate any money to you. But if you tack on some religious bullshit like communism that transcends race and nation, dumbass liberals will sometimes donate to you even if they're not part of your national group.
I can explain in other ways if I am not being clear enough for you. There are other reasons but this is one of the biggest ones.

Interesting, thank you. So it's safe to assume that the number of marxist "true believers" is pretty slim? Even ones with political wings like the NIRA ?

So are you saying this board of peace should commit acts of terrorism?

Yes or No?

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It depends on the splinter-group.
Though sincerely Marxist organizations tend not to last very long or attract many dedicated but also competent individuals. You can accuse me of bias against Marxists and that's fair. I dislike Marxism. However I'm actually far less biased than many would expect on this board and I would challenge anyone who doubts this generality to actually study different terrorist organizations in depth and think a little bit more about their ideological motivations than seeing "communist" stuff and assuming they're dedicated Marxists. Few if any leaders of nominal Marxist groups are actual Marxists. They're just good salesmen.

Allow me to offer a quote from a world renounced expert on terrorism, Bruce Hoffman, on the subject of left-wing terrorist organizations;
"Even when Left wing terrorists have attempted to conceptualize a concrete vision of the future, their efforts have rarely produced anything more lucid or edifying than verbose disquisitions espousing an idiosyncratic interpretation of Marxist doctrine."
This fails to motivate many normal people to join and to fight for such an organization as Marxism is so alien a concept for most normal people.
And again, before I am accused of bias, this passage follows Hoffman's equally brutal savaging of "Nazi" terrorist organizations. And his criticism is justified. But at the end of his book he concludes that Nationalist terrorist organizations are far more likely to "win" than leftist organizations.

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Hoffman seems like an interesting read, do you know if its from a specific book?

Also, if the idea to proclain yourself "marxist" is only an attempt to market themselves to morons, then why havnt they dropped the act now that the only "real" marxist countries have long since collapsed? They cant possibly make that much money off individual donations, but on the other hand i dont actually know how much the IRA was sponsered by communist States.

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I'll tell you why.
An authentic Nationalist party is going to run into the question of what a Nation even is. In the case of Ireland, short of forcing everyone to return to speaking Gaelic, there is no escaping the fact that the UK, Ireland, Scotland, "America," "Canada," Australia, New Zealand, etc, all belong to a single Nation.
Inside of a state where the "national" identity is just a bunch of bullshit (Ireland), Marxists are one of the political tendencies that realize they can exploit the "national" identity for their own ends, and will happily do so.

Yeah because I was looking at it when I copied it.
Inside Terrorism by Bruce Hoffman.
A good book. Don't let the first chapter fool you.

Old habits die hard… also, think about how difficult that would be to suddenly make an about-face after 20, 30, 40 years of fighting? That's be a hell of a publicity nightmare to basically admit that you were lying for the last 40 years.
As for their funding, that's the great advantage of being a nominally marxist organization. Most of their funds came from national supporters and other enemies of London's policy agenda. Very little came from the USSR. So essentially the IRA was able to get funds from both sources; Irish nationalists and inon-Irish marxists. Clever, eh?

Yes. What on earth are paddies going to do against the English, one's pastime is pickling their livers and the other's pastime is drinking tea. Things went down exactly how they were supposed to go down given the difference between the two.

Well, and authentic Nationalist party isnt going to get itself bogged down in a semantics argument about whether or not their state actually exists. That would just be dumb. the idea of the Irish nation exists already, so naturally a Nationalist party would use that as grounds for validation

It is pretty clever. I'm wondering, if pressured, would various heads of IRA organisations admit to using marxism as a fundraising tool? I'd love to talk to these people, their parties are quite interesting.

Bongfag here. Credentials: mixed anglo-irish heritage, ex-gf a northern Irish prod.
Also have relations involved in loyalist paramilitaries during the troubles.

A few points:
1. All "oppressed" groups grabbed the philosophy of Marxism throughout the 20th century. Particularly those active during the 60s and 70s. The IRA were no exception.

2. Being basically immigrants in a foreign land, albeit ones that have been there longer than America has even existed, the Ulster brits hate their host nation (just like immigrants everywhere.)

3. The 2 sides in the northern Ireland conflict (British protestants/loyalists vs Irish catholics/nationalists) hate both each other and whatever the other side stands for. If one side says the sky is blue, the other says it's red. Because the prods were the side with the power the Catholics took up the mantle of the oppressed (and tbf they were oppressed), which Marxism appeals to (read chapter 1 of the communist manifesto). This made the prods take up opposing right wing philosophies. (Although one or 2 of the loyalist paramilitaries were actually very influenced by Marxism, as virtually every type of revolutionary was back then).

4. As the other user said, being marxist got you support from libtards. It also got you support from the USSR. the IRA were armed and equipped by the USSR to be a stay behind army to tie the British down with suppressing an uprising in Ulster when the Soviet tanks came rolling across the North European plain and through the Fulda gap. therefore preventing them from protecting germany and central europe.

5. The modern descendants of the political arm of the IRA, Sinn Fein, are every bit as treacherous as their forebears and have promoted fag marriage, open borders and abortion in the south of Ireland. They really aren't nationalists in the true sense of the word but a Frankenstein mixture of nationalist, old skool marxist, and Frankfurt school Marxist. Mostly motivated by hatred and not logic.

Well, they scared them enough that the English drew up a ceasefire. If they knew they could beat the IRA, they would have.

This is pure nonsense. Nations exist regardless if there is a State to represent them or not. It is the very fact that a Nation doesn't have a State to represent it which usually leads to the creation of an authentic Nationalist party to begin with.
The only thing that is dumb is that you don't even understand what a Nation is.
That you think nations are "ideas" shows you don't have a Nationalist bone in your body. Perhaps you think ISIS represents a Nation as well, because some dumb sandniggers think Muslims can be a Nation.

Pah. Good luck. I'd like to talk to them too but they're all either not talking or in positions of power in Northern Ireland.
While London wasn't able to defeat them militarily, they made an offer they couldn't refuse and in exchange for political power, the leaders sold out.
Never forget; A fish rots from the head
Watch your leaders.

Alright, so as a bong do you know of any active loyalist paramilitaries? I dont seem to see any UVF shit going down since the GF Agreement. Thanks for the info.

They did beat the IRA. The IRA disarmed , the English did not. Victorious parties don't disarm at the loser's insistence. There is a point to it not being official though since nothing was explicitly signed, but, one kept arms and the other disbanded.
I could be remembering my history wrong though, but that's how I recall reading about things going down.

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a nation describes a group of people with the same ethnolinguistic and cultural attributes, or do you have a different definition?

What im saying is that irish people FEEL different than englishment, despite not being so. The question im asking was why then no right wing org took advantage of this feeling.

Answer me this.
Why do the "loyalists" go around with israel flags if the jews aren't in control of these groups?

Then you have the IRA who are "leftys" just happening to be going around spewing out EVERYthing that the jews want us all to behave like "fighting for equality" "more multiculturalism".
These "loyalist" groups are being led by these jews and going around doing all the "racist" stuff while the "IRA" side go around acting like little angels who never did a wrong thing in their entire life and a violent response is always justified because of the "big bad queen" who did all the big bad things to the Irish people and jews having nothing to do with it?

If you can't see this you are stupid or you are a jew or a jew supporter.

no, one faction of the IRA disarmed. CIRA and NIRA orgs still exist and are mailing bombs to this day. They just killed a journalist, albeit she wasnt the intended target

Pah. The provos "lost" in the same way that Al-Qaeda would have "lost" if in exchange for surrendering some easily replicable weapons, they were given positions of political power in Saudi Arabia.
You people drastically overestimate the importance of rifles. Anyone can get crateloads of rifles for two months salary at a decent job. But power, influence, organization, and most important of all, legitimacy are priceless.
I'd rather have that than a crate of rifles. Power and influence can buy you a boatload of rifles with explosives as ballast.

oh i have no doubts that kikes infiltrated both sides, its fucking depressing. I have a fully formed opinion on the matter, thats why i asked. I havnt seen any loyalists waving kike flags, but if you have a link drop it

dont have,* rather

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Oh, righto then. Guess it's still ongoing. I wouldn't worry too terribly about their politics, personally, that's likely just a catch-all and the impetus of it is certainly anti-English. Provided they actually succeed, the marxist policies will probably go out the window shortly like Vietnam's did.

Partizan work against an occupier is not "terror"

Yeah, caught a stray bullet. Divine justive.

This transparently means the Irish don't belong to a different Nation.
Again, what does a 'Right' winger have to gain? Most of the people on the 'Right' who would be willing to exploit a fake "national"" identity have no interest in violent revolution, and can be easily bought off. You might as well ask why most political parties don't bother try to overthrow the government; because the threats vastly exceed the payouts, and they're only interested in being parasites to begin with.
Ideological Marxists are one of the few modern tendencies to inspire people to violence. Many of them want revolution, and when they find out they can exploit a pseudo-national identity to do so, will utilize it to for revolution.
'Right' wing people don't even believe in the existence of Nations, and you would only see the existence of a 'Right' wing party willing to exploit a pseudo-nationalist identity if it meant it was safe and profitable to do so, neither of which is the case with Ireland.

They're not Jew controlled at all.
read my answer at basically whatever one side supports the other opposes. It's that petty. The irish Catholics identify with the Palestinians as they identify with having their land stolen and being made 2nd class citizens in their own country. Therefore the loyalists identify with the Israelis. The politics over there is so tribal that any logic is abandoned.

I dont know how you can say this when it is in the protocols that the jews will control the opposition….

I don't know of any but it's been a long time since I was over there. It's far more peaceful these days.
The paramilitaries are all basically mafias now, they involve themselves mostly in drug importing/dealing and organised crime. They often even work together on big drug deals. Most of the killings they do are internal feuds and power struggles.

There is nothing 'Catholic' about the IRA.
Their use of the label is purely tribal, to say that they are not the British and the Ulster Scots, who are the protestants in the story.

They have, like all Marxists, declared against religion. They are entirely left-wing. If they use the labels, it is solely to win over the locals.
As a Catholic myself, I detest the IRA. They do not fight for my religion, but for Marxist secession from the United Kingdom.

No surrender to terrorists.

Good point re: the protocols user.
I'm not aware of any Jew control. But these groups were largely focussed fighting each other not the international Jew.

I do believe that part of the reasoning behind the northern Ireland peace process was to disarm the goyim to prevent any effective resistance to (((globalism and multiculturalism))) however. NI is probably the most racist part of the U.K. but the Last time I was over there it was getting shockingly blacked.

The devil's greatest trick ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

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As he explains how to (((raise money))).

You're right about nationalism though. You just paint a target on yourself.

M8 read my answer at basically Marxism, with its oppressor vs oppressed matrix, plays to underdogs, which is how the Irish identify.

I agree fully user. And as a protestant myself I despise the use of the word by the drunkards, freemasons, thugs and murderers among the Ulster Scots, orange order, and loyalist paramilitaries, as if they are in some way godly.

This is why I laugh when they talk about "hate crimes." I'd probably not be welcome in Belfast because my great great great grandfather killed the vicar's goat by accident in 1750.

Say, it sounds a lot like…

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BDS is terrifying the Jew. And being as they used it to bring down apartheid south Africa. I see no reason why they shouldn't swallow their own medicine.

Everyone tends to gloss over the fact that Pope Francis saw the IRL effects of "liberation theology" and it proably causes a few unnecessary free helicopter rides. In any event my contact with the Church is mostly sacramental and not social.

French-Irish is still white, or is this TRS?

A picture is worth a thousand words user. How long before this is ((("debunked"))) too?

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Are you saying the Irish are the "real kikes"?

The Scots, particuarly Glaswegians. Wej we call them. Backwards that's jew.

Do you reckon the wejies are cryptos then user?

Let them drink their own medicine then user. As they have done to others let it be done to them.

Yes Irish are kikes who love niggers and muds, they nail bombed innocent white families and children and continue to do so

The Irish will eventually wake up from their liberal coma they're steeped in. And when that happens, the Americans, the English, the EU, the Israelis, the shills on Zig Forums and all that seek the destruction of our nation can fuck off to hell.

You say that you are not aware of any jewish control or even thought about it even though it's mentioned in the protocols that the jews will control things from ALL angles?
I am finding hard to believe anything you are saying and will now ignore you.


The story of Tim Brannigan is the quintessential story of the IRA.

"At Irish rocker Bob Geldof's epic Live Aid fundraiser for Ethiopia. Brannigan's mother had had a fleeting extra-marital affair with a Ghanaian doctor and went to great lengths to hide the pregnancy from her husband and family. After giving birth to Tim Brannigan in May 1966, she placed him into the care of nuns at a local orphanage. She maintained contact with her son and would even take him to her home for weekend visits with the rest of the Brannigan family. After almost a year, his mother brought him home for good, but pretended she had adopted him, keeping the true nature of their relationship under wraps from her family."

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i heard from a good man they H A T E russians, not only as a nation but also personally when they meet and find out that it's russian
this explains a lot

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Bob geldof fans should be kicked out.
That guy, who is NOT irish (Blood) claims that an american with FULL blood CANNOT be irish, and should not be allowed to return to Ireland.
Hes a hardcore civnat for niggers, he literally thinks being irish is about paper paddys, unless youre black, in which case you NEED to BECOME irish (which whites cannot do, even if full irish blood) so you can give birth to more "real" irish.

Bob geldof and bono are the two most destructive forces in ireland's pop culture, NEITHER ONE IS ACTUALLY IRISH.

Ulster is THE heart of ireland, its the province of heroes, Is it any surprise the anglo and (((dutch))) wanted it?
Ulster should have the red hand over a SHIELD, the red hand over a fucking jew star is to show ulster does not protect ireland, ulster is owned by israel. This is because those Cunt anglos fucked us over RIGHT in time for the (((dutch))) to begin their takeover, the Irish even fought WITH the britons who had just set out a plan to fucking steal their land, but It failed, the scots bent the fucking knee and the dutch established the house of orange. From there the judiasment began and in rapid fashion. The languages were destroyed, the culture destroyed, the religion destroyed

The original uprising of 1916 was fascist, the marxist shit wasnt until the faggy sinn fein hippy IRA in the 60s.

All I fucking see is: jews wanting to grab as much as land as possible by proxy so they came up with this "big bad English" thing how ever long ago it was.

ALL the protestants stick up for the jews and ALL "racism" seems to be done by "the big bad Protestants" every time you scan the liepapers in the supermarket.
Just happened by chance, didn't it?

They created all this persecution to keep the north and the south in a constant state of hating each other, ALL done by jews and any non-jews that were tricked into doing what they wanted done.

Geldof goaded the INXS guy into killing himself too.

Is it because the Russians know how full of shit the Scottish are and don't hesitate to let them know it?

The Easter Rising leaders were all caught and exectued I thought, right? Is that where the movement died when they realized nationalism wouldn’t be tolerated, so they changed the strat?

I believe the theory about marxism being a shield is likely, though certainly the people who formed sinn fein did so because they were more left wing. The later IRA splintered into many parties and argued typically over small differences, but SF got power and proved how cucked they were.

Please look into Padraig Pearse, He was a good man, If you are Irish (and I mean Irish blood) it is your duty as the blood to work towards reclaiming our language, As he famously said:
"Tir gan teanga, Tir gan anam"
"without a language, without country"
he meant that in the context of ireland losing itself as a result of forgetting its language, and the only way were going to find our way back is to remember how to be what we are.

Our ancestors baffled the romans with quick wit, confusing tongue, and esoteric memes (im not joking), it made romans uneasy to see us speak with each other because even were a roman to understand the language, the way which we spoke required cultural context to understand. The language is the weapon. If it wasnt, then why do they want to flood the gaeltachts with africans?

So let me get this straight, you retarded beta cucks like slavshit now because why? Is it because you're all just faggot commies and both Ireland and Russia are garbage third world countries so you have to suck each others nigger dicks. You know there's been a sudden rise in commie rat fags from leftypol posting here along with Russian slavfags who just shit the board up. Maybe you dumbshits should learn to realize you're talking to slavshit shills

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I’m only a small bit Irish, mostly kraut and Anglo. I’m interested in Gaelic because language is what i like to study so I’m glad there’s a lot of cultural context needed to understand it. Makes learning easier

They want a socialist republic as a stated goal but most of them dont give a fuck about that, and what does socialist even mean. A lot of it is motivated by anti-capitalist desires in so far as they dont want British landlords and such owning all their national resources. Its very National Socialistic without overtly being so.
Remember, they were allied to the NSDAP in WW2 and the purpose of National Socialism is to smash bolshevism.

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Yea, and then theres pics related.

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Oh and BTW, it was armed by Gaddafi, Ive never heard of the USSR giving support. All the semtex and weapons etc in the Troubles that didnt come from the US came from Libya, likely over 90% between the 2 countries with maybe a tiny bit of others coming from the odd place like Lithuania.

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A good way to learn how the irish communicate is the tain bo cuailnge. If your brain is wired to understand it, then youre in, it just takes a certain type of reader to process the language (even when translated) fully, and it also helps if you use reference points. Accents in english are a good way to understanding Irish.
So when you study the language quirks imagine an irish speaker, or american southern speaker, or even a scott, the use of lenition and eclipsis make much more sense like that because you already know how its used in the actual speech. Irish is spoken quickly with alot of words and no time to pronounce half of them.

This clip is what I usually show people when explaining how Irish works. (Hes speaking english)

absolutely sickening, Its no greater indication that the men of ulster are indeed cursed or dead, and that land is nothing more than occupied territory.

The british land/capitalism angle is important as it was a massive blow to the defense of ulster, the britons, even before major dutch/jewish influence still targeted Ireland with land confiscation and ethnic replacement through real estate.

these guys are glowing

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The British Empire was a Turkish / Jew / Homosexual experiment. British Jews invented Marxism. Karl Marx himself lived and died inside London, England. Lenin gave frequent talks at "Speakers Corner" in England.

The British Empire is the #1 distributor of Marxism across the world.

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The British Empire has always worked with Ottoman Turks, Barbary Pirates, Jews and Saudi Arabians against the interest the native peoples of the British Isles. London today is 60% turkish.

Photoed here is a "Far-Right" English activist. He is a Barbary Pirate from Morocco.

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Photoed here is the Karl Marx honorary plague located in London, England. Karl Marx was a British Agent.

Attached: Karl_Marx_plaque_in_London.jpg (1024x767, 120.81K)

Here we see a member of the British Royal Family signaling to his Arab family "I am on your side."

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… the view of modern London in 2019.

Attached: The-City-Of-London-Elects-A-Racist-Pro-Jihadist-Christian-Hating-Muslim-For-Mayor-990x510.jpg (990x510, 99.65K)

This photo is taken of a Anglo-American President named Lyndon Johnson. He is a Turkish pirate known for signing the Gun Control Act of 1968 into Law which was a first step in gun confiscation of the American citizen.

Attached: Stop The Anglo War on Guns - Support a Trump Administration.jpg (300x300 498.56 KB, 16.6K)

There are no remaining Ethnic-Anglos in England and questionably none in Jutland. The term "Anglo" now means "Turkish Pirate".

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Pic related is OP.

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This art piece displays two Turkish Pirates (British-Anglos) destroying Europe in WW2.

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And with that, user's post was thrown into the bin

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Here we see a common 8ch poster who loves England. These individuals are known to make threads about the "IRA".

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good lord you D&C shills are out en masse tonight. Your rents due today, right schlomo?

Oh, its you again Rabbi. Tell us again what is being divided? you never answer.

The provos were exceedingly efficient considering there were ever only a dozen or so men operating on the mainland at any given time. Part of me says they should have given the Brits the finger and gone for broke, but the more cautious side of my brain sees your point.

I actually understood half of it. I'm sure if I spent enough time listening to people speak with that accent I could understand it fully.

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O'Duffy's Blue Shirts were national socialists, and he was an IRA leader. Don't know their history or what became of them.

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They arent like the american evangelicals who worship jews, they are more like the black isrealite larpers, they think they ARE jews, and the mordern ones are imposters

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You'd make a good leader. I believe that caution is the most important hallmark of an effective Revolutionary organization. It sounds counter-intuitive but one must never forget that they key to winning an asymmetric struggle is patience and persistence. Rash organizations that keep betting the farm go broke really quickly. You know, the average "terrorist" organization only lasts two years because they think that the way to fight is to throw everything they have into glorious action. KabOOOM! Bombs, explosions! Mass casualties!
The foremost goal of any insurgency is to survive another day. And a cautious commander will cause the enemy more damage over a longer period than a glorious fool who expends all his people all at once. He'll end up in jail hopefully being released as part of a peace bargain.

That said, I actually have mixed feelings towards the Good Friday Agreement myself. I believe that another year or two of bank-bombings could have forced London to offer even more favourable terms to the Irish. But the problem that they came up against was that the USA was starting to crack down on international terrorist networks after the WTC bombing and they were beginning to see their sources of income dry up. So they figured that they might as well take the cautious road now rather than risk everything on a gamble. Besides, all the old guard was growing a bit old and wanted something other than endless conflict to show for their sacrifice. So while my heart wishes that they'd continued, I comprehend why they didn't.

In any case, most people interested in this subject agree that the IRA exited the conflict on good terms and at the right time. After 9/11, a lot of once powerful terrorist orgs had the carpet yanked from them by the Yanks. Israeli "counter-terrorist" experts suddenly began showing up around the world to assist governments in suppressing insurgents. Often with truly tragic consequences. The Tamil Tigers for instance didn't secure their political settlement before 9/11 and they lost all their gains in just a few years. Kind of a shame, tbh.

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Good. Its not as complicated as it sounds, its literally all about understanding how our language quirks work, and the poetry of the language.

If you can understand him speaking, you can understand the books, and you can understand what many fail to. I dont know if its random, IQ, genetics, or what, but something makes it so many people can listen to that accent many times over and still not be able to figure out what hes saying, or track the stories of the tain or cath maige tuired. It also helps to listen to trad, especially if its live, because they wont bother to enunciate. If you get used to it, you can speak in this way even in english and it becomes immediately esoteric, I use it alot to speak clearly to my ingroup while confusing the outgroup, despite them not speaking gaeilge.

I believe the long tradition ireland has of this esoteric language and secret resistance is valuable to us now.