Anyone else think it's time for a fresh start?

I think it's time we kick natural selection up a few notches and start over. Society has become too progressive to the point where the general population will put "acceptance" over logic. With modern technology, we have largely eliminated natural selection. This is a huge fucking problem and I think it would be for the best to start over with the collapse of modern civilization.

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Not your personnel army.

I don't know

Kill all jews and save for the existential stuff for later.

not looking to be an armchair admiral. I'm just looking to discuss and find if anyone holds a similar viewpoint

Nice whiff, Dr. Shandor.

This but only 98.6%, save the smartest and make punishments for their inclinations so extreme that them niggas wouldn’t dare.

Anyone else think this is a cringy edgelord armchair social engineer post?


It's obvious you didn't lurk the required 2 years to post here, and that's why you sound like a newfag and your thread is total shit.

First we need to cleanse our race and kill niggers, Muslims and Jews.
Then freedom will com.

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it's unironically how leftists and the (((government))) lose, the moment the right chooses to burn it down

does anyone else imagine a glowing loli in an fbi jacket at a computer?

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Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize that we were still keeping nigger pets.
What part of racial holy war don't you understand nigger? What make you think that surviving 1.4% of people will include anyone other than whites?
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Confirmed for someone who either doesn't interact with normal people, or is just fedposting.

You are wrong about natural selection. It's not important any more. We are no animals. We have technology and culture.

The real problem is a bad development in culture and politics, which could be fixed. What most likely won't be fixed in time is politics and laws on mass migration and also the demography of white people. So we are loosing our countries and acceptable future.

So, well just enjoy your time, prepare and wait for climate disruption.

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dude you are preaching to the choir. gas the kikes race war pretty soon- lol.

That's kind of the plan, we realize that this war is unwinnable by going against the stream so we accelerate the collapse before the enemy can prevent it, making all the instruments of their power void and making the evolution kick in again, the very thing that our race is best at. We need to restore the natural order, and that can't be done without the current system collapsing onto itself, globally.

Yet another anti-White OP.

Good luck with China.

You might enjoy this LARP map based upon an user's idea that god 4-quads.
This ideology is called Anarcho-Feudal National-Tribalism.

Here is the future of the North American continent after we overthrow all governments and civilization. Technology that leads to weakness and laziness is eliminated so that natural social norms can reassert themselves. Indeed, all forms of our former decadent civilization are eliminated and bands of men choose new names based on our mythological and historical cultures for these new tribal societies.
Eventually, new city-states re-emerge in the reforested continent and compete with barbarian tribal groups for dominance in this harsh and unforgiving world.

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Chad has ten children, they are all consumerist whores that hate the environment, like Chad. Do you select for him, like women do, or not?

Wait a minute. Sorry this is the wrong map. This was the original but I made a much better one with city-states and history.

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Ideally a designer virus that does not effect folks with at least a certain percentage, say 95%, of traditionally European blood

Agonized by prosperity, burned by truth. That’s this place.

The only sense in which I’m the least sympathetic is that I’d still like to save liberalism from liberals, and if we’re talking extreme measures there’s a ton of things I can think of to try which almost certainly wouldn’t destroy society.

Organ printing. Vat meat. We are all nothing but meat. If we scale biofabrication to the limit and begin remaking people, we won’t have a population boom. We’ll have a population refinement. Hateful and/or scared VIP types just have to see the potential for it.

Ideally a designer virus that has no effect on folks with say 95% of what is traditionally considered European blood but is 90% fatal to anyone of the widely accepted definition of BROWN people unfortunate enough to catch it.

You have your assignment, now get to it top tier anons!

I still sometimes miss a certain fellow with bright brass buttons.

Death cultists like you don’t operate in high level sciences. Skin psychosis doesn’t lead to literally accurate understandings of the world. We’re literally on the threshold of technological immortality, and you want smart people to go romance death instead?

With the biotech skillset it’s more effective to eliminate diseases. Advancing the peace and prosperity in the first world lead to a stabilization of birth rates, and if it weren’t for migration from heavily natalist areas we would be able to ride down a sustainable population curve. If we give to the natalist regions the same treatment, their birth rates will fall in like manner.

The alternative would likely cause a post-plague population explosion as happened in European history. Natalists are the most death-powered force on Earth.

I've been pointing this out a LOT of times but y'all are fucking retarded. There is not point in rising against globalism/zionism/degeneracy/anti-civilization anymore. forget all the problems of humanity. We could keep our fight and make our people see the truth, but we are near the end of this cycle. we need to form self-sufficient white tribes to survive the collapse. this world is not a matter of nationality anymore but we will survive its end to preserve and pass /our ideas/ to the next civilization.

Surrender and carry on folks. There is no point in fighting.


Wishful shitting or shitful thinking, O.P?

We didn't actually remove natural selection. We just have the impression we did, because nature is merciless. Humanity is going to get a nasty wake-up call sooner or later.

BTW, if you want to fuck up the world and the kikes, crashing the global economy is the key.
And to do that you need to fuck up the banks.
And to do that, you need to convince people to withdraw money - the entire global banking system would collapse if enough people start cleaning their bank accounts.

That's the whole point of accelerationism. Speed everything up to collapse, then rebuild or build anew.

Even the smartest jews are useless.

You'll be hung too.

That's why ww3 is the only answer. We should be focusing all our energies into getting it started.

The problem we have is that if civilisation collapses outright and totally then humanity is doomed to extinction.
We have tapped most if not all the easily accessible high density energy sources.
At this point the high density energy sources we need to keep a technological society alive are only accessible with the means available to a technological society.
We're past the point where you can send a bunch of guys with picks down a mine and get enough coal to run a power plant. Coal seams near the surface are too tapped out. You got to dig deeper which requires industrial equipment and electricity.

So if technological civilisation collapses. We are doomed to never leave the iron age ever again.
We could probably steel. But never on a large scale.
We'd never leave the Earth. We'd die with it when the sun reaches the end of its life. We may endure millions of years but we will go extinct.

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Well maybe that was the ayys clever plan to keep us from ever leaving the planet.

So we have literally no where to go. There is literally no way we will ever win again. Either civilization collapses and we go extinct or kikes win and we go extinct.

Or we defeat the kikes without destroying our industrialised civilisation?

Found the kike demoralizer..

You're using the small side of your brain again, user. Everything we need for the next 500 years has already been mined, and collected. AND DISCARDED!
Our landfills, junkyards, and old buildings will be the "mines" of the future.
The fewer of us around to enjoy the spoils, the better.


wrong. (((they))) are the most powerful people even when money becomes worthless worldwide. all (((they))) have to do is to hold the clown world for a few years more and lead a brand new civilization. Israel was not established for having an ethnostate, but to produce and hide (((stuff))). Israel is a gigantic vault with an unknown nuclear arsenal.

>>>/fringe/ for retarded suicide cults

That won't provide fuel user.
Plus reprocessing all that will be a nightmare that is going to be beyond our capabilities.

Yeah I posted the less good map. I like to give nods to modern cities and places in my post apocalyptic worlds.

We'll get by. We're the creative race, remember?

Plastic is a petroleum product, brainlet. The first diesel engine patent was run on corn oil. Wood gasification kept parts of demolished Europe mobile and warm during WWII. Solar and wind are still a thing. We'll be fine.
Besides, after the collapse, and we win, and begin to rebuild, we won't be implementing this same wasteful world of mindless entertainment, and self serving consumption. The global population will be considerably smaller, and much smarter, relatively, as well. You seem worried? Are you sure you're European?
Stop worrying. You'll get pimples.

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Do you really think that we'll go back to the Middle Ages just because the elites at the top are toppled? Sure things will deteriorate for a while but it's not like all this technology disappears.

Those aren't going to provide the huge amounts of energy needed to power industry.
Coal is how we did that for much of the industrial era. Coincidentally we depleted most of the easily accessed coal reserves in Europe a long long time ago.

I look forward to a day when this is all it takes for everyone to realize you're either fundamentally subverted or a complete lunatic, and should be relegated to the lower castes in shame to work manual labor jobs for being such a brainless fucking faggot. Imagine making an arguement on Zig Forums for why 2% of jews should be kept alive.

you can start with slutshaming and thot patrolling