What do we do about trankies?

What do we do about trankies?

post the big compilation

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Overrepresented demographic only big on twitter.

What I don't get is how you can be a materialist but also a trainer?

you could train people on materialism

Tankies are scum. Gender identity doesn't affect that.

wtf is wrong with these people?

what does that mean? is it similar to plain old white supremacy or is it some weird ass obscure pagan shit, i don't know anything about the celts

Kill them all. them being larping socdems is the problem, not their identity

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What the actual fuck?

Why is this a ML thing though. I could see it being a thing with leftcoms and anarcho-children in general, but seriously why ML?

It’s probably an Anglo who has Anglo guilt so they want to “be Celtic”

tankieism is a mental disability

yeah being a ancom is very normal and has a proven track record of success and not just a fashion label.

If you're on 8ch.net there's very little chance you're normal.
Disregarding the idealist notion that ideology makes revolutions, anarchists have the record for quickest collectivization and increase of productivity and syndicalism proved to be more effective in winning concessions than the electoral strategy followed by Marxist parties.
Might wanna be careful in that glass house fam.

Extremely online and nobooks.

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I'll take the small successes of the Paris Commune, Republican Barcelona, and the kibbutz over major failures like the Khmer Rouge and North Korea any day.

we could start nitpicking the biggest failures/successes of ancoms and marxist-leninists, not worth it tbh


The same treatment Mussolini got.

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CPGB-ML already made a list of all them, just look at the replies.

A lot of the angry responses are from anarchists of some variety though.


is this thread going to be anarchists and marxist-leninists calling each other trannies by posting twitter accounts and screenshots

I keep reading that as

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I'm neither so I don't really care about any of this, just noting.



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North Korea is still around and can actually nuke you. Anarchists, Insurrectionists, Communizers, etc. are deader than dead.

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You are a very mechanic dialectic materialist if you think agitation and organisation doesn't play a role in history.
It's not always the best choice. What does that collectivisation give you if you conquered by fascists?
Oh please do tell, how would killing Emmanuel Macron benefit the working class.

The last time I checked social democracy didn't advocate for the socialization of means of production and a planned economy.

To be fair the DPRK doesn't really have any laws criminalizing homosexuality or transgenderism.

Nothing is going strong, and we're all doomed men here. Take the blackpill. The best thing we can hope for is a asteroid wiping out all life on this gay earth, and capital along with it.

There are no laws in the DPRK targeting transgender people. I'm sure it isn't a paradise for LGBT people but to claim that they'd put you to death is fucking retarded and buys into the liberal notion of human rights violations.

Well it would certainly scare the pants off of any aspiring would-be neoliberal president if neolib politicians consistently get assassinated.


Why does the CPGB-ML want to die on this hill? Regardless whether or not they're right or wrong, IdPol is so strongly entrenched in the left that they'll just make themselves unacceptable for most leftists.

Because it's a hill worth dying on in order to signal to the world that not every far leftist is some retarded transtrender.

The conditions for a people's war do not exist in the West. Random acts of terrorism get you nowhere and will just strengthen the state machinery. The Red Army Faction in Germany or Japan found this out the hard way.

So, I ask again: What do anarchists and Leftcommunists prescribe for Western communists outside of electoralism? Working with unions which are mostly reactionary?

t. pacifist retard
it's called class war for a reason

we totally destroyed the american empire with 9/11 right guys lots of people died and even took down two buildings that sure stopped capitalism forever

If Osama Bin Laden was a leftist and wrote a communist manifesto explaining why he took out all those financial parasites, 9/11 would be one of the greatest examples of direct action in human history

This is an antisemitic dogwhistle. Every capitalist is a parasite.

If Osama was a communist the only thing I could imagine would be a massive state crackdown on communist organisation and a new McCarthyism.

Shut the fuck up Blairite

Good. It'll either radicalize the liberal larpers who roleplay as communists in their assorted organizations or get rid of them. Either way we win.


Never said it didn't. What I said was "idealist notion that ideology makes revolutions", reffering to your seeming inability to realize how having the USSR supply revolutionaries was a bigger factor in success than the ideology of said revolutionaries.
Only if you're not actually for the proletariat.
It gives you a better chance against them than expecting liberals to come to your aid. What lost the Spanish Civil War wasn't muh anargiddes takin too much farmland, it was that Franco was openly supported by Germany and Italy while the UK and France were actively opposed to any intervention on behalf of the opposition forces. Would you prefer to face well supplied fascists with less supplies but armed with approval from liberals who will not lift a finger to help you?
Assassinations weren't mentioned, syndicalism was. Guess the fabled Soviet literary doesn't apply to their followers.

The conditions for revolt could spring up anytime.
The state machinery will be strengthened regardless of whether we are pacifists or if we butcher porkies by the truckload. To believe otherwise is to completely ignore the history of subversion enacted by the state to groups who had done no crimes whatsoever.
Worker organization at the place of class conflict, notably the workplace and the apartment building or neighborhood. The unions aren't their leadership, and the membership is proving to not only be more radical but willing to go against the conservative union leaders and push for demands. This is far more promising and workable for a worker's movement than a dried up social democrat getting memes or irrelevant Marxist-Snowflakist drawing in a whole .5% of the vote.

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the finance sector is more parasitic as it does not produce any value, it simply transacts it.

Um sweetie, the DPRK considers homosexuality to be apart of "homosexual decadence".

I miss the old days when it was Tankies instead, it was objectively less cringe worthy because you had no expectations from them so whenever they embarrassed themselves it was less shitty.

Imagine trankies succeeding in their 'revolution' only to get gulaged themselved. I'd love to see that tbh.

tankies everyone

Who would do the gulaging though?

Commissars Jemal & Cletus

In burgerland it'd be more likely that the trankies did the gulaging. Tanks can expect to be rehabilitated by Comrade Natalie before going back to work at a Wal-Marx or McLenin's for 15 laborbux an hour.

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(hail Satin)
I doubt genderists are actually that uniform in their beliefs. There will be plenty of gulaging of fellow trankie skankies over minor differences.

You know that the CPGB-ML is 100 % against discrimination of homosexuals, right?

Their position is that if you don't care about anything else than that one issue, then you aren't on the left (I mean left here in the broadest and least sectarian sense on can imagine, including the most boring mini-reformists). Furthermore, they believe (and are very probably correct to believe, knowing the contrast of how some people act online and offline) is that there is a large amount of people who pretend to be gay or trans or half-gay or whatever because it is hip among neurotic bourgie kids.

It tells me everything I need to know about education in Britain that the student of philosophy and history who is arguing with them was able to spot a typo (and proudly announced the achievement on Twitter – I know it's a world of publish or perish, but wew) without having time or ability to parse what their position even is.

Imagine thinking a capitalist buffer-state for the Chinese is actually existing socialism.

like pottery every time.

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No dumbass, there were tons of proles working menial jobs in both buildings, probably only a fraction of the people that died were actual financial elites. Terrorism is some of the most anti-proletarian shit ever, no self-respecting prole is going to be recruited by random acts of violence that could affect his/her livelyhood, terrorism is for the aut-right.

This post reads like a "hey fellow leftists" FBI bait.

White Amerikkkans aren't proles. Read Settlers.


Hardcore "transphobe" tank here. I actually quite like Comrade Natalie. The rest of them need the gulag.

Because Leninists have always been willing to sacrifice popularity for ideological purity. this isn’t always a bad thing

what about Natalie makes her more likeable than other ther trans? i like that she's aware how fucking hard it is to get in the left compared to the right, she pretty much said the right is constantly recruiting while the left can dispose you at any moment (specifically talking about twitter wokes)

Otherwise she's pretty lame tbh

lmao go away Yakub

They were a sacrifice to the dark god(dess) Shugara

Never forget that the Ancient Egyptians were also the first Jews and they were also phenotypically sub-Saharan Africans! Oh I forgot they also invented neuroscience and nuclear physics but then white reptilian Ashkenazi Jews stole it.

Now I understand socialism!

Trannies get the gulag.

no you do.

Allah almighty.

Tbh I know nothing about her, but does she actually get into drama and shit flinging like other trankies like Leah or Bell Shakur? Yeah her politics are lame but I feel like most people just are shitting on her mainly because she's ugly, which tbh isn't fair.

Are you talking about Contrapoints?

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we need people like contrapoints to mainstream our ideas. breadtube may be kind of radlib but its a start at undermining the reactionary echo chamber least.

Gulag is too kind. Just euthanize them. They’re useless to society and are a drain on resources. Most will never have children, i.e. they have no stake in the nation’s future

This is rich coming from someone who regularly posts on Zig Forums.


These are very sick people and need to be told that they are harmful to the cause and ostracized from any organizations.

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I don't care about them as individuals, it's just the hard line anti-'transphobia' that communists are now taking goes against the idea of the mass line and alienates the proles. Go look at r/communism right now, it's like they want to be less than ineffectual.

Honestly people don't particularly care about trannies, irl they're rare. Stanning for the DPRK or China is more alienating to most workers.
I will never go to reddit.

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u don't like boipussi user?

No, it makes me come too fast.
Good old fishflaps are the way to.go.

It's the same reason you can instantly spot the queer theory / intersectional bullshitters from actual MLs. Everyone under Marxism-Leninism is a worker. A prole. Therefore they are equal in status. Thus Natalie approaches others as equals and is quite personable as a result.

The queer theory / intersectional types like Leah and Bell Shakur run on the premise that anyone lower down in the matrix of oppression (with fewer woke points) is their inferior. As trannies, they are almost universally assigned a large number of woke points and expect others to adopt a subservient attitude to them. Thus they behave in an arrogant and narcissistic fashion.

The attention to them in the internet circus is still relevant.
Although as far as I can tell most peoples feeling isn't any stronger than an 'ew gross' or 'wow, that sucks, people should be nicer.'


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shut the fuck up transphobe