The PR War and the cucked right

Every times somebody tries to do something on Zig Forums, they are bombarded by opticucks saying if they do that, normalfags will turn against the right.

Well, guess what? Antifa have been upping their antics now, they are increasing their number as well as the extremity, why are the cucked rights still remain the same?

I'm not talking about guns, I'm talking about basic protection like leather vest, helmet, or even make-up shield to protect yourself from acid attack and can be-used to bash enemy, or even regular tools like aluminium bats that you can use to defend yourself.

You know the state is against you, the cops are against you, the press are against you, your victimhood is useless to them, they will tell the whole world that you racist nazis deserve it.

Why do you keep playing the PR game? That's not noble, that's cuckoldry.

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My extreme recommendation would be to never get involved with public "right wing" politics in the United States. You will never be anything more than a tool for neoliberalism and judaic capital and you will always be hung out to dry.

Well, I might as well be considering they look to be idiots.

Antifa might even kill them and they still don't do shit.

Could just buy a gun too you know

Gun means police will bring you in.

Daily reminder that the police and laws are against you.

brainletts pls go

Yeah, the normalfags are turning in droves for the right after witnessing the violent actions of the antifa, am I right?

Nope, they don't give a shit.

>implying we would go to kiked and cucked (((free speech))) events especially after (((Charlottesville)))

I appreciate the looks and style but it's a bit leaning on the threatening side.

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The downside to this would be antifa ruling the streets.

But then again, they can piss off the locals by doing so.

This isn't about look or style, but purely practical clothes that protect you.

Yeah I get it. I was talking about how you're going to stick out if you wear a helmet on a fine summer and go carry around a baseball bat.

Well, you are going to stick out regardless in comparison with the antifa.

Do both. Provoke them to attack. Defend yourself. Get good publicity.

Antifa is just a bunch of people hired by tides foundation, democracy partners and freedom alliance. Its all fake. Its rothschilds operating through like, 5 degrees of separation. You can see their form 990s which are public due to them being ngos. The "right wing" groups are fake too. All of this stuff gets coordinated between the groups activities and media coverage. The media corps are filled with robots and they have jews sprinkled through the ranks, of course normal people have no conception of what jews are, or how they function, so they never even consider that the people who share information and guide the direction of coverage are all jewish. This is easily observed by simply reading editorials or any piece which is inflammatory. 90% of the time its a clearly jewish name writing the story. All the brainwashed kids perceive the shape of direction but fail to see that the hegemon is synthesized. Right now the jews are trying to connect where we are, politically, to where they want to go. Ie. No constitution, hidden control structures that are publically obeyed but not disclosed, etc. Thats the only way jews can work, because they are an extreme minority, so they have to obfuscate with bureaucratic secrecy and compartmentalization. Its actually the reason our national security system is designed the way it is. No function of service to the population, no function of safety, controlling information which if otherwise public would demonstrate that jews have commandeered the United States, is the only reason for our national security posture. This antifa thing is a production. There is nothing there, just some people who are depraved earning money and the cameramen and writers to broadcast the events so the world witnesses it. This whole build up since 9/11 is about one thing only, destroying the united states and weakening it enough to bring it to heel under world government of jews. They want you to be mad at antifa so that they can coalesce all of the military aged males into one threat group. They intend to escalate until isolated pockets of resistance forms. Then they will kill all of those people using the state apparatuses, after which the world will have witnessed a failure and assume that resistance is futile. Once that is accomplished they will take off the mask and rule openly without reservation or mercy. There are many people in the US with widely variable skills and natural alliances that will form due to the loss of rights. The US is unique in that its founding document is a declaration against despotism on behalf of the general public. I dont know exactly how this whole thing shakes out, but its going to be unpleasant, any way you slice it there is going to be mass death and destruction. You should fight when its time, but understand that antifa is a fake thing and wasting time on their contractors and volunteers is going to expose you and consume your attention onto what is essentially .001% of the actual source of what is harming you. The antifa ppl are replaceable, they literally are just there because they are paid. Escalation is the point because when these people start dying, which will start happening soon, then the jews can synthesize consensus within the occupied government to respond. Thats the whole point.

Honestly, if you wanted to do something, causing the state to overexpose themselves at the pain of the public is the best way. All of their control structures are in place and theyre now directly connected to individual departments throughout the US via fed grants. They will have monolithic response to any threat against state power, because state power is their power. I think one of the best ways to cause exposure is to force the state to over-protect jews. Jews get the most direct representation through state function and its coming out through things like BDS laws in FL. The problem is, most Floridians could care less. The jews always add modifying language to their laws too, like "Such and Such-Antisemitic-speech-law-and all other minorities". Of course the law isn't for others, its for them. But theyre so overconfident that the goyim dont know, they push their laws anyways. If you could get the state to wantonly cater to jewish neuroticism, it would deeply expose them, not only to the "right" but the "left" as well. Of course the jews plan to do this anyways, but over a long timespan. Probably like 50 to 100 years. You ideally want to get the monolith to go full kosher PRIOR to initial resistance, that way, any militant resistance becomes aware of the reality, not wasting their lives on proxies, and the left is forced to catharsis of how their supposed mantra is "equality" yet there is an elite minority that is far-beyond priviledged. Do it too slow, and they will just adjust, you have to cause it fast, that way the changes are abrupt and it forces social reckoning and dissonance.

Those are glowniggers and kikes, user. They don't want you doing anything or spreading to other websites, so they try and scare anons out of doing anything.

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The issue isn't with antifa, it's with conservatives.

A lot of them are grifters who want $$$. If free speech were preserved and violent political activism was gone, then they won't be able to make shekels from their persecution complex anymore. You'll be surprised to discover that the Koch Brothers and many other conservatives fund leftists so that they can create donation drives that solve NOTHING.

If conservatives were remotely serious about solving the free speech issue, then they would create a payment processor, domain registars, and app stores instead of telling you to buy a subscription from TheBlaze. They don't even do the bare minimum of telling you to contact senators.

It's easy and non-violent to take political action against violent leftists who censor people and endorse open borders, but they choose not to even when they have the political power to do so.

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1. have people realize problem
2. have people realize who's supposed to solve problem will not or can not solve problem
3. be the person who solves problem

Pretty much this. Solve the deplatforming issue if you want different opinions to have a means of broadcast.

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Remember, you're a cuck if you interact with straight people.

So says Pol.

Nasty asses, get out.

nailed it

the shit you just posted is LARPER rubbish. wearing a bane jacket? lmao
Do What they've been doing in europe for years(The second pic is from the kiev protests which were more extreme but it's still the same principle) . Motorcycle helmet. Sports clothes, tracksuits, hoodies, etc, with nationalist slogans but not too blatant (no open swastikas on your shirt because that's retard). A wooden club 2-3 feet long with a flag on it so it counts as a flagpole. That's really all you need.

If you want, also take a shield, wear a pair of gloves with knuclkles on them.pair of sports shoes. if you have a shield make sure they're all the same design and colour, shields can be made incredibly simply and easy for pocket change if you know anyone who has a workshop and spare wood lying around.

And get in shape. there's nothing worse seeing some skinny nerd calling himself a nationalist when he can't even lift a dumbell. go to the gym and start bulking or do martial arts.

The trouble is, you see on both sides is that they're just uncoordinated. it's a bit cringey but try training tactics before you do any of this, try doing shieldwalls if you have some, charging, etc. a good coordinated charge from the enemy will make 99% of these antifa scum run away, you saw that in the battle of berkley and portland.

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You'll find idiots more your speed there.

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Almost like PR is cancer and the right and third position are largely pussy faggots that talk tough online but won't even entertain the thought of actually doing anything. That's why you faggots decry Tarrant and call everyone a fed, shill, or stooge. Prove me wrong. I fought alongside you faggots for years and sacrificed so much of my life, mental and physical health, and social status only to find nobody I was fighting alongside wanted to do anything more than elect a traitor and post memes, then sulk away and complain when none of that accomplished anything, and any semblance of "meme magic" vanished.


Muh PR is about effective as trying to get them to eat bacon. They will ALWAYS give you bad press.

Don't seek it. In fact, put the fucking lugenpresse out of your mind. Network locally with decent people who see the (((fnords))).

See Mr. Brock immediately.

Google Vivian Krauss. She's done a lot of work uncovering their fuckery.

Well, guess what? The majority of Americans don't support ANTIFA for that very reason. You are a kike shill who would make Zig Forums as hated as ANTIFA. kys.


How about no?

Antifa is on a path of self destruction with this shit tier pushing of ideology.
They are gonna continue recruiting the most radical left people while getting slowly pushed away from the average left leaning person due to their tendencies towards violence.

Everyone except themselves knows what kind of laughable perspective they bring to politics.

And your plan is to dress a thrift store knight to help combat people ridiculing themselves and their ideas?

Let me explain to you faggots and your OP faggot princess who joins "movements" and why they do it. Young people join "movements" and some of them even start them and they do it mostly because they're impressionable people looking for a place to belong, and the most natural thing to belong to is your people. That's the advantage the right has over the left. But because young people are impressionable, being basement cucks posting how to be baste isn't exactly an image wanting to be emulated.

That video of that proud boys guy knocking the shit out of that commie faggot with a baton - I can guarantee you tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of young folk got interested in whatever that guy was standing for and probably went deep down the rabbit hole, because hey, young people are impressionable.

I can guarantee you that's why antifa membership numbers are rising. Lots of young people can vaguely identify with the communist cause of equality and fighting the man (e.g. because parents oppress them, mom damn), but that comes second to the fucken kikass bandanas, sticking it to the man and throwing molotovs and shit.

When you become that dude, meaning when you in a self-defensive manner blast a communist's head to the pavement (disclaimer: never instigate violence, but respond to it in reciprocity) and get that on video, you will get young people's heads turning.

Every movement has an ideology that can be justified with a hypothetical end result of that ideology. They differ in the means to achieving that end. Young people can't discern the good from the bad means, they need leadership. So, no I'm not talking about getting airheads interested in being right wing for the fuck of it. I'm talking about getting young people's attention, so they can listen to facts, before the enemy gets to them and brainwashes them.

Stop worrying about how to beat antifa on the tactical level, the strategic win is more important here.
Deny antifa of far-right targets. Encourage them to target moderate conservatives and when the establishment fails to protect them, swoop in with memes and propaganda saying that only the dissident right can properly deal with the left's increasing violence.

When we're done there won't be any streets left

This is a reddit thread. Cucked right is exactly who is concerned about antifa.

Please prove to me that the majority of americans don't support antifa?

Who's stopping the antifa?

They are getting better and more organized than ever and they are above the laws.

So where were these young people head when there's a fighting in Portland?

hate to say it but you're an optics cuck. please return to reddit

That's a literal generic ass leather jacket, dumbass.
LOL, antifa literally rout the right wingers in the current battle of Portland.

The people are realizing the problem, and they are turning into antifa.

Antifa are solving problem.

inb4 hurrr that's only them, normalfaggots think like me, like meeeeeeeee

You're on the wrong site faggot, go back to the donald.

So where's the real site for national socialist?

The_donald is banned already, btw.

your synagogue.

So the real natsocs are in synagogue?

Oh wow.

good riddance. That place was a shithole.

lurk moar


Thanks. Made my night.
I live with a boomer on and relate to the inability to rouse them. I think the only solution will come when they suffer and involuntarily take action. They'll hate it.

I am saddened, no triggered.


1. throw at them small baloons with colorfoul paint
2. everyone in block has now unique markings on dress
2b. if its possible teke off their balaclava to record their faces
3. record their behavior
4. they are your prey now
5. stalk them
6. hunt them next day when they alone
7. beat all shit out of them, they must understand when they come at next rally they will lose teeth and will be beaten mutch harder
8. hunt every leader of antifa
9. ???
greetings form poland where antifa is a joke

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Get some neck and crotch protection there too.
Bonus point if you arrive as a motorcycle gang.

All this half baked ideas when antifags show up in ninja uniforms to beat the shit outta people just walking around.
All feds and antifa in this thread.

lmao you'd look like a fucking retard wearing that to any right wing event.
you're dumb as fuck, watch this

The current portland antifa was fuck all, there were literally no proud boys there. lurk moar newfag


Because every time I post on Zig Forums I get these betacuck defeatist shills dereiling my threads.

Yeah, it's just basic goddamn protection m8.
That was July 1, 2018. Today is already July 4, 2019.
Oh so the proud boy didn't show up, oh well, that's good I guess.

Oh yeah, I guess antifa is free to terrorize normal people then.

Don't really care anymore.

wear a fucking leather jacket or hoodie not a sheepskin coat, you're not trying to look fashionable you're trying to wear something that might protect you and is easy to move around in. have you ever actually been in a fight before?

And in this case chest protection isn't important. it's not like an ancient battlefield where you'll get stabbed, it's blunt weapons and punches. as long as you have good abs you should be able to take blunt force to the belly pretty easily and as long as you aren't a skinny rake a punch to the chest or back hardly hurts at all.

What's important with blunt force is protecting bones and areas without much fat or muscle separating them from the bone. That means head, shins, forearms, elbows. you want a helmet, shin guards, wrist guards, etc. thats what rufio had on when he punched that antifa
Yeah, that was an example of when antifa got routed by a charge. it doesn't matter when the date was, it's an example. if there was a group of trained right wingers at the latest rallies and they charged at antifa the result would have been the same.

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I have been in a fight before, and the leather jacket would help you if they punch you or stab you. Sheepskin coat would help in the same way.
Oh nice to know, no need to wear shirt then, just go bare chest out there and take punches.
The guy who punches the antifa HAS jack fucking shit on him except a longsleeve undershirt, not even a helmet even.
The example of the past doesn't suit today when antifa have armed up and organized more effectively than the last year.

This is the antifa now.

I think right wingers are a lot of stupid cucks really. They still they won in 2018 but they are gonna win fucking forever.

But fuck that, I don't care anymore. None of you do shit anyway.

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you realise how hot a sheepskin coat is? you don't want to be fighting in one.
yeah you could easily go bare chest and be fine. if you have an ok pair of pecs punches to them dont hurt
he has a pair of arm guards.
20 year old nerdy college kids vs 20 year old nerdy college kids in helmets and with shittily made shields isnt that much of a difference. and that picture of antifa you posted is from 2018 and they still got btfo.

yes, most of the right are cucks. instead of wanting to form their own groups to fight antifa when they see them beating people they say shit like "muh street battles don't matter".

The rule is if you have a group of trained fit men with shields, "flagpoles", some body armour and you know how to fight and when to charge you will win against them 100%.

So stick to leather jacket. If it's too hot, put it out and carry it over your shoulders.
Yeah, OK, smart guy, I hope they don't spray acid on ya.
LOL, antifa straight out beat people up bloody this year AND they get away with it, and no, that pic is from THIS YEAR, and no one has done shit to them.
That's the point of this thread.

But of course, you are too fucking smart for that, my man. You are here to criticize me instead of doing shit yourself.

glow harder faggot

Who are you quoting?

The entire "muh optics" argument and counter-argument originated with charlottesville and everything said here might as well apply to that as to anything else. Encouraging more charlottesville style controlled-oppo bullshit is exactly what the glows want.


you serious? having these staged racial conflicts with lots of violence increases the justification to crack down and control the internet, curtail free speech, restrict gun rights, etc. The ruling elite want that, and they control the govt and the bureaucrats.

Oh well, don't ever fight back with guns or they will take away your freedom and your guns.

This is why the right loses.

is yelling into the air autistically so that normies can get turned off to your message really accomplishing anything that the glows don't want?

You can already do that on here.

I am talking about beating and shooting leftists, jews and niggers since violence puts an end to them.

No point in having all these guns when you are fighting by posting about killing jews on the internet.

come on man, you're not even try ing

Yeah, respect the laws, dog, one day the FBI and CIA will remove all jews for you.

Any days now, the normalfags will heed the message and rise up in unison and the jews will be defeated.

Yeah I think I got a better look. Better be buff

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We should really just stop being so nitpicky and go back to standing by our people who choose to actually do things in whichever form they choose. So long as they aren't being faggots and are doing whatever they do conscientiously and intelligently, whether they're on the street or doing some other more subtle approach shouldn't warrant name-calling or disavowment.

And how do you expect this "self destruction" if everyone allows their crap to continue.
They are the strong horse, and will continue to be for your average leftist. Honestly it should be this way. Your "moderate" leftist is arguably more subversive and narcissistic, so their mental illness becomes more pronounced through things like antifa.

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Every time Antifa behaves this way they are trashing their own reputation in return for short term good feels.
It totally undermines their attempt to play the victim. When they gang up and hospitalise some gay chink reporter.

Im not saying do nothing. But dont go around sucker punching people.
Those 'antifa tries to attack someone and gets KOd' videos go great on youtube. Thats why they are losing support despite having billionaire backing. And the aut right, which was only invented during a Hillary fever dream in 2016 is now one of the most powerful forces in politics.

they don't do that. they're shitty but not like muslims. and a t shirt wont protect you from acid. are you a fatty to afraid to show his body or something? this is the high quality video. its clear he has a pair on
beating old boomers is hardly an achivement. the proud boys is basically a dead group/movement and doesn't protect anyone and the big right wing fighting groups like R.A.M got jailed.
I lift, train martial arts, and network with other right wingers. Wtf do you do, faggot, apart from posting cringey sheepskin jackets?

you are right. unfortunately the alt-right is led by anti-White shills and kikes like Anglin, Weev, and TRS. activism affects their paywalls (and their masters wishes) so they demonized it. now no one will do it.

once these faggots are killed we can regroup

solid post.

i disagree. not too long ago a jew became a state senator in a red county in the red state of TN. this is a farming region with virtually 0 kikes. the first thing he did in office was pass the TN anti-semitism bill which protected synagogues etc.

no one noticed. no one woke up. and they got their protection.

a better strategy is to attack that which is indefensible in the eyes of your state, and this forces the state to defend the target. this exposes the true character of the state. so go after abortion clinics, opioid manufacturers, refugee resettlement centers etc. (these would be red state targets of course)

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shill trying to keep the right passive its a bullshit argument…ignore it

Going to anything public heh. Reeeeeeetard, it's glow nigger central. You want to do violence? There's better options than a bat. But that isn't it, you want to yell and scream like a fucking woman.