Russia Launches 'Floating Chernobyl' Bound For The Arctic

Next month, the world’s first floating nuclear power unit (FPU) dubbed ‘Academik Lomonosov’ will be towed via the Northern Sea Route to its final destination in the Far East, after almost two decades in construction.

Russia’s first floating nuclear power plant has two KLT-40S reactor units that collectively generate 70 MW of energy.

A year ago we noted video of the beginning of the ships' voyage (from St.Petersburg to Murmansk)

A floating nuclear power plant made by Russia headed out for its first sea voyage on Saturday. The floating plant, the academic lomonosov will provide power for a port town and for oil rigs.

— ANews (@anewscomtr) April 28, 2018

The vessel is now expected to be towed “along the Northern Sea Route to the work site, unloaded at the mooring berth, and connected to the coastal infrastructure in Pevek,” added the press release.

Pevek is a small Arctic port town and the governmental center of Chaunsky District in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia, located on Chaunskaya Bay.

Once the floating nuclear power plant is moored and connected to the coastal infrastructure in Pevek, the nuclear reactors aboard will be used to power 100,000 homes in the region, a desalination plant, and critical energy infrastructure assets. Rosatom said the floating power plant “will replace the Bilibino nuclear power plant and Chaunskaya TPP that are technologically outdated,” and become the most northerly nuclear facility in the world.

However, the floating nuclear power plant has been extensively criticized by antipollutionist — Greenpeace has called it a “floating Chernobyl.”

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Knowing the wonders of Russian engineering and work ethic, this shit might actually become a European Fukushima. Greenpeace faggots might have a point here.

Ruskies please use your gas instead, stop endangering the surrounding Nordic chads and the stationed nato army.

How long until it (((accidentally))) has a problem?
"Floating Chernobyl" that's so biased and moronic, it's like calling every car a Ford pinto,no matter the design and operational differences.
Also Greenpeace is (((funded))) to fight industrialization in third world countries.
Nuclear power is the only way to mantain a industrialized society without the pollution, if you hate it, you must defend a Kaczynski society for us to live or you're a delusional or a shill.

Nuclear power is nice and rad, but: 1) It still produces highly dangerous waste that has to go somewhere; 2) Every 50 years or so there's a statistical probability of an accident, no matter how careful you are; 3) There's a high probability of that accident being devastating.

envy is a mortal sin, dumb nigger

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Most reactors today are 1960s second generation designs, they produce more waste and are much more dangerous than 3rd or 4th generation reactors.

(((Greenpeace))) and the oil industry managed to kill most funding for those reactors, and fusion research in the 80s, so we will only see them operational in large numbers.
Most nuclear waste is low level stuff, things like irradiated protection clothes, tools and other small waste which have very small doses of radiation.
The big stuff like spent uranium rods, can be recycled into fuel or weapons.
If you can't recycle it, the volume is minimal and we already have deep bore mines in every country to dispose them.
Most of the waste problems is again solved by using 4th generation reactors or fast breeders.
Again, if you can't take the risks, you can't have a industrial society.
And what is better? Breathing toxic gases like the ants in China or a small statistical risk?
Chernobyl is impossible to happen in any western reactor due to the simple fact that they all have meters of thick concrete protecting the reactor and containing a explosion, you could crash a airliner into them and it would only char the exterior.

*We will only see them operational in larger numbers in the 2030s-40s

Actually the KLT-40S is a LWR, France has 58 reactors.
On a yearly basis they have a lot more accidents due to baguettes than they do from nuclear energy. Its the safest way to generate power.

Russia operates two of these, by the way, the BN-600 and the BN-800. The radiophobic west doesn't have breeder reactors anymore, all were shut down. The only countries other than Russia operating a breeder reactor are India and Japan. India, let that sink in. The fucking poos have more advanced nuclear technology than we do.

I respect India. Is that wrong?

I will respect them once they manage to consistently civilize their whole country to the point where everyone poos in loos. I'm fairly sure that will happen eventually. They ascending the stairway of civilization whereas the West is sliding down its banisters, squandering each and every civilisational achievement it acquired over the course of centuries.

The very fact they call it a floating Chernobyl shows a) they don't know the real reason Chernobyl went up b) they don't know shit about reactor design and c) they for some reason thing nuclear safety procedure has remained static for the last 40 years.

Because it's a semi functioning mess of a state, with delusions of grandeur while blaming all internal ills if not on the Raj then on Pakistan?


You're on the wrong board, whether you realize it or not.

Like that matters if the USA survive to continue genociding white people, since we Nordics will be dead anyway.

The Germans, the French, the British and White Americans all gone, just because the USA decided that racism was the worst sin ever.

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Is to get money. What is true, have nothing to do with what Greenpeace say.

Its the dumb fuck from Zig Forums because it went from the front page.

I think its difficult to say, maybe they have ingenius Aryans working on it. The decades of the 70s-90s USSR Russia on the other hand were horrible quality in engineering..


The eternal communists strike again

You know why? After the (((Soviet Union))) was founded, traitor "intellectuals" from all over the world flocked into the new socialist paradise, and that included engineers, scientists, writes, musicians and other intelligentsia. It were those people who designed Russian tanks, weapons, power plants, trains, everything that was built in that time. The "Soviet" space program too, was not the work of Russians but immigrants or German captives.
(((Soviet Elites))) themselves of course imported everything from the capitalist enemies, American cars were very popular.
Once that generation died away in the 60s and 70s, it all went to shit and (((Russia))) became mediocre once again. Dont fall for the memes, Russians are Untermenschen who need to be exterminated with their Jew masters.

>Once that generation died away in the 60s and 70s, it all went to shit and (((Russia))) became mediocre once again.
This seems logical yes. Only the mongrel ones need to be rooted out from that land I think.

I hope they build 20.

Ok. You go through first and put a green sticker on all the good ones so the Death Squads will know who to passover.

This. If these people were truly ingenious, then Russia would have stayed a shithole for centuries. Too bad though, og Imperial Russia was home to quite a few geniuses, and the tsardom was on it's way to modernization.

*wouldn't have stayed a shithole



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Quality post


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A good example is their top rocket guy. Who was thrown in prison in siberia because he kept talking about using rockets to send men to outer space rather than just for nuking murrica.

He died of a routine surgery to try and combat the kidney disorder he developed in prison in Siberia.
When the operation developed complications they couldnt fit a breathing tube because his jaw had been broken so many times in prison.

Fucking dumbass, at least try ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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Ebin smiley spam, that means you are smarter than us!! Even though you dont know there is ice in the Arctic and post pointless maps XDD


usually it's safe to say the opposite is true of whatever these glow in the dark yids say

I'm not getting what you're trying to get at. Is this some flat earth kind of deal?

brainwashed jewglefag

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That's nice Ivan.

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Only if they continue to use old technology designed to keep the weapons flowing.

Kill yourself jew.

Imagine trying to use these same garbage arguments every single time. Go suck start a windmill.

Sounds pretty cool. I wish we had those instead of niggers.

Fucking BASED, anti-nuclear shills that are probably paid by (((the oil industry))) are tainting the news with biased bullshit that will scare normalfag NPC niggers into opposing this, and you subhuman niggerfaggot nu/pol/ retards are actually falling for it.

Power generation optimization aimed to increase cost-effectiveness of soviet nuclear power generation and plutonium production.

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It's by design. If we could eliminate those problems then they would be out of a job.

We have old reactors that the liberals say they're dangerous. Yet when we try to replace them the left block the construction claiming nuclear power is not safe.

The secret services before 1917 in Russia were like only 1500, but after the jewish revolution of 1917 it exploded to 100,000s of members.
Clearly the russians know too much about the jewish question and what exactly was the pseudo russian revolution of 1917, revolution fueled by New York jews and the brits or it would have failed right away.
Stalin? Just a georgian surrounded by kikes and their puppets in a murderous ideological system and probably poisoned by them in the end.

it was actually to power the woodpecker radar installation nearby


American aircraft carriers are powered by nuclear engines. Same with American subs. How is this a first?

I'm assuming it's because, it's literally a floating nuclear power plant, not some nuclear powered ship that it made the headlines. Hence the moniker "Floating Nuclear Power Unit", this shit is about as retarded as making a nuclear power plant on wheels, and I kind of love the absurdity behind it.

No, hollow earth.

I mean it's different sure. But that's pure semantics. Nothing new or technological actually happened.

It sayed that way because of feudalism, and flourished under communism. Surprise, when actual skill, not birthright, matters, everything goes forward.

Russia went to shit the second they rejected communism.

Sound like some Western propaganda, since you blame soviet actions on the russians.

It's anyway the USA that are genociding white people, and when our semi-totalitarian system fall, white people might very well be hated minorities in our own countries, where as the E-European nations came out intact, but poor, when communism fell.

Anybody that tries to sell us that Russia is the enemy, in stead of our own genocidal elites, deserve the same punishment as them.

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Technically it's not even the first, during the 90's they used some of their nuclear powered ships to generate electricity to stem brown-outs in the far east.

fucking oil industry is keeping us in the goddamn dark ages

Oh look, another death cultist pissed that first world nations have become too joyous to breed.

it isn't? Which country would you say is prospering in the west and has a bright future, right now?

America, France, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Monaco, Estonia, the Netherlands, Israel, and New Zealand.

just ignoring the demographics then completely I see, how do you think America and France look in 50 years? What % white?

oh I read your list too fast, you counted Israel as a western country, funny

The floating power plant is reasonably cool. Designs like this might have implications for global trade. Nuclear power plants have major economy problems. If fabrication could be centralized and specialized that might make nuclear power more competitive.

0% - in fifty years, I expect a few hundred white people to remain. Maybe a few thousand. It really won’t matter.

The 3rd world won't stop until the 1st leads. Just dump the waste off the UK coastline, you'll see results.

I’m not forevasting racewar or any other kind of genocide.

Privileged and prosperous populations won’t stay as they are. The richest, most advanced nations will be selling reskin patches to their citizens by the end of fifty years out. White skin will provide the better substrate, the more experimental culture, and the greater history of wealth. Being thus the primary market for the patches, eventually everyone will have them.

so that would be a dark future then.

lol nice bluepill

You're missing history then. As soon as whites become a political minority, the country will fall apart so horrifically that they'll BEG whites to come back to make the fucking farms and factories function again. It happens in every country that transitions from white rule to black rule.

The patches will cure skin cancer, you proto-civilized loser.

The legacy of “whiteness” isn’t about collapsing into the failure of bigotry. It’s about doing the next new thing and building a better society. That’s why despite the psychosis of racial supremacists, white people are going to “die out” into next level postracial superiority. Postracial superiority is already the root of “white” success; the unfathomable “privilege” of white people stems from caring more about truth than tribe.

Reskinning in games is a big thing. People change their clothes without a concern, and know virtual skins as clothing; someday they’ll change their real skins in a similar way, knowing their whole external shell to be nothing but clothing for the person they truly are.

Genetically reconfigured skin could have superior qualities. It could be more resilient to many hazards. It could host tailored organelles for additional processing and reserve of chemicals. It could be designed to better interface with other technologies.

Local skin reconfiguration is part of the unfound light - the undiscovered potential of human technology on Earth. Whether it’s done for cosmetics or health, I don’t expect it to take fifty years, and the postwhites will be more profitable for partaking in a more honest future than bigoted liars can create.

White people didn't create western civilization, the Internet, nuclear power, flight, cars, phones, computers, trains, refrigeration and basically fucking everything in the modern world, because of our skin color, it's just the simplest way to know your not one of us, and you will never be, even if you became pale. I can't see you right now and I know your not white, stop shitting up this thread turbo nigger

South Africa has shown us that even a 10% white population in the dimmest part of Africa can maintain the bare minimum infrastructure.

Genedrives and ethnically targeted bioweapons are the future. Its simply to easy and too clean to overlook.

South Africa has the localised infrastructure to deal with shitty national infrastructure(Every house having a Generator, Private Security forces, water and food stockpiles etc) . America does not have this.

Also another thing with south africa is that the economy is still largely in control of whites and indians , but given recent politcal developments, that might not be so in 5 years time. Even the smallest "reforms" will cuase capital flight and then all hell would break loose.

Poisoning the well so lazily now CIA? come on.
It took you all of 30 seconds to grab an image of the pole off jewgle earth, paint it a swatch of blue, add some white (look at the seam on the left of the image) Circle select and gradient. Fucking ape.

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>i just watched Chernobyl now i'm super woke on nuclear reactors and i think they're scary! >_< 3.6 roentgen haha you're delusional hahaha
Shut the fuck up.

The sad part is that India was once the richest country in the world until the British came

It's the first nuclear powered anything that's mobile, that will be used as a power resource. It's new, not the greatest technological marvel of it's time, but certainly innovative, albeit absurd.

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oh look another Russian nuke installation just blows up and kills 14 vodka niggers

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Nuclear power is fake like nuclear weapons (dont believe me? Go watch all the so called highschool projects of bomb footage and tell me they're not 1950's.special effects, alao the fact the japanese had to be convinced they were nucked, and only the things made of wood were destroyed and all stone and steel survived). Poos.dont have a space program because if they did they could at least make an OS and not collapse Boeing and Sun labs. Etc etc.

>not the fact that most people live