Reminder to vote Democrat in 2020

Trump has betrayed us all, he is not helping the middle class or poor, he is like king Louie the 16th who neglects the nation and keeps his elitist friends happy as well as the Jews.

I don't like the Democrats either, but to ensure that we be able to get a house with a wife and kids and a white collar job that we can live on, I suggest we either vote for Andrew yang, Bernie Sanders, or Kamala Harris.

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Don't vote for Sanders or Harris. Jewish.

Kys. Im voting with bullets.

I strongly disagree.
Sanders is a little too "White" looking but Harris would be like another Obama. Very radicalizing.
On the flip-side, Sanders is a kike (as you pointed out) and it might be very enlightening for the masses to suddenly find themselves being openly oppressed by a kike.
I have mixed feelings about this though. I'd much rather Yang win because he's
1. Not White
2. Anti-White (though I wish he were more open about it)
3. Not very well connected politically
4. Has ideas that would crash the economy within only a few years.

Fake and gay LARP.

Even though you're probably a shill, I type this out anyway so someone who actually agrees with you can see this.
Trump is a disappointment, and that sucks. However, what makes you think that voting in someone who advocates for the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Trump ran on will somehow fix everything?

You won't get that. What you'll get is a flood of spics and other immigrants that come in an take whatever domestic jobs are still left after the dems increase outsourcing. The environment won't be good for a family either, as finding a good wife while (((liberalism))) is dominant in the culture is basically impossible. Not to mention that any kids you have would grow up around all types of (((diversity))) and either be hurt or corrupted before 10.

Sanders is jewish and so is Harris.

This anons post has pretty much decimated any chance for people to vote for a Democrat:

Is this Poe's law?

Vote democrats and accelerate collapse!

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Don't astroturf your republican shill threads, thanks.

Vote democrat for acceleration
Brenton Tarrant is a saint

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I am not kidding. I read that post, looked into it, verified it and it is 100% true and there is no hiding that. Once that information gets out, which it already is on Twatter at least, it is going to fucking destroy the Democrats. You seriously disagree given what that post says? You can't be fucking serious.

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And stop bumping you dumbass NPC

Stop astroturfing your republican shill threads. It's obvious you're the OP from over there.
The average IQ around these parts is higher than you're used to, so when someone comes along – say, a nigger lover republican – trying to obfuscate nigger crime and racial characteristics behind some abstract political party, it's recognized for what it is.

Harris is jewish.

A Democrat Presidency means the Executive Branch and CIA/FBI/etc. will be filled-up with anti-white bureucrats who will have a long-lasting negative impact. Assuming that old witch (((Ginsberg))) dies or retires after 2020, that means the Dems will also get to nominate a Supreme Court judge, who can possibly serve for another 50 fucking years.

Neocon Jews that Republicans ally with shill against white identity and fund Israel, but at least the Republicans don't also nominate anti-white beaners, anti-white niggers, etc. on top of that. Logically, Republicans are the best viable choice if you're trying to avoid full anti-white dystopia (for now). inb4 I get called a shill.

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You didn't answer my question. Are you disagreeing with the facts laid out in that thread? You see the fact you won't answer it makes the case against voting anything Democrat even stronger. So you can go down your script list with off topic attempts to name call to shift eyes or you can try to claim you have some high IQ but at the end of the day that post I made is still there as is your lack to respond to those facts and nothing you try to shift into will change that every single person reading this thread will see that thus crumbling your intention with this post. Sucks….

Filtered for excessive retardation. No normal person is this stupid.

So they'll just be leaving the republican infrastructure in place.

I did answer your question. You just don't like the answer, nigger lover.

Reminder to vote Trump in 2020 for the sole reason it will increase leftists committing suicide.

Honestly I just want Trump out at this point

The "winning" has gotten very very old

I will ask again since you seem incapable of knowing what the question is:

"You seriously disagree given what that post says?"

This post right here "user", this one:

That post there is what I am referring to and what every other real user will see. That is the one.


Despite how shitty it is, the Trump admin. isn't as bad as the city governments of San Francisco or Portland, etc.

A Democrat admin would be ten times worse in terms of cracking-down on free speech, supporting Antifa, importing beaners, banning guns, etc. I don't want to go full Brazil just yet.

Trump is a faggot. He has praised Zogbots non stop.

if you see it that way think of accelerationism.

I don't support Trump, he's a kike lover. However, Trump winning another term will cause a significant increase in leftist suicide, and it will push them over the edge to becoming unhinged. It's pure acceleration.

Trump isn't going to fix shit anyway, the problems can't be fixed by anyone.


Lol they all ready all are

Say nigger.

Permanent Democrat Presidents are gonna very likely be a thing by 2024 anyways. Just give me 4 more years of shitposting before we all have to register our ISP addresses with Fed overseers, and bin our sporks.

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No but seriously user, this is the post I meant, this one right here:

That's the one.

Hell yes P0wn the libs brother. Remember the real enemy is liberals Jew's are based!

Say nigger.


Wow this is really funny. funny post dude. this is hilarious lol


Hasn't Trump done all those things

He can't say nigger because he's been hired by a third party contractor, which was hired by the RNC, to come here and shill. They have guidelines on what they can say and what they can't.

If you want to go Venezuela go ahead.

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< Trump has betrayed us all
horse shit. He's far from perfect but he still wins the blue ribbon since WW2.
< vote for a filth communist white-hating bigot and traitor instead
fuck yourself how fucking stupid would you have to be to elect one of those extremely low-IQ virtue-signalling dirtbags?

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*ten times worse

Trump isn't openly trying to ban semi-autos and give illegal beaners free healthcare like all the Dems on the stage at the clown circus.

I know Zig Forums is triggered by whites defending themselves and not thinking only about govt. gibs.

I won't say "nigger" because I simply do not speak like that. But again user since you do not know what I mean, it's here buddy, it's here:

Don't you fret, I can remind you again if you forget.

Illegals already get free healthcare. It's White people who don't and Trump will make sure that continues.

Actually his support for the assault weapons ban has been about the only issues he's stayed consistent on over the decades

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And all non whites already get UBI as well

Whites can afford their own healthcare because we're high-agency. Importing infinite shitskins and giving them free gibs will eventually lead to strain on the system because there will be more takers than contributors; also the hospitals will be so clogged-up with goblinos that whites can't see a doctor in time.

The assault weapons ban didn't ban semi-autos or else I wouldn't own multiple of them, you retarded shill.

this is what pocket money looks like after UBI

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Not at all. I just don't give a shit about coming on here to go down that road, come here/have always came here for research/good data and to fuck with the idiots like this clown. It's enjoyable watching the squirm due to a narrative being crushed and them not being able to do a single thing about it.

Not sure what you a trying to imply the US already has UBI for all non whites

That's good actually we welcome it, economy is the main motivation for all revolutions.

Take note at how you get scammed, lurkers. Republicans have been pushing this nonsense on White Americans for decades and the only thing it has done is make our lives irrevocably worse.

If you support (((Bernie))) or Yang the Maoist infiltrator at this point, then you're at least Zig Forums. (((Bernie))) and Yang don't even support border restrictions or trade protectionism anymore, they've hopped on the full anti-white bandwagon.

I also think Blumpf is an idiot, and I would replace him with David Duke or Paul Nehlen if I could, but I'm not fucking magic.

See how easy that was?
Why are you so afraid?

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Yes indeed. I feel compelled to lie about something that means nothing. You nailed me there. But here it is again user since you might have forgot, here you go:

That is the one right there user, the thread right there.

Sounds just like Zion Don with the added benefit of $1000

I'm sorry for having fun at your expense, but it really does fascinate me watching someone bump up against the limits of their programming.

Unfortunately, I lost my spork in a boating accident while trying to reel in this really big fish. What a shame.

maybe has a pen made out of old bullet casings ?

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You won't get the $1,000 because you'll be put on a social credit blacklist for being a thought criminal. Eventually whites will be disqualified altogether when the Dems start putting literal Black Panthers, La Raza, etc. in power everywhere.

Say nigger. It's really easy.
Say jew. kike. spic. beaner. shitskin. mudslime. sandnigger. poo-in-the-loo. pajeet. chink. bugman. gook. coon. spook. porch monkey. pavement ape. chimp.
This is a place where you're free to be able to say such things unless you're a shill being monitored

Nah don't be sorry at all. I enjoy it as well. Never apologize user because nobody but libtards do that, so don't do it, gives away the game.

But, uhh, I already did.

But here it is user, here it is. I think you missed it:

I agree fellow organic Zig Forumsack, very cool organic thread my friend. I will vote for Democrats this time, I like free things!

Valuable read right here.

Say it here. Say nigger.


But I do have this for you user, this right here this one:


Why? The next two elections have already been decided. Right now it's the Zionist's turn with Trump. After Trump is done it will be the democratic "non-religious" jews turn again. The cycle repeats until every single protocol is complete.

Vote Trump and make Israel great again

Joke aside maybe still better than any sick democrat.

You know it's outright denials of logic like this that immediately reveal the /leftytroon/ posting it.
You will never pass, nigger.

You won’t do anything, nigger

No one is listening to you anymore.


Yep, Poe's Law.

The outcome has already been decided.
No real reason to partake in the bread and circus unless you think it actually does something.
Illusion of choice is not choice.


Shitty bait. Remember to sage.

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user, he's cycling IPs.
Take every bump post that involves advocating either voting dem or not voting rep, and check the number of posts on that ID.

No. Reminder to vote for President Donald Trump's reelection. Remember to Kill the Democrats, kill all leftists, and kill all jews while at it.
Education must always be a privilege to straight white men only. Not free for all.
Non-whites must never have access to health care.
Socialism from liberals and faggots must be completely abolished, along with the extermination of those groups and their supporters.
The only thing that matter is race. Not classes. The white race must purge all other races, regardless of which class they belong to.

Off-topic but interesting nonetheless, you sound like a leftist trying to imitate Zig Forumsacks, but it's too over the top/strawmanney. A little quiz question just to see whether that's true: Why exactly should non-Whites not have access to free healthcare? But watch out, I'll spoil right now, that it's a trick question, you have to figure out, how.

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If Sanders wins the only shit they're going to pass by is the illegalization of guns. There is no way the US government will give us universal healthcare.


Fuck right off nigger.

Fuck right off nigger.
Fuck right off nigger.
Fuck right off nigger.
Fuck right off nigger, you're already treated with kid gloves by police.
Fuck right off jew.
Fuck right off nigger.

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Just as the script is written.

Finally one of you Zig Forums niggers dropped the act.

That's hardly the worst thing he's done

Remember to global report all spam posts.

What? I don't hang out with those wretched Stalinists.

If La Raza gets in power they will re-enslave niggers. They are already ethnically cleansing their neighborhoods in the SW US. They'll also kill faggots. Spics are to USA as Muslims are to Europe


OP is a faggot.

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This. The only kind of communism we support is BASED Trotskyism, and the only anti-White traitor for us is God Emperor Trump. WWG1WGA