What about al that right extreme groups? what about racist communism? and what about national socilist bolsjevism...

what about al that right extreme groups? what about racist communism? and what about national socilist bolsjevism.and all that another kind of extreme right?
how to organize the racist network?

Guys, think now is good. Are we going to continue the current tactics of the '10s now in the '20s? That old-fashioned American Zig Forums internet culture? Is that really it?
We really need to become much more racist and start a racist network.
We have to find a new variation between the old traditional racist cultures and the now modern right-wing extremist culture.
Get serious and organize better.

Zig Forums is the largest right-wing extremist website in the world.at least that's how the media wants it to be.
And if this is it, it really doesn't amount to much.except for Zig Forums there is almost nothing for the extreme right on the internet.
Many more websites will have to be created.the extreme right can also organise itself better.for example, the NS right-wing extremists belong to the extreme right 3 via right-wing extremist groups 1, 2 and 3.
We will have to come up with our own names, and we will have to confuse the traitor media.
If we want to change, we can.
I therefore call on you to think about serious right-wing extremist emancipation. if you stay in such a weak internet culture, you are a weakling. remember that.there are so many right-wing extremist groups, but at 8ch everything is mixed up.
Christian right-wing extremists,NS right-wing extremists,anti-woman and for women,ecology right-wing extremists and so on.and there is an eternal discussion.right-wing extremists shouldn't all call themselves right-wing extremists,right-wing extremists with the same opinion should unite under the same name.but it just doesn't happen.

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emancipate the FUCKING RACISM right now.i emancipate the racism on much way's.here FUCKING racist communism.

the racism culture will never die.


burn the apes.

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1/10 bait

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this is the most racist thread on 8ch.if you are not a racist,you are a weak pussy.

Jesus Christ your English is horrible, are you Analockman?

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Your heart's in the right place in any case.
But we have IDs here and you're desperately bumping your own thread like a retard. Thus I must conclude that you have some sort of personality issue that you need to take care of before you start giving anyone advice.

in five minutes I've created the most racist culture thread on pol instead of that vicious circle of weak pussy thread about :' white life matters'.

What do you want to do? watch the alex jones show? or CNN sure.or read the GUARDIAN? or idiotic pussy threads read about 'white matters'.that's pathetic and weak.there's only one possibility: racism and right-wing extremist emancipation.

this guy knows

you have bad genetics

you are new

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wow since when are alt rights racist? THese edgy zoomer shills are no better than the corpaortates who make money on new political movements, yes they support, but they aarnt legit, just like you op. Being against diversity and race mixing IS NOT RACIST. get the fuck out of here.

you are not white OP

I'm going to give you some sincere advice that if you take it, you will benefit from.
That sentence I greentexed is not a solution. It's a vague ideal. An ideal that virtually everyone here believes in, including me.
But it's not an idea. You're basically saying
"Hey guys! Let's just defeat the jews and win!"
or worse
"Let's leave!"

What I want to do and what you should be doing is forming IRL organizations with real people and using Zig Forums as a means of getting people to disseminate pro-White posters throughout their neighborhoods all across the occidental world. Whether posters work or not on their own has always been a matter of debate but the reaction of the anti-White media has always been useful in spreading our message far more than mere paper posters do.

You can atone by reporting this shit thread and saying 100 Hail Hitlers.

OP please visit >>>/fascist/

my mistake, got tilted by the low quality

The system is broken anyway and racism is emancipated for a while.

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You keep using meaningless words and phrases. Clearly you are an idiot and I'm wasting my time

This jew tried to shit up the iran threatening pissrael thread with this same bullshit.

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