The Great Migration South; The Second White Flight?

I will be leaving New Jersey for Austin, TX. I cant start a life here. I feel like I'm being slowly suffocated. Why should I pay sky high taxes to freeze to death up here? I'm sick of the NYC elitism, I'm sick of the assholes. Im sick of paying NYC taxes for not even living in NYC.

And I'm sick and tired of being the lone White guy in my area, working for autistic pajeets that could care less about me. Central NJ has been taken over and is now little india. I have seen our ethnic replacement in action. New Jersey is fucking lost. it's LOST.

It seems to me that there is a migration south to the sunbelt. Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Austin, Dallas, Nashville, Phoenix, Charleston, Tampa, the list goes on and on, all of these towns are booming. Money and growth is coming in. In fact I believe that this migration is mainly done through Whites fleeing oppressive blue states that are importing non-whites at record paces.

The Northeast is dying and good riddance. I'm outta here. I'm fleeing south and not looking back.

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NC is not really the South.
Nor is Seattle, or Denver, or Importland.
Why tho. Move north faggot.

Texas gained almost nine Hispanic residents for every additional white resident last year

Running won't work. Only killing and damaging infrastructure to the point of grinding the country a halt. The country has to be turned into a god awful place to live, just like Syria.

eh, property taxes are skyrocketing in Austin year after year, besides all the illegal aliens, all the White flight from libertopias, which they've all been voting for all tax hikes options on the ballots, not kidding when I say all, either, and some of them are literally give money to illegal alien "programs." The place is going to tank harder faster than usual at this rate.

Only edge lords on the Zig Forums bubble want to move north. No one actually wants to freeze to death in Montana or North Dakota.

Austin is a White stronghold. In fact you already have Elites calling for Austin to be "culturally enriched".

Austin is pretty far left. You don't want to move there. Trust.

I visited recently and walked down some street DOWNTOWN with hundreds of homeless, and it of course smelled like piss, shit, disease, and death. I definitely caught something (probably airborne AIDS from simply walking through downtown) during the 2 days I was there because did in fact come down with some kind of nasty flu as soon as I left Austin.

And of course, like all far left cities, it's going to get worse.

I think the best thing for us to do is find right wing cities, move there, make these cities awesome like we always do, and then say FUCK YOU to all the kikes and niggers who want to come fuck it all up. So fucking tired of this bullshit.

Austin property taxes are bad but if you're talking to an NJ resident…

This. Better learn Spanish, O.P.


When was the last time you actually visited Austin? It resembles every other far left, degenerate city. Definitely not a "White stronghold".

One of the Whitest cities in the nation

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Then you clearly haven't been there lol. Yes it's far left…. For Texas. Besides, every big city in the nation is far left with the exception of a few. It's still White.

All the white people must be spread out on the outskirts of Austin because experience in the actual city demonstrates the opposite of these statistics you're posting.

whats the fuckin difference?


Yes this is a real phenomenon, South is and has always been more much affordable and it's mostly young and poor people leaving the North. BUT MOST OF THEM ARE FILTHY LEFTIST TRASH WHO IMMEDIATELY BEGIN POZZING WHATEVER PART OF DIXIE THEY LAND IN AND NEVER STOP. They bring all of their shitty blue state problems with them while complaining about the psychological cost of living in TRUMP COUNTRY where your takeout Vietnamese food isn't even worth posting on social media and you have to look at actual CHURCHES on the side of the road, telling their friends back home how they're like totally the vanguard, the scouts and recon of progress and liberalism infiltrating deep behind enemy lines. All of that is distilled straight from the shit I've been told personally by some of these moral and mental defectives. They are a plague.

Yeah that's a good point too. Fuck these misleading stats that call hispanics white. We all know why (((they))) misrepresent information like this.

Also, nice fucking quads damn.

Oh fuck off. I've been to Austin, its VASTLY majority White. Its one of the last majority White cities in the nation.

Fuck off with that bullshit too. Hispanics are proud of their heritage, la raza and shit, they dont identify as White. Fuck off fuck off

Example of "White",_Texas

Doesn't matter if the hispanics don't identify as white. The stats represent them as white when they are not, skewing your perception.

At this point I'm convinced you're either a shill or just another useful idiot.


You just described my life. I'm with you bro, let it all fucking burn.

except my escape plan is central europe, not North Mexico

Damn, 2c8d3c just murked 709bc5.

As an ACTUAL Austinite… yes the city is majority White. In fact we have more Whites than big D and Houston. We are consistently rated as one of the best cities to live in for just that reason. Though yes the homeless problem is a thing blame the city mayor for it.

Those stats are taken for people who self identify. I LIVE in Texas, in Austin, about 3/4 of the people I come across as White. Hispanics don't identify as White. Period. The stats don't lie.

So you're saying I completely imagined seeing white people being vastly outnumbered by non-whites in downtown Austin?

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Downtown Austin is the only place where Whites may be outnumbered. But it's like that for any big city. And I'm not saying the city is perfect or anything, it has its issues like any other city.

You have to understand that Southern cities like Austin are spread out, people are spread out across a large metro. Downtown is one of the few places where you will see non Whites. But like, fuck, we have regular hit articles from SJW sayijg about how the city is too White and shit.

You people need to grow the fuck up.


You need to quit being so autistic.

Real world experience trumps your numbers and fake statistics.

To elaborate further, if whites aren't front and center (aka prevalent downtown), then it isn't actually a "white city" and nothing you say to the contrary actually matters.

I mean what is OP going to do if/when he moves to Austin? Avoid all the shitskins downtown and drive 30+ minutes around the outskirts every time he wants to do something with other like-minded people in the area?

You need to quit talking about shit you dont know about. I am moving and I did my homework.

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Nearly every city has Non Whites in it. Welcome to America. Welcome to real life. I'm just trying to make due with the cards that have been dealt bro.

Repeat after me: BASED SPICS

It seems like your assigned goal for this thread is to get foolish whites who pay no heed to demographic information to move to a minority-majority state instead of somewhere more logical like Idaho. Boise was 89% "white" in 2010 and it is a growing city, why not make that the city whites should move to en masse? Because your goal is to dilute whites into jewish hubs like Austin (which has a jewish mayor) and elsewhere in the South (no state in the South is over 70% white).

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Well if you're not a shill, I hope it works out for you as well as you think it will. I really do.

Any city that gets big enough gets infiltrated. I have no ulterior motives. I'm not even advertising for you to move to Austin, my thread title is "The Great Migration South" most cities that are booming are Sunbelt and/or Midwest. Take that as you will.

Yes I live in Austin and downtown is downtown like any other major city

Boise is nowhere NEAR the same size and scope as Austin. Austin has tons of money coming into the city of course it has a Jewish mayor. It's not fair to compare the two. Austin has an Apple campus, Oracle built one, say they are all Jewish companies sure but Boise doesn't compare. Austin is rated as one of the best places to get a job hands down.

Oh and watch out cause Commiefornians will be fleeing to Idaho next

Yeah, Yankee cucks come down here and fuck our communities up. It's been happening since the end of the civil war. Also Texas is a stupid choice unless you like spics.

atlanta needs to be gentrified. move there

Texas is not a bad place to be. Good gun laws and lots of isolated areas, Austin sucks but that's standard of all cities but once you escape the city when SHTF you'll be in a better position. Just watch out for those indios.

Back years ago I overheard two black police officers talking to one another, and one of them was talking about moving back to Atlanta where he grew up in the 80s. He described it as a black city, built for black people, with a black mayor.

You couldn't pay me to move to Atlanta.

Stay the fuck out of the South you carpetbagging piece of shit

Thats where you're wrong kiddo

t. Montanan

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It's ironic that since yankee states are more white (at least outside major cities), they actually have less of an instinctual negative response to niggers. This is likely why you allowed yourselves to be slowly cucked for so long, and also why yankee boomers demanded that the South end segregation.

On a side note, Trump was tweeting this morning encouraging New Yorkers to move to Texas:

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stay away, you would definitely freeze.
montana is full anyway.

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My GF and I were literally discussing moving to South Carolina the other day. We are 40 minutes west of Chicago right now and it’s never been this bad. Taxes, violence, dindus. Illinois is no place for the white man, even the affluent cities like Naperville, Wheaton, and Burr Ridge are suffering.

Any South Carolinians recommend a great place to live for two 1488 whites like us? Was looking at Elgin, Charleston, and Summerville… any input would be appreciated. Am willing to consider other states as well. Also need a high concentration of wealthy elderly people as well (for my job)

Thanks anons

"White" hispanic

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I've seen this first hand. Manhattan faggot moves back to Texas then whines about how it's not progressive enough but he did find a group of like-minded friends to commiserate with.


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Future republican voters.

It's also one of the gayest cities in America.

You should be fleeing north, away from the subs not towards it. Snow is white mans best friend as they are the only ones left who can survive in it.

We need someone to help with Atlanta.

Who could it be?

What should they do?

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Anyone who flees north is both a moron and a coward.

Chainsaw yourself, faggot.

This. By fleeing north you're just repeating the mistakes of the past. It's obvious that Whites migrated to Europe and probably came from warmer lands. This whole thing about Whites adapting to the cold is a myth.

Southern states in the USA are well aware of being next to nig nogs and will resist. Yankees are just cucks and will eventually be cucked even if you cower in The Dakotas or Montana or whatever. There's tons of White money coming into Southern towns like Charleston, Nashville etc. These areas will become White enclaves imo.

Stay the fuck out of Texas you worthless yankee scum. We already have too many of you rats fleeing your failed states. You are a nigger and I don't care what you look like. Die.

already happening thanks though. stay out. thanks.

Yes there is a huge migration south. I moved south myself. Nearly ALL of the southern cities have experienced booms. It's kinda funny when anons on here tell you to move north when the real action is in the sunbelt. Phoenix, Charleston, Atlanta, Nashville, Chattanooga, Birmingham, literally all of Texas, Raleigh, Charlotte…. The list goes on and on. There is a migration and a White flight South as we speak.

Dixiefag mountain monkey here. If you move South, leave your anti-freedom attitude up North. Vote pro-Second Amendment and get involved in conversation to convince others to vote pro-Second Amendment

Do not move to South Carolina unless you like niggers, methheads and libshit traitors. Try North Carolina and VORE PRO-CONSTITUTION.

God bless, I meant VOTE.
Polite Sage.


There are non Whites everywhere dumbass. It's about getting off your lazy ass and forming strong white communities.

spics and niggers

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the southwest is already gone, moving there is retarded

into the trash it goes

texas will become blue, you losers will become the next cali

why do they do this user

also for checking population stuff you can't get much better than census data

Southwest is on the up and up. Tons of White families down here. And we have houses, jobs and safe communities. Fuck off bitch.

Except no one believes you. We’ve seen the demographics and voting maps.

White enclaves utterly surrounded by subhuman invaders is not 'safe communities'. You are not told of the vast crime spree's these animals are committing in your neighborhoods either fucking suburban faggot whom hides in your suburb home like cowardly boomers.

Any way to save this shit offline, once they do the new census you know they are scrubbing the old one to hide how fucking bad its gotten in ten years.

According to the "statistics" nearly every major city in the USA is filled with non Whites. So what's your point? Whites are a global minority and a minority in their own countries. You're literally pointing out the obvious.

Fuck you cunt I have a loaded shotgun under my fucking bed. Who are you to judge? Where do you live? Same God damn white enclave unless you live in the middle of nowhere. Shut the fuck up. At least I'm willing to fight and die for my family. Who are you to fucking judge you fucking faggot? Are you out there fighting the system? No? Then shut the fuck up.

Really makes you think.

Really makes you think

Ill judge you as an fucking boomer faggot cowering in your hamlet pretending our nation has not already been utterly invaded and is now awash in subhuman filth nearly everywhere. Maybe a few states are somewhat white, but they are tiny and utterly unimportant. The human waves sent by our enemies will end you just fine as you hide and pretend nothing is wrong.

You have nothing but an lie if you think the southwest is anything but an deathtrap for faggots like you whom refuse to see truth. If you are willing to fight and die for your family (assuming they haven't all grown up and moved hundreds of miles away from your boomer ass) then you have recognized several key features of the southwestern area you live in which will be critical in targeting to ensure it is the mongrels you are pretending do not exist in vast numbers around you are the ones to die.

Keep pretending your anything but a boomer. Mexico north with ever increasing numbers of pajeets, muzzies and chinks is clearly 'acceptable' because your 'white' retirement community still keeps the riff raff at bay except for paco the gardener. And your nifty john wayne shot gun is gonna work great when you shoot some birdshot into the air and expect the tatted up gangs to scatter before your walker.

Like the cost of living in the south (especially the cities and even more especially in Texas) isn't rising more quickly than anywhere else in the US? Taxes are low because if they milked the cow any more it would die; you people are new cows with teats full of milk and begging for your turn on the milking machine.

The south has had a headstart for decades - and in some places, centuries - and is objectively the least white area of the entire US mainland.

Yeah, it is. Being hot, humid and stuck in summer all year is pretty god-fucking-awful.

It really does.

Yankees stay out! Our culture is constantly under attack from you faggots coming down here then bitching about our monuments, "not progressive enough", not enough gay pride, "We do it differently up north". The worst part is that we get non-Southern refugees that flee the states they destroyed, only to come here and vote the same exact way. If you are so inclined to move here, you damn well better vote Republican to keep our states the same and not become commiefornia or yankeeland 2.0. Don't be locusts; destroying your own land only to spread to greener pastures, eventually running it for us.

BLAH BLAH BLAH keep bleating like a fucking sheep. Your testosterone levels are dangerously low. I live in an all White community and it will stay that way. You're bitching and moaning about how Whites are a minority in the South and Texas. Bitch wake the fuck up we are minority everywhere. Man up, make a family and protect your community.

You're really grasping for straws here….

Wrong. We are the most White and that's why White people are flocking here. We are pro freedom, pro small government, pro America, pro football, anti nigger, hell we've lived with niggers for decades. You know what happens when you live with no nigs? The Dumb stupid Yankee north turns liberal and let's the big nogs run wild and hand their governments over. Just look at Commiefornia and Illinois. LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Bitch we know how bad the nig nogs can be so we segregate and keep them in check.

Ill take that over freezing in the north any day of the week you weak bitch

It really does make you think Herpa derp

I'm still in the North East.

I can't leave until my parents die.

So for now I shall just continue to resist.


You Canadians are in trouble too. I hear you have a massive pajeet invasion just like NJ with OP.

op is a propagandist fag. eat shit kike shill.

That's whiter than Seattle, but wayyyy more blacks. Not sure if that makes Austin worth it.

Tell me, when you stick your head so deep in the sand do you ever have problems with it going up your nose?

You're right, how silly of me; as someone whose state comes apart at the seams over two inches of snow, living in an actual white climate would probably kill you.

You come off as such a pretentious Yankee cuck. Keep sending your kids to kike run schools and keep drinking the Kool aid meanwhile your city council is black. In fact I literally said that we lived with niggers for fucking forever and hell the south was known to be racist.

And yet here you are with your "racial awakening" you dumb cunt…. The south has ALWAYS BEEN RACIALLY AWARE. THAT'S WHAT THE SOUTH IS. WE ARE PRO WHITE BEFORE YOU EVER WERE.

Do you go out in a T shirt in 30 degree weather cunt? No, you don't. Whites are not meant to live in the cold its a Jewish kike lie and weak minded fools believe in jewish kike lies.

I would rather have a higher amount of blacks in a city than White leftists/antifa like in Seattle or Portland.

My state didn't even exist when you got your shit pushed in by the north and sent aid to your side.

I live in a state that's actually white, not "white if you don't count the niggers". Stay jealous.

Yeah, your attitudes were so effective at keeping the blacks down that the deep south was the epicenter of the civil rights movement.

I don't? That's news to me; I've been doing it all my life.

Wait, wait, don't tell me - you believe this because Adam and Eve were naked in the garden - biology, history and anthropology alike be damned.

Doesn't matter. It's about community. The fact that you don't understand that, just shows that it's only a matter of time Yankee cuck. I don't envy you at all.

Big whopdee doo. Suck my left nut. The Civil rights movement gained steam with the North who were the ones that freed the slaves and were always sympathetic to niggers because they didnt have to live with them. We did.

No you don't you lying little cretin. Don't be absurd. Fuck off already back to your Yankee piss hole. Stay out of the South.

You dont understand that Southern Pride has always been code word for White Pride. We were always pro white before you ever had your little racial awakening. Why do you think they torn down our statues? Sounds like youive in the middle of nowhere so you dont understand. You just want to look at stats.

It's about spirit, not stats. It's about having pride. Pride in your family and your community. But you wouldn't understand.

This is the essence of accelerationism.

NC is dixieland faggot.

How do negroid mongoloid semite hybrid creatures count as White?

Yeah, and yours are full of niggers while mine have none to speak of. Speaking of community and taking a brief segue into your religiosity, why is it that southerners are the biggest supporters of Israel on earth? You keep saying that you're racially aware and white supremacists and yadda yadda yadda but you just don't seem to be able to stop drinking yid semen straight from the tap (seriously; southerners support israel more consistently than Jews themselves) and I find this especially curious in light of the fact that many (if not most) of the movers and shakers behind the scenes of the civil rights movement you keep whining about were Jewish. Care to enlighten me?

Haven't been to Birmingham lately have you? Off yourself faggot. Or better yet move to Birmingham. A shitskin will do it for you.

Check out idaho. Eg moscow.

The South is a meme with its only benefit being easier to make shekels. You want to move somewhere and feel important? Move to the Northwest and help start the race war in that tinder box.

If it seceded, yes it is the South

Enjoy your godly niggers

Is this bait? Austin is heavily 'progressive.' It's also less than 50% white.