Brexit and the (non idpol) left

I'm not european and I'm trying to learn about the whole Brexit thing. What's Zig Forums's brits consensus regarding the EU and Brexit overall?

From what I've asked elsewhere (even the whiny as shit r/socialism), the mainstream/identitarian/sjw left are in favor of leaving the EU, but they oppose the current brexit campaign, mostly because, according to them, it merely benefits the far right.

I wanna hear Zig Forums's brits opinion on this one.

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The EU is an abomination controlled by neolibs that forces its retarded economy policy upon all member states. The sooner it dies the better. Any leftist who supports the EU is either controlled opposition or flat out ignorant.

For more information on why the EU is dogshit, pdfs related.


I'm not bongistani either, but I go with Corbyn's opinion on Brexit: The EU has neolib restrictions that would impede a Labour government in nationalizing or regulating key sectors of the economy, and its domination by zealous neolib ideologues means constant struggles against EU-imposed fiscal goals of austerity and wealthfare:

Aside from this goal-oriented point Corbyn can openly discuss, there is the subtler praxis point, that by allowing the Tories/UKIP to initiate Brexit, it leaves Corbyn's hands clean of involvement in the eyes of delusional shitlibs, in spite of the readily available fact that Corbyn's public statements and voting record alike have been completely anti-EU since before the UK even joined.

Brexit/UK aside, regarding the EU itself, there is a very slim chance it could be reformed into something worth saving, as through activism such as DiEM25. While I doubt the EU bureaucracy is wise enough to bow to DiEM25's suggestions before their organization is imploded by Frexit under a future Melanchon or Le Pen presidency, the mere existence of DiEM25 is necessary precisely to illustrate how unreasonable the EU's bureaucracy is.

Neither option is worthy of support and leftismos supporting either choice are imbeciles letting themselves be drawn into the competition between protectionist national capitalists and globally-minded international capitalists. Prove me wrong.
Protip: you can't.

Brexit means Brexit

This, its best to stay neutral with this one

The continued existence of the EU and its misdeeds is, regardless of porkies who are for or against it, a persistent lightning rod for ill will against leftists, and source of energy for the far-right, because the EU is (fairly and unfairly) seen by most people across the political spectrum as a project of the left.

The sooner the EU is destroyed or reformed, the better will be the public impression of the left, the more right-populism will deflate, and the easier it will be for us to work on more ambitious goals.

Ah yes, the tale as old as time. First we waste our energy on intra-bougie bitchfights by allying with one group of capitalists to defeat another group of capitalists, then we can proceed with "more ambitious goals", whatever they might be! A classic talking point of reformists and opportunists who'd rather engage in capitalist politics than organizing the class.

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My argument was less about reformism, and more about eliminating a prominent entity that besmirches our reputation.

Lol when people hear anarchist or a communist, they are more likely to imagine a well-off college kiddie rather than a Brussels bureaucrat.

Meant to

He's playing 4D chess with the Tories. Either way the last dregs of the British Empire are falling apart and ironically it is the Tories who are responsible.

As an amerilard and fellow ☘️anglo☘️ I will sit and watch as both our shite countries burn.

why dont they just ask the queen to settle the debate ☘️democracy☘️ at work again

mainstream left don't know how a united front works or how to take advantage of it

This is how you spot remoaner shitlibs. They should fuck off back to the guardian and licking Chuka's balls.

Terrible post made by a flag that is supposed to be "well-read"

The EU is basically just Germany and France, and economy wise the Germans run the show.
German politicians follow austerity as if it was a religion. At first applauded by capitalists, since they were not affected and could save their gamblings in Greece (always wanna play but never wanna lose), they are slowly growing discontent as it kills any potential to grow.
Basically they put an emaciated cow on paved ground and tell here she'll only get food, when she gives milk. That's German austerity in a nutshell. And all of Europe suffers from it.

That said, so while right now Brexit seems like a shitshow which it is because the conservatives are clearly inept at handling it and quite evidently never expected to actually win it, it may actually benefit them in a long run. True, they may lose Scotland and Northern Ireland, but once grass grows over the matter, discontent about the Berlin-Paris axis will not just magically disappear and it will only be a matter of time when the next countries tries to exit. And once this happened Residual Britain is in a pole position.
Once Corbyn becomes the first post Brexit Prime Minister, assuming he remains stubborn on being a left-winger as he remained stubborn when the blairist party leadership tried to coup him multiple times, he can re-industrialise Residual Britain and put it on it's own two legs again.
And if despite all the shit a conservative or a Blairist takes over the entire country completely goes down the shitter, as these people are just walking talking suits. They are custodians for the capital, they are not framers, they don't have the imagination for this.