BASED Russian woman refused to let negress sit next to her

Black passenger claims she was asked to move after ‘racist’ white woman refused to let her sit down.
Tiarra wrote on Facebook: "I board the Chicago flight and the open seat they gave me was next to a Russian woman, who refused to let me sit by her. I have never experienced this before. I’m so upset that I couldn’t lay hands on this lady."

What can I say, lads, at least some White People have some self-respect left.

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99% chance it probably didnt even happen. niggers love making up fake raycismmms like this. most white people are nigger lovers sadly

If you have ever talked to Russian girls and get to know their culture. You would know damn well they don't fuck around. This sounds like a normal Russian girl to me 100%. Russian girls are not like pussy western girls.

How about you smoke a dick, schlomo. White women are not like (((white))) women.

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Surprisingly enough, despite all that propaganda, The crushing majority of White loves their own race, look that up, that's a fact. Even White leftists, they are unintentionally always friends with White people, why ? because Tribalism, that's how Humans evolved, you are made to love your own race.


A reasonable jury could find that Daniel experienced a hostile work environment within the meaning of Title VII on the basis of his race, perceived national origin, and/or perceived sexual orientation. Having his supervisor tell him that he was a “fucking nigger” is, by itself, sufficient to defeat summary judgment. Combined with the other evidence in this case, Daniel has presented more than enough evidence to reach a jury.

The district court erred by minimizing the significance of the term “nigger.” The court also erred by downplaying the remainder of the evidence.

where are jewish girlss?


Nigger was the word kissing the air as families were auctioned throughout the American South. It hovered below black lynched bodies and accompanied civilian and police brutality against blacks throughout the last century. It was the word used by Sheriff Clarence Strider each day during the trial against two white men accused [of] (acquitted, but later confessing to) brutally slaying fourteen year old Emmit Till. Neither man ever served time for the murder. Sheriff Strider, the town’s law enforcement official, greeted black court reporters and Till’s mother each day with, “hello niggers.”

What the ever living fuck are you on about you massive homosexual ?

After Daniel’s first week on the job, Melidones told him that property managers in the area prefer to hire white security personnel and that the reason Daniel was hired was that Wood liked him. Melidones explained that “this type of job is being done nowadays by Indians, Hispanics, and blacks,” and he said that Daniel was hired only because “white people don’t want this job” so there was “no other option out there.” Id. at 81-83. He added that he thought Daniel was being paid too much. Id. at 103.

Shortly after Daniel began his job, Melidones likened him to a gorilla. As Daniel stood at his podium and Melidones walked through the lobby, Melidones told him, “Smile, smile, you look like a gorilla, why the angry face, smile.” Id. at 90.

The ape thinks it is normal to want to beat someone to death because they didn't want a violent criminal subhuman ape sitting next to them.
Apes can never coexist with humans.

Perhaps this sort of thing is the reason that people don't want to sit next to the dark folk.

human beings were tribal for thousands of years now with improved travel we should pretend to feel comfy around each other? i wouldn't want to sit next to her either. or a fat person or a gay or someone speaking some shit language. tribalism is why globalism will fail. we cannot manage one state or province much less the world. human (((greed))) has held back science and society for 1000 years. we will destroy each other it's a given. this is the reason for fermi's paradox. there are no advanced aliens they all destroyed each other just like we will. the technology is not the problem. we are our own worst enemy. all people put into positions of power become corrupt either publically or covertly. there will be no zeitgeist or new world order only ass tearing and nuclear fallout, starvation, propaganda, fake diseases promoted and unprofitable ones ignored.

I'm sure she has a donation page somewhere for money laundering, but white people will assume it's true because they don't want to get sued or killed.

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The jewess girls and also men are categorized as whites probably.

That's why they don't want you sitting next to them.

The whole study was probably done by Jews.

she probably smelled awful. no you cant sit next to me you smeely negr

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Amen. Just the thought of being that close to a nigger makes me queasy. As for dating one? NOT THIS GIRL.

Where are all the faggots screaming that Slavs aren't White ITT?
Suddenly they're nowhere to be seen.

This. Russians are racist as fuck and hate niggers, sandniggers and gypsies as a matter of course. Roman salutes for the lulz in social settings (even at work) are not unheard of either. There's even a term for it "throwing a Sieg".

"throwing a Sieg" is punishable by up to 5 years in prison in Russia.

Gas yourself (((jew))).

you know the rule….

Can someone red-pill me on Slav women? Are they mean? It would be unfortunate to find some Slav gf only to find out that they're soulless and incapable of love.

Russian girls love huge BBC, so I don’t know what you’re jealous about. Russians worship western culture nowadays, especially the ones living in the big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russia is a degenerate atheist and multiculti shithole. Moscow is home to the most central Asians and nogs in all of Russia. Tl;dr the “trad” Ruskie you think is beautiful prefers it long and black.

If we lived by nigger law all the niggers would be back in Africa

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Untrue. Russians don't really have a concept of racism because we do not live around niggers. Just Chechens/Khazakhs/Tajiks. A Russian that avoids black people is either doing it because of a previous bad experience, or because black people are unfamiliar to them. Almost zero Russians are familiar with the self-victimization that niggers use in order to try and gain social status.

Shit, we need to fund this negresses GoFundMe, match me?

i'm amazed she had the presence of mind to know not to start shit while on an airplane, if this even fucking happened at all

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Why not? Russians have the same aids, STI, and murder rate as niggers, so not like she would be risking anything anyway.


They are sorted with the niggers. Got to stick with their mongrel heritage.

Lets just make that dead and call it a day.

i can
she uses you, makes children, takes away all the property and leaves you naked
mein nigger?!
russians are NOT a (((judeo-christians))), forget these fairytales
this is a social masquarade
WE are pagans
were, are and will be as long as we exist
and WE love the ANTIchrist

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fuck you nigger

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nice I'm the 2nd yes, maybe is also not human

Rodnovery, not pagan, fellow komrade.

She probably didn't want to deal with the smell.


My arms are damn near the color of fourth one. You ever heard of working outside?
Dumb faggots.

And despite all of this, Africans have always been orders of magnitude less likely to suffer when living in a European civilization than when living in their own. They literally risk death many times over to escape the shit holes created by their own people and arrive in European civilization, where the "racist whites" will provide them with better lives than the disease, famish, and tribal war ridden deathscape that we call "Africa" could ever do.

Every single person who utters the term "racism" should be deported to Liberia, Venezuela, or China.

Not the Russians I know

Probably because you speak to Russians that read about politics or whatever. I am talking about the average Russian.

How's the weather in Haifa?

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Dragging all the white rates down