Man Who Bravely Fought Off Islamic Terrorists Put On Terror Watchlist By UK Gov

49-year-old Roy Larner screamed “f*** you, I’m Millwall” as he defended himself against jihadists who ended up killing 8 people and injuring 38 others during the horrific attack in London two years ago.

The attack left Larner with more than 80 stitches to his head, ear, arms and hands after two of the terrorists slashed at his head and neck.

Following the attack, Larner revealed that the terrorists had shouted, “This is for Allah” and “Islam, Islam, Islam” during the rampage.

Now Larner himself is being treated as a potential terrorist by the UK government.

said Larner, who revealed he has been forced to attend de-radicalization classes and is being monitored by the police.

Despite being hailed as a hero after the attack, with speculation that he could even be given the George Cross, the highest civilian award for gallantry, Larner is now literally being treated as a potential terrorist by his own country.

The United Kingdom is so addled with political correctness, it treats those who fought back against Islamic jihadists as terrorists.

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you already posted this word for word fren

Don't be anti-Islam goy, even when they kill your people and maim you.

Oye vey, is that a white man living? Don't you know they're the biggest threat to our country?

Who cares the British are sub human scum and have proven it by letting this farce go on as long as it has.

fuck the uk

death to the queen

So glad we broke away from those Britfags.

Kys Abdul

What are you even defending? Fish and chips served by a Pakistani??


What is fucking wrong with the Brits? I mean holy shit

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That guy isn't even white

He looks like John Oliver's drunk, disappointed dad.

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Wait… so, the britcucks still can´t understand that their govt and police is controlled by the invaders?

Watching British media and British youtubers is quite enlightening. Britain, like much of the West, is essentially in the pre-Hitler years. The general public is enraged but unsure what to do, everyone hates the police, everyone hates the politicians, everyone hates the immigrants, everyone is sick of all the changes, everyone wants their country back. Now they just need someone to appear who promises to give it to them. So far they've made do with charlatans and opportunists like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump who talk-the-talk but never intend on delivering, who are owned by various foreign factions and who, when pressed, reveal their ideology to be almost the polar opposite of which the common man believes them to hold.

The West is ripe for a new Hitler, a new Napoleon, a new Cromwell, a new Caesar. Someone who will tear down the refuse of modernity without a second thought and establish a new order.

Surprisingly, the eternal anglo is now more cucked than Canada or Sweden.

This is all because the City of London is the headquarter of jewish terrorism for this hemisphere, and they build a protective ring of terrorism, surveillance and draconian public suppression around it. If the pogroms against jews ever start, London will be the target to storm for Europeans, for which the jews are well prepared. The next targets in line are the Vatican, Brussels and Istanbul, followed by Poland and Hungary.

Nope, because they still haven't understand why Hitler worked in the first place and why someone like him can never emerge again…Christianity. Hitler creating the Führer persona, using strong symbolism, bright visuals, dominating costumes, historical props, military marches designed to music, and speeches for the lowest common denominator…this was all only successful because 2k years of Christian indoctrination, plus the last century of entertainment indoctrination, as well as capitalism, made humanity into slaves of false idols, symbolism, and simple doctrines. Hitler only saw how to steer the masses, but didn't understood what made them this way. The jews know this know and will never let any dissident use public spectacle to drive the masses.

jewish crimes, especially religions, the creation of atheism, and the catering to hedonism with capitalism, made the human species into cattle, into mindless drones waiting for simple stimuli to lead them, into goys. This world today is a war between 1% of insane controllers who want to enslave and destroy everyone else, 1% of normal humans who see through that thanks to having a strong survival distinct, and 98% goys who are representing the offense and the defense weaponry of both sides. It's a game…play it like one, anons.

Same thing that's wrong with every white country these days.

Thanks for the encouragements Hillel.

Was this the machete attack? 2 years ago i posted on Zig Forums a week before the attack of an ISIS twitter with a date and the big ben, 2-3 days later the attack happened. Haunts me everyday.

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You don't deserve any encouragements, nobody does. In a world where the Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion are freely available for everyone to read, there is no excuse for any behavior other than resistance to jewish terrorism. Being dumb, gullible or ignorant doesn't fly anymore. The masses walking this earth are choosing their own destruction willingly. The natural path of least resistance became a doctrine of hedonistic suicide, where common sense is drowned in lies they tell themselves. Everyone can see and judge evil, but not acting against it is a choice.

I can see why I can't access Zig Forums without tor now.

That said, why did this dude have ice/amphetamine and why did he breach a restraining order?

I mean I can understand losing the plot… but that's a bit fucked.

Was Abu sent to re-education class?


Good luck Rambo! But I think I'll stay with the Aryan recommendations of Adolf Hitler rather than your judaized mindset.

The britcucks don't do that until AFTER the truck of peace or beheadings.

"thou shall not kill"…that is the opposite of what nature is all about, and guess who the most destructive, sadistic and pointless killer of them all is? Humans. And what nonsense belief do they follow? "thou shall not kill" The screen you reading this on is made by crystals mined under African slave labor. How dare you call me Rambo, when you up to your neck in the blood of innocents?

Wasting the present in the past until the future kicks your ass. Does that sound like a winning strategy to you, user?

It's called adaptation, you should try it, survival depends on it.

Adding to this…Rambo killed one guy and they draw FIRST BLOOD, it's literally in the title.

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No fool, Jews taught white people to think like that. The pre Christian Aryans certainly had no issue with killing their enemies. They also taught you to hate humanity as a whole instead of the demons fucking it up.

Ideals are not a waste. Inspiration is not a waste. And the blueprint to gain political power in this world is certainly no waste.

No, it's called submitting to Jews. I would give my life in a heartbeat for the cause. My life is nothing, neither is yours.


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That was how many millennia ago? How about we accept the fucked up jew world as status quo and go from there, instead of hanging on ideals from thousands of years ago? The past is only to learn from, not to dwell in.

Which is a lie, because "hate" does not exist in nature. It's a human nonsense term that can literally have billions of meanings. "I hate waken up on Mondays" Millions will agree that this is something they also hate. How is this hate, how is anything hate? The answer is it isn't, because hate does not exist in nature, it's therefore a lie. It has no meaning of it's own, only you can give it a meaning…any meaning at all, which makes it pointless.

False ideals are and there are a lot of those around.

Corrupted inspiration is. Just look at the art industries, education, or all those fake ass self improvement scams.

The only political power is in the hands of a handful of controllers, the rest is all show. Nobody gains this power, you get chosen by them.

The only true cause are the laws of nature.

Yes, because only our actions are judged.
No, because we are all equal parts of this ecosystem.
Double No, because we all have access to the knowledge to change everything.

Whites needed to understand that simply existing is seen as a threat by others and to stop allowing enemies to exist around you. Wonder if this guy will arrive at that idea or cuck.

Yeah because brits are really the ones in the gov and police force you dumb faggot kys