Can we start a civil war 2.0 now?

Is this freedom? Is this the freedom that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and the other founders of this nation rebelled against the king George the third for? If this is freedom, I consider "freedom" to be an evil on this Earth, I don't want any part of it if having American "freedom" means allowing pedophiles to have your child lie on top of their bodies in a some sick sexual manner. There aren't any words in my vocabulary that I can input to give any human being to comprehend the amount of disgust and sickness that has overcome me. I fear that pederasty will be accepted not just in America but also the western nation's (something that hasn't been openly acceptable since the christianization of the Roman empire), and the majority of people in the west and Muslim countries will be okay with it. The fourth of July is tommorow, I don't feel like celebrating it if it means protecting pics related as "freedom".

I know the board doesn't allow for calls of violence, but if there was a mass shooting at these degenerate places with children involved, or if some guy opened a can of mustard gas into the building and killed everyone, I would support that guy.

There will never be an outcry about pederasty in America or in the non Slavic parts of Europe because western people are afraid to lose their jobs, positions, and possessions for even criticising this as abnormal. There will never be a civil war over anything like this in western nations and it's a shameful fact, people that are sickened by this don't want to do anything about it over losing their shit from the self hating government that works as a kleptocracy.

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Already hard at work organizing for civil war in Canada user.

I don't know what the Americans are doing. Hopefully something.

this is empowerment, you are a bigot

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mustard gas is not dangerous and never killed anyone it is literally disarmed by piss. i recommend looking into flamethrowers.

Time to plam and dig tunnels caves like the ancients did. Live there for a thousand years and hope for the best. If not, RIP white race.

Reminder that all exist in the presence of our existence of one another, from a memory of each others' existence to persist or be forgotten measured by relevance.


It's not our war to start, but to finish.


Is that a data center in Antarctica?

Another dindu licking ice cream in a store


Look at this faggot who keeps posting child molestation pictures as the OP of all of his threads and nothing is ever done about it.
So… reported for violating US law and board rules. You will never fight back. No one will.

Training first and preparing.

If you reverse the longitude…… it takes you from antarctica… to here
The Uzgen Minaret

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Naw, just let it die already so we can go lawless and finally make a white ethno-state

The absolute state of whiteness

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I am waiting to buy guns and men

We have to spend all the time we've got spreading the word to as many people as we can before it's too late. One man can only do so much, two can do twice as much. What about a hundred? A thousand?

Trips of truth.

Can someone redpill me on elbows and assholes?

I like you.

You dumb niggers, the first number is latitude, the second is longitude.

Basically, he's the "you won't do anything you nigger" guy.

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Mustard gas is a blister agent, when inhaled it blisters the lungs, thus making you drown on your own bodily fluids.

It'd be extremely easy, just go to a rally where antifa are armed with guns and there's some cuck group like the Oathkeepers and chuck a firecracker into the antifa group.

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related to civil war :
when the liberal millionaire, bluepilled boomer fuck Scott Adams calls for death penalty for antifa assaulters and says he wouldn't convict right wingers shooting them with bullets, you know something's up.

Wtf, just the other day everyone was shitting on him for defending Antifa, saying that they aren't a political group but just a fight club, same with the alt-right, and that the police should never intervene because it is purely sport.

You would probably get your ass whooped by those tranny faggots, neckbeard.

lol, this fucking boomer fag deleted his video where he praised antifa for beating up "nazis" when he got 9 to 1 down votes.

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