Brendan Tarrant music choice

Hey user if you were wanted to replicate Brendan Tarrant's massacre, shooting Muslims, Jews, Antifa, Left wing, Right wing, Christians, Gay, Straight or anything you despise in your own belief. what will be your music of choice in your spree?

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happy mondays - step on

david bowie - heroes

college and electric youth - a real hero

None cause myself and nobody here would ever replicate such an act. This is a board of peace.

ante up - MOP

dont stop me now - queen

no apologies - eminem

rate it

Domino - Blakopz

Machine Gun Messiah - Sybreed

The Mann - Need For Speed: Most Wanted Soundtrack


Head Like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails
Takyon by Death Grips
Krigsgaldr by Heilung


sheeit ur right sorry

I feel horrible for including a band so pure and good as Heilung in this lineup, but the song would be good for cooling down from a murderous action, plus the "spoken word" part in the middle of it is very Tarrant-like I think

Snake Eater Theme
link related
Fortunate Son Eurobeat Remix
False flag as a jihadist and btfo kikes

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Checkem, dubs say this song gets used in a future happening

Surprised this hasn’t been done yet tbh

Marty Robbins - Big Iron

Ready To Die & Party Party Party

Running in the 90's

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this would all be in minecraft of course

bathory-raise the dead

voodoo and serano-blood is pumping

conan the barbarian theme


BFG division is the only way, but I'll accept

because dubs and also the pure energy of that song

For outtro I'd like to see an outrun/vaporwave because a e s t h e t i c

Dont kill people.
Aber „Its a Small World“ ist perfekt für Deine Zweck

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How do you do Mr.Fed.


Also get fucked; data mining thread

mozart only
fuck you schmuck

thanks for reminding me

no one died and the actor that played tarrant is a raging homosexual and before he took on this gig he was nigel farage's boyfriend

You have to play Elton John, Your Song. Something off Veggie Tales, like God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man. That one, simply to cause a stir in the christian zionist world. Finally, one of Lady Gaga's all time hits. You really have to fuck with the (((music industry))), if you're going to livestream minecraft. Why play /ourmusic/, when you can meme Elton John the Neo-Nazi?

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Check their political views, user. You gonna be horribly disappointed. Music is great, feminist talks about muh strong wymyn viking warriors not really. There is a reason why they are full mainstream now.

Either this

or this:

In all seriousness though, if you are actually planning to do something, play this during the livestream. Time it so that the main theme breaks out as you break down the door.

on the way there - type o negative everyone i love is dead (nice long song for nice long minecraft drive)
at the start - slipknot (sic) (id probably use an edit without the whiny crying ending)
during the segment that brenton didnt do - awolnation burn it down
escape/capture - 2nd south carolina string band oh im a good ol' rebel

minecraft is fun

is this really a thing?

itt: feds

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