Here come the fireworks

from the infowars news desk if they are afraid of it. You figure out why You where banned. Previous mail it would be a interesting last show if you touched on the Subject. So I will call myself Agent J. This is because you got banned for getting close to the truth I may never Confirm any of this information in any form other then this reply able or unable. Facebook. Trying to think of a valuable domain name 1999 I decided it should no more then two words easy to spell and remember after many failed attempts. Frustrated I said believe in the Ace and you will believe in yourself. ace this that nope. a b c d e f Face……. what word is easy to spell as cat? dog? nope a words b words book? facebook that's it. What is a facebook? Its a product that does not exist so there is no demand for the brand name. Even better all the money is made on the ground floor of big company's. I will become a ace computer hacker and figure out how to make facebook. Countless Hours in chat groups learning basic programs and technics. I get a message. How would you like to learn to be hacker? I am not sure I will ever be a hacker Just turning on the computer makes me feel ill. what do you mean. Idk Emf waves or something… All of the best feel the sickness. Showed in-live time what and how he was hacking. Got deeper into the groups. Paranoia is rampant and they are very suspicious if they do not hear from you for 24 hours fearing you have been flipped by law agency's. So I recoded a computer game diablo to work as a text messenger placed it in a folder out side of the windows 98 operating system that was a open back door. said If your a real hacker message me by changing the in game sprite text located in the secret backdoor windows file. Most of the time the asked me to join in the groups or deeper discussions at a cretin time. While exploring obscure messaging sites I saw a message. If your a real hacker I need you help my family and my self have been targeted and harassed for me trying to expose a child abduction ring website. Thinking to my self I am not going anywhere near that. So I looked up formal complaints to the Fbi under open information. What he said was adding up more then 14 formal complaints by different people had been filed on this one site. I decided to go to the site. There was a chat box at the bottom of main the page to message the admins. I was very mad the type of mad the blood fills your head mad. I messaged my hacker group This is not a drill seek and destroy so no mercy. There where about 20 of us. Messaged, I have never seen security like this wtf is this site. Well my friend is a lot better at this then me and he said he will help as soon as he can get to his computer as he is at work. Hey we need you to talk to them they Just ignore us but something about you makes them mad. We will be tracing the admins when they reply. Your a insignificant piece of shit nothing about you life matters the idea that you think you can touch us only proves your a idiot we have Judges senators and high money people on are side.

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2nd part you would amount to more if you where the shit satin in my underwear. Good Job we got them standby. We have been hacked drop all communications there will be a secured chat log given to only people we trust though your Ip. New in what can only be called a social network of hackers more then 100 hackers descended on a known Cp website taking it over and publishing the battle on the site its self. The Cia has frozen the site form access but the pages of information from anyone one interacted with the site in any form of 20 pages of ips ect. I get a message. One of the Heads of the Cia wants to talk with you. I took the message for what it said with a grain of salt. Sure I will be all ears. ok he will contact you. Are you stupid or are you trying to get yourself killed? No, the better Question is what do I want. ok what do you want? I want 15 grand. ok anything else? I want it in the form of a grant for a social network. done don't speak to anyone about this until you hear from us in person understood? yes sir. ok then. Boosting with A friend about being the hacker Anonymous. I have no idea how you do the things with computers you do you genius is incalculable like this Zuck kid who made computers talk with each other though the air on some thing he called Zuck net. It may as well be magic to me because I don't understand any of it. Have him met me but don't tell him what it is about say its about a party or something. He will be going to collage soon and it won't be possible after that but for you I will try. Zuck drooped off at the end of my drive way looking around befuddled. I walked into view and waved my hand from a distance Hey there. walking close Why are you here? I was told it was ok by a friend of yours. Yea sure, Well what can I help you with? I was told to ask about a party to go to. oh the barn would be a better place to talk follow me. Whats your name I like to know Who I am talking with. Mark no your full name Zuckerberg. So your Jewish? umm well my family and I celibate the holidays and stuff. Don't be ashamed. I am not. Dominate voice and look, good don't be. I want to get wasted at a party for a send off to collage Do you know where a party is? Yea, sure I know if that's what you want. Where are you going to collage? Harvard wow nice. So what are you taking? psychology and computer coding. So I heard computers, your a code writer and I am a code breaker. Whats a code breaker? People that don't like to be called hackers. ok I guess I can see that. After some berating. I will never have the opportunity to go to Harvard on my parents dime, don't waste it showing up hung over and being behind form the first day. Ahh you a good kid. Thinking about how I am going to approach him and How I would want to be treated in the same place I binned the the table vise shut. Then rudely walked past him. I turned to face him and made him approach where I was standing. I have what I think is a billion dollar Idea….. Facebook…. I started at him with a direct gaze at his eyes. What I want is 25 million dollars deal? he shook my hand and said deal. You don't want to start off with the brand-name facebook you need to figure out what it is first. Try something like facesmach then once you have a idea what a facebook is do thefacebook as a beta. Once you buy the domain it will be 100% your property as far as I am considered. Its all around easier for both of us If you file for the copyrights and I just stay out of it. If you need money starting out I saw on the news Where the CIA was offering a 15k grant to create a social network. Your such a lair the CIA does not advertise on the news. It was not a commercial it was part of the news segment and I am just telling you what I saw. Well maybe its possible. bla blas. If you ever need anything ask me. unamed people may have Quit inside of facebook because of the information inside and Sherly sanbergs regard towards for not cowtowing down to her asking for the debit to be paid. I write this In the event something was to happen to me as there was a very organized attempt on my life before to hide this. You have come under the same scrutiny in having your show banned. Happy 4th of July Alex, may are banner still wave.

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OP please post your nonsensical garbage somewhere else
also take your meds

nom nom I needs more

When you could have just paid me.

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splain pic
movie prop?

Guts, Clearly a lunatic or he would have stopped way before this point but it seems to work for him

I don't think it works like that
looks like a shipment gone wrong.

get therapy

Shizio posting.
Sentances make no sense.
Structure all jumbled.

Drink your meds or get some help with writing.

If it where coherent I would doubt it, You ever talked with a war vet that is still messed up. If he was ok why did he sellout?

So Zuckerberg is a Jew Imagine my shock.

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I remember after the whole hack went down people just kept coming up to me and asking for help telling stories of horrible things that went on over 15 years sometimes and this group. I don't think I ever felt resolve of it. I relay do feel better knowing I am the enemy again. Hey hey haters.

its A warm feeling over my whole body that makes the blood coarse though my veins and my heart beat with a purpose long since forgot. Hey pedo ever think you are nothing more then the filth of humanity and need to justify you existence to someone else by the bullshit you go on about because you know your a worthless parasite no matter what you have. keep talking….

No? guess that's what makes you filthy a pedo fuckwit.

Got my fireworks! Just kidding, just a stock a photo on jewgle. Went to buy some fireworks yesterday with the family. We live in a small north eastern town and finally found where all the niggers and illegals go. They were everywhere, but the odd thing about it was that they were buying huge fucking amounts of fireworks. About the only other white guy there talked to me about how most of them are probably re-selling them…IDK.

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Would make a great Bollywood movie…

I was Offred 100k for the rights So you understand if I am still holding out.

My experance the festvail balls are the cheapest boom per dollar if you know what your doing lighting them.

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Always buy fireworks after the fourth, because sellers need to clear their stock. Fireworks keep all year, as long as they're cool and dry. fwiw


Mods deleted the thread about the water supply but this isn't even anchored

So much spam this morning.

What an offal mess.

Cow guts from a meat processing plant.

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It's a smart joke.
the entrails and internal organs of an animal used as food.
"eating pieces of braised offal turned his stomach"

What were they doing with them? Transferring them to the Mcdonald chicken nugget factory along with pink slime…? ClOwN wOrLd!

we got a sophisticated person (developed to a high degree of complexity.) most likely caned dog food has to be processed at a different place for health standers. Butchers Tripe (cow's stomach) is a highly digestible and palatable food free from all artificial ingredients. The cow's digestive processes mean that tripe contains beneficial gastric juices which will help maintain your dog's oral health and promote muscular development. Guaranteed to satisfy even the fussiest canine appetites.

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I kinda want to make it much more twisted tho. Like what I did with infowars on youtube and facebook.

Attached: hahahaha.JPG (419x644, 77.23K) Korn 54:00 Ah the Joys find out shes pregnant when your still a kid. You have been watching the show my whole life…………

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I put in the korn album Because I have fans and I know some odd nutter is going to save the files they always do. If you remember there was a singer that died mysteriously that was making public videos about are culture and shit like facebook. example When can you opt out where is the off button ok you can have all the money and the fame but when will I be left alone to live my life. Why do you need to feed of the misery of someone else that you would physically lock them up in a box and Torture them. So what if what they are was the reason for your success when do you get your own fucking life.

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dam right I have issues don't we all how does no coping with them help anything I dont live in fear Ill spill my guts out in front of the world for who I am. Toxic masculinity Wtf is that guy have a penis and girls have a vagina how old are we that we have to tie toe around reality.

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dam right I have issues, don't we all. How does not finding resolve with them help anything. I don't live in fear. Ill spill my guts out in front of the world for who I am. Toxic masculinity Wtf is that? guys are born with a penis and girls a vagina. How old are we that we have to tip toe around a basic reality of what we even are.

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fuck off boomer

Reminder that feds post like low IQ spastics on purpose because they think it fits in, when they're actively ruining the fucking board.

Reported for disgraceful formatting.

I am guilty of seeing Cp I was on the dark web and a hacker…. Try to avoid its like dog shit in the park. We have all steeped in it once on the dark web. Heck I saw Secretary of defense Dick for brains rape and kill little Mikey form the life cereal box. Why I began Questing the stuff people say.

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