The Kali Yuga

It's worth remembering on this (((Independence Day))) that we live under the law of the Dharma, and this natural law is clear: there are four ages in which the human drama plays out.

We, however, live in the last of these ages; the Kali Yuga, features of which include:

Your only job, user, is to find and keep, somehow, the Dharma in this fallen age. It seems an impossible task. Maybe it is. Have a nice BBQ.

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Although your presentation is correct it brings nothing new, and the post is half baked as most people already know the stuff you've listed, and you offer no solution other than :
and that is just like saying : "Just enlighten yourself, lol, just be like Buddha".
Also this issue is discussed in the spirituality threads, no need for a new one.

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shut the fuck up nigger its about the mindset , the idea of thought not if you squat in the street and take a dump because of degeneracy or larp as a ss commander in your basement.
use your degenerated brain for once or do the world a favor and stop breathing for a while

You're right. I bring nothing new to the table, but I'd only say that nothing new can be brought to the table insofar as this is concerned. But if we could talk about keeping/finding the Dharma, I think we'd find something to talk about. Hopefully. It's a bit of a mind-fuck, isn't it? Trying to keep the law in a lawless world? Quite difficult. I know I struggle with it.

you will never be white.



Wrong. It's very easy to stick to spiritual and virtuous values as long as you perceive the circus taking place as "spiritual selection".

Easy answers are hardly ever right, and in this case, they seem downright deadly. Hubris is a thing, fren. Please let's be careful.

Because you think I take pride in my statement? I'm sad that no one in this world seeks to hold noble values. I've seen the downfall of many who lived for hedonistic gods. Their salary was death… for each one of them. That is why I came to the conclusion that was is taking place is "spiritual selection". Seeing things that way encourages me to delve in my bible to apply its philosophy and wisdom of preservation. I've fallen many times in my life. I'm not so different compared to the hedonists. What sets me apart is the awareness of the dangers of that lifestyle. BUt no matter how I show them or set my life as an example to show the fruits of holding beliefs in virtuous values, they fail to understand my abstinence. They're completely possessed by short term pleasures. For me they're almost truly lost causes.

I do not want to discourage you, obviously! But I think it's helpful, say for newfrens, to not be under any illusions about just how difficult it is to see the Dharma in a time when it is almost entirely occluded. I agree with you that there is a certain "ease" in seeing through the insanity, but I also see that many people can and will throw the baby out with the bathwater and say: Well, the Catholic church is a den of thieves, and Jesus Christ, by extension, is sullied.

the problems with prophecies or predicting the future like this is a nutcase might actually try to force it to happen sincerely for religious reasons when it's every much as likely to be some sick troll

alot of hindu gods seem to talk like used car salesmen

if you posted something about odin and i called you a sandnigger (because those are people that inhabit europe today), that would seem pretty silly wouldn't it? stop being such a massive newfag. actually you should probably kill yourself

I'm kind of lost user, but I like what you are saying.

Are you discussing the geometry of the soul? What is the Dharma?

But that's wrong.

In Grimnismal, Odin says that:

22. There Valgrind stands, | the sacred gate,
And behind are the holy doors;
Old is the gate, | but few there are
Who can tell how it tightly is locked.

23. Five hundred doors | and forty there are,
I ween, in Valhall's walls;
Eight hundred fighters | through one door fare
When to war with the wolf they go.

24. Five hundred rooms | and forty there are
I ween, in Bilskirnir built;
Of all the homes | whose roofs I beheld,
My son's the greatest meseemed.

540 x 800 = 432,000

432,000 years is the age of the Kali Yuga

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Fuck off Hinducuck

We can't even go one fucking day without spam.

It is simply an approach to Natural Law based in Tradition.

Bourgeois affectations to alien and long past Asian spiritual practices is just compound admission, by misdirection of those positioned by oligarchic conspiracy to rule their fellow Occidentals as being fundamentally too feckless and incompetent to manage the basics of their inherent vocation. Of turning out to be a regent pack of mendacious weakling simps sub-contracting their racial duty out to kike tax collectors, beastly niggers and chankoro dogs: and cuntocratic whammen, fugg'ng whammen.

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This book explains a lot. The bhagavad Gita is another great one.
A lot of the core tenants are to stop blaming others for your lot in life and to work on your inner state of being.


Unfortunately Hinduism is the closest thing we have to actual white religion these days. The native European religions were violently wiped out by semetic Abrahamism. However the Aryans who migrated into India brought with them all of the European deities and their worship was never halted.

To make just one example-

It's fucking Thor. His worship declined since the Aryans blanda'd up with the Dravidians, yet the deepest Aryan roots remain in Hinduism underneath all the poop.

However any white man with two brain cells can easily separate the wheat from the chaff.

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India was ruled by blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryans for millennia. It is the example of a great civilization being lost to race-mixing. If you want some real redpills read the Laws of Manu and the Bhagavad Gita

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Indians are fucking scumbags with no honor. Worse than Jews.

Don't be ridiculous. No one on this Earth is worse than the jews.

Dharma is a Sanskrit word meaning essentially 'Natural Law'. The verbal root means "to sustain, support or uphold'. It is universal, eternal, unalterable and axiomatic. Dharma is the universal ordering principle of the universe with a transcendental origin (God). You don't even need to be a Hindu to recognize Dharma. All ancient Aryans recognized Dharma. The Greeks called it 'Physis', the Persians 'Asha', the Baltic pagans 'Darna'

This, too, was the fate of the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, the colonial Spanish, and most likely the ancient Chinese. There is not one person alive today who can honestly and accurately describe themselves as 'Greek'…

Whenever there is a decline in righteousness and an increase in unrighteousness, O Arjun, at that time I manifest myself on earth. To protect the righteous, to annihilate the wicked, and to reestablish the principles of dharma I appear on this earth, age after age.

HE will reappear soon, reborn

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The Stormfags shit on White Christians and embrace poos who would kill you for your job and money.

Indians are nothing but shitskin mongrels today and will never be welcome in white countries. What is supposedly 'Indian culture' is the remnants of Aryan civilization past down from one increasingly mongrelized generation to another. Imagine if Europe gets completely BLACKED and people will be claiming that Europeans were never white a few millennia from now – that is what happened in India. The Indians of today are Dravidian mongrels and would be rightfully seen as low-caste shitskins millennia ago.

God bless your dubs user, God bless you to for sharing this with me
Does anyone else have more of this themed of our dear uncle being an avatar of Vishnu or similar stories/videos

wuz we kangs an shieet?

Are these examples to which you refer. England will then become similar to Australia etc in 1000 years once the nogs take over?
Its like the panjeets have been kicking us out from every country starting with India and now they are kickicking us out of europe etc? This is similar to the Jew story, no?
Where will we run to next user - will we ascend to heaven or since we were also kicked out from Mars, will we try Venus?

And some still want to believe that ignoring the Pajeetoid menance flooding every corner of the world and internet will make it go away and the Pajeetoid shill army that has already taken over cuckchan and normalized daily threads like these would spare cripplechan

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The majority are always fucking dumb as shit they have over a billion. Have you ever been in a trailer park?
Arguably the core of vedic and yogic texts are less dilute than any other in the world. The mass follow the dumbest unpure version of it just like every where else

so you wuz kangs and they ez pretend kangs an shieet?

Why didn't you upload any of the writings of Miguel Serrano, user?


Remember when this word got an instant ban, for absolutely confirming a foreign shill?

Speaking of foreign shills, get ahold of this faggot.

The very narrative wherein (((Oppenheimer))), the jew, found the concept of a "doomsday weapon", aka, the jewish fictional construct stolen from the Hindu scripture of the "atomic bomb".
He even tells those in the know that it's fiction, in his famous interview where he describes Vishnu taking on his multi armed form.
You think the average American viewer had access to, let alone had bothered to read the Bhagavad Gita when the kike (((Oppenheimer))) have his crocodile teared "I am become death" interview?
Had they fuck. He was giving a nod and a wink to his fellow kike intellectuals, who HAD studied it and DID understand that this is where he got the concept of the "Iron thunderbolt" which is "brighter than a thousand suns" (notice, he didn't make any reference to these brahama weapons in the interview, he mentioned a seemingly unrelated part - but fellow academic kikes who had read the whole book would have understood in a millisecond.)
tl;dr "nukes" are a jew creation, the biggest lie of the 20th century (and you thought that was the holohoax).

Would you look at this rat-face kike reading his script?

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar haven't read much of it but parts seem interesting.

Hitler paved the way for the arrival of Kali. An avatar of Vishnu wouldn't have failed. He was the prelude to the true awakening and the arrival of the golden age.

Hitler was not a purna avatar – i.e. someone who is literally God in the material form. He only failed because he was an avesha avatar – someone empowered BY God but not God Himself

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Can you stop being so fucking new please?

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Hitler was the last avatar of (…)
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The most important aspect of National Socialism is the spirituality. How many of you self-proclaimed 'redpilled' anons know about the esoteric side of Hitler and National Socialism?
It was the most important part for Hitler, for he realized that the universe is not dead matter, and that there is a spiritual war between good and evil. Zig Forums is just a cesspool of misanthropy and NPCs who think they are woke because they realized that Jewish threat. The rabbit hole goes deeper than that…
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06/30/19(Sun)12:36:54 No.217983909
Tell us your tales fren
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06/30/19(Sun)12:38:32 No.217984061
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I am also intrigued
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What spirituality should we adopt user
…Anonymous (ID: n7nAiZQi)
06/30/19(Sun)12:44:18 No.217984585
High IQ city states sounds fucking gay
…Anonymous (ID: 7mtID3Wb)
06/30/19(Sun)12:46:03 No.217984731
At least their degeneracy will be contained.
…Anonymous (ID: Puln+IST)
06/30/19(Sun)12:46:43 No.217984785
Read Serrano

Esoteric Hitlerism
…Anonymous (ID: CodArJ6V)
06/30/19(Sun)12:55:23 No.217985553

Savitri Devi considered Hitler to be the ninth Avatar of Vishnu, and called him "the god-like Individual of our times; the Man against Time; the greatest European of all times", having an ideal vision of returning his Aryan people to an earlier, more perfect time, and also having the practical wherewithal to fight the destructive forces "in Time". She saw his defeat—and the forestalling of his vision from coming to fruition—as a result of him being "too magnanimous, too trusting, too good", of not being merciless enough, of having in his "psychological make-up, too much 'sun' [beneficence] and not enough 'lightning.' [practical ruthlessness]" ….unlike his coming incarnation:

"Kalki" will act with unprecedented ruthlessness. Contrarily to Adolf Hitler, He will spare not a single one of the enemies of the divine cause: not a single one of its outspoken opponents but also not a single one of the lukewarm, of the opportunists, of the ideologically heretical, of the racially bastardised, of the unhealthy, of the hesitating, of the all-too-human; not a single one of those who, in body or in character or mind, bear the stamp of the fallen Ages.

Who will the Avatar of Kalki be? Could he already be on Earth? Could he be one of us?

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I don't know what's funnier, that it took so long for this to be brought up here again or that most of these newfaggots don't already know and are likely going to fight you for making this thread because they're wholly ignorant of the Vedas and/or anything remotely Aryan that has managed to survive. You did kind of a shitty job, but have a bump anyway. This is a one and done, I'm just here to laugh at summerfags and the other NPCs that turned this hamlet into a sewage tank.

Probably why White Nationalists are sucking their dicks. Hindus are the same as the Gypsies in Europe genetically and morally.

Such wisdom from the nobly incontinent subcontinent.

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Thisis an odd coincidence but it has to refer in some way to the kali yuga and a dark age.

Zoroastrian, Buddhist, and Nuristani (if ever there ways were transcribed in english) are white religions as well. Buddha was even blonde/ginger in most of his sources
Surf's up!


The board has been overrun for fucking YEARS at this point and is why hardly anyone is ever here. I'm sure the Rottenchild kike scum are happy.

Certainly. The Buddha was a kshatriya – one of the highest castes, and of the Aryan warrior caste at that.

What a bunch of fucking idiots these shills are too. You're so fucking stupid you will claim that America was always brown too. I wish I had a button to kill you all.

I fear my gf's DACA might not get renewed

Your ancestors were so enamored by India that they spent their entire life in peril to find a secure trade route to it, and giddily labeled any foreign land as "India".

This might be sad to read at first, but this is the truth.
I myself (yes, I have aryan ethnicity) always say that Dravids were always suppressed. That's why the Aryans made a Varna system.
But some cucks lost their glory to race-mixing because muh love hurr durr; fuck this shit
Hinduism was, and is the most based religion in abundance existence today, and not invaded by semites.

India really has turned into a mess. Dravidians do not appreciate our culture and bring us insults. Muslims are carving ethnic towns. Meanwhile anarcho-communist indians insult hinduism as much as they can. India is fucked.

Let this country die off slowly and peacefully, and let Aryavarta (homeland of Aryans) return again.

I, as a white man, do not want you kali-skinned spawns living anywhere near me.
If you are white as well, then let her go. It is not actual love you feel, it is lust. She cannot give you what you need
the age of kali yuga will be an age of dark-skinned masses taking over the globe. In Seiner's vision from God, he foresaw the 3 world wars. 1 and 2 happened just as he foretold(imparted with the wisdom granted to him from God, 2 happening approximately 10 years after he died). 3 would come about after Germany would elect a new "Führer" type leader, once Arabs occupied most of europe bringing with them a dark cloud that enveloped the continent.
Kali is a demon attributed to having dark skin, and you could say that the age of kali will be an age of dark-skinned people. You've seen how Africans behave, or how pajeets are shitting up their own country, or how quickly the middle east is dissolving thanks to the hidden kali-skinned people(the jews, since they are not white but may infiltrate thanks to their light complexion) and you've read how native savages treated colonials. You've probably also seen how mexicans behave through rekt threads, and how asians are literally insectoids.

She looks white to me.

yeah and I think Mrs. Han looks exactly like Ms. Wang

Absolutely based and redpilled. The final deprogramming stage from the matrix.

Hey okay, but over in politics, have you ever wondered what would happen if the public could vote on budget distributions? I bet they’d vote to subsidize a lot of businesses. People really value the “doing stuff” parts of society. Just be sure if this is implemented that people are also given opportunities to desubsidize, since subsidization itself is almost certainly not their actual objective.

Yes. I am one of the incarnations, maybe not Kalki but one with too much 卐 as well

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Can anyone tell me the Bitch Lasagna recipe? I am trying to make for six people.

Can any user recommend a good edition ( for the lay person), of the Bhagavad Gita please?


Nukes are not a bigger hoax. They only supplement the main hoax.

Who said Kalki will incarnate as an individual? There could hardly be a single man capable of sustaining such essence. No user, Kalki will incarnate as Many, as all of us acting as one in perfect synchronization. Also, kali yuga will not end when a certain time passes, it can as well last indefinitely. Or even worse, transition into the age of lead (which is the endgame of Jews and their puppets). This is what poos lacking the Aryan mind misunderstood, waiting for something that will never come on it's own. We must summon Kalki and usher the great cleansing by active means. To do that, we must become shudibudishvabhavas, beings of absolute Will.

I'm a fan of Abhinavagupta's commentary on it, the Gitartha Sangraha.

Nah bro, you kinda missed how the whole reincarnation stuff works

what the literal fuck are you going on about OP? today is or was just another day. Shut the fuck up. you are worse than a jew. fuck you and a curse on you faggot. all eastern bullshit will be crushed. all blacks and jews etc will speak and act all alike dress the same and have no religion. retarded religions that don't believe in existence will be disimplemented. you will have a chip implanted in your head and become a dysgenic slave ape. this is no longer an information war. this is hitlers dream come true. we have the technology now to engineer humans. we will create a universal super man which will rival machines in body and outdo computers in brainpower.

stop wasting time with rantings of bronze age savages. they would have given both balls to have the computing power and travel ability we have now. read a biology book or study physics

said the ignorant and the meek

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as a hive mind perhaps?
His time is drawing near, I can feel it in my bones. Help me meme his coming anons
Its gamer month after all isnt it?

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I'm a Christian but I must say that I've noticed all religions seem to share a common theme. I fear I am moving towards Universalism.

Kikes like you who try to prevent any discussion that isn't directly Ocasio Cortez threads are a cancer and bane to all free discussion everywhere.

The world is real. Brahman sat, jaga sat.

seeing lots of people just denying the truth of cycles. Hesiod also had the 4 ages of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron, with a 5th one for the Trojan War generation inbetween the Bronze and Iron ages. In the Poetic Edda it says of only the age we live in, but 4 names for it being axe age, sword age, wind age, and wolf age, all representing the state of humanity at the time of ragnarokkr

While is correct, I do like the idea of becoming a shoobydoobydoo to fight evil and chaos in this world

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So why is it so hard to be virtuous and not have the ability to manifest as in the Kitra yoga?

The problem has little to do with different or lesser quality beings born later on. The problem resides in a small group of people, namely the opportunists, who will take advantage of the liberties they are given and use it to consolidate power for themselves.

This in turn leads to a cascading effect where others will have to act as they do or be quashed beneath them. Where the wolves were at peace they came to be wolves eating sheep, and then the sheep realized they must be wolves to protect themselves. Thus it becomes a wolf eats wolf world.

John D. Rockefeller is a great example of this in practice.

You have lived in the Krita Yuga. You have an eternal and uncreated Self (atman) which will continually reincarnate into the material realm until you achieve liberation.

Newfags need to learn that all ancient Indo-Europeans understood the cyclical nature of time

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On Zig Forums there are many unenlightened, forever bound by lust and anger. Being surrounded by shills also makes them believe that things such as spirituality are distractions. Distraction from what I might ask? Their crimes are well known to us.

Reads Evola. The process is an esoteric, internal journey. It's like being a knight hunting for The Holy Grail.

Getting /fit/ can't hurt either btw.

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Dude in that picture looks like the asian version of Kaptein Sabeltann.
Most famed and most vitamin deficient captain in the history of Norway.

Jews now pushing Indian shit religion for the Stormfaggots.


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This man speaks the truth!

Forgot to include the original

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Which would be?

I wonder how many negative, hateful people here realize that they are destined for another life of suffering after this one if they can't learn to be good, wholesome whites like the gods intended.

So Called Pro Whites falling for Indian creepers. Can't even find a pagan sect that is White in its roots.

Struggle is the Father of all things. The Hindu writes that Indra's son Vali died long ago but the Norse write that Odin's son Vali lives on past his father's death. The Hindu now says the Asuras (Aesir) are nothing whereas long ago only the Asuras were praised. One is the opposition to the other.

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Maybe some interesting read, like other religions, but all religions are flawed. Let go of all false limitations and just Love God.

Fuck off, you ignorant piece of shit. The Vedic scriptures were written by the Aryans.

First you talk shit, now you act like you want to read the Bhagavad Gita? We have IDs here, faggot.

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