Air rage lawyer dead: Woman, 50, who was jailed for spitting at Air India crew in racist attack

Burns then went to the toilet, where she smoked a cigarette, before returning to the area where alcohol was served and demanding more.
Burns then shouted: 'Fucking Air India is useless, I will say what I want.
'I have done so much for you fucking shitskins and fucking kikestanies, you should be grateful to me.'

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.. yeah I think we all saw this coming. That said, jailed for "racism and spitting"? The fucks going on with the UK?

Oh I see now.

ANTIFA Lady who heard about the Israel Palestine situation. One down. I tell you Palestine is the key to bring down ANTIFA.

yea this reeks of a life, dedicated to the underdogs of society just because of attention whoring kek welcome to reality bitch

Me pajeet. I feel sorry for her. In another era where there are no public cameras and things can be quietly buried on compassionate grounds, something could have been done. Not in this day and age. Stop drinking. Stop smoking pot.

What? Its been that long?

Found dead. Not murdered. I am so tired of the kike media.

Babies first redpill. Definitely produced an allergic reaction in her.

Strange post.

I think she lost the plot on the airline, but frankly getting jailed for this crap is fucking garbage. UK is fucked.

they're trying their damnedest to bring time out for naughty words to the US
They only thing reliable about the jew is they never stop jewing

Oh and also I forgot to mention. If a white blond woman(maybe 10 yrs younger) were to talk like that to me, I would be sexually aroused. This one looks like a granny though

The irony is that I just saw vids of chimpouts in Israel. The jokes on us and not Jews apparently.

I bet she was fucking hot when she was young. They picked the worst photos they could find. She looks like a handful of a woman.

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post video, who is chimping out? Niggers?

No idea. Can't post because Australia is gay.

Ok so that is the best thing I have seen all week. Israelis need more niggers in their nation. Lots and lots of niggers.

Also you better 'ungay' that shit soon. I hope you have lots of rope.

I've been suspect the real players are Arabic states and china for some time user. Don't know about you.
While some Jews are knowing partners in this, many Jews are just bona fide imbeciles that don't see where their shekels are coming from. Blind as a bat some would say.

Someones clearly funding our politics. I suspected someone (originally mossad) planting tarrant. I'm still not sure on that (I think he was too professional plus that pakistan and greek connection is odd).
One thing is certain though - they certainly do not like anti-chinese sentiment. That is especially considering those fuckers have been funneling money into think tanks, subversive orgs and lobbyists for some time while at the same time subverting the anglosphere economy (fucking with monetary policy) to leech capital and destroy their leverage.

I suspect that same problem is impacting Israel. Though it's more likely arabic parties in that case.
In fact the whole thing is a clusterfuck of subversion from all sides.

I noticed that most people rarely speak of China and that is a huge red flag for me. They have been subverting our government for 50 years. Why no yours as well? The puzzle for me is, why doesn't our own government just wipe them out using biochem? It would be easy to do, they live like rats in cages there…anything that was a contagion would spread like wildfire.

Wtf does that even mean

Murdered by ZOG

(((Central Bankers, Big Pharma, Big Business)))

Brenton isn't a pro. One of the things you learn to do in the military is properly clear jams, and you do it to the point that it becomes rote memory. He wasn't doing it, and he was overloading the magazine pin, so they kept falling out. He clearly didn't train enough and certainly didn't have a pro background. Also that part about shooting out his own windows, that's full retard.
So anyway yeah you're a fucking shill and go fuck yourself.

Maybe at some point but from the video she had that low class English accent.

Pointless thread tbh.

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Also the key to bringing down Pissrael, Rabbi Pantifapantsberg.

Another fake story with fake middle aged actors using meme imageboard language.
Drunk obnoxious old roastie entitled left wing brit bag, yeah I'll pass on that one.


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Who the fuck uses this panjeet shit? It's pajeet or poojeet, shitskin.

The opposite of found alive, nigger.

Pure coincidence, even though it is every single time.

the british government is anti-White and hunts White people over words while paki child rape gangs suffer literally no consequence.

like in all western nations, its a government led white genocide. people need to start voting with bullets. only solution.

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Poor woman though. She had the heart in the right place but the wrong time. It could be a false story as far as we know since (((they))) wrote it. Like a warning or scare tactic.

Why cant Americans make up their own town names.

Potatoniggers aren't White

That's why she's dead. Also:

That's suspicious, could she have been poisoned like they used to do in Russia back in the days?

I spot a redditor. Fuck off nigger.

Took a lot of posts to get to her holohoax denial

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The invitation for you to fuck off remains extended, nigger.

Woman murdered for her political views. Just another day in the UK.

we are a republic and we remind ourselves of our predecessors so we do not repeat thier mistakes and remember thier successes


This is why you have to keep weapons and be able to defend yourself. Any government without fear will continuously murder dissidents. There would be no other way to keep a lid on the shithole known as the Jew-K. Kill anyone who tries to take your guns or speech.

The hippie anthem.

Why is she wearing the number 3 on her neck - MKUltra shit?

It's not the Jews
Holocaust is fact
Tarrant was real
Masonry is irrelevant


Athens fell with democracy.

Slavshits so eager to get Americans fighting each other.
Why don't you get up from your desk and stab your handler in the eye? He's fucking your wife, you know. The FSB always fucks the wives of their juniors, old KGB trick to establish dominance.

She is wearing an om and a fucking bindi there's no way a yoga bitch this far down the path of eastern culture appropriation is calling them pajeets and shitskins.
It's bullshit and stinks of jewish tricks.

I'd be OK with jail for "interfering with flight crew" AKA not returning to seat when ordered and being drunk.

IMO the Jews drugged her to make her crazy for the flight, then killed her shortly after release.