Why do normalfags, especially on 4chan like to use autistic as an insult when referring to a carelessness or idiocy...

why do normalfags, especially on 4chan like to use autistic as an insult when referring to a carelessness or idiocy? Autistic people have higher than average iqs, better memories and are often great scientists engineers and artists.

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oh shit wrong board I meant to post this on r9k

Autist is okay.

Now schizos.

Schizos ruin the whole of 8ch Zig Forums.


Schizos scream jew glowinthedark niggers every times someone disagree with them.

only asperger's
normal autists are retarded

i posted this on accident and dont wanna get banned how do i delete it?

Get banned nerd

Anyone else see the new predator movie? Autism is literally a super power in it. It’s ridiculous.

fuck of and die normalfag before I eviscerate you and hang you by a noose made of your entrails

The jews purposefully made an autism epidemic through vaccines, and it blew up in their face when they all became pro gamers who are better at game theory than themselves. They got eternally butthurt, so 'autist' is now the number one insult on the net.

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t. autist

Jews cry schizo when someone points out their bullshit

Jews naturally deflect accusations by accusing others of their inmost thoughts, so they cry schizo whenever their subconscious is really starting to split due to facts about their lies becoming known.

Their Jew hearts want to make the truth look like lies and lies truth so that they can maybe invert their incoming schizo attack and say it was the sane man that caused it whom they would portray as the inverted schizo.

isn't neurotypical tumblr word for no mental illness, like cis?

Such as?

Yeah, such as nukes are not real.

And if you believe nukes are real, then you must believe 9/11 is not a false flag.

It's how schizos argue.

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Because autists can't have a conversation without embarrassing themselves. Like someone who decides to capitalize the first letter of his second sentence but for some reason not his first. It's minor things online where they can disguise themselves as socially capable but in real life it translates to stuttering like a "sperg."

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You're an idiot. Plenty of contributions. It just so happens that they are registered under Shekelberg Goldstein's name because, well, they're autists.

The main issue with autists is they seem to think being different automatically makes them superior.

Fact is, it gives advantages and disadvantages. Unless you take the time and effort to educate and train yourself to amplify the first and mitigate the second, you're fucking tedious and annoying.

Get over yourself, make the best of yourself, and make them sorry they ever thought hurting millions of random boys was somehow going to help their cause.

Fuck off, nigger

Also I'd like to add that you do realize all this "we're all autistic here on the chans" is literal Jew D&C propaganda you're deciding to spread. It's designed to make us and our political opposition appear the result of a perceived mental handicap and it further dissociates us from the mainstream identity by exiling us from neurotypical thought pattern itself. So thank you for trying to lump our legitimate grievances with the state of our nation and civilization - with your genetic defect.

Do everyone a favour and become an hero.

Thats actually one of the strengths here. It's hard to control Zig Forums due to it. Shilling is usless because everyone just calls everyone a kike or a cia nigger. It's like a self defense mechanism.

Jews and soyniggers resort to labeling people as members of a group they vilify, like schizo, racist, incel, etc. They can only insult people using the social system they have created, by labeling them as a member of a group created by them by inserting “influencers”instructed to act in a way to ostracize people put into these groups. They built the whole modern social system we are trapped in

The fed doesn't actually need to control Zig Forums if Zig Forums cannot do anything.

I like how schizo is now similar to racist and incel.

Ackshually, everyone here was into self-deprecating and ironic humor years ago before newfags overran everything. There is no real moderation anymore, and all the good shit is gone, but yes, "we" made fun of ourselves.

It's a self deprecating joke.

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Posters like these are the reason why I don't post as much on here. There's no point to engaging with them, as more retards gang up on you for calling them out than people who call them out.

You'd have a point there if it weren't for Zig Forums priding itself on "autism power" over normalfaggots, as well as some theory about autists being some govt. project that became obsolete when supercomputers became invented or some shit.


I was referring to your example - there being schizos with the same fallacious, stretched and outright delusional assumptions that I just ignore or sweep under the rug.