Men arrested after alleged Atkins attack

3 WNs Catch a Pedo, but they are arrested for assault


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Statement on SWN Arrests

> Three young men are being prosecuted in Pope County, Arkansas, for allegedly attempting to stop a child predator.


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1 in the middle looks like typical trash. Fags should be out working instead of taking the law into their own hands

if some one is willing to help, don't object on their appearance

but you're right, this is a really fucking stupid way to try to help

yes goy, go make more money for mr noseberg, let the anti-white police do their jobs

Oh shut the fuck up nigger. We're white people, plus 15 isn't that young anyways, fucking fag feminists and their gay AoC laws are such fucking cancer, there's much bigger problems in this world white people should be dealing with

that's exactly the mentality that has us at the bottom of the food chain right now.


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Friendly reminder that a man was arrested for objecting to a "drag queen storytime" and ZOGBOTS were there to defend the pedodemon.

Reminder that antifa can't be arrested in Portland. Honk Honk.

Also, >911dcf is a pedo shill who needs a bash to the head himself.

Finally, this is a really cool thing to do, but why would you leave the faggot alive? Dig the hole before he shows up. It just saves time and trouble later.

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Friendly reminder you're the only kikes here and you should go back to cuckchan

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Filtered. Easy.

There are plenty of actual criminals who would just love to speak with a pedophile.
One can call a friendly neighborhood felon over for a talk with an actual pedophile.
He may even want to invite the pedophile over his house for dinner.

that's not a medical diag, who the fuck is working at the CID and protecting pedos… probably the same people trying to character attack the victims of the ZOG judicial system who were trying to take a pedophile off the street

That no carb diet really makes people crazy, doesn't it.


Child predators aren't the bad guys, the people who try to stop them are!
Never mind the fact that police throughout the West actively protect the corruption (rape/grooming gangs, being fucking snipers for drag queen story time).

One of these three are not like the others.

Kill yourself before you reproduce.

what did they expect? meeting with teens is not a crime, nor is precrime. you could just start leaving "lost wallets" with an ID and phone number inside + money to whoever is responsible for a shop/office/bus/whatever and then beat the crap whoever fails to "do the right thing".

most of humans are only "good" because the opportunity does not arise where they will show the fucking beast that lurks inside

Lads, that was dumb as shit. You have to execute the faggot yourself, the cops WILL NOT do it for you.

They could easily have exterminated a good 30+ faggot pedos if they have done it right.

They earned a lot of honor and won the moral victory. Kudos to these guys. Though for the time they're going to spend in prison they could have shot up a politician or something.

With three guys they could have done a lot more than that. Think about how much Tarrant was able to achieve, and think how much more if he had two collaborators carrying out simultaneous operations elsewhere.

1000000% kill yourself jew. The white race doesn't want trash goblins

They didn't win anything and will be losers their entire lives. You normalfags should fuck off back to reddit where you belong

Why would you do this? The law hates you, three letter organizations are actively looking at white nationalists to find an excuse to arrest them, and you go out of your way to give them an excuse? It's ridiculous. This is going straight into the ADL's hate crime list as an example of right wing terrorism.


Kill yourself.


Eat shit, they were capturing a pedo for the good of mankind. The only good kiddie diddler is a dead one.

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Even the fucking captcha

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kill yourself, faggot.

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You've learned the lingo, but you still have to learn how to use it in the proper context, rabbi.

Some very low IQ and very jewish discourse so far.
What these boys did may not have been the smartest move from a selfish point of view, but it was still righteous.
They caught a deranged homosexual with the clear intention of wanting to defile a male minor. If anything, they displayed to the world once again how these sick fucks work. He was a "married" fag, and yet here he is, meeting a teenage boy for sodomy.
In a normal society they would be lauded as heroes of the community.



SPLC ‘Comes Out’ in support of attempted child molester.

White Nationalist Shieldwall Network Member Arrested in Alleged Anti-LGBTQ Attack Invokes Domestic Terror Ideology on Facebook
>Three members of the Shieldwall Network (SWN), an Arkansas-based white nationalist group founded by longtime movement leader Billy Roper, were arrested last week in connection with second-degree battery.

> I want people to be in constant fear, on the verge of homelessness and starvation. I want people to be so far out of the realm of comfort that they have no choice but to pick up their balls and load their rifles. I want the situation to escalate so quickly that all that is left is the choice between Revolution or Death.


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