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Venezuela's Guaido barred from public office for 15 years
The Venezuelan government said opposition leader Juan Guaido would be barred from public office for 15 years on Thursday, as it seeks to crack down on the U.S.-backed rival to President Nicolas Maduro.

Trump administration reportedly approves secret nuclear power tech sales to Saudi Arabia
U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry has approved six secret authorizations by companies to sell nuclear power technology and assistance to Saudi Arabia, according to a copy of a document seen by Reuters on Wednesday.

Brexit: MPs asked to vote on withdrawal agreement only
MPs will be asked to vote again on Brexit on Friday but only on part of the deal negotiated with the EU.They will vote on the withdrawal agreement on the Irish "backstop", divorce bill and citizens' rights.But it will not amount to a third "meaningful vote" on the deal, as it will not include a vote on the UK's future relationship with the EU.

Malta armed forces seize tanker hijacked by rescued migrants
A Maltese special operations team has seized a tanker that had been hijacked by migrants it rescued at sea, armed forces said. They returned control to the captain, who was sailing towards a Maltese port with the migrants and crew on Thursday.

German Left Party passes anti-democratic police law in Brandenburg
Last week, the German Left Party voted in the Brandenburg state legislature for a new police law that creates the conditions for the establishment of a police state. Just one member of the Left Party voted against and one abstained.

LGBT+ people to be stoned or whipped to death in Brunei under new sex law
Brunei is set to permit the stoning and whipping to death of LGBT+ people under a series of reforms to its penal code that are attracting international condemnation.

==Hamas leader appears in public as fighting with Israel tails off
The leader of the militant Islamist group Hamas viewed the rubble of his bombed office in Gaza on Wednesday, appearing in public as an uneasy calm took hold after two days of cross-border Palestinian rocket attacks and Israeli air strikes.

Austria may disband far-right group over link to NZ attack suspect
Austria's government has said it may disband a far-right group that received a donation from the main suspect in the New Zealand mosque attacks.The suspect, Brenton Tarrant, also visited Austria on a European tour late last year, the government confirmed.

The Interpol president who disappeared 6 months ago has been abruptly expelled from the Chinese Communist Party
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) abruptly expelled Meng Hongwei, the former Interpol president who disappeared without a trace six months ago.The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the CCP's watchdog, on Wednesday accused Meng of abusing his position in China for personal gain, violating Chinese law and party discipline.

Fury as Bolsonaro orders Brazil army to mark 55th anniversary of military coup
Victims of Brazil’s dictatorship have responded with fury after far-right president Jair Bolsonaro ordered the country’s armed forces to commemorate the anniversary of a 1964 coup which unleashed 21 years of military rule.

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I like how Zig Forums is terrified of secularized Muslims but has zero issue arming Saudi Arabia with nukes.

Velociraptor-riding Reagan & Star Wars enrolled by Republican Senator in crusade on Green New Deal
As the Senate prepared to vote on the environmental masterplan on Tuesday, Utah’s Mike Lee used a series of blown-up cartoons in an apparent effort to mock the plan. First deploying an image of former President Ronald Reagan firing a submachine gun while riding a velociraptor, Lee pointed out the “stirring, unmistakable patriotism of the velociraptor holding up a tattered American flag.”

40 Years After A Partial Nuclear Meltdown, A New Push To Keep Three Mile Island Open
Today, the remaining working reactor at Three Mile Island, Unit 1, faces new challenges, including cheaper competition in a rapidly shifting energy grid. Unit 1 at the plant, near Harrisburg, Pa., is slated to close later this year.But mounting concerns about climate change, and the need for zero-carbon power, are also driving a new push to keep Three Mile Island and other nuclear reactors open.

New York sues billionaire family behind maker of OxyContin
New York on Thursday sued the billionaire family behind the company that created OxyContin, joining a growing list of state and local governments alleging the drugmaker sparked the nation’s opioid crisis by putting hunger for profits over patient safety.

'We Are Running Concentration Camps': Images From El Paso Stir Outrage Over Migrant Treatment
Hundreds of migrants are being held by border agents in a fenced in encampment under a bridge in El Paso, leading to anger and accusations that the American government is holding people in "concentration camps."

After betrayal of Oakland teacher strike, district lays off hundreds, prepares school closures
The betrayal of the seven-day teacher strike by the Oakland Education Association (OEA) has opened the door for the school officials in Oakland, California to accelerate their assault on public education.On March 4, the day after the strike officially ended, the school board enacted $22 million in budget cuts, including $1.1 million from services for disabled, homeless and foster care youth support as well as $800,000 from music programs.

EA is laying off 350 employees and ramping down operations in Japan and Russia
EA has confirmed that it’s laying off 350 of its 9,000 employees globally in a round of redundancies focused mainly on its marketing and publishing departments. The layoffs were announced in an email obtained by Kotaku from the company’s CEO Andrew Wilson. In a statement, the company later confirmed the layoffs, adding that it would be “ramping down our current presence in Japan and Russia.”

Say It One More Time: The Economy Is Slowing
The U.S. economy grew somewhat more slowly at the end of last year than initially thought. Forecasts suggest that slowdown will continue in 2019.The Commerce Department now says the economy grew at an annual rate of 2.2 percent in the fourth quarter of last year. That's down from the department's original estimate of 2.6 percent growth.

Bed Bath & Beyond is laying off workers as the company weathers an activist-investor attack
Bed Bath & Beyond laid off 150 employees this week, CNBC reported Thursday.Anonymous sources familiar with the matter told CNBC that about 50 workers at namesake Bed Bath & Beyond stores lost their jobs this week. These employees were largely in the field-support team, which helps staff stores, CNBC reported.

Jesus Christ put a damn rubber on that link.

The orange man programming is wearing off to be fair.


The crocodiles are hungry: Fascism back in Eastern Europe, appeased by the West
The appeasement of fascism in the 1930s is justly considered the nadir of Western liberal democracy. Its appeasement today is thus inexcusable.Someone much cleverer than I once argued that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. The fact that we are currently living through a recrudescence of fascism in Eastern Europe, in states allied to the West, is more than a tragedy and certainly no farce.In Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Western Ukraine and Poland the celebration and embrace of fascist ideas, iconography, history and ideology is back with a sinister vengeance. It’s almost as if the most devastating and barbarous period in Europe’s long and tortured history, the 1930s and 40s, never took place. It’s as if the vast killing fields of WWII in which millions perished – its mass graves, executions, and the Nazi death camps in which the systematic genocide of the Jews was attempted on an industrial scale – were a figment.

Trump’s Green Light to Israel: First the Golan, Then the West Bank?
When President Donald Trump moved the US embassy to occupied Jerusalem last year, effectively sabotaging any hope of establishing a viable Palestinian state, he tore up the international rulebook.Last week, he trampled all over its remaining tattered pages. He did so, of course, via Twitter.Referring to a large piece of territory Israel seized from Syria in 1967, Trump wrote: “After 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which is of critical strategic and security importance to the State of Israel and Regional Stability.”Israel expelled 130,000 Syrians from the Golan Heights in 1967, under cover of the Six Day War, and then annexed the territory 14 years later – in violation of international law. A small population of Syrian Druze are the only survivors of that ethnic cleansing operation.

Democrats abstain from voting on their own “Green New Deal”
On Tuesday afternoon, US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, put the “Green New Deal,” a policy proposal co-sponsored by 89 out of 235 Democrats in the House of Representatives and 11 out 47 in the Senate, up for a vote on the Senate floor.The “Green New Deal” has made endless headlines since it was introduced over a month ago by two Democrats: New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, and Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey. The content of the proposal is a non-binding resolution introduced in both houses of Congress calling for transitioning American energy production to non-carbon-based sources within 10 years.Tuesday’s political stunt added new layers of duplicity, with the Republicans carrying out a cynical maneuver to force the Democrats to vote for the bill offered by Markey and Ocasio-Cortez. Instead, not a single Democrat did so.

The die-hard QAnon cult members will probably be on the Trump train until they die or he dies. There are people out there who unironically think Trump was sent by god.

One more reason for gamers to finally embrace the old (anti-idpol) left. Capitalism doesn't give a single shit about gaming culture; only the left will allow videogames to belong to the gamers.

Yeah a lot of his boomer base will stick with him, but a lot of his support from imageboard users has been syphoned off to Yang and to a lesser extent Tulsi.

It is pretty much impossible to convince a lot of gamers that capitalism is not in our best interest. Even the ones that shit on big companies like EA.

Zig Forums will defend this

QBoomers are in their own little world, even compared to the most delusional stormniggers. They believe Trump has secretly detained or executed top Democrats, liberal billionaires, and Hollywood celebrities, for involvement in Satanic ritual child abuse, replacing them with impersonators in order not to disrupt America with scandals.

If Zig Forums are apocalyptic millennialists, flitting intermittently from one prophecy of the end times to the next as they're disappointed, QBoomers are the diehards that firmly believe the rapture has already happened and this is heaven.

To the contrary, most /v/irgins, myself included, are cheering at the prospect of giants such as EA's destruction. I'm not optimistic enough to believe a full crash is possible, though, given the multibillion dollar size of the industry, even without consoleshit, casualshit, & pay2win.

That's because we allowed retarded faggots like Razorfist to convince normies that capitalism does, somehow, actually care about gamers. Instead of shitposting on r/KiA or /v/, perhaps leftist gamers need to get involved in gaming journalism, even it it's independent media.

I think the main problem is that a lot of SJWs pretend to be anti-capitalism, and gamers rightly see SJWs as an enemy. So if you mention that maybe capitalism isn't working so great, their brain will immediately brand you as an SJW and an enemy and shut off.


I know they at least believe that Julian Assange is no longer in the embassy, and that Trump is trying to save him (or already did?) rather than trying to capture/torture/kill him. You often see them in twitter threads regarding Assange, including telling his own fucking mother not to worry and just Trust The Plan™