Look how adorable this little monster looks

"My dad is Caucasian and my mom is African American. I'm half black and half white … While my mixed heritage may have created a grey area surrounding my self-identification, keeping me with a foot on both sides of the fence, I have come to embrace that. "

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jesus christ….nightmare fuel

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Funny photoshop.

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P.S.: It's still a nigger though.

fake news, that nigger baby is obviously powdered up. light skinned niggers dont look like this.

I thought that was photoshopped.

God, what a fucking stinky little ogre!

You're all deranged.

I can still tell it is a nigger

William looks like he's trying to hold back laughing and Kate looks smug as fuck.

How to go from being one of the most enviable coolest bachelors in the entire world to being a complete assfucked cuck in the drop of a hat. He could have gone into auto racing and maybe even become a driver in the 24 hrs or LeMans or maybe driven a big fucking enduro bike in the Paris/Dakar race. But nooOOOoooo…he has to bone some fugly nig ho roastie and get her to dump a pickaninny pavement ape on him.

It's a fucking photoshop, you idiot.

Zig Forums approved
Zig Forums loses its fucking mind

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Still mad about being a dead board?

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By the way, the answer is
F. The miscegenated aberration-spawn of an inbred jewish slave and a divorced african prostitute, orchestrated into existence by a grotesque caricature of a jewish female wed to a similarly-grotesque caricature of a jewish heir to an oil magnate.

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Wait wait wait… Slight tangent: What the fuck is the "Royal Hashemite Court"?

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Oy vey lets makes a funny without answering my own question and instead pose it as to be obvious without critical thought.

You (((people))) have sat on your laurels for too many decades and now you're paying the price for this formerly clever linguistic tactic.

Here is an interesting picture, notice the baby, the same color as the mothers left arm. Notice the color of the mothers right arm. Something got bleached

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Another GODLY nigger christian family, how wholesome.

In all honesty, he's not going to end up looking especially niggerfied in all likelihood — that's the point. Just enough to not set people on edge, but just enough to being the introduction of mixed-race people into the very core of British culture. Perhaps the most-sickening aspect of it is that the mixed-race nigger'd-up cunt they used to perpetrate it had already been a jewish cum-dumpster and may be partially jewish herself.

Markle's nigger-mother's parents were alright light-skinned niggers to begin with, and then she mixed with what appears to be either an incredibly disgusting example of an Anglo or some kind of converso British kike.

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The future of British royalty is half-nigger/jew mongrels and you're going to like it.
Keep a stiff upper lip, eh?

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I wish that kid will look fine. Not his mistake his father fucked bleached niggerian princess.


I no longer believe in royalty.

Don't blame everyone for the British being cuckolds. Remember how they KEPT their royalty, after all.

There isn't enough bleach on the planet.


Wtf, you faggot are everywhere. Who says Cx anymore. Fuck Ice that jew asshole.

Red Shield

wtf does that mean?

Thanks to Ice i'm here. He may have become normie in the last few months but i still love that dude.

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Look into it.

I meant in this context. I know that these faggots are rothschilds/goldsmiths…

Look into it.

charles looks disappointed and also inebriated

{rolling eyes}

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he is standing next to a nigger, maybe they are sharing a 40

The subhuman anglos deserve to be exterminated for 1919 and 1945. And for Rhodesia and the Boers, etc. These subhumans have fucked over whites long enough.

just like all the other subhumans.

I like how overjoyed the British ladies seem to be at having to stand next to a nigger

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Charles is a failure in every conceivable capacity.
There is no excuse for this shit.

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That one on the left has clearly caught a whiff of that niggerstink and she's trying not to make a face.

That or she's just got a fucked up inbred anglo visage.

I bet you they drew lots to skip the photo shoot and they came up with the short straw. They look miserable.

fuck off nigger ip1 faggot


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post on ip2 right now to prove you are from ip2


I wish that face emotional analysis shit was still free.

I think the proper term is quadroon

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Nigger rule is one drop.

No, the correct term is mischling.

You're both wrong. It's nigglet.

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You fucking cuck, "racist" btw you don't belong here get the fuck out.
At least we got your username faggot

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Rerolling for mutted

Nigger it couldn't be more obvious he did this shit for publicity. You're out your mind if you think he isnt fucking prime slags on the side


He isn't fucking 'prime slags' with a brain. No one wants an oil drillers cock in them.


Kate is fucking hot.

You have a thing for kike women? She is a Goldsmith/Rothschild.

new dumbass faggot here - is this photo 100% legit ?

What is the endgame here? What is the purpose of the nigress to the Saxe-Cobergs?
Why did they publicize the so called in fighting between the brothers - it is obviously designed and manipulated.

Global pogrom when?


well put
having those subhumans forced into every photo is disgusting.
it's like they've dragged a shit-coloured pet in because it is fashionable.

Who's the old tranny on the left?
America is the largest exporter of mutts tbh

You spelled Thot wrong.

they obtained a sample of nigger-jew tissue so that they can develop a bio-weapon that can target both the negroids and the crooked hook-noses at the same time.
typical sci-fi plot.

Holy shit! Did anyone else notice the man hands and Adams apple on the lady wearing red dress?

Doesn’t look like either of them


That pic is a shoop. But even this one looks horrid: .

Notice that both people standing next to the nigger are averting their eyes. Prince Charles looks to the left, and the lady to the nigger's right looks to the right.

why would they not target the panjeets and other non whites that you did not mention?

They all look uncomfortable. You can tell they all despise her.

Why are you faggots so focused on her - because muh media tells us to.
She is a mere pawn in some fucked up plan concocted by the Palace.
Do you really believe that this dumb nigger can plan and execute all that has been reported about this family in the last year of so?
The photo was staged to give you the illusion that something else is going on other than a plot to possibly neck Harry.

Lol, the pic has been around for a while the text is new.

None of them are blameless for permitting this atrocity. Even so, it's obvious that many of them dislike her intensely. My hope is that the niggerschism will finally collapse their house for good, no matter what reward was promised them behind the scenes in recompense for signing away their dignity. It will serve them right.

His mum fucked shitskins, but at least she drew the line at niggers. That apelet looks like a bad cartoon. The IQ of the Spencer-Hewitt ancestral line has taken a devastating hit

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If she is there to serve a purpose ( i thought that Harry brought her in and set this all up as maybe he found out that William was going to bump him off - bring in a nigger, stage a birth, publize her and rifts between family members and this will prevent or delay any plans to assassinate).
I also felt that Harry still held grudges for the death of his mom.

That child does not have any DNA linking him to any nigger blood.


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no, just people linked to his regiment, not his friends

kek, then that's one ugly little white kid that looks like a nigger
The Royals are just giving a nod to their masters, Harry can still go on dressing like a Nazi and fucking tight blonde girls

>as in (((girls))) - sauce?

I am so glad she's caused the two brothers to turn on each other.

Because it just doesn't make any difference…HAHAHAHAHA…that is funny user.

A foot in both graves more like.
Part of neither race, it's a sad fate.
I wish people wouldn't subject innocent children to a lifetime of identity disorder.

- t. 5 foot2 pure german

Megan is half nigger, half jew.

I meant girls as in 'not bucket-cunted roastie mutts'