Wikipedia removing (((Epstein’s))) association

Wikipedia shills and kikes are quickly removing all the posts regarding Epstein’s (((heritage)))
Imagine being such a disgusting phallic worshiping group.
Imagine being so fragile and sneaky that you quickly run to remove the ties of pedophiles from your ranks. Imagine calling others Nazis for pointing this out.

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Other urls found in this thread: Press Release - Selection of Bruce E Reinhart as United States Magistrate Judge - FINAL - 03-14-18.pdf

Was anyone expecting anything else?

And we're supposed to be surprised? (((Wikipedia))) has been kiked for years. They literally call (((Lauren Southern))) "far-right" because a couple of news articles said so.

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hey does anyone have that tweet by some military branch a while back that was a pic of them jumping out the back of a plane and it said something like Pizza party?

It was kinda redundant to write Epstein was a…
"Jewish financier."

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Pozzobiec is ratfucker who makes up fake "scoops" to build his brand. He even tried to falseflag this board a couple years ago.

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People still read what that stolen valor dingbat writes?

Whatever the case, it's not difficult to imagine such a plea bargain (if not the very reason Comey's daughter was injected into the fray). )))Enemies((( get hung out to dry, while (((friends))) like the Dersh get totally absolved. Jews turn famine to feast yet again!

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American Jew financier is hate speak.

The fact that he is Jewish is not being hidden, it's in the first line of the details about his life.

His silence is what's going to get him the best deal.

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Preet is a dirty Clinton dog.

That's because you can't be "Epstein is an American Jew" in the first few lines of his page, you fucking autist. Have some tact.

You have to write in his "Early Life" section about his mother (or father) being Jewish.

This. What a retard.

oy gevalt! the goyim know! shut it down!

Did you need to make a new thread for this?


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Good to see a hyperconservative getting run out on a rail. I disliked this guy’s “leftist” ties, given what he was trying to preserve in society.

For the record, I think that pointing out the historic violent instability of pedophile-accepting nations helped turn the left away from pedofascism and restore the openness/disloyalism which creates safety for victimized individuals to turn towards. Sexual education is back in action and society has again remembered that the people who look listfully on children are at least smart enough to “hate” pedophiles.

there’s an error in this post
“i” see it
do “u”?

>people who l st after children aren't pedophiles
Did I catch them all?
Are you a gender studies student or TA by any chance?

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He's well known not only for his pedophilia but kike pedolanthropy and obnoxious zionism. How they fuck are they going to hide a literal kike name like (((Epstein))).
I think it was literal JIDF kike



Go to “early life” you dumb Jew. They removed “born in 1953 to a Jewish family”
Same to you >000000

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Glory unto the lowest! We are all sapients, all equal, and every one of us a world! Glory, glory, glory! Down with faith that would bind us to less than life before the narcissistic priesthoods, they are as we are, glorious and similar. Glory, glory, glory! We may have immortality in this world! Glory, glory, glory! The people who are Wikipedians surely have reasons for their decisions,l! Glory, glory, glory! They are as we are, humbly amidst their own world! Glory, glory, glory! Down with faith, may materialism last forever! God is shit, but the material is glorious!

They didn't remove anything, it's still right there

God is the fertile compost on which will grow a novel era! God is dead, praise God!

Based one of /us/ added it back. Here’s the edit of them removing that part and another part.

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Disregard the 2nd picture. In last post. It’s another article.

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Would love to do some analysis of current vs archived versions across many pages to show what sorts of info wikipedia is systematically removing… need to find a good machine learning algorithm though. Is such a thing accessible to the public yet? What sort of ML APIs currently exist for such applications?

I'm OK with this so long he gets shot after serving his 5 years

I always wonder why the media always focuses on Acosta and not the Jew who was prosecuting Epstein and then switched sides to help him.

> Press Release - Selection of Bruce E Reinhart as United States Magistrate Judge - FINAL - 03-14-18.pdf

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You don't belong here. >>>/reddit/

Acosta wasn't Trump's pick, Andrew Puzder was. Puzder withdrew his nomination after the democrats went nuts over a domestic violence allegation from his ex. Don McGhan suggested Acosta to Trump, and apparently he told Trump that he was told that Epstein belonged to the intelligence agencies.

I'd imagine Trump verified this before hiring him.

Sorry for shilling this but I'm putting it in all related threads.
Pass it around!

Alex Acosta
Ghislaine Maxwell
Jeffrey Epstein
Alan Dershowitz
Barry Krischer
Bill Clinton
Thomas Barrack

The entire SITE is anti-white vandalism, if anything. I even had turbomarxist kike professors in college that wouldn't let us use it as a source. Let that sink in.



wikijewia was pozzed long time ago.
I thought this was common knowledge.

Just dump that place and switch to metapedia. It's much better.

Ironically it was this with Simonson and her smearing that redpilled me on e-celebs.

Five years, huh?

That's the mason special.

they won't even mention Dor Hadash was holding a bris on there even though one of the witnesses says he thought the gunshot was the bris table falling over

Just wow
Reminder Weinstein's going to court.

You can embed videos here.

anything to do with this ???

I want all his disgusting cronies and all the other rats and the swamp to also come down as well. Don't let them off too easily.

Remember Dennis Hastert?

Sound familiar? Guys like Epstein are protected because of this crap. Faggots like Dershowitz always stick themselves in the middle of these scandals to run interference. If anything can be found, it'll come through back channels. Keep in mind that William Barr's father literally gave Epstein his first shady "job".

Wish there was a way to contact victims.

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bumping for exposure

LMAO! They can try it but his name is literally fucking Stein.


Jews, can't live with them, and they don't ever seem to go away.

Those aren't IQ points you crackhead.

B ump




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