Hear me out faggots. Epstein is a false op

They’re going to use Trumps connections to the Miss USA pageant organization.

Ex contestants are going to come forward funded by Soros and Epstein to state Trump offered them favor in the pageants for visiting Lolita Island.

Don’t forget Trump owned the WHOLE pageant organization which includes 14-16 year olds or juniors. I propose we’ll see twelve to twenty of them stepping forward one by one to insist he sent them to Epstein for favor. The Democrats will use this against him and it’s all we will hear for the next 12 months.

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This whole thing is gay, there is nothing wrong with 14 year old girls

Outrage culture won’t care. They’re will to burn down some of their own to take out Trump.

Who gives a shit? He's a traitor.

You’d rather see Warren or one of the other commie Mossad cocksuckers take control?

Yes. I believe in accelerationism. I don't care how shitty the world gets. If our people never wake up then we get what we deserve.

The left launched a fucking inquisition against people who were too honest and I as an antinatal posthumanist was thrown out for “natalism”, because caring about scientific integrity marked people as designated victims. Biotech progress stalled when a huge number of lives could have been saved - go figure.

Canceled individuals were to know that nobody could hear them from hell, so their agendas were reversed. And the left fucking weakened.

Taking down the likes of Epstein is part of strengthening the left again.

Could be the angle. But unless there is proof, it won't stick. Public is wise to deep state shenanigans now.

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I don’t disagree with you, but I do see some net positives to Trump. Even if he’s accused of sucking Israels dick.

Warren is as much in office with Trump there as with Warren there. It doesn't matter what figurehead they put in the white house, the same jews are still charge.

I think something like this would stick. Blaisley Ford wasn’t believable because one woman against one man. If they upped their game, multiple accusers, and all Trump can do is refute it. It’s the same instance as Clinton Accusers.

I think my point remains. Trump isn’t the plant Mossad wants and they want to further embroil our country in chaos. A scandal of this proportion for the president would do just that.

You jew-party fags are insufferable

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Campaigning against bigotry was treated as a reward for obediently dishonest people - so when I was out, I was a bigot. But it turns out that being against bigotry is too damned normal to treat as a reward factor.

All of this worked really damned poorly! Authoritarian leftism self-destructed in a pit of stressed out uncertainty.

Now things are getting more honest -
that or my plan in nowhere requires this post at this time. Cheers, my goyls.

They already tried and failed, before election, right after Access Hollywood tape.

If all they have is accusations, and Trump will fight back providing evidence of his own debunking many because jews are god damn sloppy, then public will stick with Trump.

THEY may have a chance if they put a convincing deep fake video to go along with it…MAY. But I would still bet with Trump.

Bring it on. The less people invested in the system, the better.

I feel like this is different. Considering it would be people from something he RAN coming forward. It just seems odd to me the way the guy from A democratic area of DoJ left things open for future accusers to come forward.

He absolutely is.

John Hagee is a major zionist mouthpiece, and the gentile front for Christians United for Israel, he has stated that “there has never been a more pro-Israeli president than Donald Trump”.

Trump's owner, Sheldon Adelson, who's the biggest spender in all of American politics, and who the Israeli press even admit is like someone out of The Protocols, has said that Trump was likely to be "the best president for Israel ever".

Those are just two examples, but they say a whole lot more than some random no name kike on twitter who compares him to Hitler.

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Gas gas gas faggot

gtfo shlomo
gas yourself kikenigger

The accusers jews lined up before were women who worked with him too. Didn't work before. Won't work again. Even boomers are aware now given Comey's daughter is on the prosecution, they are all expecting Trump to be hit.

Like I said, jews are sloppy from the brain damage they receive from circumcision. They will make easy mistakes, Trump will debunk with evidence of his own and continue winning.


Trump has a thing for surounding himself with guys he knows are crooks and helps them while they fuck themselves into jail, trying to take trump after they realize what he did, or didn't do. Trump is the killer canary if he does it to Epstein, also.

The Jews are sloppy yes. Mossad is not. They want trump out and someone in whomcan further fill the ranks of our country with mudskin trash

That's a baseless assertion.

I felt this too. It seems equally as odd to me that the people he appoints are scumbags. Almost as if he forces them into the spotlight where they’re exposed and have no recourse but to accept the blowback for the things they’ve done. Acosta is a perfect example.

None of them came forward until the Epstein case broke out back into the open?
Not when Trump became president?

I don’t think it is. Recently with one of his immigration tweets one of the Rothschilds responded to him and was extremely upset.

The Rothschilds want to do to a,Erica what they did to Europe. Flood us with immigrants to the point where we have a cultural crisis and our culture ultimately collapses and dies.

These accusations are years old, but people only care now because Trump's in the news. You probably also think Bill Clinton's rape victims only came forward when Hillary ran in 2016.

On the contrary I’m well aware they were around prior to 2016, but what a profound impact it had on the election when they showed up to the debates.

That cohen lawyer guy who was crying in court "trump made me into a criminal". Top kek. Even fox has been showing pics of Trump with Epstein all day.

I feel like he essentially gives them a choice:
same deal with Amarosa (cabinet who spied on him), Mueller, Rosenstein, probably more I can't think of. The kicker is the jew-jitsu in using them to bait the media into giving them even more attention. One almost believe the 4D chess meme…

There were lawyers on twitter saying they would take any case pro bono a girl said Trump pressured them into hushing up their abuse. Of course they're crawling out of their holes.

I’m telling you this reeks of Mossad.

Trump and Clinton are both pedophiles and need to be trialed then hanged for their crimes.

A tweet doesn't matter when Trump was bailed out by Rothschild Inc. in the 1990s, because "he was worth more alive to them than dead", and then appointed the Rothschild banker Wilbur Ross as commerce secretary. This is probably the most directly Rothschild-linked presidential administration ever.

And, for what it's worth, Trump's ardent defender Alan Dershowtiz actually met Epstein at a party held at Evelyn Rothschild's home. The connections rum deep, and not against Trump.

Good got. Always remember, if you accelerate the Jewish agenda you win.

The real path to victory is to accelerate the jewish agenda, but LARP like you're actually fighting it and pretend things are getting better.

Having a monogamous marriage and using young girls as goyim sex slaves are two very different things, Schlomo.

Yeah because it'd be awesome for anybody that's anti-israel to be known to be anti-israel by the kikes.

I'm not sold on Drumpf yet but the fact that big kikes like him isn't telling in any way. Subversion works in all directions. Honest question: if Trump were actually fighting the globohomo kikes, do you think it'd be wise for him to let them know that? Do you think an NYC real estate mogul hasn't learned how to deceive his enemies to fuck them over?

Jesus some of you are retarded. Nothing yet shows us anything. Drumpf is playing the real game, not Zig Forums bitching. He can't sieg-heil his way to victory even if he's approximately on our side. This is "Art of War" 101. Are you a complete pleb?

Shoot yourself in the face.

You might be in need of a chamber.

Can't wait til you burn.

haha lel mossad are just as fucking retarded as all jews
just look at what you wrote
they are not james bond 007

I was about to describe a timezone map where Israel isn't in the office yet and the eastern US is in bed and California is smoking meth and right now is the comfy shill-free time, but then drops in with a pajeet-level reading comprehension and response.

so are you saying that trump is going down


2 birds one stone

ZOG must be destroyed, money must be removed from politics, the donator class must be brought to heel and the imported slaves for the vote plantation reported, deported, and aborted.


If you think that's a realistic scenario, you're hopeless. You could make them same ridiculous, baseless, case for any politician, the more kosher the better, since it's all secretly fake.

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Been waiting for something regarding this to come up for years.

There was that bit about him walking in on the girls or something, right? Was that programming? Priming the population years ago for it to be used?

What "realistic" scenario do you picture? Have you read any history? How "realistic" have meaningful actions been? Romulus and Remus creating Rome? Caesar (pronounced: "kai-sar") being betrayed and stabbed to death? The battle of Vienna? The entire mindfuck that is the current, corrupt state of affairs which normalfags can't even begin to imagine?

How stupid are you?

Epstein was a sexual predator that preyed on girls. Their age doesn’t matter you amoral mongoloid. He would still be a sexual predator if they were women but you’re too stupid and too much a piece of shit to acknowledge that.

He can't even accept a levelheaded, objective response and mischaracterizes your point entirely. Let them keep underestimating him…it's working.

True, but there's a very real problem with jews and 3 year olds and this isn't the entry then it'll never come out.

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You don't have any information to back up your assertion that he's really just faking everything, to the point where the people are controlling him are duped, because they're wouldn't even be any proof, because he'd have to be that secretive. Your entire argument is "everything is pretend, I want Trump to be on my side". You're worse than a nigger.

Uh.. that already happened in America. Europe is in MUCH better demographic shape than America, even with their shitty birthrates.

I don't need an argument to dismiss idiocy like "trust the plan", which is what that whole post is. Trump has been president for 3 years and done nothing except send more aid to israel, sell billions of dollars worth of weapons to Saudis who everyone knows had a major hand in 911, and tweet like a fucking faggot, while the country continues to flood with non-whites. Anyone who hangs onto hope at this point is a coward, a retard, a fool, a senile old boomer, a jew, etc…

What bothers me is that I can't tell if you're intentionally being retarded…but I suspect even you don't know.

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I asked you what you thought it would look like in Drumpf were actually clean and trying to dismantle the pedo-kike network. What would it look like? Would he goose-step around and make empty gestures which don't accomplish anything? Or: Would it look like he is playing their game? You can shit all over 88D chess all you'd like, but please provide an alternative. In the big boy world, people understand that deceit and subversion are the norm. What does your shill-script tell us we should expect?

What, specifically, do you cite as evidence that Drumpf is a kike puppet? Don't use any of the theatrical stuff that would also be necessary for one attempting to subvert the kikes. Give me something legit, you faggot.

It is obviously a hypothetical, retard. Do you have personal insight into what is happening at the highest levels of government in the largest empire in the world? I didn't think so.

Fuck off, fag.

You've somehow managed to surpass the mental gymnastics the jews use to argue for the Holohoax. Herman Rosenblatt is probably blushing in hell right now.

Will you fucking degenerates fuck off back to /b2/

Pageant girls being sent to Epstein Island?That is not how he s alleged to have recruited girls. Do you even listen or read the news? They confiscated troves of photos, they will find who the girls were.

Besides, Trump is a billionaire like Epstein, they bought politicians, not each other. Epstein would not have anything Trump would need.

Breaking little girls' hearts is a no-no in this realm. The blow back will be legendary.

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So? Fuck him and all forms of political theater. Let all politicians suffer, they're all responsible for replacing whites, Trump included.

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13-year-old girls

Are you a kike? A 98 IQ'er? I didn't fantasize about Drumpf bringing justice to the pedokikes, I merely pointed out the simple and inarguable fact that we little people don't have enough info to truly understand the game. I openly stated that Drumpf might be yet another puppet. My point is that we can't tell right now. Maybe you're not a kike shill and you're just an autistic NEET who hasn't ever reached the level of competence which gives one insight into the way that hierarchies operate and you actually don't understand that thousands (or tens of thousands) of corrupt assholes must be corralled before anything "meaningful" can be done.

I do not believe that man is the measure of all things. That written, I admit that man is the measure of all things within overly-complicated and parasitical organizations. Drumpf knows this and has known this for his entire adult life. He's over 70 now. He gets the game. He might be against us, he might be (approximately) for us. Both scenarios look identical to those of us on the outside.

If you're just a pessimistic autist then chill. If you're a kike (as I suspect), then I can't wait until you get sent to Israel and the United States quit supporting you.

Fight your own damned battles if you're so clever.

You really can't tell? Seriously?

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You shit-heads or so easy to spot. You can't even admit his mistakes or list them off because then you would have to, by principle, condemn the guy.

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By your "logic" we should be giving all politicians our blind support, because we can't really know for sure that they too aren't playing an elaborate game of interdimensional chess. In fact, the lack of evidence of this is actually proof it's the case, and the less likely it seems, the more likely it is.

If you aren't a kike or being paid to post here, you're probably schizophrenic, or suffering from some other similar ailment. I'd tell you to go to >>>/qresearch/ but I think you're even too far gone for them.

That's the best you've got? Really? Drumpf let the AIDS that we already promised to Israel go through? That's your smocking gun?

Wewlad. Either 1) you read nothing I wrote, or 2) you're a dirty, impoverished shill.

Wise up, scripto.

Can you read? Do you think that it is important to try to sway those who cannot read? Which is it, Chaim?

Oh, that's right. You kikes killed the living embodiment of the Logos. Logic is foreign to you. You guess at what it means without understanding the base elements. You deceive fools with sweet, empty words.

You once attempted to destroy the governing principle of existence itself in order to hide your wretched ways. Your tree bore no fruit and has been eternally condemned.


Wrong. Its a distraction from the massive pedophile ring busted INSIDE THE FUCKING PENTAGON.

Dirty jew mods think they can censor the truth.
Kike mods can go gobble on a circumcised dick. I'll keep posting. Have fun JIDF pedophile niggers


I believe that Epstein is a legit sick fuck pedo, and that he is going to be sacrificed in order to get Trump out of office.
Once this is done, everything else about Epstein's Pedo Island will get swept under the rug, and some other kike will take over the operation.

You Zig Forumstards aww pathetically dumb

Well if suddenly people start killing pedos, you’ll be quiet.
Btw shills post pro pedo opinions here to dissuade nee visitors.

If they dig up a willing participant who claims that Trump fucked her on Eppy's Island , when she was 10 years old ( she is now 50 for example), then Trump is truly fucked.
The only evidence they would have to produce will have to show her on that Island etc.
Who gains from this arrest - why does he have a vault in his own home containing so much child porn etc as the FBI claims?

well he defininitely would be if he just goes down without a fight, I can only imagie how much he could reveal in retaliation for going down, probably like Hillary or the Bushes and all the others I'd imagine

it's why i'm still skeptical that anything is even happening, like some others have said could just be that this guy just looks like he's going to jail and the next minute he's in some kind of underground paradise

How about this - they 100% has the goods on Trump. This is a warning ( blackmail), that he should leave NK the fuck alone.

Go back to your Q-LARP board. We don’t want to see your brain damage here.

Fake News,
Trump raping that 16 yr old on that airplane who then got "overdosed" while trying to come out in 2016 during the election, will never come out in this case.

Trump is the best goy, this whole thing is a show. Like Purple said; if Epstein goes down so does the (((tribe)))

>if Epstein goes down so does the (((tribe)))
No, it doesn't.
Epstein is a sacrificial lamb.
Already the media is focusing on Epstein's connection to Trump - this is going to be used to drive him out of office
Once this happens, the case will get buried, and some other kike will open up a Pedo Party Island.

Such underrated trips, I really think with Epstein getting prison time isn't the only thing I see here. Epstein could be the pandora's box of getting not just Trump but the Clintons and other politicans and associates of Epstein.

>sacrificial lamb scapegoat
interesting trivia:

who the hell cares? where's the wall. no one likes trump here

? WHAT ?

1. Trump has a type.

He likes one type of woman. Kids, young girls, weird looking shop assistants do not fit this type.

2. If he was a pedo, he wouldn't fight the pedo network and his fellow pedo mates. He would have left them alone or he would have sheltered them.

3. Even if he was a pedo, which he isn't, he could have arranged young girls for entertainment for himself. He wouldn't have needed the help of Epstein.

Case closed.


Fuck off kike, you will never be white.

You guys are the real MVPs for calling the upcoming false flags meant to derail or discredit this investigation. Seriously, it's people like OP that instigate critical thinkers to question or at least challenge the media's perception of this case.

We've seen everything in recent years from cover-ups, to blackouts, to memory-holes… Stay focused and be relentless in scrutinizing the entities responsible for misguiding the public.

bump for spite

Exactly, thats how we know hes not going anywhere

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He apparently told Katie Johnson that she reminded him of Yael Kushner.

Well, he isn't doing that. If he wasn't ok with Epstein, he wouldn't have rewarded the person who got him "the deal of the century" with a commerce secretary appointment.

"keep your enemies closer"
I don't like Trump either, but don't allow your slight TDS blind you to potential chess moves.
This past couple of weeks has put Trump in a different light for me. If he's not burning us, then this shit is the most Machiavellian mastery I've ever witnesses (unlikely). I guess we'll see.
Letting all these fuckers off easy before (including Spacey now) popping again in more potential trouble is changing everything.
Is the biggest triple cross in History about to go down?
Does Trump even like Kushner?

Trump is now the most vetted public official in history and you think this is going to stick? Lol. How many other fake stories have played out? How many investigations with boundless resources and depth have gone on? It ain't habening. Should be a clue when all of Pedowood and the Dems hate him, and they routinely get exposed as Pedo's. He's not on their side.

That's a clue, but when the pedos are on his suicide, it's all a big cohencidence, and anyone who points out must support the other jew-party.

Trump's mentor was Roy Cohn, who, according to John DeCamp's The Franklin Cover-up trafficked young boys - he also sabotaged Joe McCarthy. Epstein's lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, is one of Trump's biggest defenders, having written a book about him every year for the past three years. In Ziowood, the biggest pro-Trump voice is James Woods, a Bohemian Grove attendee (worshiping Molech is only a big deal when the libs do it), who starred in the pro-satanic pedophile film, Indictment: The McMartin Trial, advancing the discredited "false memory syndrome" narrative about the McMartin preschool abuse.

Those are just three examples, and if they applied to anyone you don't like, you'd never shut up about it. Unless you're actively ignoring information that triggers you, you can make just as strong a case (if not stronger) for Trump and the Republikikes pedophilia as you can for the Demokikes - because they all fuck kids.

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if they find (or create) one (now worn out) underage hoe (or photo) that fingers (pun intended) Trump for anything semi-serious then House impeaches and RINOs finish the job.

No RINO is gonna pass up a job to jump on the MeToo bandwagon and stab Trump in the back.

Old Hillary might have the last laugh after all (or in her case an insane crackle).

Trump has never been anything but a blond front for Jewish operations.

Epstein is a Mossad agent tasked to get Blackmail info on people the Jews promote. Trump could be completely innocent, but Epstein would still have a photo of some underage naked girl (briefly) all over Trump.

Its also likely Epstein would find Trump's type, and have underage paperwork on her. (buddy got busted as a clerk selling cigs to "underage" who he swears was 35, but she had Mexican B.C. for 16.)