What is your # 1 issue

Mine has always been war, much before the years where I hang out at places like this. At the dinner table it was the buildup to the Iraq war, and my Dad ranted every night about how it was all lies and they are looking fore any excuse to go to war.

Anyway, because of him I was super anti-war and in my first election i voted for Obama because he was the anti-war candidate. Well I saw that that was bullshit very quick because he didn't do shit and appointed Goldman Sachs ppl to his cabinet. He was in denial but I saw the truth.

Well next election I supported Ron Paul because of his foreign policy views and I was introduced to libertarianism for the first time and somehow broke out of my Cali Communist conditioning.

Next i voted for Trump. I am a politics junkie I watched all of the primary debates, both parties, and he was the most anti-war candidate, namely his comments on Iraq and how he was against the no fly zone in Syria. Cuz lets be real: enforcing a no fly zone in syria means shooting down Russian fighter jets…NOT GOOD.

Which bring us to now. Tulsi war is by far the only anti-war candidate. Her foreign policy is endorsed by Ron Paul. Just listen to her Joe Rogan podcast and tell me she isn't a real, honest, honorable person. And i disagree with her on ALL domestic policy except for the prison industrial complex.

I'm not even saying do that. But you should admit that she has great foreign policy views and it is a great thing for our country that she is in these debates and her opinion is being told to idiots who don't know any better. because peace is popular.

Thank you for reading my blog post.

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faggots making slide threads instead of posting in QTDDTOT

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Doesnt matter. Presidents don't have any power. Unless she's useful to management of the populace and (((they))) can get footage of her raping kids, she'll never get to be president.

What is this trash thread? Take your cringe shit to >>>/reddit/

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Killing all brown people.



fuck your brown goddess substitute OP. if your story is true and you done been fucked 3 times in a row by controlled (((leaders))) how you still keep falling for their next (((rebel))) is beyond me. Tulsi is female obama you fucking cuck.

I can't believe the Disneyland chimpout thread was deleted again. I guess that and the Wikipedia Epstein editting move censorship to the number 2 spot.

Did you have to bump an unrelated shit thread just to say that?

Jews first. Everything else is moot.

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Lol, OP is an abused slave trying to spur a resident person to abuse “their own self”, and it’s fucking hilarious how obsessively you spineless wimps puppeteer yourselves. No amount of information ever lets you get things right, because abusive people are subservient retards.

My dad was always talking about historic wars. World war 1, world war 2… fuck, I know there were some ancient wars he mentioned sometimes, too, but I don’t remember any of them. He was always talking about economic policy and how it affected people. Sometimes he would go on for hours about union history or the minutiae of the great depression. He was awesome when he got into an intellectual mode. He valued politicians across the political spectrum. In modern politics, which he wasn’t big on, he “disliked” Clinton, but he would always smile and laugh talking about him.

I didn’t actually vote for Trump; I pretended to, because I was pissed at Obama for squandering the momentum of progressive cultural shifts by kowtowing to hyperconservatives. Voting isn’t the especially relevant act anyways, but rather truth (good or evil) is the foundation of power. So present a case. It comes down more to the rhetorical flux and policies than to what moves people at the voting booth.

Check the timeline, BTW. OP is too stupid to order events correctly, and they expect an audience as abjectly submissive as their own self.

My 1# issue is breaking the United States away from Israel.

The money wasted, the moral compromises, the way AIPAC has corrupted our government… and now the high probability of still another war and endless occupation in the Middle East.

And Who the fuck do I support in American politics to even begin curbing zionist influence. Omar?

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Proving that someone consents to be treated in a specific way by presenting “their own” pattern to them is very post-rationalist culture, very much like what destroyed the left. Like all post-rationalism, it doesn’t work. Nobody is that telepathic, and abusive people just agonize until they start breaking into tight oscillations of laughter and rage. It’s really funny to watch people submit willingly to that. So funny I’LL KILL YOU LOL

no really

The global stage is available to anyone with a bit of gravitas and a willingness to value truth above their own limited POV.

My number one issue is life extension. We can print meat, organs, and nerve tissues. These technologies are young, and not yet mature enough to push forward into total Remaking. Yet the Remaker culture will yet rise, and we’ll all be vastly more prosperous when it does.

Emblematic post-rationalism is simulation theory, btw. Go defy me by becoming simulationists, I command it. :)

Simulation theory is solidly religious in origin. It’s an old Catholic idea, and some of the oriental thinkers may have gotten there even earlier. It’s symptomatic of the memetic transitional state from rational thinking to post-rational thinking, as people go from self-possessed in a material world into watched-over in a world of spiritual machines. For there is most certainly a Creator in the simulation worldview, and no intellectually coherent justification to oppose creationism given that simulations can be started and stopped in arbitrary states.

Instead of being simulationists or otherwise religious, we should be compassionate materialists. Technologies only fully mature when made broadly inclusive. Meeting the needs of difficult cases spurs innovation otherwise lost. Incorporating diverse perspectives adds innovation otherwise foregone. Furthermore, in a material worldview there is no soothing all-seer to create purpose, respite, or preservation, and if we truly value material life we must therefore support these causes honestly rather than relying on sn unseen deity to support them for us.


Racial purity is the premier issue.

Go back to Africa, nigger.


Muslim bitch apologized to the jews.

You wot?


i only care about stopping brown people from coming in, kicking out the ones that are here, and expanding my gun rights.

Was that your family in Disneyland, agent jamal?

Your mom has a nice obesity scooter.Nigs get all the best gibs.

Holy shit I was a part of both QNet and ISKCON. I'm pretty well informed on all of that. QI Group is a MLM

I'll ignore your paranoid schizophrenia for a while. Answer my original question. Why did you bump a shitty cringe thread to make an entirely unrelated post? Are you sliding something?

Tell me more about Tulsi.

I saw the debates and liked her idea of leaving Afghanistan.

She's a skank who is addicted to donkey dicks and she can't stop sucking off niggers.

Also she has a dick because she's a man.

So helpful. thanks anons.

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Demographics are basically my only issue at this point as an American.
Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, is secondary.

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She's a mud woman whose only appeal is that she's publically shitty to the israel kikes.
That's pretty much all there is to her from Zig Forums's end of things: she used to be anti-fag but cucked on that shit, she's co-sponsored bills pushing gun control and she shills for mudfolk immigration.

I got bad news about Tulsi, she's a fucking Neocon stooge. She's splitting the antiwar vote. Nice job by the Jews that acting like hate her.

You don't even have to watch the video, just look at who else is there. You really think she'd end all these wars for Israel? No chance.
Only 10k views, she almost had this vid hidden but I stumbled upon it.




Now you can trust propaganda posts or you can read the links above

Gabbard Takes money from Defense Contractors

She voted yes for measures condemning you as "white Nationalists" nazi

She takes money from Agency that manages the most obnoxious leftists Hollywood

This bitch is anti gun. Big time

This bitch voted for Trannies in military

She is not anti war she called Israel our greatest ally and went to AIPAC

This bitch is a common Two faced Politician

We Aryans (including Mediterraneans, Hispanics, and Slavs) are still the majority.

Yep, she's probably the worst possible candidate.
She's there w
Elie Wiesal
Ted Cruz

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Yes, Tulsi is pretty cool. But (((they))) are not going to let her get the nomination. Still, she's playing the long game.

She's a ringer to split the anti war vote. Just today I was reading she was defending Biden against attacks from Kamala Harris.
Wtf if anything she shopuld be attacking Biden as well.

Check out how blatantly they fucked Ron Paul . This is how the media rigs elections.

My #1 issue? user, lemme let you in on something.. when you have diagnosed OCD, not much isn’t your #1 issue. For me, my OCD has taken on the form of an almost 24/7 obsession of things that plague the world. I’ll keep it as simple as possible, but it started out as me wanting to teach English in Japan; It was my dream. Things seemed perfect; too perfect. I went down the rabbit hole, and found out about Japan and immigration.
Abe (Japan’s PM)
2017: No immigrants
2018: Ok a few high skilled
Later 2018/2019: Ehhh ok, TEMPORARY low skilled laborers.. only ~340,000 through 2024.
Started obsessing over immigrants in Japan ruining the 98.5% racially homogenous society, find out ~40,000 Pajeets have a community in Japan (one got elected into Japanese office this or last year; wasn’t even born in Japan), Tokyo has Nigerians, find out foreigners are already everywhere in major cities (mostly tourists, but still has some foreign workers). Thought Japan was based af; turns out most (from who I have talked to) welcome foreigners so long as they respect their culture (luckily, when it comes to dating them; they still apparently much prefer whites over any other foreigner, but I still wish the race would stay pure; personally, I’d date and marry, but wouldn't race mix. Call me a cuck, but I wouldn’t mind if she was a single mother.) However, I assume the majority, like most others, prefer their own race; which is great, because that means there’s a chance they won’t completely die out or turn into mutts.

I’ve though about this stuff so much that it’s consumed my life. Lost ~12-15lbs last month. From the time I get up at noon to 5 or 6am, I spend several hours reading, worrying, and obsessing. My dream of wanting to teach kids in Japan is still there, but I also have pretty much fully accepted Nazi ideology about racial purity; and I plan to join and grow a small political party in Japan; slowly turning the general population against the browns, blacks, mixed, and most importantly, Jews and western liberal ideology. Eventually growing an influence so big that it rivals the main party, and I can get people in with my ideology. Then we get more people in all levels of government, making our power nearly untouchable; we deport all who we don’t want, sterilize the mixed, make Japan more self sufficient, boost the economy, and set an example to the world, that will hopefully inspire others.

Things have gotten better- a lot better, but I still worry. I start college this fall, so I’m moving forward. Japan, and really most of Asia is still pretty based compared to the West. The Chinese insectoids are the most based. Their credit system targets Muslims, and from what I can gather, many hate blacks and look at them as actual subhumans. I guess that’s one good thing communism has going for it. Idk.

I feel like I should write a fucking book.

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Your dad must be quite ashamed of spawning such a living abortion.

Nice projection

Do you actually think you wrote anything even remotely intellectual? The utter lack of self-reflection that you maggots show is staggering
Mutually exclusive. But don't let reason get in a way of your retardation

This is the modus operandi of a cancer cell. Quite literally.

We must secure the existence of our people, and a future for White Children. There's nothing necessary beyond that.

Smoke dat Ice mon, yah…

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Shit thread tbh

And the military is giving free sex changes to trannies who quit immediately afterward. The current (((American military))) is kiked, patriotard.

My issue is (jew), moshe.

International Jewry.

Jews getting their comeuppance. That's the first domino to fall which will take care of all others issues over time.

This shit

I won't stop until those responsible suffer all the same.

Oh it's just a Tulsi shill thread.

Kill yourself, OP.

I'm voting Trump because more leftists will commit suicide.

Even strict gun control?

I can't say I give a fuck about guns in the face of the demographic issue, no: Guns really won't be useful in any capacity once Whites are a minority (because no matter how many guns are had, they won't be enough).

If the demographic issue can't be handled before it becomes relevant relative to the gun control issue, then the gun control won't matter because you're already a cucked minority who won't defend itself even in the face of death.

You seem like a retarded boomer who got lost on his way to MPC.

expanding on my post yesterday.

I have been a part of ISKCON, the religious cult that Tulsi is a part of.

I have also been a part of the QI Group, led by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark, It's known as QNet and is a horrible Multi Level Marketing pyramid scheme. Joseph Bismark is connected to the ISKCON cult, connected directly to the same guru of Tulsi.

These are all shady people. What kind of piece of shit can create an MLM ponzi scheme and sleep at night? Only psychopaths do this kind of shit.

They will promote so much bullshit logic to justify their actions, but even a child can understand that ponzi schemes are immoral.

So fuck QNet, fuck Vijay, fuck Joseph, and fuck Tulsi, and fuck ISKCON, and fuck Prabhupada.

as for Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, he was a homosexual pedophile.

We all know that Prabhupada caught Bhavananda das in 1976 raping young boys in Mayapur. How did Prabhupada punish him? Prabhupada sent Bhavananda away for a few months but then less than a year later Prabhupada had made Bhavananda into one of the 11 gurus who would succeed him. Prabhupada was either a homosexual pedophile himself, or apparently saw nothing wrong with his top disciples raping young boys. Either way, he is not a "pure devotee of God" because a pure devotee would not tolerate or engage directly in raping young boys. Even normal humans understand that homosexual pedophilia is the most evil thing.

As Prabhupada said many times, "you judge the tree by it's fruit". If ISKCON's members and devotees are all pedophiles or supporters of pedophiles, then the conclusion is pretty obvious, is it not? Prabhupada himself was a homosexual pedophile. That may explain why Prabhupada, a man in his late 70s, surrounded himself with young 18 year old male disciples?

But what about Prabhupada's preaching efforts, you ask? None of us would be devotees of Krishna without his preaching efforts, you say.

WRONG. Absolutely wrong. If you have the transcendental karma of becoming a devotee in this life, it does not depend on any material condition. The more mature of us were devotees in the previous life and probably life before that too. We would have found our way back to Krishna with or without Prabhupada, or rather IN SPITE of Prabhupada's preaching efforts.

I haven't found a single good person in ISKCON because if someone is actually a good person, they would have left long ago. The only people who stay in ISKCON are the criminals, sociopaths, and child molesters.

I hope the poison theory was true. I hope Prabhupada suffered in absolute agony during the last year of his life, as the arsenic which his disciples like Bhakti Charu Swami and Tamal Krishna Goswami were giving him, ate out his organs and gradually shut down his body. That agony is probably nothing compared to the agony that around 2000 young boys experienced in ISKCON's gurukulas, the boarding schools, where they were raped by homosexual pedophiles like Bhavananda das, Kirtananda das, Nitaichand swami, and their henchmen.

This is the same Bhavananda das who Alfred Ford demanded by the top manager of the construction of the 100 million dollar new temple in Mayapur, West Bengal, India. Everyone knows that Alfred Ford is a homosexual but he is also a homosexual pedophile too.

Anyway, Prabhupada is rotting in hell right now along with his disciples and followers who have died already. Remember, Prabhupada said that the disciples of a bogus guru will go to hell along with their guru. Do you want to go to hell? Then reject the monster known as Prabhupada, the homosexual pedophile known as Prabhupada, and sincerely seek out true vaisnava association. If you stay in ISKCON, you are going to hell and not even Krishna can save you. The real irony is that when Prabhupada was constantly ranting about bogus gurus, he was actually talking about himself, unknowingly. Actually, if you follow Prabhupada's absolutely sick, evil, hateful, and un-vaisnava-like teachings, you are already in hell in this lifetime. You don't have to die to see hell.

Once word got out she was on the CFR the organization hid her name and took it off the list. She is still for war just not regime change supposedly. If false flag happened she'd probably be for it. Obama num.2


I just sent in my Republican party survey. One question asked what I thought would have the most impact on our foreign policy in the next few years and listed the usual Bogey-men, but thoughtfully provided a write-in choice:
A: Russia
B: China
C: Iran
Other: AIPAC

How long did it take you to realize that cults and gurus are generally a bad thing lol?

LOW TFR, caused by USURY, high Taxes, Insurance Ponzi Schemes, Equality in Hiring,… Whatever the reason, we Must improve our Birth Rates, Not much else matters.

For me it was the environment. All I gave a shit about was exterminating the majority of humans to combat overpopulation and create a more sustainable society. Eventually however the general misanthropy became refined into a racialist worldview because naturally I want the best of humans to survive and the biological diversity to be preserved.

You failed to mention right-wing death squads.

White genocide

American's who care or pretend to care about US foreign policy, and aren't in the military or have family in the military, are literally worse than virtue signalling kikes.

Shes clearly not Obama b/c she's getting the Ron Paul treatment. She gets ignored and if they have to acknowledge her it is just to point out that she has no chance or that she hates gays.

Eat my ass

Ron Paul ran for president in 2008 and 2012, so point out how the timeline is wrong and I'll take it on the chin that I'm stupid.

What a retarded thing to say.

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Fuck your blog post. Reported.

Israel’s dick in trump’s mouth

Curing OP's faggotry.

Ok you ignored the main point about the Council on Foreign Relations shill.

When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State she admitted in a speech that the CFR gives her instructions on “what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.” Bush's Vice President DICK FUCKING CHENEY once bragged: “I've been a member [of the CFR] for a long time, and was actually a director for some period of time. I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for re-election back home in Wyoming.”

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), founded in 1921, is a United States nonprofit think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. It is headquartered in New York City, with an additional office in Washington, D.C. Its membership, which numbers 4,900, has included senior politicians, more than a dozen secretaries of state, CIA directors, bankers, lawyers, professors and senior media figures. It is known for its neoconservatism and neoliberalism leanings

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i cant stop farting


You just got off the short bus or are you waiting for it to drive by?

this reads like a 12 year old girl typed it. great job asshole

Yeah, I ignored that because there is no defense for being in the CFR, unless I guess if you don't know any better. Anyone can join it may not mean anything unless you're in deep. I almost went to a local meet and greet she had a couple hours away and I was gonna ask her…

Mods just deleted the frazzledrip pic
Heads up user shits gonna get weird now

Issue number 1 - NO MORE GODDAMNED WARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not for Pissrael, not for neocohens, not for the military industrial complex

Why is that so fucking hard? Why is it hard to NOT murder foreign people? Hmm?

I will vote for anyone, regardless of anything else, whom I seriously think will stand in front of the warhawks, in the media and elsewhere, and tell them to go fuck themselves.

That's where I'm at. I hope Mike Gravel makes it into the next debate alongside Tulsi. He had a heroic performance in the 2008 debate, calling out Hillary, Obama and Biden.

He needs more unique donors to qualify for the next debate. I donated $1; you should do the same. MolymemeOneDollar.Gif


Thanks user, I'll look into him.

Anyways, during WW2 Jews in British Govt delibrately starved MILLIONS of Hindus to death, just for fun. No, it wasn't a "wartime shortage". Starving them hurt the war effort due to minor chaos.

Last I checked, Tulsi is a standard-issue Holohoax promoter, and Nazis bad etc.

Hey you dumb bitch, it was the Nazis smacking around the Brits that ended up FREEING the Hindus (and the majority of mankind, and vast majority of brown people) from colonial slavery (and things like Mass Starvation of Millions for Shits and Giggles).

Wars for Israel is a problem, but its nothing compared to Immigration.

We at "Camp of the Saints" now with swarms of AFRICANS bum-rushing the border.

Wars For Israel in 20yrs would just be not getting flying cars, again.

Bringing in 100 million FAST BREEDING savages will end the USA forever and ever.

Tulsi is not going to qualify for the debates if she cannot get 130,000 unique donors by August 28.
They are scared of her.
Maximum lulz would be all 20 of the candidates qualifying and the third debate being a shit show like the first two. Donate to Tulsi. Marianne Williamson seems to have met the quota after Ted Cruz encouraged followers to donate to her.

Same, and thus the JQ.
A sizeable chunk of whites, if not a majority can just rot and go away. 1/3 are immediately salvagable and in favor of the white ethno-state.

I agree that the illegal alien situation is outa control, and will destroy our Nation soon. I'm firmly of the opinion that this is the (((desired outcome)).

However, if we go to war, esp. with Iran, it's liable to escalate into war with Russia. That's the long sought-after wet dream of so many neocons, Jews, and globalists. They think that they can have a limited nuclear war, which will drive us and the rest of the world into the waiting arms of (((global governance))).

But, if we go with Tulsi Gabbard, or if Trump can hold to his guns and not go to war, then your Camp of the Saints situation happens. That will result, directly, in a bloody civil war in America. We are very close to it already. If we can just hold out another couple of years, America falls into civil war, and with it the (((wet dreams))) of nuclear war. In a civil war, the soul of our Nation either proves its mettle and destroys the Left, or it fails. To me, that is the ultimate fairness.

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GTFO and neck yourself faggot.