Is it really this simple?


I got an idea in my head and went down to the local supermarket and panhandled (for lack of a better term) The Anti-Communist League. I collected 74 dollars and change inside of 2 hours. I live in Commie-Fornia.
I got the idea because the jew sets the stage and exploits the will of the people (the will they created) and profits off of both ends of their creation. I didn't see this as profit, as I'm planning on using the funds to actually create a movement within this.

Ok, hear me out. Some of us want a white ethno-state, some of us want a diverse ethnostate without freeloaders and shitbags, but we all generally want the communist-jew out of the West. The ACL will provide a vehicle to deliver what we all want. Whites were free to live with whites before the communists infected our school systems, our legistature and every other aspect of our civilization. If one is to attack the ACL, they are racist bigots because we are all colors and all sexes.

There is going to be the obvious shilling, just ignore and move on, but lets have a discussion about this. Does Zig Forums feel it's worth my while to continue the path, go wget some site and form the ACL website? If I put time/effort into this, do you think it can spread? I would ideally like to have a committed core group that can go out, one day a week, and panhandle (for lack of a better term) for the ACL so we can have some funds to back a real movement. It's far past time we did this. We need boots on the ground, grassroots spreading of an anti-dirtbag movement. The most receptive to the message have been boomers and the only opponents (keeping in mind where I live, SoCal) have been frail skinny jean wearing commiefags. I literally shoo'd a pink-hair'd thing away from me and continued my business.


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Not explicitly anti-jew, useless.

Would be lulzworthy if it ever goes somewhere.

your opinion is void,
communism is judaism

Congrats. You will lose in an instant with this strategy. Also you have clearly never read Ride the Tiger

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Do you have a copy?

>diverse ethnostate
You civcucks can go back to apefrica with your beloved niggers.

You obviously love them because you aren't willing to back a realistic movement that will provide a route to a legitimate white ethnostate.
Remove the commie-jew and the West will return to a government of the people to do as they wish, live where they want, around whom they want and form schools for the children keeping out whomever they want.

I want to remind you that my idea collected 35 dollars in an hour with 1 person working.
If there were 100 of us, we would have collected about 30k in a month by spending 2 hours of our time a week and getting exercise, sunlight in the process.
I'm curious to hear your "better" idea because mine actually did something.

Communism kills us slower than capitalism.

We're in the situation we're in today because people were afraid to name the jew, and instead backed controlled "anti-communists", like William F. Buckley and the B'nai Birch society, who presented Trotskyites like Richard Perle as the ideal "anti-communist".

Ignore Makow's notes about "Hitler" and the "Illuminati". The original text is from Michael Collins Piper's book The Judas Goats, and DeWest Hooker was George Lincoln Rockwell's mentor, who he credited with teaching him to know "the cunning and evil ways of the enemy".

get out of here with your "either/or" bullshit

Nope, I’m simply saying that communism will not kill us as fast as capitalism will. The old Soviet states are like political time capsules, they have not gone the same route as the West did.

Fucking pathetic. Can't you do better than that?
Who exactly is "us", user?

Engels was white, degenerate fag.

This great idea should definitely be coupled with the Volunteer Community Service concept that always seems to get shoah'd around here. There is a thread up right now about Identitarians feeding the homeless, and another about cleaning up the local cemetery. It's hard to hate your local "NODSEEZ!" when they are the only ones protecting and caring for the community.

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The Fathers were the men of the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic race. The men who came across Europe with civilization in their blood and in their destiny;
the men who crossed the Atlantic and set up civilization on a bleak and rock-bound coast; the men who drove west to
California and north to Alaska; the men who peopled Australia and seized the gates of the world at Suez,
Gibralter and Panama; the men who opened the tropics and subdued the arctics – Anglo-Saxon men,
who have given form to every government and a livelihood to every people and an ideal to every
century. They got neither their God nor their religion from Judah, nor yet their speech nor their creative genius –
they are the Ruling People, Chosen throughout the centuries to Master the world, by Building it ever
better and better and not by breaking it down.

Into the camp of this race, among the sons of the rulers, comes a people that has no civilization to
point to, no aspiring religion, no universal speech, no great achievement in any realm but the realm of
"gimme," cast out of every land that gave them hospitality, and these people endeavor to tell the sons of the
Saxons what is needed to make the world what it ought to be?
- Henry Ford

Again, people have been not naming the jew forever, and it got us nowhere.

Does it help when I do this (((Communist)))?

Why not just name the jew? If communism was totally wiped out, we'd still have a jewish problem. But if the jew totally wiped out, there would be no more communism, and all of other jewish problems would be solved.

I got up, fought a terrible case of anxiety, got my ass out into public in a hostile zone and put my words to action.
I want to draw and quarter communists in the streets and feed their limbs to pigs, as a spectatre sport. I don't care if the mother fucker subverting MY BIRTHRIGHT is a fucking god! I want only to get my fucking hands on them and strangle them so hard my fingers break.
You can call them by any name you wish, I choose to call them commies because I wish to appeal to the geneation that can actually impact a change.

Go ahead and do that right now. See how far you get.

Even despite that, capitalism has done far more damage. Both are terrible. Capitalism is worse.

no, brainlet.

We've already seen what kosher cowardice like you're suggesting gets us, we're living in it now, and it's getting worse, since so many people are still afraid to identify the enemy. Rockwell talked about all of this half a century ago.

Capitalism and communism are forever intertwined, the jewish capitalists who financed the communists are just as responsible as the communists themselves. Both have to go, and the only way to do that is to remove the jew.

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Elaborate. Eastern Europe is more traditional and White when compared to the West.

Just ignore this shill.

Form an argument that communism is worse than capitalism.

Great idea. We need to make this a thing across all white countries. There is nothing wrong with breaking off a small piece of our ideology rather than forcing people to swallow all of it or nothing. The purity spiralers and shills will, of course, hate your idea. SOC separation of concerns is a sound design principle.

Venezuela vs USA

Please, go out and prove me wrong. Seriously, stop fucking talking shit like a little weasel and prove me wrong.
Go out in public and denounce the jew and show us all how brilliant you are and how much a following you amass.

Meanwhile, I will be forming the ACL website and and creating post cards that anons can simply print out and place on windshields so they don't even have to interact with people.

I anticipate your report, comrade!

False equivalence. Venezuela was never as White as the USA used to be or is. Also, the USA is currently on the path to becoming just as Hispanic as Venezuela due to capitalist immigration policies.

^^^ Apparently the ACL is worth pursuing.
Thanks for showing up, faggots!

Engels was white. Mlillions of whites agreed.


I second this. Community is key to achieve unison, but stop with the symbolism bullshit.

If you knew how IDs worked you would know that it’s only one person.
Good luck with preserving the capitalist civic nationalist West without ever naming the Jew.

Fick off you lousy bum.

There are so fucking many of us, I really think if we even get rolling in the right direction this thing will avalanche!
I fucking love Henry Ford!
If anyone hasn't read it, read The International Jew. I have found a role-model to emulate. He was my inspiration for this.

by the by… the (((communists))) have erased US history / gold rush history. This is what I found when I searched "eureka". Not a mention of Gold Rush.

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You clearly have no understanding of complex systems at scale.

Communism preserved Europe when compared to the decayed capitalist West.

He did prove you wrong though.
Having an ACL is not bad but you’d literally be retarded to think it would act as any form of spearpoint considering the capitalist liberal class most notably of the Bolshevik revolution allowed and actively worked with the communists against the tradionakists, marxists, Cossacks etc


There is a cyclical for all your forced OP needs.

An "ACL" is arbitrary and lacks definition. It's easily dismissed. Why are neoliberals in Zig Forums?

I need a mission statement. Can any anons help me out with that? I'm not good with such things.

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This is a jewish shill and it is allowed to post here. Zig Forums is dead.

Please explain how I’m the Jewish shill.

Literally typed in Ride the Tiger in Libgen and you click on the book cover picture and then click the hyperlink "GET" on the top of thr next page. You might as well download everything you can by sorting by his name. You're welcome.

You're the kike. If you're anti-communist that means you are a neoliberal, which is kike heaven.

Fuck communism and fuck capitalism.

so what then?

Sigils and banners drive group coherence, identity, and cohesiveness. If you are afraid to announce your roots, you have no way in the future to show where your fruits came from. Anyone can steal your thunder from there. Color guards also being useful later WHEN the shit goes down. Besides, everyone wants to be on a winning team, user. Also, consistent, respectable standards, clean shaven, well groomed, button down, boots, so we are recognized everywhere.
This is base level shit for any group.
Don't be so scared.

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National Socialism.

0.02 Shekels has been deposited into your account.

what does that have that communism doesn't?

It's a meme. National Socialism means whatever you want it to mean.
fyi, "communism" is also a meme ideology that means whatever the government in power says it means.

Pics related. Oh yeah that’s right, OP doesn’t want this, never mind.

The preservation of race, culture, and the improvement of both.

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Good job stealing the language there.>>13482471

This is stereotypical normie shit.
"Color" based guards are cringy because it's simplistic and childish, like the "Color" revolutions.
Clean well shaven bullshit is direct establishment bs. You are adopting the very same cringeworthy attitudes as the establishment.

I like the Black Sun as well as SPQR. Both are inherently White and have been overlooked by the jew for some reason. Maybe they're too hard to co-opt? I don't know.
I'm doing this shit. I'm so tired of everyone walking in circles. At least I'm going to die having tried.

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Our Mission

To stop communism, and to secure justice and fair treatment to those opposing it.

We envision an America where those who oppose communism are not targets of discrimination and threats, but are equals, worthy of shared opportunity and a place in the American dream. This vision remains relevant today, its call to action as urgent.

Much work is ahead of us. We want an ever-more just and righteous society. We will continually develop new programs, policies and skills to expose and combat whatever holds us back. We are focused on what brings us closer to this ideal. Ours is a shared journey.

Fuck you, and your Hegelian Dialectic, totally irrelevant to the subject of the op.
You've been identified, yout shit exposed, and you still triple down insistently on your bullshit that NO ONE is interested in arguing.
Fuck off. Filtered for obvious bait, basic bitch.

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Unfortunately I don't live in Norway. I live in the US. You know, the land the jew absolutely has to take in order to get his filthy hands on the rest of the world?

Do you really think that shit will work here? Where are accustomed to shilling, reddit?

That's literally the elites goal itself. LOL

Optics, you fucking retarded shill.
not an argument, fag.

Imagine being this blind and bluepilled.

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You're a fool. The elites don't give a shit about communism. Communism is for lemmings to keep them in line. The elites are concerned solely with stopping White people from overthrowing them and massacring them all.

That pretty much sums it up, yeah.
By any means possible.

I don't respect people who copycat the establishment. It comes across as weak and simply a puppetry act.

They spent last century trying to defeat it LOLOL

Here's the threat to us.

You probably believe that the Republican party and Democrat party are different and at odds. There is your battle between communism and capitalism.

Both are already known as “White supremacist hate symbols”.

This makes no sense.
Ok, retard.

What’s the alternative? Capitalist spic land?

Blackpilled here. I own Zig Forums.

No I think they're the same. Neoliberals.

(heil'd as fuck!)
Alrght, is this too obvious for an intro?

"We must secure the existence of Western Culture and a future for our children"

Communism and capitalism are the same thing run by the same elites.

"Own" as in not the physical owner, but the psychological owner. That means I own you guys, too. Whether you know it or not.


I disagree with that.

By (((communists))) not by the average Joe.
Do you really think Joe 6-pack Boomerfag konws what the Black Sun is? Or the difference between the Roman Axe and Eagle and The US Eagle?

NO. NO. and NO. All symbolism after the introduction of the religions doctrines are based on idolatry. After millennia of indoctrination humanity lost all control over directing natural faith at symbolism with becoming idol worshipers. Symbolism is one of the easiest weapons for jews to use against us, because it takes down an entire group by simply attacking their symbol, which is btw one of the top priorities we should be doing…taking down their fucking stars.

You are far too retarded for this conversation, child. Lurk two years before posting again here, faggot.
Filtered, reported for off topic/spam.

Anons! Stop taking the obvious shill bait!

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Okay. And millions of people disagree that the Republicucks and Democucks are the same thing.
You're just a lemming who fell for a dumb meme.


>By (((communists))) not by the average Joe.
It’s on Wikipedia, this is the normalfaggots central knowledge hub.

History disagrees.
You suck at this.

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The ACL gives you the freedom to form whatever group you like, user. Right now you do not have that freedom and you have no right to free assembly.

You guys can think what you want. Only one is right. I calculate you are wrong.

I think the Axe and Eagle are requirements even if we bury them in some other form, they need to be there. They're too much of our history to not include. They reach a subliminal level, a call to action.

The ACL, as I see it, would only be one branch of our own hydra. There could be a separate branch for promoting white well being and combating anti-whites. Another branch would be focused on fighting jewish supremacism. Keep these organizations separate.

Engels was white.

I was asking what “Where are accustomed to shilling, reddit?” means. That’s how greentext works.

How is this organization going to be any better than the Republicans?

He was a race traitor too.


Keep the genius flowing, lad. They OBVIOUSLY want this idea shut it down.
Wanna REALLY piss the kikes off?
And. of course, as Aryans, do it much better.

Eat White cock, shills!

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History? When historical revisionism exists? user, we lost history, it was stolen from us. Also, if you want to use a symbol the the only way to do it is out of the ashes of your enemies. You first have to show the world your actions, then you show your flag so that they know who you are. All this swastika larping is nothing but Hitler worshiping, and thereby suicidal foolery.

No he wasn't. Communism is about class.

That's the ultimate goal, but we have to be cautious of RICO laws. Intra-group support could open up a whole can of worms we otherwise could have avoided.
I'm only concerned with the first step right now. We outnumber the (((communists) something like 50:1, so even the slightest nudge in the right direction can cause an avalanche. As soon as the ACL picks up some traction, it can give a platform to… more refined interest.

We have, at most, 5 years to put something in place otherwise it's goodbye West. As soon as the US gets too dark, its game over.

remove the (((communist))) from the repuliCON party and it wouldn't be a whole lot different. This would present a 3rd option, if you will.