Zionists are antisemites

Most Zionists are Christians who believe that by supporting the state of Israel they are bringing about the end times. They do not support the states of Israel because they love Jews or the Jewish people but because they want to have the Jews suffer in the end times; they are in fact the real antisemites. They support the destruction on the dome on the rock and the building of the Temple in Jerusalem because of end times prophesy; they support Israels ethno-nationalist polices and persecution of Palestinians and Arabs because they want Israel to be 100% Jewish again because of the end times.
These people hate Jews and want them to suffer during the end of the world. Most Jews aren't Zionists; the non-fascist Jews should stay in Israel and live alongside Arabs and get along with eachother.

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Go away.

Yeah, well, jews consider Christianity as a misguided attempt to launch their noahide caste system, so obviously leaderless Christians are going to be led to be the golem of the jews, who else would fund mega-walmart-churches if not the jews?

And most jews are eastern europeans who immigrated to israel in the past 100 years displacing people who have lived there for thousands of years and are literally semites, so the jews are logically the biggest antisemites by far

One Jew is a Zionist, the other a Communist.

Yes yes they are. For three reasons. Shem spread through out the middle east, this very much includes the kingdoms in and around the levant i.e. mudslimes. The expansion into these to create a yid theocracy instead of a secular nation will naturally rub elbows. Second reason, in causing abrasion they draw ire onto themselves and threaten the yid larpers. They exist on a foundation of sand and history will not be kind to them for a while unitil neo-samaria is formed by the aster prince.

3rd is a few tribes scattered way out so it is more than likely some countries out there dont know about hebrew roots. In exercising talmud law they will inevitably break their own laws.

no one cares, but who knows with 8/pol/ these days. i'd wager more than half of all posters here are muslim yurofaggot trash. all sand people must go. jews and palestinians killing each other is the best possible scenario

and the jews use these stupid bible-thumping fucks, because they know the end-times are never coming.

Why not make it fair fight and save money by cutting off aid to Israel?

Stop Racist Nazi Apartheid Israel

boicotisrael.net/ (ES)


Fuck you D&C Shill and fuck Zionism.
t. Christian

The end times have already started you retarded athiest mongrel

your jewish prophecies will never come true no matter how hard you try to force it

Only because there are more white christians than there are jews alive, kike. All jews are zionists when it comes down to it.

That's racist! Go away, you racist bastard, and stop mixing with your Palestinian brother. Religion is an ideology that separates people. You should try to live together and maybe you'll marry each other. To find the way to peace. Stop your hatred and it won't get you anywhere.
Become a brother of peace by becoming a national socialist.
Just to know what do the people of Judah think of Zionist people not living in the country?
Are they seen as traitors?
Can you be a Jew if you don't practice your religion? Thank you in advance
#14 brothers of peace
#PEACE#Free marriage between Palestinian and Israeli

This will change once American Christians are no longer majority White.

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>>implying (((Catholicism))) is Christian

I can't wait, in fact I'm calling myself Chinese in all forms from now on.


i used to have an issue with Hagee then i realized that by not preaching the gospel to jews, they’re going to hell.

Awe yah nigga! Another religious d&c bullshit thread on /politically incorrect! Git sum, fuckas

that already happened you retarded sister fucking muslim subhuman. the entire arab world declared war on israel and got btfo


Nice attempt at subversion schlmo. Your tricks are not working anymore. Be scared kike, mass awakening is happening.

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preterism is the correct interpretation of kike fairy tales. the book of revelation is bogus. all of it's trumpet/vial/bowl prophecies had already taken place, mostly during the principate of claudius but with a smidgen of caligula and nero thrown in for good measure.

It's only that complicated for a few really theological types. Mostly it's just a one-way relationship. White evangelicals love Israel and Israeli jews hate them with equal measure. They think it's "what God wants".

You can't win with murricans.

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