(((JPMorgan))) Caught Shipping $1 Billion Worth of Cocaine

US Customs seized a ship owned by JPMorgan after authorities found $1 billion worth of drugs on it


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big if real

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Another article archive.ph/xXW65 (WSJ)

they forgot to grease the wheels

And tomorrow it will be forgotten.

HSBC was caught laundering billions(over 800B for Mexico cartels alone i think) in drug and terrorist money and hardly anything happened no jail time if I remember some small fine (small compared to the hundreds of billions) from drugs.

Daily reminder leftycuck's porky was based off monopoly man who was based off JP Morgan who was a historically confirm agent for kike banksters. So don't waste your time killing CEOs kill the banksters.

Cocaine or heroin was found in a ship owned by Senator McConnell or his wife. Nothing happened to him. Nothing will happen to JPMorgan either. It's too big to fail.

Anyone serious about funding border security would have declared every cartel a terrorist organization and seized their bank accounts. This of course would infuriate the bankers and get any politician enforcing this assassinated though. Would have to do likewise to the bankers and their banks to make it work. Which would be interesting all around.

I like that it's 1 billion $ worth of cocaine but it's still only "one of the largest drug busts in U.S history", not the largest one.

It bears mentioning that the ship is run by a subsidiary of a subsidiary of JP Morgan; the only reason this is news is because of the zeroes attached. This kind of shit happens on smaller scales every day because holding corporations own so many small shipping companies.

David Sassoon LTD still in good shape

Yeah, America is a complete disaster on a scale only supercomputers can really understand.

Swank. And… unsurprising, lol. The surprising part is the bust, not the smuggle. Banks don’t produce real economic productivity, they’re just a harm minimization program for white cocaine dealers.

Capitalism isn't solvent without drugs.

In reality its probably more 3-4 hundred million

MSC is a fucking massive shipping company too.

The bigger the number they pull out of their ass the more impressive it sounds in their budget request for the next fiscal year.

ship was owned by JP morgan and operated & leased by a company

normal biz practice

do you really think elite kikes are that stupid?

jews usually use greedy fall guys like this guy to do their drugs and weapon shipping: magazine.atavist.com/the-mastermind

sage for dysinfo

They put 'artificial snow' on the packaging label, how was I supposed to know?

The point is that Drumpf is rolling them up.

this will dry up the market momentarily and people will end up paying more and/or quality will drop for sometime
more shipments on route
nothing is won

Not exactly nothing.
It reflects increased socioeconomic pressure on the banks to produce concrete value out of their vaunted virtual economies.
It may trigger upwards-reaching investigations.
It may pressure drug-addicted businesspeople to support the reduction of the war on drugs to uphold the quality they rely on.
It may mill off a few corrupted bankers who don’t attend as much to quality control and draw new cards into that industry.

Trips of Truth.

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Remember when Assange's Swiss bank account was frozen? That's when I knew things were really happening. It was a big redpill for me - I had always though that Swiss banking laws were inviolable, but that incident shows that there are supragovernmental organizations which can override any nation's laws if they feel like it.

No, thats why they leased it out instead of running it themselves. Laundering drug money is one of the most profitable things the big banks do.

Whether its HSBC laundering hundreds of billions for drug cartels and terrorists. Or UBS and the LIBOR scandal which amounted to HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS of dollars. They all do it with impunity. Because even when they are caught red-handed in front of the entire world, the only "punishment" is a small fine.



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those stocks arent going to sell themselves goyim


israeli coke trade: archive.fo/RRfPr

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That's 5,059,200 8-balls. 5 fucking million.

Meh, on the other hand, that's only 5 million 8 balls.


Fun fact: money laundering laws don't apply to financial institutions

That why ethereum took a hit?

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JP Morgan Jr thought his dad was assasinated by zionist

Imagine how many Customs agents started ripping up garbage bags and twisting up ounces of coke, stashing it in their underwear, socks or boots?? Guaranteed at least 4 of every 10 agents were partaking in the snow party

8 ball of coke is $125-150 in Tijuana. Times 5 million

Threadly Reminder:
Feds can get Assange's Swiss bank account frozen for exposing high level corruption, but banks only pay a fine with no jail for cartel money laundering of billion$.
…and remember, this is the stuff we know of out in the open! Who knows what they do in secret?

Yeah, but this is wholesale

(((Leftypol))) disapproves of this thread.

which in this case lives up to its name as the Cocaine Importation Agency

100% PURE

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Bump because the jews are running a fucking playground factory with the catalog.

Damnit left muh sage on.

Great, chodemonkey is fucking with shit again. Sage is sticking even when turned off.

pfft theyre off by like half a billion even if it never gets cut

Whenever they give these figures they calculate the price as if its all sold in $10 bags on the streets.

Yes, like when they report losses at any other factory etc. it is on the retail value not the cost to make the shit with raw material, retard.

MFW you make a redundant post that serves no purpose other than agreeing with what I said, then call me a retard.

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What, you think they really engage in (((fractional reserve banking)))?

All (((banks))) are linked to some kind of


Mystic Shrine. As in Shriners. As in human trafficking.

I guess someone ratted. :)

Sure thing nigger, that's what you said. Kill yourself.

The wheels aren't there to be greased anymore.

Yes, Chiam, keep telling yourself that.

That was then, this is now.

Mr. Brock says your concern shill teams are operating too closely and to space them out, as you don't seem plausible. Also, drop by his office before clocking out, he has a surprise for you.

Anyway wouldnt losses reported at a factory be valued at the wholesale price not the retail price?

Therefore the moment you'd move in like that, you'd need to purge everywhere, politics, banks, corporations, etc.
Doing only one thing isolated would be stupid.
Either you go full Kalki on their sorry asses or you're a joke.

If Hillary can get away with murder, these guys can simply admit it was some low-ranking employees who abused the trust of the company and blah blah blah

Jesus are you people born yesterday?

Wow, just wow. Now even the federal government has come to entertain conspiracy theories, and in the current year no less!

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Even if we assume it is pure and is yet to be cut, is cocaine really that fucking expensive?

Former FBI Director Comey was on the HSBC board and Former AG Lynch was the prosecutor.
Its a small world user.

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Half a gram cost like $50 on the streets, people are willing to spend their entire lifesavings for a high that only last seconds.

Nah kill both. We’ll make more.

Yes truly the swamp has been drained and the kikes will be taken care of by GOD EMPEROR amirite. Same shit going on and the results will be the same.

It's a shoddy workman who blames his toold.

So they're reporting it for insurance purposes then?

Kill the highest bankster you can, even local branch manager is worth dying, if not even every employee.

Ha, not only do they bail out jewish owned banks with tax payer money, now it's found out that the jews have been importing society destroying drugs?

Fractional reserve banking means nothing when the currency is fiat and can be printed on a whim while being loaned out at an interest that changes on a whim as well.


And since the fed is an independent of the country, they have no reason to prioritize the interests of the American citizens over their own personal gain, and those of their own group.

And when people exploit people who tend to have addictive personalities, it's done in order to facilitate the conditions neccesary to cause social disharmony and disorder when the fragged mind makes mistakes, has erroneous judgements, and becomes bipolar from their substance of abuse. His punishment are the side effects of the drugs, but cut the root problem out and both country and individual will return to normal.

How much do you guys want to bet the wrong person was on shift for this and a paid cop was supposed to flag it through?


Just like "black" "culture"

For what purpose? Masturbation is free.

i don't see what the big deal is, their workers needed "bonuses" and it increases productivity. the market has spoken

Entire crew overwhelmed by guilt,
All commit "soo-ih-side"

Just switched to a local credit union after years of forcibly being with them. It's very liberating.

Still much smaller than the 9 billion dollars that was costed by ignoring me and forcing me to look mentally ill.

Paradise CA down.

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This is why jews practice circumcision, they wouldn't have any time to kike the goyim otherwise

Probably not a good strategy but who cares. Could've saved 9 billion dollars if I got responded to and someone handed me a blanket.

Oh well.

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Yup all I needed was one of like 20 people to answer their phone and a sample from a blanket.

10 times a bust as this most epic drug recovery in the history of your entire agency

Ooooh glad I'm getting framed to look mentally ill

Did that sound sour?

Oh wow I haven't checked on the updated cost lately.

Let's look at how "entitled not to respond" cost us.

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Turns out it's actually more then all the cocaine produced you can count for the entire year for the entire planet.

Thumbs up bro

Oooh good drug bust guys.

This happened because people wouldn't text me or hand over a blanket I needed for a lab sample.

Thanks area of denial weapon

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The entire defense budget of isreali for a year wasted because it's super important that my GF doesn't text me back because you don't done go like my.facebook opinion.

Fucking the fuck

Ten percent of Canada's GDP and it's on the top. Because no one wants to fucking answer supermans text messages.

Are. You. Kidding me?

You could seize all the cocaine in the entire world and it'd still be a smaller fuck up then NOT ANSWERING MY TEXT MESSAGES AND PRETENDING IM MENTALLY ILL

It's like the combined work effort of 3.7 million people.

I could've stopped it if someone responded to my text messages and acted normal.

AMANDA ANSWER YOUR FUCKING TEXT MESSAG— AWWW never mind she's already married.


The urgency on fixing my problem for like 5 years was zero and full of mockery.

I was astounded since this was pretty much the biggest fiasco that's ever happened.

And everyone's still walking around gloating about it. I'm still waiting in line to get medicine to fix the problem.

Like wtf.

Seriously we have a problem understanding priorities. I need shit by tomorrow not a month later after the doctors done milking grandma's insurance.

Like we just lost 72 police officers which I have a strong feeling that's related to this stupid shit I'm dealing with. That's almost a million dollars per year worth of labor.

It doesn't happen. No one cares. No one can do anything ONLY because everyone's priorities are screwed up. I can't fix anything fast enough because the dude who barely knows what's going on as a DOCTOR has to make me wait a month to my next appointment.

What the actual fuck is wrong with people?

Lost 72 officers. Thats barely a percent of what it cost to ignore me if you added up ALL of their life's work.

Who the fuck invited leddit?

user I have no Idea what you are talking about i read all of your posts what are you talking about who are they and why didn't they give you a blanket?

Every single news story, no matter how outlandish or rediculous, still pales in comparison by leaps and bounds by what not responding to my text messages and giving me common courtesy cost.

& all this while people thought they made their fortunes through "investment banking" . dig deeper & you'll find jpmorgan's connections to pedophile rings, child trafficking, funding Al-Qaeda …..

& all this while people thought they made their fortunes through "investment banking" . dig deeper & you'll find jpmorgan's connections to pedophile rings, child trafficking, funding Al-Qaeda …..

The sample and ground zero for the outbreak was on my friends blanket. I never got to get the sample from my friend for 15 years because he turned into a zombie and all my friends started fucking each other to piss me off.

They thought this could turn into another Sandy Hook

Ignoring me cost the entire revenue of JP Morgan for 2 years.

California thinks that's legal.

I hope they cut these peoples balls off. They're using this mind control weapon to cause stupid shit like this to happen.

FuuuuucccCcCCck nigga what the fuck are you on bro?Mother fucker got that good ass yayo?