Murdoch Murdoch on Live TV

Lets do it Zig Forums
Plenty of web serieses like Awesomeness TV, Breadwinner, and FRED get slots on TV. If Zig Forums raises enough money to air one episode of Murdoch Murdoch on a small public television network. It could lead to billions of triggered liberals and perhaps Murdoch Murdoch being showed on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.
The more publicity the better.
A ideal station for airing Murdoch Murdoch would be on a small local TV network. When the program begins, it needs to ease the audience in instead of injecting pure NatSoc Fascy memes right ahead. It needs to feel like normal programming but end with a bang that the audience remembers. Murdoch Murdoch has a great online following on and YouTube but airing on TV like any other Saturday cartoon show would popularize it fast than any other means. The average viewer will be confused, frustrated, and compelled to post a pic of his TV on Facebook. On the contrary, many other viewers could take up a interest in the series Murdoch Murdoch and peruse it further on

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The best way to bring Murdoch Murdoch onto live TV will have to be done by buying a TV ad. Hijacking live stream is very complicated and illegal in the U.S. It needs to be a soft enough episode to where it won't cause a federal investigation just because a Zig Forumsack was effectively using pre-paid ad space.

what was up with the last few minutes of their new episode? I was following along with the plot up until MM started making common ground with the lampshade and went in to hug him. unironically what did he mean by this?

Metamorphosis would be my vote. Pretty mild in comparison to most of their other works and honestly has one of the strongest messages in any of their vids.

If you’d buy an ad you mind as well should make a white genocide awareness psa with a website to go to.

Stop shilling this garbage

Break that record on radio. Another perfect cut. 2016, Murdoch Murdoch Bernie Sanders video on radio "Ghost True Capitalist". Now tv? Another perfect cut! "We don't have enough data". shut up

your nose shows, even on the web, kike

Did you get your street cred cashed out from your discord friends, OP? Make sure you get the points for making this thread before it gets deleted!

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you kikes fear media you don't control so much it's hillarious

The only thing Reddit here is all the Prince of Zimbabwe shilling. The television station will likely have to be a local station that would air anti-semitic Christian programming anyways. Infiltrating CNN or Nick is dishonorable and could gain federal attention. It's bad enough has a IP tracker to trace the buying practices of us Zig Forumsfolk.

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yeah still not fooled, kike

TV is for the Poor and Uneducated/Dummies now.
An under two hour movie, edited for sex/violence/PC/etc. is NOW shown on two and a half hour format. Over a Half Hour of Commercials.
That is Over 20% of a persons viewing time being commercials.
Not to mention logo/ads on bottom right of screen*
Controlled. Brainwashing. Consume.
Poor people get Outraged easily.
Poor people have time to go out and protest.
Poor people sit at home all day and watch TV.
*Poor people have no HD, why station logo/ads on screen is so far from bottom right corner, because when non-HD is zoomed in the logo is still there.

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I'm not trying to prove anything, so why act so defensive? Are you uncomfortable that someone dislikes this tripe? He shilled his crap at the start, and was laughed off the site.
But hey, "different strokes for different folks," right?
Just stop astroturfung that this show is universally beloved here, when that is a blatant lie. Almost as bad as the malay shitskin who spammed christ-chan comics and screeched that anyone who doesnt like it is a kikenigger lover

you can buy an ad on the youtube show deep fat fried for $300
its a show with the "amazing atheist" TJ Kirk and two other fat guys. They have a millions of viewers and they need cash. You can also pay "Jesus" on youtube to say whatever you want for $10. He has millions of viewers too.

nice Pepe

That White nationalists and Jews have a lot in common, also they made fun of Zig Forums.

weirded me out too
probably a character joke (murdoch nice guy accidentally making a kill)
that or, when mr.shade says after murdoch's niceguy speech, "don't trip on that wire" means something else

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It's cuckchan-tier garbage made by alt-right teenagers who say "nazi" stuff because it's edgy, what do you expect? A coherent, principled masterpiece of radical national socialist art?

You mean if Murdoch Murdoch was fully animated.
It's very hard imitating the art style of one Justin Roiland. I guess Murdoch Murdoch will truly become the Alt-Right's Rick and Morty.

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The right thing to do is to fight to end all entertainment. Not to maintain it.
Men must grow learning to fight, to use guns, and learning other practical skills. women must grow to bear children and nothing else. Anyone wanting to spend (waste) time with TV is a beta numale or one of the subhuman races, and must be shot in the head.

This OP and the proceeding responses were posted verbatim months ago. This is a bot thread.

Retarded take in a bot thread. Suicide now.

Why should we do this?
Who cares what liberals think?
How exactly will this help fulfill the long term goals of Zig Forums?

Murdoch makes the speech about becoming friends with the Jew, but he's about to get a hug then trips on a wire connecting the jewshade to the wall, thus killing it and all the NPCs. All the characters congratulate him as if he planned it all along. I find it hard to believe that they were seriously proposing that what he was saying was a good idea, for three reasons: One, Murdoch has said in other episodes that Jews can't be trusted in anyway and that an alliance was impossible. Two, they kill the Jew immediately after the speech is made, which would be strange if they were actually saying it was a good idea. Three, Murdoch (The Character) is supposed to be an idiot who falls for shit like this.

This is not how it works retard. They will view it before airing it, resulting in them not going through with the ad! Big flop!

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Shown on a dying medium with a smaller audience than the internet, how exciting.

Any Aussiemutts around who thinks this program is designed to promote the media oligarch who runs Aussiemutt, Britfag and USAMutt media, by repeated namedropping of the aforementioned degenerate? And why isn't the shill been identified and called out if he is a corporatist elite?

And why do kikes love this fag so much they help this program?

Why would we care about talmudvision or your propaganda/

Yep, shill thread.

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We'll just disguise the clip with Prince of Zimbabwe reddit trash. They won't see it coming.

Besides, it's not like you're Linus Tech Tips having to get each and every one of your videos screened by Nvidia, Apple, etc. or it will get copyright striked.

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Shill your shit elsewhere moshe.

Kill yourself.