President Kushner Confirmed will MAGA Shills Ever Recover

Kushner is the real President; Trump shills need to drink bleach

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ooof Dotard Blormf can't even invite his friends over without Jared's permission can he.

FFS Trump let Kardashians in the Oval Office

The absolute state of MIGA.

Purple user proven right again. Kushner leads Trump around like a tard wrangler minding their charge.



62 Members (42 Jews and 20 Gentiles)


36 Members (23 Jews and 13 Gentiles)


22 Members (17 Jews and 5 Gentiles)

The Soviet Press provided a list of 556 important functionaries of the Soviet State (1918 - 1919), which included 17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Letts, 15 Germans, 1 Hungarian, 10 Georgians, 3 Poles, 3 Finns, 1 Czech, 1 Karaim (Jewish sect) – and 457 Jews.


Bronstein [Trotsky], Apfelbaum [Zinovieff], Lourie (Larine), Ouritski, Volodarski, Rosenfeldt ]Kamenef], Smidovitch, Sverdov [Yankel], Nakhamkes [Steklov], Lenin [Ulyanov]* (The names in brackets are their real names). Jews 10, Gentiles 2 (Krylenko, Lounatcharski).

* There is some dispute as to Lenin's racial origins. It is known that he was married to a Jewess; spoke Yiddish as did his children.

"Lenin had taken part in Jewish student meetings in Switzerland thirty-five years before. He is generally regarded as a Russian but there is doubt." – (Jewish Chronicle, December, 16th, 1932).
"Although Lenin was a political monster, he was no enemy of the Jews. He was aware of his partly Jewish origin, many of his close associates were Jews, he often spoke of Jews in favourable terms and he opposed anti-Jewish attitudes." (The London Times, Dec. 8, 1996, Section 7, page 2)

MENSHEVIKS: 11 Members, all Jews


S.R (RIGHT WING): 15 Members, 13 Jews

S.R (LEFT WING): 12 Members, 10 Jews


POLISH COMMUNIST PARTY: 12 Members, all Jews



22 Members: 17 Jews, 5 Gentiles


61 Members: 41 Jews, 20 Gentiles

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May be a LARP but at least he's the only namefag who's not shilling TrustThePlan.exe and suggesting we hold the back stabbing boomer fuck we call President accountable for his betrayals. There is certainly no denying Kushner is in charge after this little flex over a cartoonist that does nothing but felate the President but who occasionally happens to criticize people who are also jewish while vehemently supporting israel. Fact is it's not enough just to support israel now the kikes expect you to treat them with the same reverence and freedom from criticism once reserved for religions and gods.

And? Mobilize white people to kill Kushner and all jews in America, or this will keep going in favor of the jews. Violence is the only solution.

People forget that Trump was basically a functional nobody in the interim period between his casinos all flopping and Ivanka being sold to Kushner.

Pretty much everything he's made a thread about has come to pass.

Everything he's write about is obvious, but I guess it takes being a fake insider for Trumpniggers to see things so blatant.

Honestly, this is pretty depressing. Fucking jews. Could Trump undermine the whole point behind the fucking conference any more than this? What a damn moron.
Rat bastards.

The heads up on the Venezuelan embassy raid and Trump's airstrikes on Iran [that he "called off"] is obvious stuff?

It’s a confirmed LARP.

Nope, it’s a proven hoax. Get the fuck out, Barney.

I was so amazed that he got invited at all that I assumed it was a forgery and a joke.

Fuck Purple and Q. Vicky Ward is what you want to read.

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The best part is the Qatar blockade.

Purple doesn't claim to be an insider says he was forced out by Kushner and wants revenge on Trump for betrayal of his supporters and the nation with his most immigrant ever & MIGA bullshit.


Unsurprisingly pathetic.

God damn you are pathetic.

Purple scooped Vicky Ward months before her book came out you fucking simpleton. Kushner Inc. is basically Diet Purple user.

No one is as pathetic as you shill

Not in the least bit surprised

but trumps about to deport 1,000,000 imiigrants. you'll, you'll see!1

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So it's antisemitic to depict two rich, powerful, "evil" Jews because rich, powerful, evil Jews are just an antisemitic meme and they don't exist? Is that what they're saying?

im sure ben will still support trump tho. he always does. sad really.

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Just like Spencer, TRS, Milo, Warski, JF, and every other grifter, now you are going to bat for this dumbfuck boomer Garrison.

S-so B-ben Garrison isn't going to g-gas the kikes and r-race war now, user-k-kun?

That book you have there.

Has anyone narrated it yet?

Of course. Ben even said it himself. Magatards love to lose and support cowards like Chump.

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Nigger you don't know what that fucking word means.

Next level Pathetic.

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He also a Qcumber.

garrison fellates trump for years and gets told to fuck off, shocking, this is your fate too MIGApedes

Remember when old Bolshevik Ben used to like the ADL on Faceberg?

I hate lolbergs so much.

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He was in the room while our women were murdered; that is if he didn't participate in the actual murder. People should stop talking about this user like he was 'one of us' or will ever be one of us. People have no 'in-group- preference if they do not disregard people like this from our circles. If he was in the room and did not stop it he is a murderer.

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Should be a decent red pill for the lolbergs.

If only the lolbergs knew.

I think he has improved a bit.

These were not 4chan edits
Funny how critizing jews individually even counts as anti-semitism

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wasn't dis-invited because of edits, was dis-invited for criticizing rothchilds / soros but ya any minute now trump is going to arrest them

'jewish friends'?


They even credit him.

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The laws only apply to OTHER people.

And here one would think political cartoons were the most sacred form of free speech to be cherished and protected especially because they were provocative.

Of course now they are just reaffirming the whole censorship thing so I hope whoever is left attending makes sure to mention that fucking nugget.

Just like you can't fix stupid you can't fix a boomer.

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Just like you can't fix stupid you can't fix boomer.

Doesn't Tina know there's more money in just pretending Trump is fixing things? By calling out the ZOG Emperor, Ann definitely lost some shekels.

More like laugh at the fact this bootlicking supplicant of a boomer was shamed by senpai because President Kushner has the final say who he gets to have play dates with.

Oh look it's Sir Cumference Defender of the Instahoes only seconded in his anti Purple faggotry by Moafagus.

Seriously you two really suck at your jobs; you could have at least made the argument he's a foreign spy instead one claims he's from TRS and the other white knights for literal jumped up prostitutes as shield maidens.

He is a murderer user.
I am not interested in anything he has to say.

Cry harder for dead instagram models who fucks for money and couldn't keep their mouth shut you braindead boomer filth. Whores like that who don't even have the dignity to admit what their actual job is and instead pretend to be "influencers" deserve to be lined against a wall and shot as a lesson for sake of public morality. All Purple did was take out the trash dumbfuck.

Also, I never claimed he was from TRS. I don't know where he is from and I don't care. What I care about is the ethical conduct towards our own people, because my 'in-group' preference is very high and I don't want to see my people slaughtered while you kikes stand around and explain why it was 'ok' that you murdered them.

That nigger who murdered that mormon girl probably felt like 'he had a good reason as well' (he wanted to sell her meat on the black market). You and he and purple have a lot in common on your ability to justify the murder of my people. This is how I know you are all mongrel niggers or kikes. There is always 'a good reason' why you don't have to pay for your crimes against Europeans. In this case, you all are 'getting away with murder' and then EXPLAINING why it was 'ok'.

Nice quads, Satan.

Is this wanker really defending the honor of instahoes that he doesn't even know are white but must be if his shill argument is to have even an iota of value? Are we really at the point now?

I thought it couldn't get any worse after Q but now we have not just shills but white knights for privileged jet setting whores and not just Qcumbers.

He got the quads he deserved standing up for the honor of muh instahoes parading around like the biggest basement dwelling self stroker who hasn't touched a woman outside his own family ever in his life.

DACA check em

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Provide photos of the whores in the event to prove they were niggers or sandniggers. We can resolve this pretty quickly.

Also I need DNA samples of this nigger you are pimping as (((white))) and part of the (((whitehouse))) so that we can verify that he is not a FOREIGNER…can't do that?…then you can

My people are not 'trash' and I have only (((your word))) that says they were 'whores' and not women that you abducted the street.


:) Now we get to all look on the character of people who are involved in defending your leader. You are not European, you are foreign trash. Everyone who is European in this thread is going to know it the second they read your post. You have nothing in common with Europeans or our values.

They are the same unpaid mentally ill shill user it's why they always use the same projection that any detractor they have must be the focus of their claims i.e. everyone is Purple who disagrees with me.

Lawless faggot. Promoting lawlessness.

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Ah so this shameless knight of the roastie table is the same as the Purple is Mike Enoch sperg? That would certainly explain a lot. The saddest part is I don't even think they are paid just mental.

The kike saying something doesn't confirm anything you double nigger. Nor does uninviting Garrison confirm that Kushner is the one running the show. But keep pretending you're not glowing like a bio-luminescent jungle monkey…

Yeah, I suppose Iran is in a poor state right now.

>same talking points repeated verbatim throughout this thread by shills still trying to ignore the axe dropping on Epstein's neck, and the subsequent arrests of his (((friends)))

Kill yourselves. Time is ticking down.


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MIGA calling in reinforcements.

Oh look it's imkikey

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>don't you dare criticize any Jews ever, goy, that would be anti-semitic and you know what anti-semitism leads to – anudda shoah

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As much as I love my fellow white people, there are still whites that must be eliminated for their crimes. DoTR involves the literal and symbolic extermination of treacherous whites, possibly even allowing an opportunity for repentance in the form of executing other traitors, while the jews and their genetic trash pets lives will end gracelessly in a puddle of their own viscera. Is DoTR too anti-white for you sliders?

I know you kikes hate Iran. Sad really.

I post these smugs because dumb cunts like you can't resist screaming about the turkroach. It's guaranteed replies. But go ahead, post again how I'm Kampfy. Next you'll be posting his picture as if that does anything.

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Oh really you lying yid.

One day we will finish what Hitler started kike

President Kushner is OK with arrest of Epstein because Uncle Bibi ordered it so he could use it as ammo against Ehud Barak and win the election he's barely clinging to life in.

the goyim know bitch

The best part is the chief of staff John Kelly who got in Kushner's way and downgraded his clearance got thrown under a bus and pushed out within months of beefing with Jared and Kikvanka but that shill will just do some insane contortion of logic to justify it somehow as Trump not being a traitor. Trump sold us out to make his kike daughter president this is abundantly obvious and I don't need any namefag to tell me that.

imkikey confirmed.


They're so dumb they fell for the years-old debunked defamation of Ben Garrison. No wonder that seditious State Dept pajeet who told the NYT under his own name he was sabotaging the President is still at work.

Reminder the "originals" were made by an actual pimple-faced jew teen who lives part time in isnotreal. He was caught calling in bomb threats to churches and the "orignals" stopped shortly after.

Do you even into self awareness? Retard.

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Do you even read posts before replying you lazy shill fuck? The person being replied to along with white knighting for instagram whores is sitting right above you accusing multiple anons of being Purple. If you are just a 1 post shill it's called projection you stupid fuck and it's a clear give away and commonality between moafagus and sir cumference.

And yet there is no mention in the articles whatsoever that he regained his security clearance, kike. So tell me again how Ivanka and Jared make the decisions again. No one even trusts the little kike for his connections to Soros. Also, explain to me what he supposedly has access to because Kushner still doesn't have top-secret security clearance, and secret security clearance is basic-level security clearance for government workers. Jesus fuck, at least TRY to formulate an argument that isn't just a bunch of regurgitated bullshit.

Yes, because it's totally not in relation to anything else. Keep going. You make yourselves more obvious by the minute.

You aren't getting your war, kike. Attacking Iran would pull both China and Russia (the country's allies) into a mass war. Not happening.

This… this is pathetic at this point.


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No, he hasn't. He still hasn't figured out that its not SOME JEWS that are the problem, its ALL JEWS.
Until you've figure that out, you're still bluepilled faggot, because you're still caught up in your hyper-individualist bullshit instead of acknowledging the whole as the hazard.


Its like I'm really in 2015.

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You niggers are too easy to bait.


Way too easy at this point.

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Purple brings the shills out and where there are shills there is fire.

I'm sure he will build that wall any day now.

Pathetic. Sometimes I think nothing can possibly get fixed until every last single boomer has died.

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user it is fake. Anybody who unironically uses 'goy' or 'goyim' is clearly a dumbfuck nigger or a jew, the same thing really. Don't ever forget how incompetent jews are. It's in their nature to fail and fail hard. They can't do much else.

Fucks sake its so kosher leddit here now…

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Or been put in a home with 3rd world minders; the day of the pillow can't come soon enough user.

What's pathetic is that you think ALL of those posters are the turkroach when multiple anons used smugs because of how effectively it triggered SA goons. Those posts don't even have the same posting styles, and a precursory examination even shows as much. A few are the roach but you'll never know which ones were him, and which ones were other anons trolling. So congrats retard.


You clearly haven't read the shit if you think it's Qv2 considering dude's prime objective is destroying Trump for betraying him and country for Ivanka and Jared. Dude is definitely not a Qv2 sure it could be a rival intelligence service but it sure as shit isn't MIGA plan trusting.


Every fucking kike can go to fucking hell. Kushner first.