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Epstein will flee to Israel any day now.

Israel's "right of return" guarantees him citizenship and Israel won't give up one of the chosen to justice so extradition to the U,S. will fail.

Seriously, they refused to turn over a guy to Poland who ran gulags for the communists and tortured people to death. They'll have no problem sheltering a guy who was into teenage girls.

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did they even let him out on bail yet though?
saging because OP shouldn't have made a new thread fr this.

Trumpstein will probably give him a lift on air force one.

There are already several active epstein threads. Stop spamming moishe.

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Isn't Trump on his way there soon anyway. It's an election year so he has to pay homage to the wailing wall?>>13486406 I thought we could discuss all the scumbags who get asylum in Israel because they are chosen people.

Aren't you the least bit curious about the Polish war criminal? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salomon_Morel

This isn't worth a thread.

How about we shift gears and talk about all the other sex offenders who got asylum?



Unlikely. He'll probably end up doing more time, but nowhere near what he deserves. With the internet, and the fact that he's tied to both sides, so everybody can (rightfully) connect him to the politician they don't like - while ignoring his links to the one that they do - too many people know and care for them to be able to let him off completely. He's going to have to take one for the tribe.

How about you quit sliding and post in one of the other Epstein threads?

Daily reminder that if the judge let Epstein go scott free is up to us to make real justice

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God forbid someone starts wondering if maybe Israel used U.S. aid to create more than one fake jewish billionaire.

=This is fine.=

It's alright we will get him when Pissrael gets nuked.

Israel ambassador Yossi Shelley just busted eating non-kosher shellfish (lobster) with Brazil president. Sheeeiiitt. Lobster trumps kosher anyfukkinday.


sage for being a trash low-effort thread

Current version says Jewish family.

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Please add the wiki edit cap "anti-semitic vandalism" to the top of this fine piece of art please.


That's actually not what happened at all.
nbs even had a headline during acosta's speech that read "acosta says times have changed" as if to imply he used to think rape was aok when he didn't say anything about then vs now until after this headline during a question from a cnn reporter chick who tried to cut in line during questions. He says that in response to the question "would you do the same thing now?". jews can't help themselves.


I also see this "Acosta let him go" bullshit alot. I'd have to find the source that was posted on here previously, but the general indication was that after victims and witnesses were either intimidated or bribed into not testifying as well as the protection from on high this kike was afforded, Acosta was lucky to get any kind of conviction at all.

Insider here: Epstien's arrest isn't a coincidence. Epstien will name Trump as an individual that paid for activities involving underage girls in order to get him removed from office.


israel is the biggest pedo nation on the planet.
Kikes never receive justice from their own system that is set up to protect the predators and parasites, user. We need to start 'making the justice real' without the jewdicial system.

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Also the "violated victims clause" claim is not accurate. Acosta said the fbi and his team agreed that, because the women would be allowed to sue jewstein for monies and he would plead "no contest" and pay up, they couldn't be allowed to participate until after the suit was settled becaue they would legally be provided access to the monies rulings, knowing that they could sue for guaranteed monies would taint the case as it would give jewstein's team an argument "they did it for the monies". The only other option is the feds are in on it with jewstein and are responsible for the contrived argument for excluding the witnesses.

It's almost like the goal was to point out Florida's constant involvement with this kind of shit.

Without a passport? Unlikely. He also first has to get bail and if he does, he'll be tagged like the rodent that he is. Fucker is going this time. I just worry it won't be for long. After all, the judge is a fucking Clinton appointee and on the lead prosecutor is Comey's cunt daughter.


I think it's more likely that he'll die while in custody. It'll be framed as a murder by fellow prisoners, but it'll be a CIA hit because he knows to much.

After that, the SDNY PD will be forced to turn over all evidence collected to Federal authorities. Then it will disappear into that government warehouse where they keep the Arc of the Covenant and the alien crystal skulls.

I hope I'm wrong.

Bump. You're powerless to stop it.

Oh no! A jew would never break the law! Or be allowed into Israel without any documentation simply because he's jewish! That would never happen!
They own all banks, you incomprehensibly stupid lunatic.
You actually believe this.

He isn't some broke goy who has to fly commercial and go through TSA security. He owns his own aircraft. He has his hooks in to other people who own aircraft. Isreal will let him in with out a passport.

GPS ankle bracelets are not shock collars. They only let the courts know you violated probation. They don't actually stop you from doing so. He could cut the bracelet off, drive to his hanger and board a jet and be gone before anyone knows what is going on.

If he gets bail he is gone. Only a total idiot with kind of means would stay around and wait for a conviction.

Epstein is a distration. They want the "right" to get all upset about it. Then they are going to say trump is implicated and try to turn the "right" on him.

The borders are still wide open and white americans are being replaced in their homelands.

No matter what happens with Epstein, Trump isn't going to change that.

we should go to war with Israel of they do this.

Whatever happens, we can organize a false "oy veying" event.

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We didn't go to war when they attacked the USS Liberty.

We didn't go to war when they stole refined uranium from us.

We didn't go to war when they sold our military tech to the Chinese.

Congress will just vote to give them more money and make it illegal for you to refuse to buy Israeli Hummus.

He's Ashkenazi. He's polish, not Israeli. Just like Netanyahu (who changed his last name).

They're at LEAST going to be as protective of their citizens as France (Roman Polanski).

So looks like Jeffrey Eggsteins now a Saudi Arabian too, at least according to his passport


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Epstein had close ties to 9/11. Maxwell sisters built the software (in the 90’s) that the CIA, MOS, FBI, DEA, etc used to “join intel” data sets. Software was used to root cause who the 911 attackers were… convenient? Possibly related to Epstein’s Saudi passport & his BFF Ehud Barak?

Software is ALSO used to ID human trafficking and (drumroll) money laundering! (Epstein’s schtick). Can’t make this shit up.

Source: a bad ass patriot on IG

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Maxwell sisters (Christine & Isabel Maxwell) built CIA/MOS software in 90’s (see ). Software used to track down 9/11 conspirators (convenient) and money laundering/human trafficking…

And if you live in Texas after a hurricane disaster, you won't get any help from the government if you don't support Israel

Why is this scandal called pizzagate when it should be called koshergate?

Pizzagate is the Podestas and their circle. This is the Lolita Island affair.


So the guy who was an expert at money laundering owned his own island ? Wow coincidences.

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He was denied bail.
Stop making predictions and shitting up the catalog.

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What is chiliad: A group that contains 1000 elements.

Bush's "Thousand points of light."

Now says to jewish parents

his lawyer claim his jewish "faith" part of the reason for fake passport with diff name + saudi address

I cant wait for all these names to drop. Epstein met zuckerberg and elon musk recently. Even Steve hawking gonna be put under a microscope

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he has no bail. hes not getting out

Nope, Trump pardon

you're a delusional kike, take your schitzo meds jewboy

Helping the Jews again


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If he gets bail, he's in his mansion. He cuts the bracelet, walks through the tunnel to the Qatari embassy and leaves in their limo.

Imagine how much of a retarded boomer you have to be to make this post.

Hitler also was gay, had one ball, was addicted to 25 types of drugs and was communicating with devilish ayy lmaos. I don't get why boomer homos like you unironically believe this shit. Read non jewish sourced shit for a fucking change fpp.co.uk/books/Morell/Morell.pdf

Fellate a shotgun.

Yeah, jews always obey the law, you fucking idiot.

He was denied bail… Hmmmm

Jeffrey Edward Epstein 76318-054
NEW YORK, NY 10007

Just a heads up THEY WILL OPEN AND READ Anything u send . just in case you are wondering. I know from experience

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Highly recco'd vid. Zero doubt this chick is telling the truth.

Arrest Dershowitz and Maxwell, there is just no fucking way that girl is lying. She banged Dershowitz at least six times.

Some how these Jews end up resigning or paying a settlement or having the case dropped but almost never face justice like everyone else. #jewsprivilege

He going to have to chapo guzman his way to kikeville now.
Said the bond hearing judge yesterday.

Do you not know how the fucking system works in America? You cannot be released on bond if you have no bail. Theyd have to drop charges entirely in order for him to be released, you fucking retarded mong.

With a jewish judge and prosecutor too.

When the jew ignored din rodef/moser (no snitching) doctrine it's to protect an even larger player or crime. Maybe Obama liked his hot dogs and Eppy has tapes?

I think you are on to something here user.
Let the shit show begin!

I would be shocked if that wasn't the case.

Holy christ, get off the website.

I suspected that was the case, from what Ive seen those people in the SDNY positions are shall we say sympathetic to Jewish interests.

So Trump calls off the air strike on Iran hours later a Jewess announces that trump raped her and the media's pushing it.
Then she backed down and blew her credibility w Anderson. Was that Trump's warning or is it unrelated?

Maybe it was the Miami herald's coverage that got the ball rolling. I watched a vid a couple months ago and I was blown away at the scope of Epsteins crimes and how well the MSM hid it.

Anyway great opportunity to chip away at the Jewish stranglehold.

Reminder: What Epstein and Maxwell did is completely standard in Israel.

I've read into the Israel's white slave trade a lil bit and i'm telling you it's fucked up, really fucked up and nobody on the alt right has even mentioned it.
Read into it, you'll trip at the level of indifference and cruelty.

Jews don't have souls.

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LD: Many of these Jewish girls work as part-time prostitutes, masturbating Arab clients in massage parlors during the evening shift or at weekends. As many as 500 Israeli soldiers were recently reported to have been caught up in this network of vice. See “Israeli soldiers caught in prostitution cycle over economic woes.” . . . See also “Economic Woes turn Israeli Soldiers into Prostitutes.” [LD]


All those pics of hot jew soldiers are actual prostitutes. ha ha

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One other thing, Israel changed their law on slavery but it was just for PR. and is not enforced. Most people don't know Israel has a shitload of brothels or whatever they call them,.
White slavery is legal and I'm telling you it's fucked up. Someone should look into it

I bet it's rare, they got white and Arab slaves for that shit. Israeli families are loaded and Jews take care of their own.
I don't believe that story.

you arent fucking getting it are you? Theres no single jew or jews that can free him.

the kikes would have to have mossad break him out in order for him to get out without the charges being dropped. Theres nothing the jews can do here, theres no rules they can circumvent. Hes in jail for good until hes either released due to dropped charges, broken out, or killed. You clearly don't know how any of this works and are too stuck in defeatism. Sure, the jews are gonna jew its what they do but they cannot jew their way out of this one




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