Typical kike double standard.

Anudda shoah in the making. Jews are seriously inbred. Outbreeding is necessary for them.

Peretz, a former chief rabbi of the Israeli army, is the leader of a bloc of ultra right-wing religious parties. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was personally involved in forming this political bloc, which also includes the Jewish supremacist "Jewish Power" party.

The rate of intermarriage among US Jews is “like a second Holocaust,” Israel’s new minister of education said. Rafi Peretz made the statement at a cabinet meeting on July 1, Axios reported Tuesday, citing three people who were in the room. The rate of intermarriage among US Jews is “like a second Holocaust,” Israel’s new minister of education said. Rafi Peretz made the statement at a cabinet meeting on July 1, Axios reported Tuesday, citing three people who were in the room.

Peretz said the assimilation of Jews around the world and mostly in the US was “like a second Holocaust,” and also said that, due to intermarriages in the last 70 years, the Jewish people “lost 6 million people,” according to the report, which added that Peretz’s spokesman confirmed the account.

The July 1 cabinet meeting included a briefing by Dennis Ross, chairman of the board of the Jewish People Policy Institute, on trends in Jewish communities around the world, especially in North America. The topic of intermarriage came up during the briefing.

Axios reported that Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz (Likud) pushed back against Peretz’s remarks.

“First we need to stop disregarding and looking down on Jews in America that see themselves as Jews not only religiously but even more culturally and historically,” he reportedly said.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, was among the American Jewish leaders critical of Peretz’s remarks.

“It’s inconceivable to use the term ‘Holocaust’ to describe Jews choosing to marry non-Jews. It trivializes the Shoah,” Greenblatt tweeted. “It alienates so many members of our community. This kind of baseless comparison does little other than inflame and offend.”

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LOL o' Kek!

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"and added that due to intermarriages in the last 70 years the Jewish people "lost 6 million people." Peretz's spokesman confirmed this account."


Thread three! These aren’t even hitting the limit, they’re just inspiring unacceptably honest commentary!

These gentiles marrying us are ANTISEMITES!

I wanted to take a moment and thank our white brothers and sisters who have sacrificed literally everything they have in order to abolish the jew from earth!
Those of you who have taken the selfless act of marrying these degenerate filth, knowing what they are, in an act that can only be described as wholly selfless and sacrificial to the white race.
No, brothers and sisters, we did not own the media, the government, the financial institutions, the sports leagues, the automobile industries (RIP Saint Ford!) or anything else that our forefathers created, but we had one thing. We had the will to survive and we had the numbers on our side!
I am so proud of all of you for taking the dive, smashing the glass and getting the jew blood off of planet earth! May the All Father take your souls into his arms and leave your children standing at the gates, in a ironic depiction of a true holocaust! I love you all!

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The jews poison harmed them more than us. Despite constant racemixing propaganda, 90.1% of white women choose white men. It's true what they say, jews love black cock.


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The only jew I would have ever considered mixing with was Winona Ryder. I had such a crush on her growing up. And then after I took the red pill, I found out she was a jew. Heartbreaking. I would still be happy to breed the jew out of her younger self, but she's already way past the wall, so into the oven she goes.

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If I had children with her, they'd be 75% kike.
Don't worry, I've sworn off breeding so I don't spread my contaminated blood. I would still love to spend a weekend with the young, fun version of Natalies former self. She used to have life in her eyes and beauty in her smile. The jew sucked the life out of her just like it always does.

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Spend a weekend with a 12 year old?
She starred in her first major Hollywood movie at the age of 13. Pretty sure she had to suck and got the life sucked out of her for that.

Israel believes in ethnostate and is against racial mixing yet it's the enemy…because they are Jewish.
Literally why.
The problem has always been wealthy parasites, if you hate all Jews you are missing the point about race. Race isn't about hate, it's about love for your own kind, culture and heritage and it's about kindness and treating your people as your extended family.
I get that Israeli politics and Jewish billionaire's are closely tied but if you examine the values of Israel they aren't so wrong. People here should not oppose them on this issue, obviously allying with them and serving their interest is absurd but allowing them to be destroyed by a Muslim tide is also a bad idea because they share many of our political ideals.
First loyalty should be to race, second loyalty to political ideology.
Third loyalty to nation.
Although the nation should be the race, it is not. Hence why I place it as third priority.
This is the political reality of the US currently, the nation is not the race.
Just because they are Jewish does not mean they are the enemy.
The formation of Israel has taught many Jews the value of struggle and identity.
I feel like there are so many obsessed over revenge against the Jews for historical crimes and are ignoring the crimes occurring right now.
Why are so many obsessed with opposing the Jews on every single point?
I think they are missing the point.

Unless you have genetic diseases your blood isn't contaminated, but that's separate from race mixing. It's noble to continue your own line and the line of your people because you are preserving your ancestor's work.

This is why the Jew will never be superior. They are straight up suicidal. Even if all non-goyim would be eradicated from the earth they would just keep outjewing each other until mankind is no more.


they just have White penis envy. clearly closeted homos suffering from sexual repression.

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you'll thank me

Jews do everything they can to promote shitskins coming into white countries and defend Israel's ethnic purity.

The double standard is glaring.

They know it's toxic.

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Yes but that doesn't make Israel our enemy since the government of Israel says the same shit that Zig Forums says.
The problem is subversive Marxists and communist parasites as it always has been.

Please tell me how the ritual sacrifice of Saint Simon was not done by jews.

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What will happen if I impregnate a jewish girl, have ten kids in total, and raise them without jewish influence?

Asking for a friend.

Demon spawn.
It's psychopathic kike blood, user. Devil possessed. Schizophrenic.




obviously this is a shitpost. but to all idf girls shilling here because it's your job because you got drafted. like seriously have you ever tried it? you should at least just once. so you know the difference. yolo.

lets logic
since all commies are jews
and not all jews are commies
yes, we blame the jews since the non-commie jews are still jews.

The maths don't lie, folks!

They always go on about the importance of diversity.

Why are jews against diversity in their own community?

They should be more open and tolerant.

Rev up those sock puppets.
Best thing is to speak for all "fellow jews" and signalboost this to such an absurd degree that the normalest of twatters give pause.

It's as "inbred whites" is just merely projection

What about these milkies?

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They just marry back in, like Trump's family, and it's as if they never left.

The government of Israel is a noxious parasite that couldn't survive without gibs.

Fuck your "promised land". It's not worth Billions of dollars every year and making you the center of our foreign policy.


This is just more theater for them. Kikes survive by constantly intermarrying with Whites and stealing our best genes. Their entire religion is based on this kind of genetic parasitism. The jewish race would die if we were to cut them off genetically from us.

Wanna bet they are going to introduce Hitler's doctrine for themselves?

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bump for real holocaust

reminder that after (((Neta-Lee Hershlag))) was born in 1981 that she didn't adopt the surname Portman (her dad's mom's maiden name) until the 1994 film "Leon: The Professional", so your preteen Jewess loli would not be named Natalie, her "former self" was (((Neta)))

she auditioned for "Ruthless!" in 1992 and she and Britney Spears worked together as understudies for Laura Bundy

Interestingly enough, (((Wikipedia))) says…

The key is to be a slut when you're OFF camera. She turned down being photographed, but didn't turn down his cock for a referral.

I think a lot of us would've fucked the nearly-15 version that Letterman interviewed in 96.

Literally like anuuda shoah comment :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Kikes make our comedy redundant! Even the most hardcore parodies of jews are not that far away from how they actually behave, pisses me off sometimes tbh.

They've had it for 3000 years, it;s called judaism

Another casual pedo post on /pol

No doubt Peretz watches pornography of Mizrahi (Arab) Kikes fucking Ashkenazi (Euro) Kikes and thinks it isn't interracial.

I would have been roughly the same age.
she's my moon goddess

Are you new or just stupid?

more like uncut penis envy…

I got an idea. Why don't all peoples just return to their own homelands? The US counts as a homeland for anyone born here legally, and so there could be a setup of different states with different ethnic laws, to keep it ethnically separate and truly diverse. There could even be a "melting pot" state and an "anything goes" state, and even a sort of "criminals roam free" state (they're all sterilized of course, I'm thinking of George Carlin's signature idea). Just separate! Jews all go to Jewland wherever the hell that is going to be, and no weapons and no army and no influence in other countries (you've proven to be untrustworthy), and let's just do that all over the earth. And no sneaky genocide shit, just let the blacks live on their reserves in Africa or whatever state will take them, same for all races and also any mixtures. What the fuck is so fucking hard about that? Anything else is guaranteed to lead to complete destruction. Now if Jews keep getting in the way of this, they are basically condemning the entire world to destruction, and for that crime should be destroyed accordingly, or at lest forcibly exiled to New Jewland. This can be done amicably, or with force. Does the world want to be grown ups or not?

Then again, FUCK YOU ALL. You've already gotten me quite pissed. How about every fucking thing that moves and breathes DIE.

Soft words is a jewish art form. Instead of saying or writing the words racemix use the words interfaith and intermarriage. That way the goyim will never know we jews are racist bigots.


They people talking about penis here is you.
Got something you'd like to tell the class?

She is the only Kikess who tempts me. Her Khazar Milkers are my only weakness. I would fuck the shit out of her while wearing 3 condoms.

Can someone explain how ethnicity of Jews work? They've been living in Europe for thousands of years, surely their lineage have all but mutted by now? Also what about the people are convert for marriage, how do you distinguish someone who is ethnically a Jew and someone who is religiously a jew.

Mel Gibson is jewish. Hutton Gibson his father is Jewish. There is a paper on gibsons family tree. Just look at him, he looks like moses for fucks sake.

To maintain their "jewishness" jews are permitted to marry cousins and uncles are permitted to marry their nieces. Jewishness = INCEST

Goyim rule world hahaha

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Yeah, I agree. They need to be evacuated from the Hot American oven/jew death camp…immediately.
We need emergency ships, planes, private boats etc for evacuation immediately. This should be a Dunkirk style effort by the world community.

Two jews marrying is so disgusting it's likely the overlap in genes is as close as 2 cousins.
jews are related closely by so few generations it's astounding.

by so few relations?
Shit I dunno how exactly to word that.

Who the fuck is she?

It can nearly be classified as "fucking themselves".
Let's just go with that.
Jews can go fuck themselves.

They have no common ethnicity, its a religion, they made it up, just like "jewish race" etc., bullshit that unites the group more. Even jews that look middle eastern are from northern Middle East, not ancient israelites land. The rest have ancestors that converted to judaism long time ago, and have no genetic connection to jews, at all. Palestinians are actual ancient jews that switched religions long time ago.

also not mentioned here

Ben Shapiro's sister.