Pedo Rapist Jew Epstein Was Also A Russian Spy
July 10, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein May Have Been A Russian Spy, Ex-Counterintelligence Officer Says, As Sex Case Takes New Twist

The shocking and sordid case of Jeffrey Epstein, the multi-millionaire confessed pedophile who has counted Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and many other powerful individuals among his friends, took a bizarre twist on Wednesday when United States Labor Secretary Alex Acosta gave a strangely evasive answer to a question about whether Epstein had connections to intelligence agencies, as Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper reported.

Acosta served as United States Attorney in Miami, Florida, in 2008 when his own office hit Epstein with a 53-page indictment accusing the jet-setting financier of sex trafficking underage girls, as well as raping minors himself. But as The Miami Herald revealed in a major investigative report last year, Acosta struck a “non-prosecution” agreement that imposed an extraordinarily light sentence on Epstein — and failed to inform Epstein’s victims that he would not be proecsuted for his alleged crimes against them.

On Wednesday, Acosta — reportedly at the urging of Trump himself, according to CNBC — held a press briefing to offer his own explanation for his extreme leniency toward Epstein. But in that press conference he was asked an unexpected question.

The question appears to have been sparked by a Daily Beast report published Tuesday on the case. According to the report, during his vetting by the Trump administration, Acosta revealed that he was told to “leave it alone,” referring to the Epstein case. Why? Because, Acosta said in the interview with Trump administration officials, Epstein “belonged to intelligence.”

Acosta was asked by a reporter on Wednesday whether Epstein was an intelligence asset of some kind. The Labor Secretary’s answer simply dodged the question, according to Raw Story.

“So there has been reporting to that effect and let me say, there’s been reporting to a lot of effects in this case, not just now but over the years and, again, I would hesitant to take this reporting as fact,” Acosta said.

But writing in The Observer newspaper, former National Security Agency counterintelligence officer John Schindler called Acosta’s answer, “a non-denial denial of an epic kind.” In fact, Schindler added, Acosta “functionally admitted” that the allegations of Epstein’s intelligence connections are true.

But Schindler believes that Epstein was not a spy for any American intelligence agency — because according to Schindler, U.S. intelligence would not permit as “asset” to operate a child sex trafficking ring for years at a time.

Instead, Schindler says, “It seems awfully coincidental that Epstein’s best pal and business partner for decades has been Ghislaine Maxwell.” Maxwell is the daughter of deceased British media mogul Robert Maxwell who died in 1991 under unclear circumstances, but who was reported by The Guardian to have worked for the Soviet spy agency, the KGB. Maxwell was also suspected of connections to Israel’s spy agency, the Mossad.

“Since the lines between Russian intelligence, Israeli intelligence and organized crime can get remarkably blurry in practice,” Schindler wrote, “assessing whom Epstein’s been working for may prove difficult to answer.” But starting with the Russians and Israelis, “we have a suspect list.”

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Yeah bullshit

I said lefty invasion would be a month from now I was wrong this post proves it is here now.

he was a MOSSAD and GRU operator


Did you forget how to spell "Mossad" or did you forget that it was imageboards that sold you idiots on the pissgate dossier in the first place?

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But user…
What if it was actually Russian tomfoolery the whole time???
4,000 years of Russian agents committing trickery on white westerners in order to get us here and get us mad at our greatest ally, israel!
*looks up when Russia was formed
Ok, so admittedly it takes a little stretching of the understanding of time iteself to know how the Russians did this, but perhaps Putin is actually a TIME TRAVELLER!?
It all maes sense! Just think about it!

This is Nadia Marcinkova one of epstien's bond girls. She is Slovakian so basically russian, so more proof of your theory.

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Yes, a russian spy, just like the Rosenberg's were russian spies. Dern it, how do they keep getting away with it!? We need to go sweep out syria and iran regardless of casualties, then after our sons are all fucked up, we need to have beaners come here and impregnate our wives, then we need to legalize pedos and abortion and prostitution, and use central bank crypto currency, purchasing all things from a dramatically nationalized amazon prime account which doubles as the way we vote for candidates and receive the news which has been passed through kosher ou certification filters. Only then will jesus come back.


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Do you need a new thread for EVERY aspect of this kike's timely demise?
sage and report for OP trying to fracture the conversation

Most khazars are from southwestern Russia anyway. It's not like "jew" is really an ethnicity.


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I don't think I like your tone, user.

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well, (((they))) were trying to call out Acosta (because Trump hired him). This Acosta to say quite publicly, he Had ‘Been Told’ to ‘Back off’ Intel Asset Epstein.
So now that half the world's normies now know that Acosta was foreign intel
media sidestep with the good ol' it's a Russian spy

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Nah, he is a mossad jew agent, fed niggers just say russian this russian that to disguise the kike, to cover up for their jew masters, it is so very obviously jew blood that must be spilt out onto the ground

"Russian" riiiiiight. Shlomo is nervous and trying to get in front of the shitstorm that's about to errupt.

**EPSTEIN was foreign intel, that is,
also: This CAUSED Acosta to say…

Put me in the fbi screenshot senpai!

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I dont know what kind of Russia you have inside your head but real one is disfunctional with its sole interest in ripping off last money from its already extremely poor people and damaged land. I cant imagine putin having real interest in outer politics unless somebody from another country would pay him big to make a show.

β ο R ι N G

b-but user russia is baste!!!!!

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fuck off you russian time-travelling scumbags! israel would never do anything to hurt the US. you're just jealous because we're such good allies.

HANZ! Get ze Flammenwaffen! Ep(((stein))) Is nearby!

Soon you'll just be outright defending Epstein..

Bolsheviks and Zionists are

More Russian bullshit, you Fedniggers?
Did you really forget already, or are you hoping we did?
We're the fucking autists here, assholes. I remember the color of my shoelaces in 3rd grade. You believe we can't see through your tired, lazy shit?
Go sit in the corner, and wait for one of us to show up with some rope, fags.

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Yeah "intelligence" = NSA, CIA or Russian spy.




And he works for "intelligence"?? Mossad what?

So now he's a pollard too. A jew is gonna jew.

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I hear googles scrubbing the internet of pictures of Epstein and Bill Clinton
Jews always protect jewa

I am an ally of Israel. I can assure you it's not us. What I can say is Bill is a rapist.

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Dammit, you beat me to it.

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There aren't any (publicly released) pictures of them together, just that picture of him with the girl, and the shot from Chelsea's (jewish) wedding where Ghislaine Maxwell is visible in the crowd.

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somebody is jealous xD because the old guy gets the pussy you cant get as a young guy.

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if the P man will not play along with the kikes for some time, the kikes will unleash their dog on him.
their dog is the usa.

but well shilled. nice try.

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the shills are funny tbh

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OP please name one prepubescent girl or boy who Epstein raped or please stop using the term "pedo". If he raped women that's enough, we don't need to pretend they were prepubescent if they were actually teenagers whose bodies are 100% ready for cock (it should just never be a Jew's cock)

The shills here are so embarassing

A Jew trafficking Russian girls, how typical.

He may have been a Jewish spy.

We have laws and being rich doesn't mean you are above them.

Maxwell and his daughter were Russian spies, which seems as plausible as Bill Didnu nuttin.


you left out the perfect red heffers…

He has a point, though. Men shouldn't be made to feel shame for their attraction to post-pubescent girls. It's fucking natural to want to fuck a girl who is able to bear children.
If we push too far in the other direction, it will only continue the teeter totter we witness. We have to balance our reactions to things like this.
Is Epstein a dirty tricky nasty jew? Yes. Should he face serious jail time? Yes
Is he a "sick and demented pedophile!" No.
He's a billionaire who exploited vulnerable underage girls. He is not a pedophile (that we know of anyway).

whos the girl? btw

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Funny how the conclusion is that the kike is connected to Russia rather than Mossad. OP should be shot along with Epstein.

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She is described as unknown companion, so no luck. But here is a profile pic of her tit.

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And he'll be in Israel in two weeks.

The "right of return"thing plus asylum.

If jews ruled the government, how is this guy arrested?

Please don't talk about prepubescent children that way. Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.
Besides, the only pussy in Epstein and Dershowitz's future is the kind they'll be giving up for protection.

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When the whole Q business first came along, I was thinking "they're going to sacrifice their own to get their one world government. those sneaky fucks!"
I'm just watching it unfold, day by day, in that direction and more and more MAGAtards keep on joining in.

Just don't give up your guns, fuckers.


The jews control ZOG, but that doesn't mean they own every single agent in the various law enforcement agencies. Epstein was arrested by the FBI, as were the dancing Israelis.

But to answer your question with a question, if jews don't rule the government, how did he get away with his "plea deal of the century", where he only had to spend one full day locked up a week, and got to just spend the night the other 6 days?

Sure thing Chaim.

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I don't like Putin because he's too friendly with the kikes, but his mother isn't Jewish. It's fake news based on a photoshopped birth certificate.

But he support Iran, the last obstacle on the Jew's road ..

>(((Jeffrey Epstein))) May Have Been A (((Russian))) Spy

FTFY. By way of deception.

user, do you know what "hiding your power level" is?


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Is 'boomer' the new 'muh Q'?

Most normalfags who don't pay attention to politics now think JIM Acosta of CNN helped Pedo Epstien.

72D chess.

read a book or two

Sorry Frodo, he's doing down.

Learn to hoodwink better. Now go suck your WM's cock.

all your posts are retarded and your shits fucked

I'm sure he was of great value to various (((intelligence agencies))). I suspect they're throwing him under the bus because those methods are outmoded; Now they can just query (((Jewgel, Amazon, Faceberg))) for digital "kompromat".

You misspelled Mossad

Epstein is a pedojew who woks for the blackmailingjews and the controllingjews are shitting themselves (and not in the way that usually makes them masturbate). All cancerjews are cowards (6 gorillion and not one decent revolt? Either you're yellowjews or lyingjews) and know that if they were in his position they'd grass Satan himself for less jail-time.
Fucking deviantjews spoil everything of any worth - sex, art, culture, family, religion, music and individual men, women and children - and history teaches us that their destruction is inevitable and righteous. The shekelobsessedjew must be eradicated for humanity to thrive once again.

They just busted a pedophile ring inside the pentagon that has been operating for a few decades. He's full of shit.


>former National Security Agency counterintelligence officer (((John Schindler)))

Come on JIDF at least put in some effort.


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did they misspell Israeli again?

Nah, pentagon got caught with CP not actual little gentile girls jewishly being kidnapped, enslaved and raped.

Lets all just enjoy a good laugh at the muh russia cover for kikes spewing out again.

Lawrence has been defending his fellow tribesman, too.

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This kike shit stays up while Purple's thread got deleted.

Further proof most of the mods are compromised.

Not compromised, just doing their job.
It's all about perspective.


There are 3 literal Waco 2.0 CultLARP christcuck threads still up and 2 have been for almost a month. There is a thread claiming Epstein is a Russian agent. Your argument about them doing their job is negated.

Jew anti Russia shill thread still up while this one got taken down.

is it?

If they dropped the Ep, it meant he became more of a burden than a tool.

Coulda been so good if you had kept kikes and their mysticism out. Too bad.

Good reminder of what it takes to be a masculine magazine model, when women just have to make sure they don't eat like pigs.

To be a successful man
-Don't party
-Don't Drink Alcohol(in excess)
-Avoid drug use
-have high iq
-be attractive
-be personable
-dress nice
-good hygeine
-stand up for yourself / be strong willed
-finish what you start
-avoid temptation for at least 12yrs

To be a successful female
-don't eat much


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Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, you illiterate nigger.



Who is that in the photo with him? It looks like Miley Cyrus

(((russian))) lol, op are a 9 years old child with deep autistic issues?

phlueeese care to check the BS you post online. most of the russian scare are simply stating jews that happen to live in russia.

if those jews were leaving in fucking congo, would you post the congolese scare? No, I HOPE you would call them by their matrilinear etnicity, that is JEWISH.

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