Starting a National Socialist Christian Cult 2

Due to my previous thread having too many posts, I was unable to respond to the final replies left for me. I've made this new thread to restart the discussion, and to answer more questions. Election day is coming closer and closer, this is a very exciting time indeed. Everything is going smoothly, our community is strong and healthy, and soon we'll be taking power. In the end, all I want is to start the fire. If I am to become a martyr, so be it, as long as the white race is saved.

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For some reason, I'm unable to access my previous thread through my proxy, I assume this just happens when there are too many posts on a thread. To those who are waiting for a reply from me on my old thread, just repeat the post on this thread and I will be on to reply. I saved some responses I had made but was unable to submit earlier, but this was deleted upon shutting down my computer unfortunately. I'm happy to answer any questions, or to engage in any on-topic discussion. These next few days will be very busy for me, however, so my replies may take some time.

Pick one you sick christcuck, national socialism and cuckinsanity can NEVER exist together.

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Hey user, MD Zig Forumsommando here, wouldn't blame you if you forgot, but I'd still like to talk sometime. Drop me an email at [email protected] please. Got a sizable group there who may be able to lend knowledge and support.

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If you actually get elected somewhere we'll need a sign that it's really you and not some glowing tulpa.
I'm thinking a victory speech video with lotsa memes, the more esoteric the better but not leaving behind the normie tier pic related stuff.

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Fuck off.

no u
It's not like OP can just roll up to the townhall, declare his love for uncle Adolf, and not get his whole district v& within a fortnight.
Going by the old thread he's going full "screw your optics" anyway so he may as well confirm he's not a LARPtard since he's blowing his cover regardless, if only for the salt harvesting potential.

I've saved your email, brother. Expect a response from me very soon. I'd love for you and your comrades to get involved with our community, the more men we have the stronger we are.

My victory speech will be posted online, and I will make a new thread sharing my speech with you all. Once we are in power, it wont matter if my threads are uncovered by the jew media, our power over this town will be consolidated and we will enact National Socialism.

I'm not running a campaign, my flock outnumbers the rest of the voting population in this town. We are the majority here. Once in power, I wont hold back, I will preach my full message to the world. The jews wont be able to resist kvetching out about it, which will end up backfiring on them completely.

Nice dubs. Will ask again, how can you confirm you are d97e4b from the last post? Am the OP who was talking about firearms manufacturing from the last thread. Email of [email protected] is still the same too, so can send me an email about it.

learn from others' triumphs
learn from others' mistakes

I'd suggest looking into the Iron Guard aka the Legion of the Archangel Michael, Romania's very own National Christian Socialist movement active in the interwar period. The Nest Leader's Manual and For My Legionaries are great books to look into, both written by Corneliu Codreanu, the founder of the movement.

Are you familiar with Christogenea and their Mein Kampf Project? I would strongly encourage you to look into both for help in solidifying and fleshing out your doctrine, as well as seeking to reaffirm the Christian origins of National Socialism. Some of the New Testament books you have mentioned you do not teach, are actually very important when understood in the correct context. I would suggest you not throw them away so easily without seeking a better understanding of them. Christogenea has a bible translation they maintain and update for free that you might want to take a look at.

Christian? Christian?? There's nothing in the sand nigger religion for you white man. Assuming you're actually white.

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You don't need to start a cult. Just turn up at a mosque, say the shahada, and bingo! You are now a member of a violent, ultra-conservative, authoritarian, religious death cult, with bonus paedo privileges.
You're welcome.

Wait I thought the kikes were the violent, ultra-conservative, authoritarian, religious death cult, with bonus paedo privileges. I mean we're in a perpetual war with the middle east because Gawd says palestine belongs to the jews, and when it comes to pedo privilege well we all know who excels at that.

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Why don't you just travel to Israel and kneel before the wailing wall and cut your own balls off while sucking off a rabbi?


They believed alright. That's how we got into the sorry ass state we're currently in.

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All abrahamic religions need to die. Call it a promotion to mythology.

Why these kikefaggots stick to NS so hard? bro, NS is pagan, no matter how much JIDF propaganda you take up your us

Yeah, I've actually read their writings you fucking kike. Nice try.

If you need fairy tales for your moral code, at least pick ones made by white men, not a bunch of jews. This shit thread belongs in //Zig Forums//.

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How do I join?

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read a fucking book, faggot

I don't think I am the one who needs to reed a book, nigger

All (((christian))) cancer goes here:

what a stupid faggot you are, it's literally right there on page 21

god damn my anger fucks up my typing

National (((christian))) Socialism isn't National Socialism. just stop, you kike, plus I wouldn't be surprised if (((romanians))) are non-white, like (((poles))) see, them kikes had their "NS" ideology, called "National Radicalism", and directly from their manifesto:
more here (WARNING, CHRISTCUCKED AF): >>>/fascist/10468
Conclusion: only non-white scum attaches (((cuckstianity))) to the holy and only National Socialism, now shave that beard, straighten up your spine and stop being so power hungry, schlomo, EVROPA is pagan, and EVROPA will stay that way, faggot nigger

perhaps thats from listening hava nagila too much?

you pagan LARPers are a laugh and a half I swear

yeah jidf, what else?
remember to take your daily toddler penis suck session today

Reminder that that this is the culmination of the last 4 years of heavy christian-shilling on Zig Forums. The last 4 years of constant various controlled opposition meant to sabotage white men, and the jews experimented with different ways to have Zig Forums defend jew-worship, aka christianity. OP is an operative willing to sell out Zig Forums and gain jew backers who will eventually support him because he rekindles jew-worship in a place meant to be antithetical to jewish schemes.

Zig Forums is not a christian board. Christianity means jew-worship. Zig Forums does not worship what it seeks to destroy.

You never intended too. Everyone continued to point out the essential flaw that christianity -jew-worship- is antithetical to Zig Forums and to starting a cult.

You repeatedly ignored every single post that pointed this out and only repsonded to posts that mysteriously came in, voiced approval and praised rabbi yeshua ben yosef aka jesus, before leaving.

This is a shill tactic. This is where the story in Hitler's Mein Kampf about jews pretending they never lost an argument as soon as the next day came is brought up. You're trying to wipe the sleight clean and pretend that nothing happened.

Your true goal here is to create another controlled opposition element and have Zig Forums defend a christian cult.

How exactly has the white race been saved through jew-worship when jew-worship is what let the jew in to begin with? Pretending for a moment that you're just an useful idiot of the jew-worshipping variety and not a shill, how do you answer for the inception of jewish influence when it began with christian cultism in rome?

Codex Theodosianus is the product of traitors who worked with jews to make jew-worship aka christianity the default religon of the Roman Empire which lead to its destruction. How exactly would you prevent your cult from being swayed from courting jews if christianity is inherently zionist? You wouldn't. The prime scenario for this jewish trick is for Zig Forums to "begrudgingly" support a christian cult which will inevitably allow jew-worship through the backdoor while you pretend that you could not have foreseen it.

This is why this has every hallmark of controlled opposition. It was inevitable that jews would plant a controlled opposition operation on Zig Forums with christian overtones to try and sustain jew-worship on this board. It truly did backfire that in the last 4 years of heavy christian propaganda it only served to immunize this board against the original jewish scheme: christianity.

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Implying pre-christcuck Rome and Greece was a bunch of mud huts without decent houses and aquaducts.

Except christcucks were always pedo kidfuckers even as far back as 1051.

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yeah keep calling me a kike, you D&C faggot anyone with two brain cells can see right through your stupid LARPy bullshit

Nice redpill. Saved and will share.

No faggot, I was just suggesting that romanians are non-white since they are behaving like poles, that are non-white subhumans, cause they are slavs
Iron Guard isn't National Socialist, since it still approves the abrahamic slut god

this is D&C, slander invented by kikes to pit western whites against eastern whites. I seek only to unite all of our white brothers together and this slimy gutter rat slinks about attempting to sow division amongst us, all while attempting to seperate men from God and doom their eternal souls, and then calls me a kike. truly a foul creature. your nose shows, moishe.


"Therefore, I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Creator. By fighting off the Jews, I am doing the Lord's work."
Literally a line from Mein Kampf. Tell me again how National Socialism is Pagan?

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yeah, fuck off niggerschlomo
and finally

it was the same as replacing the stars on xmas trees with swastikas and making "Positive (((Christ))) ianity" he just wanted people to unite and then turn them back into their real identity, the pagan one

quote me one passage where Hitler explicitly stated he meant to eradicate Christianity from Germany.

maybe not exactly but still

Show me one example of fine European architecture or art that is not Christian in some way.


why are you so assblasted about truth dude?
just shut up with your raging cunt and stop defending the jew

Maybe some day you'll realize how wrong you are and that by attacking Christ it is you who is defending the jews. That day clearly is not today.

well shit, we'll see, g'day fren!
getting bored of it so yeah

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Jesus and all 12 of his apostles are jews, including 1 ex-pharisee, Paul. Yeah totally antijewish religion there.

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Why do you fags always cite that as a source? That statement is supposed relayed to John by an angel almost 100 years after Jesus supposedly died. You don't even understand your own book.

D&C shills have some weak shit

Yep. Christfag gonna christfag. Every time "hey let's convert the jews and then we can all be Christians together'. How's that been working out.

Take it to the religion thread.

Lot of shills and shitpost itt. While I can forsee some issues with your cult mentality elliciting waco 2.0, your boots on the ground is more than anyone's doing here bitching. Worse case you all get burnt alive on livestream futher enraging the public, or succeed. Godspeed user, keep us posted.

If you draw power from Christianity, good for you, but Christianity is still a religion from the middle east and always will be, it's just not European.

As for the Jews trying to destroy Christianity, it's true for some of them, but what about those Jews who said Christianity helped in brainwashing Europeans ? Some Jews even brag about the fact that The Bible is Jewish which implied that the Jews took Europeans away from their Pagan roots by giving them foreign books like The Bible.

finally someone that also thinks this idea has legs. I agree that OP's "cult" idea will be bad optics, was thinking he should relabel it a sociopolitical movememt or something

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Ethnic solidarity is antithesis of christianism.
Dead thread for dead people.

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So many shills. Have a bump

You need to take a closer look at the Old Testament.

The best place to start would be El Salvador, imho

AKA Hebrew bible, AKA the foundation of white civilization. WE WAZ HEBREWZ AN SHEEIT

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How will your cult survive a Disputation of Barcelona like in 1263?

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This. When I get done filtering these FEDFAGS there will only be a handful of people in the thread. Look how assblasted the kikes are!!! Even if this was a LARP it would have all been worth it for how furious and upset they are…they are genuinely twisting in the wind and shitting their pants over the idea that their end is coming.

I thought the foreskin had to do with a replacement for child sacrifices where you plunge a dagger into his heart. Now you are telling me it's so Jews can protect themselves from the wrath of God for killing his son?

You need to look a lot deeper into comparative religions. If you do you will understand why everything you said was inane. Why do the jews call God, 'God' if he is a jewish invention. God/Gott is the name of my people. They keep trying to murder Gott/Goth because we are patient with them. But IDK about you, show me someone who still has patience with their fuckery anymore?

It truly is the bedrock of white civilization, my fellow white!

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It's me, brother. I still have your email saved, I'm simply waiting until after election day because I don't want to catch the attention of the jews before we're officially in power. If they can't rig the election, they come directly after the candidates themselves. They can come at me all they want, but I want to make sure they don't come until at least after we are able to start creating our utopia in this town.

We're going to do things completely right, no mistakes. When we take this town, it will only be the beginning. Perhaps our influence will spread throughout the county, but I'm not just concerned with my own power. I want others to imitate similar actions, I want others to build their own communities and militias and to prepare themselves against ZOG. I want to be an inspiration, and all it takes is one successful example to inspire millions.

Yes, in fact I spoke about this in the very original thread I made. I have great respect and admiration for the Iron Guard and Codreanu. Coming to power through elections is, I still believe, possible at a small and local scale. But taking back our entire country will likely come about by taking the tactics and methods of the NSDAP, as well as the Iron Guard, and combine them. Then, we will win this war.

Thank you for telling me about this, brother. They have some pretty well-written texts on their website. I may try to get in contact with them if I can, once in power I definitely plan on uploading plenty of videos and reaching out to as many racially aware whites as I possibly can, as well as those whites who are still brainwashed and need to see the truth before it's too late for them.

I'm a Christian, not Donald Trump.

Christianity was subverted, what really brought upon the destruction of the West was the introduction of Marxist hippie atheism. Poisoning American spiritual life is what mainly opened the door for modern jewish "Christianity", Zionist megachurch preachers are a very recent phenomenon and weren't the ones dominating the spiritual life of American Christians until around the 1980s.

National Socialism is a political ideology, you can be a Christian National Socialist or a Pagan National Socialist. There are probably just as many nigger loving, jew tolerating Pagans (if not more) than there are Christians.

Soon brother, very soon. I'm not going to be looking for anymore followers until after election day. After we're in power, we'll be in the endgame. No fear, no cowardice, no dog whistling. We will govern our town under National Socialist Christianity, and we will reveal the truth of the jew to the entire world, however we must. We will see the complete destruction of world jewry within a decade.

Perhaps formally through religion, not by blood. Jesus and his flock were Indo-European (Not Paul though, Paul was a jew through blood and me and my community reject his gospel as jewish subversion)

I'm willing to accept my fate, no matter what. I am hoping for victory, not martyrdom, but if I must become a martyr so that our race will be saved, so be it.

The greatest civilizations in the Middle East, the first civilizations on earth, were founded by Indo-European settlers. Christianity may have been invented in the Middle East, but it is a European religion, invented by Europeans. Jesus himself was an Aryan.

I'm not concerned with "optics", jews are having little white boys wear girl clothing and make up, putting them in fag bars, and letting them get raped. If our society accepts this, they will accept us, whether it is peacefully or through the barrel of a gun.


Nice trips, but do you really believe that all these big elite jews really hate each other? They are all serving their tribe and enacting world jewry, why would Bibi hate Soros? He spreads degeneracy, tanks Western economics and works to destroy Western civilization and replace whites with shitskins. Jesus was an Aryan, who was brutally murdered by jews. He wasn't even turned in by them to the Romans, they simply crucified him themselves.

Just a reminder that when you see people using the 'christcuck' word they are FEDFAGS or deep state kikes/semites. You would do well to filter and ignore them they are only here to stop OP, demoralize European/Whites and D&C. Basically they are semitic trash who doesn't have any valid points just disruption and going over the same fucking things over and over and over and over without any legitimate points. I have filtered half this thread already because it is never a discussion just PANIC attack from them at every moment.

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topkek Reminder to anyone lurking that this is OP saying this. Enjoy your last (you) from me.

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When's this election?

OP told me in the first thread that it's between mid July and mid August

king david was an aryan
the dreidel/top was created by aryans
the menorah was created by aryans
kippah was made by aryans
aryans made the first books copied by jews to make the talmud
god damned the jews eternally and forevermore

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Remember, he then narrowed it down to just July. I want to guess sometime around 2 weeks from now.

Did he? That is good to hear, I'm actually pretty interested to see if anything will happen. I'm not putting to much hope into this, but if it is not a LARP that would be legendary. OP is dedicated if he is a LARPer. I hope someone is archiving these threads just in case.

Even if one is not a Christian, they should support OP if this is real. A Christian is always my friend before a filthy atheist.

Christcuck logic. The fed also used the triple parentheses meme. I guess anyone who uses antijewish memes is a fed too, christcuck?

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(((Christcucks))) eternally btfo.

I am glad you are taking 'in-group' preference seriously. I have been struggling with Zig Forums to get them to understand that 'in-group' preferences come before 'ideology'. Look at the differences between nogs and Whites, nogs will riot, kill and destroy if ANYONE injures one of their own…but Whites are like, "well, she was probably a whore who deserved it." or "he was an old man and the cops couldn't see his hands, so they should have tasered him until he was dead. It is 'sad' really but you 'gotta obey the kike law' that they set up in our nation (in order to murder us more effectively)." And then they move on, LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED AND ANOTHER ONE OF OUR PEOPLE IS DEAD!!! Why is this acceptable in any of our eyes. Killing us by bleeding us slowly isn't any different than killing us en masse.

I know that you are a chat bot (or a kike; no difference really), but I am still reporting you for derailing the thread. Also, filtered.

This is still the official election date time frame, I'm not giving an exact date for privacy reasons. If we are discovered before the election date, they will certainly take immediate action.

It will be very soon, I know many of you are very excited about this. This is something that I've spent my first decade as a grown man working towards. Personally, I am looking forward to holding public office and being able to officially and legally govern over a town. It's going to be a pretty interesting experience. I will personally be surprised if the national media tries to ignore us to avoid more people discovering us and learning about us, they always tend to freak out about these things and make things worse for themselves. It works out for them when the group is controlled opposition, but this isn't the case this time.


This faggot is almost certainly a federal agent. Look how they solicit email communication and direct contact while advocating committing multiple federal and state felonies on top of civil rights violations that would bring the entire DOJ down on his podunk town if this was indeed real. Guarantee this piece of shit is trying to entrap people in correspondence.

Reminder that White Nationalism is the virus Jews use to exterminate Whites

White Nationalism is the revolutionary idea that White People can have a Country. I know many Whites right now don't believe it possible but it is dedication through sacrifice which will achieve a White Nation.

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Don't fall for the bait dude come on, this JIDF dude ( yes i got proof) is spamming every thread with the same hilarious retarded shit, don't even bother.

Pick one you subhuman spammer.

I'm not trying to entrap anyone, right now I'm trying to avoid being entrapped by the FEDs myself. If anyone wishes to get in direct contact with me, they should definitely use a proxy and a throwaway email. I only plan on starting up recruiting again once we're in power, then we'll be able to provide all of the essentials, from housing and food to electricity and gas. We also provide a greater education than you would get in the vast majority of American public schools.

What others have said he has done in the flesh, you have undeniably done in the spirit. You are worth less than nothing. You are a traitor to your race and the ultimate cuck.

I mean, have used that, but you obvs haven’t initiated contact with anyone yet since you’re waiting for the election. To my knowledge no one’s received a message from you, after all.

Look at this

Why lock a thread like this?

If this is a LARP then fuck you piece of shit because I'm really starting to believe. If this is truly happening then I will drop everything and come fight in your town.

This sounds like a LARP but if its not then you've already done more for our cause than anyone else in this country that's still alive. If you are telling the truth then God speed user.

You using Tails OS with non-permanence so it deletes everything after the session is over?

I guess if you were you'd probably appear as a Tor poster like me unless you use some combination of Tor and a non-Tor proxy.

He's clearly making it work while you're clearly accomplishing fuck all but ridiculing a guy who is working with the culture he has been given and making it work.

We should all subvert the local religions and make them pro-white.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Make sure to email all these.

bump for a brother

Theres already a church in my state that talks about white birthrates and Tucker Carlson.
Just push the narrative in Christian churches that "It's okay to be a white nationalist" and "It's okay to love your race"

Of course it’s a LARP. If you understand how voter registration works and read what he said about where and how his paypigs live, you would know that they wouldn’t even be able to register to vote.
Not to mention the fact that the grannies in charge of counting the whopping 3 or 400 votes in a town like this would simply declare the local boys winners regardless of vote count, rather than hand control over to the freak shows that all blew into town overnight
Also a single man overseeing a cult of hundreds and successfully strong arming his way into control of all local govt and business wouldn’t have time to slam out hundreds of rambling replies on some pointless Zig Forums thread.
I don’t blame OP for having a bit of RP fun but the number of niggerbrains on here who take him seriously is an indication of the state of this board.

You better get fit, armed, and prepared if you're willing to do this. We will be able to provide the funds and means of getting here.

Thank you brother, God bless you.

Due to my own paranoia, I'd rather not say exactly which proxy I'm using. But I spent a good part of my 20s focusing on making money for purely selfish reasons, when I had my spiritual awakening and became red pilled, I had always been racially aware but then I became jew wise, and aware of all their schemes. Then I became a crusader for the cause of saving the white race, and reclaiming this planet for our own people. In the years since, I haven't been able to gain a massive following, but I am very proud of my organization and community. I expect us to grow much larger in the coming months/years.

There aren't many job opportunities in this town, the voter registration board has a lot of workers, with a good portion of them being pretty young. We are the majority of voters, and we will ensure that there is proof of us winning the election. We're willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the current order steps aside in this town. Read about the Battle of Athens in case you haven't heard of it yet, which I'm assuming you have.

I'm still pretty skeptical but I'll keep an eye out for updates later this month.
Do you have plans to rectify that in any way? If you could improve the jobs situation you could more easily convert the locals, if instead you're just inviting more competition for the few jobs that are there in they're only going to resent you.

List all the Paul books which you think are bad and I will quote out of them wisdom which blows you the fuck out.