300k set to OCCUPY Area 51


300,000 people plan on storming Nellis AFB's northern R&D areas to find aliens. This type of insurrection hasn't happened since the American Civil War.



Facebook condones this planned terrorism event.



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So, what will happen if someone makes a "They Can't Stop All of Us" post for a storming of the ATF?

If they light them up, it looks suspicious right?

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Yes. It looks like they are hiding aliens, ufos and milk carton kids.

I'd like to see at least 10000 show up for keks.

LOL good luck.

Alright, I'm calling it now, these faggots aren't going to do anything.

pretty sure the gov niggers are shitting themself right now and are moving away all they can

Why don't 300k people storm the Bohemian Grove or some other Kabbalah evil being worshiping site instead.

Oh yeah, I'm sure that Agent Smith is shaking in his boots that some faggots with shit taste in anime are going to pull out some sharingan bullshit.

I'm scared. Some things are better left unknown.

The truth is getting out and people are pissed about it.

Fuck off nigger kike.

how many of those 300k people are also just shitposting?

We will have to wait until the deadline.

More balls than those Bundy Ranch fags.


You're going to see maybe 19 people.

Pretty sure they can. They have everything they need to end each and every one of their lives if they don't want to use denial devices.

No different than if 300k people showed up at another base and attempted to storm it.

Everything is wrong with this post i dont even know where to start. How do those things get through.

Its better for everyone if you fuck off back to jewTube where you can enjoy as much joe rogan psyop as you can take.


You actually believe that, don't you? What the fuck are you even doing here, nigger?

Reminder that hundreds of thousnads signed up to put up flyers around their town for the Kony 2012 event. Less than thousand showed up all together

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Promoted by the mainstream mafia means soros funded climate change liberals getting directed at another political stage act. Gotta admire those kike beast for staging global wars, economical breakdowns, migration warfare, and the downsizing of capitalism, and still having the time to play all the religious angles, all the political circus events, all the entertainment avenues eating themselves up, doomsday climate hoaxes, outrage propaganda, and now they even prep up some good ol fashion alien invasion narrative. Shame that it's all so fucking obvious for anyone with a functioning brain…oh wait, those are a minority these days.


its like 470000 now

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Best of luck with that. 300,000 obituaries incoming.

470000 people being terminated live on cam
i cant wait

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mfw when all the liitle green men turn out to be raccoons in mechanized trash bins.

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This is actually a serious issue. This is how it starts.
This is "Shock Testing" the system. Shit like that WalMart "Flash Rob", and the "AfterSchool Special" that happened a couple months ago. We are being normalized to seeing massive mobs of subhuman filth, and then one day they will be armed, coordinated on a particular date, and EVERYWHERE!
Bolshivik 2.0 is coming, lads. Do not hesitate to take these fuckers down.
Do not allow a single mob to rage through your zone without putting a few down out of sheer principal. Let it be known NO ONE will stand for this shit any longer! If they get the balls, the slog will be that much harder when they hit.
This is the beginning of the next chapter.
I hope you're well read, and up to date, lads?!
It's coming.
It's fucking here!

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maybe 4 or 5 people show up. its goy book, its all bots and Indians anymore.



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I went out there once with some friends in my early twenties, in a shitty little car, in the middle of the night. We drove for a few hours to get there. We got about 300 yards down a dirt road in the direction of the site, and the sagebrush came to life all around us.
Hummers and spotlights, and men with guns.
We smiled, waved, and left.

I hope these morons really do try this shit. I hope even more our pozzed military doesn't cuck, and just watch them crush the fence like our fucking border. Those faggots better unload on this horde.
If not, controlling this Nation will definitely be up to us at that point.

It already is.

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ayy lmao

They wont occupy the border or the aipac building or fedres buildings but area 51 - for aliens?!
I'm a human being and there's only so much of this I can take

Bring out old Cold War Bob "we have alien tech and the Russians don't" and erasing a few of his files makes for an interesting story. However, he made an error suggesting the crafts can manipulate gravity, and thus time itself, meaning that any aliens would be humans from the future. Too tall a tale. Bringing him out today, to likely scare the Chinese and Russians that they still have alien craft and collaborated a few past claims that signify nothing much i.e. predicting element 115 is no different than I predicting element 123– sometime down the line, it will happen. If Bob wasn't in on it, he would be long dead, Knapp too because they can do that and make it look like an accident or suicide as everyone here knows. Bob tried to run an illegal brothel, the morality of manipulating other humans for personal gain is not past him. Bob is back because China has been at war with the US for about ten years and things are heating up and there is now a POTUS who actually isn't helping them for once.

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Those kinds of posts give me a momentary migrane followed by an uncottolable jaw lock. I wish i could slap faggots like you with the back of my palm so hard that you forget your silly cartoons that made you the little bitch you are.

cry more

alien dance club is at area 51

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I would pay solid money to see 19 crazy potato people retard rush Area 51



What an insufferable, angry, miserable little shit smear you are.
You aren't the boss of this board, jr.
Here's a
for you, bitch.
cry moar.

It was very kind of them to share this information with the government, so they can prepare just in case it actually happens.

Don't worry those idiots won't actually show up

Sad truth is you could probably get 300K to storm Area 51 but you can't get 30K to storm the white house or federal reserve. The priorities of normalfags is really off the charts.

hush non-believer!

They will surely play Aoi Tori as they run…


Holy shit!

If we can get flat earthers to believe they're hiding evidence in Area 51 they might launch that guy over the mountain on a rocket

Might be worth it. At the very least we'd get to see whatever kick ass tech they have to take it down.

Are you fucking retarded?

We need this many Aryans storming ICE and demanding DACAmnesty! #MAGAwithDACA

Mein sides are on a collision course with the ayy mothership!!

DACA check em, my Aryan brother!!
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#MAGAwithDACA, my Aryan brother. Don't let the kikes tell you Hispanics and Slavs aren't white!! I swear it on my QUADS.

DACAmnesty soon!

spicspam nigger is so fucking triggered now.
This is fucking hilarious.
I own your tiny brown balls, bitch.

cry moar

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((( )))
I'm the Aryan who got quads, and I can assure you that Hispanics are Aryans… I swear on my quads!!

thank you fellow aryan

Don't mention it, OUR Aryan brother. You will always be part of the Aryan community.

they won't though because the us government are optics cucks

IP hopping spicspam nigger isn't fooling anyone by agreeing with herself. Fucking so pathetic.
Are you even capable of seeing how fucking retarded you are, nigger?
No, subhuman filth have no self awareness.
Who is paying you to embarrass yourself like this every damn day?

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You'll never be White, nigger.

Are you saying that I, who got quads, am Hispanic?

#MAGAwithDACA triggers the kikes

Where were you when >>>/fringe/ managed to social engineer / magick the normies into doing their work of exposing and fighting the alien agenda?

> (((x isn't white)))
He's whiter than you, faggot.

I'm going to say you will never be White, you IP hopping spicspamming niggerbrained street dog.
Why are you even here?

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((( )))
I'm an Aryan in an Aryan forum. We Aryans created the internet #MAGAwithDACA

I love that meme XD

You refried beans, taconigger. You bring nothing to this table, and you are uninvited from shitting up every fucking thread you infect.
I will dog you to the end of the internet until you're dead.

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Where is your laugh now, seeing a fellow Aryan got quads?

No one is falling for your D&C

Are lentils beans?

you shut him up good, Aryan brother!

That's a pretty big turn out.

I've been experimenting with trying to get people to be activist and even paying them to do so and have had such things happen as I gave them stuff and then instead of actually putting it out I found it in the nearest trash can. Completely rused, sigh.

It's hard to find people that give a shit.

IP hopping spicspam nigger glows without shame.
You actually believe this shit works, don't you, niggerbrain?
I gotta tell you, I used to give beaners the seat over niggers, but you rapidly making me change my order.
You fucking roaches are the lowest species on this planet.
And you will be eradicated like roaches for your parasitism of my people, and this kind of bullshit right here.

You will never be White, nigger

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Except no one is going to show, because that means actually doing something. Out of 400k registrations, all of 10 people will show up.

WHo fucking cares about area 51? Alien stuff is just disinformation to distract people from the jews

rolling and bumping for space niggers getting pwned.

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Fucking this so hard. If there's a narrative we need to push in every thread on Zig Forums for the next couple months at least it's that WE MUST TAKE THE INITIATIVE and WE MUST HAVE THIS WAR ON OUR TERMS.

If we play moral high ground faggotry we'll go the same way as Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Germany. We must not let them escape, we must not play fair, we must find them when they are weak and wipe them out like how George Washington did when he created America. George Washington was very aggressive and just attacked many of his enemies completely unawares.

Always the initiator wins the wars.

Capping these to trigger kike shills in prosperity:

((( )))

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This base is a lot less talked about, even avoided in most discussion, so this kind of stunt brings attention officials don't want. Should be funny to watch online.



Give it up already, you retarded nigger. There isn't an user left on this ENTIRE SITE that isn't wise to your beaner bullshit.
You actually believe you can pin your campaign of dipshittery on me? You truly are an Alinskyite commie shit smear.
You're getting BTFOd all over this board, and THIS is what you resort to?
IP hopping isn't fooling anyone. The dumbest Aryan will ALWAYS be ten times smarter than the smartest spic roach street dog.


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Yeah right lmao

If I wasn't concerned it could be manipulated into another Charlottesville, I push for some kind of March.
Planning one without planning, maybe.
Flash Rallies, with pushing SERIOUS Historical redpills and propaganda might work.
In & out, quick like, with a trail of information behind us.

don't you have better things to be doing? call me a shill if you want but arguing with retards on a japanese ice fishing forum isn't going to start a race war.

People have tried this in the past. Won't end well.

Clean your board of subverters then, faggot!
You don't get to talk about anything with these fucking niggers shitting up every board!
Learn to identity their patterns, call them out, and report them.
(of course the mod don't do shit because half these shills probably are the mods)
But do it anyway. If you don't fight for what's yours, you have nothing. You don't deserve it.
This is the entire lesson of even coming to this board.


…or roll over and get repeatedly nigger raped in the ass for the rest of eternity, bitch.

shut up nigger

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Will A51 be putting up a live stream for the event?


People are too busy working their jobs to do these protests.

All the fucking protests we see around the world are usually the same bunch of people at every one of them.

Other people are either NEETs who isolate themselves in their parents homes and can't drive or people who work and are too busy working.

It always just comes down to a few dedicated individuals to get shit done. Adolf Hitler had a very hard time getting his party started.

Most people on this planet may as well just be a resource since all they want is to work and to be left alone and they will follow whatever is imposed on them if it means they don't get into any trouble.

#MAGA check em

This is hardly news. 300k likes on facebook is garbage… u probably don't realize Facebook has already banned about 2 BILLION accounts so far this year

You can buy Facebook likes easily, I got 250,000 for about 150$. I friended a bunch of ther accounts…mostly teenagers and preteens responded from South America and I think they somehow get some sort of compensation from looking things

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Faggot I don't have to pay fees to graze on public lands because of them. And one of them is fucking ded.
What have you done, fednigger.