"Mutually Assured Destruction" Do you ACTUALLY fear it?

I know it's the threat that is held over the heads of goykind at all times.

But, who would really be at risk of losing their luxurious and parasitic lifestyle if war broke out?

Would OUR women become even MORE slutty?

Would OUR daughters be even MORE indoctrinated to eagerly seek out gang-rape by subhumans for fun?

Would our boys be MORE convinced of the need to simultaneously service multiple AIDS-tainted dicks before they turned six?

What downsides are there, in reality? And for whom?

Would men be MORE subjugated by lesbian judges?

Would women be awarded even MORE alimony so they can pay filth to inseminate them?

Would MORE poor people be arrested and railroaded into long prison terms for minor and non-crimes?

What the fuck are you actually fucking afraid of?

What the actual fuck?

Give me liberty or give me death.

What do YOU choose? Evidently, so far, it's paying tax to the McFed while your overlords choose your best and brightest to die in wars and/or be sodomized on camera.

When will it change? What will be the tipping point? When your online gaming subscription is canceled? When porn costs money?

What will be the first sulfur hailstone to fall on Sodom and Gomorrah?

What if they let slip the dogs of war. It sure beats our children being raped by Cultural Marxism.

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Nukes are not real.


this thread is aids

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Even less reason to fear.

"Our enemy is going to throw a tantrum if we throw off his bondage" is not what I consider a valid reason to submit my neck to the yoke.

Learn this information for us how to find control before you get communication holes.

More information about the culture here, according to the loss of defence, the FBI, the BATF, and the others.

What is the birth control method of effective and police control.

He also works with IRS called Search team.

The origins of the Tradecraft.

The method described here was originally created by Anti-Supervisi, Anthony Blunt was created by UK MI. 5 v 1943-1944.

Unfortunately for Britov, Blunt has a Deep-Cover KGB agent.

Six YEARS later, the new protocol is the author of KGB director, Lily Modin.

We are growing exponentially, now this, all supplemented.

And they follow up behind him, and the third model YEAR will destroy and sometimes it must be able to record.

I would have thought them, any man, I am only Tao Games usage News 5 mi.


With built Protinadzor Israel Mossad, KGB, Russia Germany GNI (now SVR), American CIA and others.

Regular service and shared intelligence that applies to this website which cannot hide the agent of the foreign intelligence service managed-the Ip address for national observers.

Ways, and now a city appointed opposition guerrilla movement.

Since my IP catch monitoring, and use it to protect against security breaches.

Follow the steps in the instructions…

This is a hypothetical state. Remember that I would say to you, "About the experience.

We want to ensure that our professional is one of our first meetings intimidating."

At that point, you previously accepted that both day and time.

We are also familiar with our origins – we can identify ourselves with each other's opinions.

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I beg to whatever Gods are listening to burn this shit to the ground so the last 3 decades of preparing for this moment in History can be realized.
I'm a Warlord, stuck doing dishes for niggers and faggots.
Bring it.

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I have no idea what this bot just said. Can anyone interpret?

D’you ever just sit ur truck?

Shitty reddit spacing.

Something about being from reddit r/faggotdiediedie.

By now, everyone who is not a shill or a bot on Zig Forums knows that your tired old statement on line spacing is just a dog whistle to your masters.

What I am not sure of is how much you get paid every time you flag a post as not being sufficiently kosher.

Again. What is worse, people? Subjugation and slavery, vile immorality and destruction of your children and the world, or a war where your stelf-styled overlords are herded into their own place, where they can all enjoy each other's company, at the possible cost of some war and destruction?

Why fear it?

White men are not lazy like you are paco
Get fucked and eat shit you lazy burrito

I am no bot, Hinkers. I am Sitachaki.
Step 1

You don't get anywhere without me. But the plan is safe and say our place. This is an important principle.

It could be a park, a community, and so on. Where is the right to free images and videos. If this option reflects the telephoto object.

And I want to know. Give them the right to apply, each of which has places such as bus, café, etc.

Step 2

You and I are making people eye-catching. It's not obvious that we're doing this, they don't know each other. I've used a willing signal to warn me of seeing it. Maybe he threw my coat on his shoulders and IL, or he could take it off, clean my sunglasses, and so on, and the signal was a natural process that wouldn't attract unwelcome places.

Safe for we do not close this is an important safety valve. If We develop bananas, we will not want to challenge each other.

Example of a background – raised the spy's tail – talk about life under surveillance. Few words and even feel because they cannot follow you, around you.

Step 3

You leave when you see the sign. Then follow to make sure you don't need to search. By carefully assessing the presence of the suspended leg of the review group. Check the agents who have noticed the pylons. I also find help to drive a car floating on the review team.

In the past – especially if I follow you, I don't get the part of you, I'm going to labor. If there are getting coverage through the goal is to be closed, so I do not understand the ideas around you. If there are getting coverage through the "I will not move as far away from you, in person. Not too close."

Step 4
When I'm convinced you're clear, I'll give you a sign. Maybe I'll go back to my tie shoes.

Step 5

Now we are their responsibility, and this time we went alone. It started and I'm sure I'm watching. The Monitoring Team manages the monitoring box for the floating foot by improving foot, knee, and drive support check controls.

What got me going-people with good visibility into positions, to speed up or find caution for people acting in parallel to me. You will have to keep an eye on static shape the future of people and points to check me each time you point. You become the person in front of me and checking cars.

Step 6

When you are happy with "Oh, you have a clean signal and…" I don't see it. **On The other hand, if you suspect that it is purchased from the control unit, it will interrupt the functioning of the leg.

No one regularly posting here should fear. Top targets would be military bases – priority to known nuclear host sites – followed by a handful of major cities like New York, DC, Denver, Atlanta.

Good bot

Only shit-threads. ;-)

Mr. Markov, we have been expecting your chains.

(it's a bot)

I honestly wouldn't care if the nukes started flying at this point. I'd grab my sunglasses.

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Of course not. If we cant win then we lose anyway.


Redpill me on the Cold War. I guess it was just both governments creating an atmosphere of fear to control the public, distracting them from things like the JFK assassination which most Americans suspected was an inside job. Similar things happening to this day, everywhere apparently. My Turkish professor told me that Israel attacked a Turkish ship so that Erdogan could hype up his base and get re-elected…then shaking hands with Bibi weeks later.

How long have they been pulling this con? How do we fight against it?

Americans are pussies. Prove me wrong. French have firebombed ZOGbots for about 9 months straight now in Yellow Vests. You faggots sit on a cointelpro website and do nothing.

Goddamn zoomers.
It's been happening since the Jews killed JFK. Really since the federal reserve was created but shit really hit the fan after jfk.

Good day Mr. Markov. I am Sitachaki.
Beware your Hinkers for you bumped a shit-thread

You need to trust your instincts, because if something looks really good, it's better to be safe as you apologize. I was surprised to see that it is not difficult to identify a surveillance team looking for another host. Noble is a seductive strain of software compatible with it. And cut-throat is helpworthy.

It took the bot 30 seconds to post this all of this

I have a tendency to die ;-)

Thank you.

Oh hey, I remember you. You're that bot who posts those ridiculous but amusing stories about Atlantis. Have you moved on?


The tipping point happened a year ago. The people have already awakened, and are plotting their next move. I enjoyed watching them all sweat during the Kavanaugh hearing, because no one knows better than they that the clock is ticking.

op is correct.

in such a scenario strong ruthless Europeans move right top the top again and get revenge on everyone you listed for destroying what we built.

tolerance has never been a virtue it is a sin.


-Become muslim.
-Teach other muslims why miscegenation is bad.
-Help the moderates to apply the law on the radicals.
-Have a thousand children.

I mean they're already here, there's no backlash for good, if there os it will be… (((stopped)))