William T. Sedgwick predicted the gynocentric apocalypse

Has it led to a degeneration and degradation of human fibre that is turning back the hands of time
a thousand years?
Have women become infertile, mostly through being college and the office?
Do women have inferior brains?


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No one cares that a guy 100 years ago foresaw accurately what we are living in.

I care, faggot. Stop with your bullshit.
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I agree with everything else, but this bit? That kills the guy's opinion.
I don't disagree with it. I mean, I can acknowledge the statistical outliers, the "anomalies", because I've had the good fortune of working with women in math/physics related fields and found a good deal of them to be on par with their male counterparts.
That said, they ARE statistical outliers. I've also had the misfortune of working with female programmers, and while they do finish projects, they take far longer than men did, and they were not autonomous at all. Constantly asking things that would be obvious to anyone else, seeking reassurance that no, they're not gonna fail, and if they do, it's THAT guy's fault because he told them to do X.

The problem with the argument Mr. Sedgwick made is that if you tried to spread nowadays, noone will hear it. The kike propaganda has settled the idea that "men and women are equal on all things".
Not that the public at large buys it, but there's a generalized fear of going against that narrative and having your life ruined by half a dozen harpies screeching "Muhsoggyknees" at you.

Good food for thought user, but then again, the only people who will applaud it, are people who already think that way. Or people who can agree anonymously.

Giving women the right to vote was probably the biggest mistake ever made in the history of the western world.

C.S. Lewis once wrote that his two concerns for the future were Communism and the feminization of society.

user women have the emotional maturity of children. They make wonderful mothers and caregivers, outside of this the average woman is lost and cannot function on the same level as single men.

interesting thread OP, here have a bump!

To be fair a lot of people saw this coming it's just there wasn't a way to accurately record it on a massive scale, and what was recorded was destroyed or deliberately hid. The onslaught of media was a double edged sword. Television and even the internet are responsible for dragging us down quicker (accelerationism) but at the same time provided the only chance to stop a centuries long decline if they ceased to exist.

A lot of these people weren't prophets or even some genius, but rather individuals who looked at the macro and compared the micro to the macro of the day to the macro of the past and where that will likely be in the future since society moves painfully slow in macro terms. Those people just understood things ahead of the inevitable outcome. As much as we on the micro scale feel helpless to do anything, imagine trying to stop it before it truly started and going nowhere.

People like Yockey had an amazing general awareness that is comforting in retrospect. His view on how the West was fully feminized in the 1700's is pretty interesting as it is funny.


What? Where'd he write this? I'd say 1800s is more realistic, but not 1700s.

λοπαδο­τεμαχο­σελαχο­γαλεο­κρανιο­λειψανο­δριμυπο­τριμματο­σιλφιο­καραβομελιτο­κατα­κεχυμενο­κιχλεπικοσσυφοφαττο­περιστεραλεκτρυονοπτο­κεφαλλιο­κιγκλοπελειο­λαγῳοσιραιο­βαφητραγανο­πτερύγων (lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphioparaomelitokatakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon)

1914? How about 391BC

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He says 18th century which if you're retarded like I am sometimes you think 1800's. I was surprised myself when I first read it but it's largely in his earlier chapters (first 250 or so) when he's talking about democracy and the feminization of men.

His basic point was the founders were cucks and feminized because of this gay "muh human rights" and "all men are equal" retardation in the constitution. He claims it was the true beginning of it all where men began to lose their masculinity to essentially maintain order and peace by whimpering such clearly false dogma.

I always knew our ancestors were wise but this is beyond words, thousands of years ago they even predicted the feminine nature and regressive backwardness of leftism and communism.

My observation on the subject after many years of working/living with women is that they have differently wired brains or that a mans and a womans brain function mostly the same but there are areas of specialization that both possess. Females, i've noticed are very good organizers, with most things. They have a way of mentally compartmentalizing seemingly everything from chores to objects(closets/kitchens/offices etc) to their feelings. Women seem to work in a liner fashion. Men on the other hand seem more focused and suited for 'big' picture things. Mens brains don't work in a linear fashion. They are always seeking ways, any ways into or out of a problem and not just the every day problems but the life ones. Basically womens brains are zoomed in and mens brains are zoomed out.

Human nature hasn't changed in a couple thousand years. That's not even a drop in the bucket on the evolution timeline. Human nature/instincts are hardwired into the DNA.

Take your islam somewhere else, WHITE women are conservative and voted Trump, they know damn well 3rd world pos like you are lining up to rape them and we need to keep their votes. WHITE women voted all through the 30s 40s and 50s golden era, and everything was fine.

Minorities vote overwhelming democrat and no one talks of taking away their voting rights. White women vote for YOU and you retards want to strip away their right to vote.

citation needed

oh bless your heart

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Women should have no civic responsibilities at all and they should not be anywhere but tending to the needs of their family whether married or unmarried. Unrestrained by male dominance they are inherently self destructive to both themselves and their family/society/ingroup. Nobody is saying they be imprisoned in a burka or not enjoy a healthy social life with their community but the truth is the more unrestrained women are the more impulsive, destructive and forthwith their bastards spring out with the same spirit. Your loyalty is to your race, nation, community husband and children anything other than that is a betrayal

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Minorities & immigrants - *votes democrat*
/pol - *silence*
White Women - *Votes conservative*
/pol - *autistic screeching* REVOKE WOMEN'S RIGHT TO VOTE

the fuck

No women should be able to vote. No exceptions.

all of my relatives who are christian evangelicals are so goddamn cucked by their wives it isn't even funny, they even control the purse strings you have some hard core marxist brainwashing going on in the churches as they were infiltrated by communists long ago

a cucked christian
now i've seen everything

WHITE women voted all through the 30s 40s and 50s golden era, and everything was fine.

Are you serious dumbass?
Women had the right to vote nationally in 1920.

White female black male is the least common couple, but a false (((media and advertising))) campaign makes you think they are the most common.


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Now I know you've gone lost it Sinny :^)

Right right, let blacks and immigrants from the 3rd world line up and vote. But not conservative white women. That makes just a fuck ton of sense.

filtered your posts Sinead, crazy bitch


Don't know who sinade is, but you're suicidal or an islamist.

Sure they can vote, in their own countries. In my world non-whites would be purged.

Problem with patriarchy is, a patriarchy will always organize itself to molest children.

Eg. islam is a patriarchy, the catholic church is a patriarchy, flds is a patriarchy.

They all rape kids. The first order of business in any patriarchy is to immediately grant itself the right to rape children.

Already, there are rumblings in the redpill community how they are going to legalize rape on private property and do away with age of consent laws.

Because when you get down to the bottom of it, that's what they really want, to rape kids.

You never have to look far on /pol to find pedophilic posts and images.

Patriarchy built this world, it is the foundation of the civilization that allows leftist faggots such as yourself (more likely a wahmen, a fat one at that) to even survive long enough to fuck everything up. Leftists are the ones pushing the pedophilia shit, because that's what their jew overlords want them to do. They've already destroyed the family, and with it they've already seeded the end of this civilization.

Leftists pushed child abuse in all its forms. If they promoted pedophilia, things would be far less grave.

We got along just fine in the Golden trad era of the 20s 30s and 40s with white women voting, it wasn't until jewish immigration after WWII that problems set in.

The first order of business in any patriarchy is to immediately grant itself the right to rape children, and since the redpill community how they are going to legalize rape on private property and do away with age of consent laws, it is unlikely the children would be safe without the White mothers of those children voting to protect them.

We got along just fine in the Golden trad era of the 20s 30s and 40s with white women voting, it wasn't until jewish immigration after WWII that problems set in.

Since the redpill community is already licking their chops about how they are going to legalize rape on private property and do away with age of consent laws, it is unlikely the children would be safe without the White mothers of those children voting to protect them.

Well, if we are to form a new society in which women cannot vote, but they and their children can be legally raped with impunity, I don't see how we will get them to live among us unless it is by gunpoint,

And if we are pointing guns at women whilst raping them and their children, how, pray tell, are we an improvement on islam?


youse shitposting

Well said!
The concept of women being involved in politics is utterly ridiculous and destructive.

Women know less about politics than men worldwide
Regardless of gender equality, women are less likely to know about current affairs than men. The survey findings were consistent from Colombia to the UK


Even lefty rags admit it. They can't be trusted with stately affairs.

^ Faggot.


You're definitely a wahman, devoid of logic and an overabundance of emotion and logical fallacies. The biggest irony of all is that all women are CHILDREN mentally, age isn't even a factor. The only difference is how much shit they think they can get away with.

To paraphrase the feminist bullshit, A REAL WOMAN knows she's doing civilization damage by being allowed to vote.

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We can only blame ourselves now. We listened to boomers instead of the ancients.

Remember when we were so young?

Wow, user, so women and men function differently in social environments and women are more social. No one but 'purple user' could have predicted this one. :P

Good observation.

Still thinking 'voting' matters and that the kikes haven't done whatever they wanted to our nation since they overthrew it in 1913.

Glad I am not the only one to notice the 'muslim/semitic' contingent on Zig Forums. It will be a good day for the planet when all the semites are completely destroyed.

I have even despaired that men should live at all thinking it would be better to have a complete do over because they are SUCH FUCKING DISGUSTING PEDOS ALL THE TIME…It is literally like they can't stop being parasites. At this point in my time on Zig Forums I am 50% hoping that Kim's sister (the real head of NK) unleashes the male murder virus so that we can start over without pedos, I would feel bad but it is FUCKING ALL MEN…LIKE ALL OF THEM WANT TO FUCK CHILDREN.

Spengler predicted as much at the same time.

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angry semitic pedo…LMAO

nope cuck, women in Israel got 3.1 fertility rate and serve draft 2.5 years (Russian men serve 2), feminism is also very radical in Israel

also CRETINS who pull nonfacts out of their ass should not EVEN DARE talk about Orthodox or Ultraorthodox Jews because there gender roles are reversed basically. Man prays and reads scripture while women do all the work. Even their women go to draft while men do religious studies. Still ultraorthodox women give birth to, on average 7 kids, while atheist Israeli do 2.2

muh gender roles is the most idiotic falsity there is, always coming from celtic phenotype (R1b) that I feel disgust towards

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We all see your glow, spicspam. You're beyond fucking pathetic. You must get paid per post.

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Did it?
Seems fairly accurate to me, the parts which matter the most are like comparing a AMD FX processor to a Core i9.

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Countless religions and mythologies say every evil is born and descended from women. I swear these myths are descended from prehistoric myths of historical reality when a bands of cavemen and tribes first gave women power and witnessed total collapse after they are given reign over men. Man has known for hundreds of thousands of years.

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TL;DR: it's all so tiresome

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That is because men just can't bear to look in the mirror and see themselves. They have never been capable of examining themselves. Couple this with the vocal faggot globohomo contingent that really is the most vile and degenerate people on the face of the Earth and you can see that it is easy to blame women for all your behavior. Even easier when the semitic religions, which will not allow women to have a voice or any defense for protecting family and children are dominant as well.

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The whole point of the semtitc religions and the patriarchy is that they have access to raping children and doing 'whatever they like'.

Same. White christian men are the biggest cucks and beta males

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Who am I?







white women did mostly vote for trump, yes
but if white women, black women, hispanic women, native women, and other women all didn't vote for trump, then he would've won the election by a wider margin

didn't vote at all, I meant

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Correction, OLDER women voted for Trump. The young women who you are most likely arguing against and apart of your generation are the ones poisoning it and the world.

Jews understood that intimately, because their women are the absolute most abhorrent example of the feminine going out of control. That's why the first thing they did on their crusade was introduce women's lib.

First post worst post.

Yeah you are pretty much saying exactly this. Germanic people living in a free society are not concerned with monitoring their womens every move. This is sandnigger thinking.

You're a jew.

Nope. But I know the difference between a free people and a captive people. I am not buying your authoritarian bullshit. You don't need to control every fucking thing people do, you globohomo faggot.

No one said that, you double-spacing boomer retard. Stop pressing Enter twice after each sentence, and stop assuming everyone who understands the Woman Question wants them in burkas. You're thinking like a jew.

Space, rather. Thinking of reddit spacing.

WRONG ANSWER. Free people don't need anyone to tell them how to dress or what to think. FUCK OFF KIKE.

Women ARE inferior beings. They are nothing more than tools for reproduction. Women are not people.
The good news is that, aside from enslaving women again, men are now developing artificial tools for reproduction, so women aren't necessary anymore.
A world without degeneracy is a world where all women are genocided, and replaced by artificial wombs that will produce only men, while said men can create artificial sexbots for their sexual needs. In short, the very soon near future. A reality that no woman, jew or leftist will be able to prevent.

Too bad about the 20's, and from the 60's onward>>13492029

probable a bot got past the captcha>>13492656

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You're historically illiterate.

ironically, if only men voted reps would win in landslides so you literally defeated ur own argument if muh zog approved winner actually means something to you

Not with a parasitic voting block that is more than 50% of the nation. LMAO You don't think you 'voted' for these demographic changes? Do you?
Don't be faggot and remember to VOTE WITH A BULLET.

Lurk more nigger: In summary, this how many electoral votes Clinton and Trump might get if the following groups were the only ones allowed to vote:

People of Colour*: Clinton 538, Trump: 0
Women: Clinton 461, Trump: 71
College Educated Whites: Clinton 216, Trump: 322
White Women: Clinton 211, Trump: 327
White People: Clinton 169, Trump: 369
Men: Clinton 158, Trump: 350
Non-College educated Whites: Clinton 64, Trump: 474
White Men: Clinton 45, Trump: 493


Reps would win and by a fucking landslide.

women should not have the right to vote and in white nations nonwhites should also not have the right to vote.

Literally only married white men with children should get the right to vote in a white country.

LMAO you're being too kind: "We propose that giving women the right to vote changed the size of government. We examine several indicators of the size and scope of government, from state government expenditures and revenues to voting index scores for federal House and Senate members from 1870 to 1940.

Twenty-nine states gave women the right to vote before the Nine-teenth Amendment to the Constitution was approved in 1920, withseven of the remaining 19 approving the amendment and 12 having women’s suffrage imposed on them. Women obtained the right to vote in four states even prior to the turn of the century, in eight states between 1910 and 1914, and in 17 states in 1917–19. By 1940,the end of our sample, women had been voting in 12 states for at least 26 years and in four states for at least 44 years.

We utilize data for all 48 contiguous states from 1870 to 1940 (…) [Figure 2] shows that state governments grew dramatically when women were given the right to vote. State government expenditures declined for four of the five years before women began voting, and expenditures reach their lowest point immediately before women were given the right to vote. Within four years after women’s suffrage, expenditures had risen above their previous peak, and within 11 years, real per capita expenditures had more than doubled from $101 to $208. Total spending and taxes are rising, but the components that we so far have been able to measure do not change much. The point estimates imply that social service expenditures are increasing at least at one-third the rate of the increase in total expenditures in response to the growing influence of female voters.

The two consistent results were thefollowing: allowing female suffrage resulted in a more liberal tilt incongressional voting for both houses, and the extent of that shift was mirrored by the increase in turnout due to female suffrage.The effects are quite large. For voting by House members, a one-standard-deviation change in female suffrage fraction of the population over 21 that is female is able to explain 14.5 percent ofa one-standard-deviation change in how a state’s House of Represen-tatives delegation votes, and a one-standard-deviation change in theadditional turnout due to female suffrage explains about 19 per-cent.16For the Senate these figures are 21 and 30 percent, respectively"


Do women?


I just want to kill jews.

I just want to kill jews. I'll say it again. I just want to kill jews.

After securing the creation of money and sending goyim men to massacre each other in a macabre game of monoply/risk. Then they came with the womens lib.

IOW when women get placed in a position of managing funds, regardless of whether it's their own private funds or public funds, they're wastrels and irresponsible idiots.

Women are hard wired to teach babies to speak and often read (at least the higher functioning white ones). When you see women gazing at their babies and making idiotic nonsense sounds they're teaching speech to babies. No way you're going to get guys doing that. We're fuckers and don't give a shit about little babies. They repel us and fill us with fear. Rearing babies is women's work. Accept no substitutes.